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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, January 16, 1920.

Editorial.  Why all this squabble between Dick Ernst and Judge Bethurum over
the Republican nomination for United States Senator!  Gentlemen, that job
will be held the next six years by Senator J.C.W. Beckham.  We are of the
opinion that neither a Democrat or Republican can defeat him.

Awful Accident.  Moreland, Ky., When Passenger Train Hits Automobile Killing
One.  George Barnett, of Moreland, Ky., was killed and Carlton Elkin, of
Lancaster, was injured last Friday when fast passenger train No. 1 south
bound hit the automobile in which they were sitting. The accident occurred at
the passing just south of Moreland about noon.  The occupants of the care
were on their way to Hustonville and did not see the approaching train that
had just cleared the crossing.  The car is demolished and Mr. Barnett was
killed instantly.  Both Barnett and Elkin were brought to Somerset.  Mr.
Elkin was taken to the Somerset Sanitarium where he is getting along nicely,
his injuries are not as serious as first thought.  Mr. Barnett's body was
taken to the Somerset Undertaking Co., where it was prepared to be shipped to
Moreland.  Mr. Elkin's is well known in Somerset where he has many friends. 
Mr. Barnett was a farmer and the only support of a widowed mother.

Baugh.  After a long illness from an incurable disease, Mrs. James Baugh died
at home of her parents last Thursday night, Jan. 8th, aged 26.  After brief
services held at the home by Rev. A.K. Gooch the body was laid to rest in the
Eubank cemetery Saturday afternoon.  She is survived by a husband, parents,
Mr. and Mrs. C. McNelly, a sister and brother.  She was a faithful member of
the Church of Christ of this place.  Mrs. Baugh was a devoted wife and
daughter and will be greatly missed by her many companions.  Although she is
only sleeping that eternal sleep let us all hope that we shall meet her in
Heaven to meet and part no more.

Good Citizen Dies.  The following report of the death of W.H. Alexander was
sent to the Journal from Bobtown:  W.H. Alexander (Uncle Harden) one of
Pulaski's oldest and best citizens, departed this life January 8th, 1920.  He
was past 89 years of age, and was married to Rebeccah Erp March 16th, 1854. 
To this union was born eight children, six of whom and his aged widow survive
to mourn their loss.  The children are:  Mrs. A.B. Burgin, J.L. Andrew, and
W.T. Alexander, of Bobtown; Green Alexander of Judson, Ind.; Alford Alexander
of St. Louis, Mo.  "Uncle Harden" united with the Baptist church in 1873 and
had lived a devoted Christian life for the past 53 years, and was ready to go
when God called him to his great reward that awaits all saints upon earth. 
The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community.  Goodbye,
father, until we meet to part no more.  Rev. W.F. Meece conducted the funeral
services before a multitude of people, after which he was laid to rest in the
Eaden cemetery.

Badly Needed Here.  The most needed enterprise for Somerset at this time is a
laundry.  IT is almost unbelievable to think of a town the size of Somerset
with the big territory it has to draw from, not having a modern laundry.  It
is estimated that from $500.00 to $750.00 worth of laundry is sent out of
Somerset each week to Danville, Lexington and other towns.  This is an
opportunity for some wide-a-wake business man and we hope they will grasp it.

Plays Tune As Railroad Crossing Whistle.  Many Railroad Engineers have their
own peculiar way of sounding an alarm as they approach a crossing.  There is
one engineer on the Southern who, evidentially religiously inclined, plays,
"Oh How I Love Jesus" as a warning and this alarm can be heard all over
Somerset.  The man's family always knows when he is going thru the city.

Lowenthal Elected.  At a meeting of the stockholders of the First National
Bank, of Somerset, Tuesday afternoon, Mr. L.B. Lowenthal was added to the
board of directors.  All the old directors were re-elected.  The officers for
the ensuring year will be elected next Tuesday.

To Build A Warehouse.  There is a good deal of talk now about the building of
a tobacco warehouse for Somerset.  It is thought there will be enough tobacco
raised this summer to warrant the building of a house to handle the sales
next fall.

Sells House.  Mr. Joe H. Gibson sold his new house in the Gibson Addition to
Mr. John Holton of Illinois.  Mr. Holton is a former Pulaskian, who has made
good in the West and has now returned to his old home to live.  He is a
retired farmer.

Colonel Cassada.  It is now Colonel John Cassada, if you please.  Governor
Morrow sent our genial Master Mechanic a Colonel's Commission on his staff

Plenty of Money.  On January 1st it is estimated that there was $2,500,000.00
on deposit in the banks of Pulaski county.  Add to this the amount that is
hidden away in socks and under bed slats and it will reach around
$3,000,000.00.  Not so bad for old Pulaski.

Getting Rich.   The many friends of Harry Lewis will be glad to learn that he
has struck it lucky in the oil fields of Texas and is now receiving a nice
income from his investment.  His income now is said to be about $75.00 a day.
 The company in which he is interested has been offered over a million
dollars for one lease they hold.

New Hardware Store.  The Somerset Hardware Company will be the name of a new
firm composed of T.E. Harrell and R.E. Higgins.  They will occupy the Gibson
store room on Main Street and hope to get opened up by the middle of
February.  They will carry a complete line of hardware.  Both of these young
men are well known and popular in Somerset and will no doubt enjoy a nice

Captain In Reserves.  Lieutenant S.A. Waddle received a commission this week
as a Captain in the Infantry Reserve Corps.  Captain Waddle saw service
overseas for over a year.

Moves to Paducah.  The Paducah News - Democrat says:  E.B. Dix, formerly with
the post office department of Somerset, Ky., has arrived in the city to take
up his duties as Post Office Inspector for this district.  He will succeed
Howard Shaffer, who goes to Indiana to be engaged in post office work in that

Entertains in Honor of Bridal Party.  Mr. and Mrs. Ben V. Smith entertained
on Wednesday, Jan. 7th, at a beautifully appointed six o'clock dinner in
honor of their son and his bride, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Dodge Smith, who has
just returned from an eastern bridal tour.  The table was exquisite in its
decorations, white with touches of green being the color scheme.  Hand
painted butterflies were used as place cards.  The menu consisted of grape
fruit, turkey, dressing, gravy, olives, scalloped oysters, celery, pickles,
French peas, creamed irish potatoes, biscuit, fruit salad, wafers, ice cream,
angel food and fruit cake, assorted candies, coffee.  Covers were laid for
twelve including:  Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Colyer, Mr. and Mrs. Ben V. Smith, Miss Rankin of
Danville and Miss Anise Smith.

Buys Store.  DeForest Young has purchased the Rexroat store at Rabbittown and
has taken possession.

Marriage License.  The following marriage license have been issued since our
last issue:  Lawrence Jasper to Leona Sawyers; Henry L. Poynter to Ellen M.
Carter; Kelley Lee Wilson to Doretta E. Molden; Green Rutherford to Bertha
Bray; John W. Osborn (?) to Etna Randall.

Appointed Appraiser.  Mrs. Wilda Cecil Curtis has been appointed appraiser of
the personal estate of O.H. Waddle, deceased, to ascertain the amount of
inheritance tax due.


Mrs. Clay V. Bryant and children with Mrs. Ellen Hogan are visiting relatives
in Nashville.

Miss Lacy Hankley at Junction City was visiting Miss F. Rankin last week.

The Young People's Missionary Society met with Mrs. G.C. Nunn Tuesday

Mrs. N.J. Johnson of Louisville visited her son C.P. Johnson this week.

Harry Burgess left Monday for Nashville.  He has been transferred to the
Cumberland Transportation office in Nashville.  We regret to see him leave.

Mrs. Bourne Gover of Somerset was a guest of Mrs. J.W. Sloan Sunday and

The Burnside Athletic Association played their first game of basketball with
Oneida, Tenn., Saturday night, and came out victorious.  The score being 27
to 30.  Our players had a rough team to play against but their splendid
practice made them equal to the occasion.

Mrs. R.O. Lewis visited her daughter Mrs. Baker Grissom in Erlanger this

J.P. Kelsay of Somerset was here Monday visiting his father E.E. Kelsay who
is very ill.

Mumps are raging in town with Misses Nina Beaty, Ruth Kelsay and Imel
Parrigin as victims.

Dr. K.S. Lester is visiting at Liberty, Ky.

H.M. Curll has been very ill with the measles.

A very unusual accident occurred Saturday afternoon while Joe Shelton was
crossing the Cumberland River bridge when No. 11, a passenger train, caught
him about the center of the bridge.  While trying to hold on his fingers were
cut off and face bruised.  The trainmen brought him to Burnside.  His suit
case was knocked off the bridge.  "Uncle" Joe's only statement about the
accident that was "he couldn't afford to turn loose."

Mrs. W.W. Rew has returned home from Lamb and Vale Hospital in Cincinnati. 
We are glad to know she is much better.

Mrs. E.B. Chitwood spent last weekend in Alpine.

J.P. Cunningham of Monticello, passed through here Monday en route to Oneida,
Tenn., where he has a nice position.

Dr. W.F. Vaughn of Harrodsburg, filled his regular appointment at the
Methodist church Sunday.

Mrs. F.C. Sloan entertained the Y.P.M. Society Tuesday evening and a good
time and a delicious welsh rabbit was enjoyed.

G.N. Fagaly was in Monticello this week on business.

R.F. Anderson, traveling salesman was in town Tuesday.

J. Colson and McKeeha of Inter Southern Life Insurance Co., were in town this

Miss Madeline Jackson of Cincinnati is the guest of Mrs. W.W. Rew.

Miss Hulda Miller of Creelesboro visited Mrs. H.K. Burgess this week.

B.L. Ham has returned from Somerton, Arizona.

Mrs. J.M. Lloyd was in Cincinnati Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mr. B. Glispie of Somerset visited Mrs. Sloan Sunday.

W.M. Duncan of Monticello is the guest of his brother M.N. Duncan this week.

Additional Personals.

Miss Sallie Elkin and Mrs. Carlton Elkin of Lancaster have been in the city
this week at the beside of Mr. Carlton Elkin, who was injured in a railroad
accident at Moreland.

News has been received here that Thurman May has re-enlisted in the Naval
Aviation section of the army.  He is located in New York at one of the flying
schools.  He only recently returned from France.

The many friends of Mr. D.H. Botts will regret to learn of the sudden death
of his mother which occurred Monday at Lawrenceburg.  Mr. Botts is a
traveling salesman and has been making Somerset for several years.

News has been received here that Miss Mattie Keen, who has a splendid
position in Washington, has recently been promoted.  She was picked with ten
others out of a force of several hundred for this nice promotion.

The young ladies Missionary Society of the First Methodist Church will meet
Friday afternoon at three o'clock with Miss Coloda Ashurst.  All members are
urged to be present as it is a very important meeting.

Dr. J.P.W. Brouse, Supt. City Schools, and Will Ramsey, Secretary of the
Board of Education, were in Frankfort yesterday to appear before the
Educational Committee of the Legislature in regard to a bill now pending for
the benefit of Kentucky Schools.


Robert Hollars has moved to the Ed Hood place. 

Miss Stella Burge is visiting her sister, Mrs. John Hudson at Danville.

Mrs. George Morris and children of Camp Ground spent the week end with A.J.

School will close here Friday.  There will be a short program and a peanut
shower Friday night.


Rev. Thompson has been holding a few days meeting at Briery church.

Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Higgins visited his brother, Harvey Higgins, at Pulaski one
day last week.

Roy Trivett was called to Science Hill one day last week on business.

Mr. and MRs. A.W. Surber and Mr. and Mrs. Fonzie Surber were visitors of M.N.
Griffin and family Sunday.

Miss Hazel Jenkins is visiting relatives at Science Hill.

Misses Dorris and Lillian Gragg spent the day Monday with Mrs. M.N. Griffin.

Mrs. Susie Harmon who has been visiting friends near Dabney, returned to her
sister's, Mrs. Roy Trivett, last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Higgins, of Indiana, were visiting relatives at this
place last week.

Wm. Black has installed a new gasoline engine and wood saw.

Mrs. Altha Singleton is spending a few days with her grandmother, Mrs. Sarah
Daily at Eubank.

W.H. Griffin was in Somerset one day last week.

J. Wheeldon of Kansas has been visiting relatives at Eubank.

J.W. Hines and John Lay have installed telephones on the Farmers line.

Miss Emma Bryant left last Sunday for Ludlow, Ky.

Mt. Hope.

"Aunt" Emily Eastham is visiting her son in Florida.

Miss Helen Irvine is attending school in Florida this winter.

Mr. W.A. Weddle, who has been visiting his brother and sister, of Mt. Hope,
has returned to Arkansas.

John J. Dick has moved into his new house this week.

Finley Wesley has sold his farm to Mat Wesley.

There will be Sunday School in the school house on the creek until the
weather gets so they can have it in the Tabernacle.

Mrs. Ruth Farris visited her sister, Mrs. Susie Watters last Sunday.

Miss Ethel Farris was a Sunday guest of Beatrice Morris.

Mrs. Lola Dick visited her sister, Mrs. Ellen Randolph, last Sunday.

Charles Gadberry of Gennies Chapel, is visiting friends and relatives here
this week.

Cornelius Weddle left last Sunday for Cincinnati.


Miss Amanda Cooper left Friday for Oneida, Tenn.

Misses Roxie and Laura Dick, of Bethlehem visited Mr. Dock Dick's Saturday
night and Sunday.

Enock Pitman and family spent Sunday at Marion Godby's.

Otis Adams closed his school here at Centre Post last week.

W.J. Vaught is quite ill at this writing.

Miss Bonnie Cox of Science Hill was a guest of Anna and Coletta Baugh
Saturday night.

Misses Esta and Wilmert Spaw of Oil Center and "Boss" Carter of Poynter
attended church here Sunday.

Miss Beniah Jasper and brother Everett, of Mt. Hope, visited their
grandfathers Mr. A.J. Adams last week.

Mt. Zion.

Sister Bruner preached at Wilson Chapel last Sunday.

John Dick's three little Dicketts are visiting relatives at King Bee.

The presiding Elder Rev. Shepperd held services at Mt. Zion Friday night and

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Adams have adopted Mrs. Adams brother's child, Dorris Wise
of Chattanooga, Tenn.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vaught of Buncombe visited Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Adams
Saturday night.

Little Lois Crawford of Science Hill is visiting her grandparents Mr. and
Mrs. George Crawford.

"Aunt" Sarah Baugh celebrated her 73rd birthday last Wednesday.


Cedar Grove school closed Tuesday.

T. Tuttle and Andrew Smith are on the sick list.

G.G. Gibson attended Mr. Hood's sale at Oak Hill Wednesday.

Mrs. Charles Tate visited in Ferguson last week.

Della Goff of Cedar Grove visited her sister, Mrs. Clarence Gover of Elihu
last Sunday.

Ed Gibson is visiting his brothers G.G. and O.H. Gibson this week.

Mrs. Luther Massey is suffering with neuralgia. 

Bourne Smith has gone to Chattanooga to accept a position.

Valley Oak.

Rev. Bishop Wesley failed to fill his appointment at Fellowship Sunday.

J.T. Miller and family have moved from our neighborhood to Drum, Ky., where
he will sell goods and have care of the Post Office at that place.

Chas. Thompson had a sale Wednesday which was well attended.  Mr. Thompson
and family will leave soon for Dayton, Ohio, to make their home.

Thomas and Tasso Buchanan visited at W.C. Wyrick's Wednesday.

Born to the wife of Victor Eldridge a boy.

Mrs. D.B. Wyrick spent Wednesday with her parents, H.H. Buchanan and wife.

Sweeney's Chapel.

Mr. and Mrs. Wash Vaught visited at Mack Aker's Sunday.

Anderson Meece and "Aunt" Sabe Gill are very sick

Miss Thelma Vaught gave a singing Sunday night.

Joe Davidson and family and mother visited Mance Hamilton Sunday.

Miss Lucretia Vaught was elected Sunday School Supt., at Sweeney's Chapel.


Welta Whitaker and several of Matt Whitaker's children have the measles.

Miss Wilbur Hargis visited her uncle, W.A. Hargis last week.

Leland Ping of Bozeman, Mont., is here on a visit.

Mrs. John Meece, Rector Meece and wife visited at J.S. Stewart's Saturday and

Miss Ethna Moore visited Miss Lucy Whitson Sunday.

Mrs. Stella Randall and children visited Mrs. Ellen Whitson last week.

Chas. Whitaker has moved into Mrs. Rainey's property near Short Creek.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McKinney have returned to their home in George.

Mart Lovings left Saturday for Lockland, Ohio.

Robert Bingham and daughter Miss Minnie have returned from Indianapolis.

James Hansford has returned after a visit in Dayton, Ohio.

Emmett Gilliland's school closed at Sixteen, January 7.

Several of the young folks attended the social at James Whitson's Saturday

W.H. Ping the hustling census enumerator was in our midst last week.


Prof. Hill has returned from Maysville, Ky.

Clay and Walter Singleton have returned from Louisville.

Mr. and Mrs. George Reynolds entertained with a party Friday evening.

Walton Reynolds had a narrow escape from death Friday by pulling the hammer
of his gun off and the shot glanced his side contracting a very bad wound.

Jay Wheeldon and daughters have returned to St. John, Kansas.

Mr. and Mrs. Herton have moved to our little town.

Fred Phelps is able to be out again.

C.B. Marcum is improving after an illness of several days.


Cliff Hubble has returned from Danville.

Miss Pearl Smithern visited at Lelsie Smithern's last week.

Miss Ida Brown is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown.

Lelsie Smithern and wife visited W.G. Purcell Sunday.

Ezra Todd is very ill.

Freeland Osborn is in Danville this week.

News Cullings From Kentucky.

Maysville.  Mrs. Nancy Mastin Poe celebrated her 96th birthday at her home on
the Sardis pike.

Georgetown.  Elmer Myers, Paris, sustained fatal injuries when his auto
overturned near Georgetown.

Paducah.  Willie Collins, 23, died from a wound received when he accidentally
discharged his gun in placing it a boat.

Stanford.  The store of Allen Z. Holtsclaw at Gilbert's Creek, in which the
post office also was located, burned with a loss of $5,000.

Brownsville.  A pickpocket who slit the pocket of James W. Skaggs, while in
Louisville, secured his wallet containing $960.

Corbin.  A mild case of smallpox in the family of the janitor of the city
school caused a recess of four days during which vaccination has been

Maysville.  Walter Dick, trapper, caught a white coon, white skunk, white
muskrat, a solid black coon, and a coffee-colored skunk, all freaks before
unknown in this section.

Latonia.  "Well, goodbye," said Mrs. Joseph Zaring to her family and guests
as they sat in the parlor, then ran to her own room, locked the door and shot
herself through the heart.

Danville.  A reward has been offered for apprehension of vandals who used red
paint to deface the Confederate monument in McDowell Park.

Maysville.  The river is filled with floating ice and many boats have been
compelled to seek harbor.

Catlettsburg.  Gilbert Lee was held to the grand jury under $6,300 bond,
being accused severally of stealing whisky, taking an automobile and robbing
Hite's store.

Newport.  An explosion of gas that had accumulated in a closed room at the
home of Charles Deitz blew out one side of the house and seriously injured
A.C. Stanley.

Winchester.  The court required an indemnity bond of $500 in ordering the
warring factions of the Church of the Living God to occupy the church
alternate weeks, the rival preachers to turn over the keys every Friday.


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