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The Somerset Journal
A Democratic Paper Published Every Friday
Feese & Williams

Somerset, Ky., Friday, December 26, 1919.


The rapidly expiring year has brought rich reward to all kind of mental and
physical labor.  Pulaski has many good and prosperous citizens.  We are proud
of the advancement made throughout the county.  But the new year should bring
a resolve for more activity among our people.  There is much room for
improvement.  We must have better roads and more scientific farming.  Every
human being should be keenly interested in these most important matters and
work most earnestly to bring both to old Pulaski.  Somerset could do most
anything it once made up its mind to do.  The great thing is to arouse the
necessary interest, to get the citizens united and moving.  When this is
done, we can and will have a city that our people can point to with greater
pride.  Men of Somerset, let's stop our bickerings, get bigger hearted,
determine to be of greater service to others. Let us all unite in a laudible
effort to improve, enlarge and beautify good old Somerset.  Let us make her
the best and most wide-awake town in this great and growing Commonwealth. 
Wake up, boys, one and all, and let us begin, because much needs to be done. 
Fortunately we have men and women who are capable of carrying the work to a
successful termination.

Here is wishing that Santy will generously remember each and all our readers.
 May your hearts be chuck full of joy, your words brimming over with good
cheer and with a firm determination to do more and greater things for the
community in which you live, let us meet and greet the year 1920.

New Firm.  Messrs. J.L. Waddle and Hugh Logan have formed a real estate
agency known as the Southern Realty Company and will buy and sell all kinds
of property.

Off For Hawaiian Islands.  Will P. Tuttle, who has been in California for the
past year, will sail for the Hawaiian Islands on January 3rd where he will
manage a large pineapple plantation for the California Packing Corporation. 
The position carries with it a very handsome salary.  Mr. Tuttle is a
graduate of the Somerset High School, the State University and the Kansas
Agricultural College.  While at State College he was a member of the varsity
football team and was one of the best players.  His many friends here are
glad to know of his success in the business world.

Personal Mention.

Mrs. Ed Moore is able to be out after several weeks' illness.

Mr. M.R. Molen of Burnside was in the city Monday on business.

Willard Terrell arrived this week to visit friends for a few days.

Ben Sears of Shelbyville will spend the holidays with homefolks.

Walter Fowler has arrived to visit his mother, Mrs. John Fowler.

"Uncle Bill" Schooler left Tuesday for Ohio to spend the holidays.

Arthur Bradshaw is at home from State University for the holidays.

Ben D. Smith, Jr., was in Lexington the first of the week on business.

Mr. J. G. Swain of Lexington spent last weekend in the city with friends.

Mrs. R.B. Waddle has returned from a visit with her parents in Monticello.

Mrs. Ben Ham spent the weekend in Burnside visiting friends and relatives.

Arlie Reagan who is located in Indianapolis, Ind., is spending several days
at home.

Captain Paul Dexheimer spent several days in Chattanooga, Tenn., with his

Elrod Hines is at home from the Cincinnati University Dental College for the

Miss Marietta Farrell will spend a few days this week with Miss Ann Donahue
at Danville.

Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Hitch are spending the holidays with her mother in
Covington, Ky.

Lieut. C.N. Florence left Wednesday to spend the holidays with relatives in

Miss Ava Sellers of Williams, Ky., was the guest of Mrs. Clyde Folger last

Miss Ruth Snyder of Reading, Ohio, is the guest of Miss Edith Waddle during
the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. John Bowser and children are visiting her parents, Judge and
Mrs. V.P. Smith.

Miss Janie Bobbitt arrived Monday to be the guest of Miss Bert Roberts during
the holidays.

Clyde Hubble who has charge of a large farm near Louisville is at home for a
few days vacation.

Miss Belle Moore, of Troy, Ohio, arrived this week to visit her mother, Mrs.
W.B. Hansford.

Col. A.J. Coleman of Danville was greeting old friends in Somerset last
Saturday between trains.

John Carr and Herbert Clark, students at the State University, are spending
the holidays with home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hill of Stanford, Ky., are visiting Mrs. Hill's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J B. Mershon.

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Brinkley of Mark were shopping in Somerset last Saturday
and called at the Journal office.

Miss Zillah Tarter of Russell Springs, Ky., will arrive Wednesday to spend
the holidays with Mrs. Clyde Folger.

Miss Maria Elliott has been appointed a clerk in the Automobile Department at
Frankfort.  She has assumed her duties.

Mr. William Hays Meldrum of Cincinnati will spend the Christmas holidays with
his grandmother, Mrs. Sophia Stone.

William B. Hansford, Jr., of West Milton, Ohio, is spending the holidays with
his grandmother, Mrs. W.B. Hansford.

Miss Edith Hamilton of Washington, D.C., arrived yesterday to visit her
parents Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hamilton.

Mrs. N.D. Ingram of Somerset, who has been visiting Danville relatives, has
returned to her some. - Danville Advocate.

Mr. and Mrs. King Grinstead, of Louisville, are the guests of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lindle on Griffin avenue.

Misses Thelma Waddle and Bell Hines, who are attending the Louisville
Conservatory of Music, are at home for a few days.

John Cooper, a Freshman at Yale, is at home for the holidays.  John made the
Freshman football team which was quite an honor.

Edward Mounce, who is stationed at Hampton Roads, Va., arrived this week to
spend several days with his father, A.M. Mounce.

Dr. and Mrs. T.H. Monroe, of New York City, have arrived to be with Mrs.
Morrow's mother, Mrs. J.F. Barker, during the holidays.

Clay Alexander, a student in the Dental Department of Vanderbilt University,
arrived home Monday to spend two weeks with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Poynter and children of Huston, Texas, arrived Tuesday to
spend the holidays with her mother, Mrs. A.J. Sears.

Sergeant Howard Ingram, the local Recruiting Officer of Somerset, leaves
today to spend the holidays with his parents in Mt. Sterling, Ky.

Miss Edwina Morrow and Master Charles Robert Morrow of Frankfort, will spend
Christmas with their grandmother Mrs. O.H. Waddle.

The Elks will give a New Years dance on December 31st at their club rooms
South Main street.  DeSpains' Quartette will furnish the music.

Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Tate of Winchester have been visiting relatives in
Monticello, and arrived Wednesday to be the guests of her mother Mrs. A.J.

T.L. Swinford of the Journal office left Wednesday to spend the Christmas
holidays with friends and relatives in Lexington.  He will return to Somerset

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Selvidge, of Burnside, were in the city Monday shopping. 
Mr. Selvidge is General Manager of the Chicago Veneer Co., a very responsible

Mr. J.W. Norfleet of Nancy, one of the Journal's good friends, was in town
Monday and renewed his subscription.  Mr. Norfleet has been a subscriber to
the Journal for 18 years.

Mrs. Loria Todd of Nancy, the Journal's good friend, sent in her renewal this
week, and also sent the paper to her son-in-law, Mr. Elmer Tyler at Boswell,
Ind., for a year.

Mr. and Mrs. Brinkley Barnett are spending the holidays with his parents in
this city.  They will leave today for Stearns to make a visit with Mrs.
Barnett's father, W.A. Kline.

Miss Fostine Cooper, who is attending college in Pennsylvania, and Miss
Margaret Cooper, who is a student at Georgetown, are at home with their
parents for the Christmas vacation.

Mr. W.H. Barr of Public was in town Saturday and renewed his subscription to
the Journal.  Mr. Barr says he couldn't do without the paper and thinks every
wide-a-wake citizen should take it.

John Williams, a student at George Washington University, Washington City,
and James Williams attending the University of Iowa, are at home with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Williams.

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Higgins arrived the first of the week from Abbott, Miss.,
to spend the holidays with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. A.W. Cain.  They will
leave next week to visit his mother in Ohio.

Miss Josephine Carr, the attractive daughter of Mrs. Mary Carr of Mt. Vernon
street, returned home last Saturday evening after a very pleasant weekend
visit with her sister Mrs. L.B. Sink of Washington and Lexington.

Lieut. Joe H. Hussing arrived this week to spend several days with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Hussing.  This is Lieut. Hussing's first visit to
Somerset since he returned from overseas.  He is stationed now at Geary, Ind.

Invitations have been received here to the wedding of Mr. George William Huey
and Miss Helen Louise Marshall, which will take place at the home of the
bride, 94 McLean Ave., Detroit, Michigan, January 3rd.  They will be at home
at the Courtland, Louisville, Ky., after February 1st.

Mr. Clarence F. Smith, National Bank Examiner with headquarters in Pittsburg,
Pa., is visiting friends in the city.  "Smithy," as he is known by everyone
in Somerset, is fast coming to the front in banking circles and is considered
one of the most efficient men in the government service.

T.E. Harroll will spend Christmas with his family in Louisville.

Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Parsons have as their guest Miss Kathleen Trimble of

Miss Clay Coleman of Bartlesville, Okla., arrived Tuesday to spend the
holidays with friends.

Parker Wesley of Centre College is spending the holidays with his parents,
Judge and Mrs. E.T. Wesley.

"Red" Roberts, Kentucky's football king of Centre College, will spend the
holidays with homefolks in Somerset.

Mr. and Mrs. Logan Perkins and little daughter, Mildred, of Whitley City,
were last weekend guests of Mrs. E.C. Taylor.

Edward Sidebottom of State Univ., is spending the holidays with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Green B. Sidebottom, on Maple street.

Phillip T. Hall, Jr., course paper man and C.P. Tatam, the regular salesman
for the Louisville Paper Company, were in Somerset Tuesday.


Joe Mills and Orville Daulton have returned home from Indiana accompanied by
Russell Prather.

Cecil Butler made a trip to Wayne county last week.

Robert Mills gave a corn shucking Friday night.

Mrs. Linda Ashbrooks was the guest of Mollie Butler last Tuesday.

John McBeath was in Somerset Monday.

Rev. and Mrs. J.S. Abbott are visiting her father Miles Gregory in Wayne

Sam Decker has bought the Sam Barnett farm.

Lola Cundiff is still on the rattle.

Born to Mrs. Willie Hudson - a baby boy.


Mrs. Mary Goforth and children who have been visiting relatives here will
start for their home in Kansas Monday.

John Arthur's family all have the measles.

Flonnie Dugger who is staying at Shopville was home last week.

Beecher Carlton and wife will return to their home in Ohio soon.

Bert Arthur has moved to the river.

Little Okla and Flora Carlton visited their grandfather McDonal Saturday

Olo Adams visited home folks Sunday.

Beech Grove.

Oliver Godby and wife spent Wednesday night with his brother Harve Godby.

Fred Hall and wife visited at Charlie Godby's Monday night.

Ross Phelps and wife and Miss Winnie Abbott spent Friday night at the home of
Felix Phelps.

Arvine Phelps, Lucy Girdler, and Mitchel Butt took dinner with Beatrice
Wesley Sunday.

Carthel Abbott and Lilburn Hall took dinner at Ross Phelp's Sunday.

Mrs. Charlie Godby and children spent Sunday night with her brother Lewis

Mat Taylor visited Nellie Godby Tuesday night.

Mr. Zion.

Mrs. Sam Hollars is entertaining her parents from Somerset.

"Aunt" Jane Howell has moved to Science Hill.

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Hines and Mrs. Grace Adams went to Somerset last Tuesday.

Mrs. J.C. Adams visited "Aunt" Jane Howell and Sister Bruner at Science Hill
last weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Edd Hines, Eliza Hines and Ada Hines have arrived from Detroit,
Mich., to visit with relatives.

Will Leigh is very bad sick.

Sam Lester and family visited George Crawford Sunday.

Sam Richardson and Miss Wesley were married a few days ago.


Rev. H.J. Ridener filled his regular appointment here Saturday and Sunday.

Minnie Bray was the guest of Kisarah Phelps Saturday night.

John Bray was the guest of his brother, F.K. Bray, Sunday.

Virgil Snell and wife were the guests of Othar Randall the latter part of the

Franklin Holm, of Lincoln, attended church here Sunday.

Scott Meece visited at L.A. Bray's Sunday.

Ben Sears of Shopville was the guest of Lexie Steele Sunday.

Geo. Steele was in Somerset Tuesday on business.


Several from here attended the revival at the Nazerine church at Science Hill
last week.

Miss Ellis Starnes is home from school to spend the holidays.

Edith Keith spent Sunday with Stella Burge.

Edd Hood and wife left Tuesday for Mississippi to make their future home.

John Hood and family spent Sunday with his parents.

Lee Sweeney is home from Ohio to spend the holidays.

John Nelson and wife visited Henry Hall Saturday and Sunday.


Mr. James Nevels died at his home last Thursday.  He leaves a wife and
several children and a host of friends and relatives.  The remains were laid
to rest in Little Indian Creek graveyard. 

Several from here attended Little Indian Creek meeting Sunday.

Miss Bertha Wilson was the guest of Ollie Wilson Sunday.

Hayden Cassada visited his sister, Nannie Davis, Saturday night.

Cooks Chapel.

Mr. Ambess Chapman died Friday and was buried Sunday at Cooks Chapel.

Miss Sallie McClellan visited Misses Ella and Visda Wilson Saturday and

Clemie Bland is very ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Loyd McClellan are the happy parents of a baby girl - Anna

Raymond Halcombe has been visiting relatives here.

Miss Angie Muse visited Docia Tartar Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Van Ard are rejoicing over a new boy at their home.

Mrs. William Foster has been visiting her mother.

Leslie Ard has returned home.

Dennie Foster and Clotha Corander were married Wednesday.

Melvo Tartar has returned from Illinois.

The little daughter of W.H. Tartar is very ill.


Rev. George Thompson preached here at Center Post Sunday.  He will preach
here every second Saturday night and Sunday in each month this coming year.

Miss Hazel Spaw of Cincinnati and Lou and Lola Dick spent Sunday with Lula
and Retta Adams.

John Blevins sold is stock of goods to Will Hall and John Dick.

Marion Godby and family were Sunday guests at Enoch Pitman's.

Ottis Baugh returned home from Cincinnati, Sunday.

George Dick and family of Bethlehem, spent Saturday at his sister's Mrs.
James Randolph.

George Cooper, Jailor of McCreary county, visited at his father's C.C.
Cooper, last week.

Mrs. Sarah Hodge is visiting her son, Andy Hodge in Cincinnati.

Lula and Rhetta Adams were Sunday night guests of Lou and Lola Dick.

Charlie Moore entertained his friends with a clearing last week.

Mrs. Ester Hendricks and children spent Saturday night with Mrs. James


Jessie Wilson, who has been in Detroit, Mich., for some time, returned home
last week.

Mr. Clarence Tarter from Boswell, Ind., is visiting relatives here.

Miss Addie McFall entertained a number of her friends Saturday night with a

Cornelius Compton has returned from Mississippi.

The sick at Coral Tarter's are improving.

Oakel Abbott and Maymie Ellis were married last Thursday.

Mrs. Mattie Halcome and little daughter, Elizabeth, visited at Willie
McFall's Saturday and Sunday.

Clarence Weddle and wife of Detroit, Mich., are visiting home folks here.

Marion and Jessie Wilson, Clarence Tarter and Goldie Girkey were in Somerset

Delba and Clarence Tarter were at M.H. Wilson's Wednesday night.

Osborne Wilson has the measles.

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