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Friday December 24, 1920

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Merry Christmas to All
No newspaper December 31, 1920- taking the week off.
Your Editor

Burnside.  Here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year …. Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Hewlett were in Somerset shopping Monday …. The first number of our Lyceum Course was given here Monday evening by The Marie Hessan Company, and was decidedly the best thing we have ever had in the way of concert entertainment.  They were very delightful and brilliant young ladies … Mr. R.O. Lewis and Mrs. C.T. Dow were in Somerset Monday for the day … All the young folks are coming home for the Christmas vacation.  Tom Fagaly of State College, Shelby Rankin of Tennessee Military College, Miss Ruth Harvey who goes to Hamilton, Lexington, Graham Davidson, of Centre … Miss Leona Harn who has been teaching in Cleveland for some months is home for the holidays … School closed Thursday and the various teachers went their way to have a happy Christmas vacation.  Misses Willie and Jessie Prater will go to their home in Salersville; Miss Bradshaw to Montpelier; Miss Perry to Honey Bee; Miss Kennedy to Somerset … Miss Marjorie Thompson left Thursday for a visit with relatives in Wellington, O., … Mrs. N.D. Stigall delightfully entertained the "Dreadnot" class of the M.E. Sunday School last week … Mrs. C.C. Greeno and daughter are with relatives in Milford, O., for the holidays … Mrs. Norman Taylor attended a missionary meeting in Louisville Wednesday … A big union Christmas program was enjoyed at the Masonic Hall Thursday evening.  The giving of gifts, singing of Christmas hymns, and the love and fellowship which prevailed sent the large crowd back to their homes ready to enjoy the Christmas time more fully … Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Davidson were in Knoxville most of the week … Mrs. John F. Tuttle died at her home Saturday evening after eight months of illness with cancer. Mrs. Tuttle was a wonderful Christian character and will be missed among her friends. Rev. W.L. Clark of Somerset conducted the funeral services Sunday afternoon, assisted by Rev. C.L. Hawkins.  Much sympathy is extended to the bereaved family.  Mrs. Tuttle is survived by her husband, three sons and three daughters .. Dr. and Mrs. Stigall and daughter were in Somerset Saturday … Mrs. A.G. Jones and Mrs. J.H.  Selvidge and sons were in Danville Saturday with friends … Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Rew were in Cincinnati the first part of this week … Mr. and Mrs. John Bell and daughter of Jerome, Ark., are with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Martin for the holidays … Misses Nina Beaty and Pearl Bradshaw were in Somerset shopping Tuesday.

Slate Branch.  Rev. Stover preached at the Nazarene Church Sunday … Miss Laura Simpson and Ernest Simpson of Nancy, visited Mr. and Mrs. Dan Smith Saturday night and Sunday … Born to the home of Mr. Fox Beasley, December 17, a girl … Velasco Girdler and Cloa Abbott surprised their many friends by going to Tennessee and getting married Thursday. We wish them a long and happy life … Mrs. Mollie Cain and Miss Lora Prather, Mrs. Nellie McBeath visited Mrs. Mabel Jasper on Sunday afternoon … Mrs. Luther Mills and Mrs. Mabel Jasper were in town Monday shopping … Marvin Kenny, wife and baby, of Delmar, visited James Kenny Saturday night and Sunday … Mrs. Hattie Hudson and children visited Mrs. John A. Jones Saturday afternoon.

Soules Chapel.  Miss Fauna Keeney closed her school at Cherry Grove last week .. Mr. Brady Meece was called home last week from San Francisco, Calif., on account of the death of his father, Anderson Meece .. Johnnie Yahnig has been home for a few days and has gone back to Cincinnati … Miss Nora Meece spent Saturday night with Miss Katherine King  … There is a meeting going on at Gilmore school house … Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Richardson entertained a number of friends Sunday with a nice dinner … Mr. Lum Whitis moved to Ben Hines place Friday … Mrs. Arthur Gragg entertained Thursday night with a cotton picking … Mrs. Sarah Fulcher of Illinois is visiting relatives here … Mrs. Belle Mills visited her son, Oscar, in Danville, last week … Mr. and Mrs. Vestal Shadoan have moved to town.  Mr. Shadoan is working at the power house … Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith visited his parents Sunday evening … Miss Janie Gilmore has been sick with a severe cold the past week.

Acorn.  Mr. and Mrs. Alec Taylor visited their daughter, Mrs. Robert Williams Sunday night … Birchel Cottingin, of Indianapolis, is visiting relatives here … Miss Bee Adams visited her aunt, Mrs. R.H. Barnes, the first of last week … Mr. R.H. Barnes bought 100 binds of fodder from Mrs. Vanloe McDonald, for $3.00 … Miss Rose McDonald and Vada McDonald were the guests of Mrs. Nelson Mayfield Sunday night … Mrs. Vada McDonald visited her grandmother Mrs. A. Chang, Monday …. Mr. Robert Williams, wife and children, attended church at Bethany Sunday … Rev. B. Boyd is conducting a revival at Bethany.

McKinney.  Mrs. C.A. Bishop is no better at this writing … Mr. Chas. Watson and family visited Jno. Watson's Sunday …. Mrs. Mary Chaney is no better … Cloyd Harmon and family spent Sunday at Carl Harmon's …. Miss Jewell Vaught is home from Berea, where she has been attending school …. Mr. Carl Vaught purchased two milk cows from Mr. James last week … Mr. Hurley Harmon of Batesville, Ind., is visiting home folks … Mr. and Mrs. Mack Aker visited at C.A. Bishop's Sunday … Miss Pearl Vaught is at home from Slate Branch, where she has been teaching school …. Miss Rosa Hargis is staying with her grandmother Mrs. O.A. Bishop this week … Carl Vaught and family spent Saturday night and Sunday with his parents W.H. Vaught … Mrs. Stella Crawford and children spent Monday at W.H. Vaught …. The school at McKinney will close Christmas Eve.  The school is giving a small program and Christmas tree.

Trimble.  The people in this community are about through gathering corn … Willie Vanhooser has returned home from Illinois, where he has been husking corn .. Mrs. Dora Burton of Wayne County is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jim Muse … Rev. Stone filled his regular appointment at the Delmer Church Sunday night … Mr. and Mrs. B. Vanhooser were guest of his brother H. Vanhooser, Saturday and Sunday … Rebecca and Ezra Epperson, who have been down with typhoid fever, are about well again … Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Wright were the Sunday guests of Rev. Stover and wife … Mrs. Eliza Hart was the guest of her sister Mrs. Pearl Brock one day last week … Mrs. Delia Nicholas has moved to her new home near Trimble.

Oak Hill.  Gathering corn and killing hogs is the order of the day in this vicinity … Mae Frisbie visited Mable Claunch Monday afternoon … Harvey Gover and Earl Lovell of Quinton have been visiting friends and relatives here … Mr. Everett Bryant has been very ill but is some better at this writing … Quite a number of people where guests of Mrs. B.C. Gholson Sunday … Mrs. O. Heaton, Mrs. John Tucker, and children, and Mae Frisbie spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. B.C. Gholson … Rev. W. Reece filled his regular appointment at this place Saturday and Sunday  … Mrs. Nellie Epperson and children were the guests of her mother Mrs. Mayfield, Saturday … Elmer Casada is home visiting his mother Mrs. James Casada … Harvey Gover and Marie Edwards were guests of Ova Casada one night last week … Mr. and Mrs. D. Bogle and little son Robert visited relatives in Ferguson Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. John Tucker and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Heaton Sunday afternoon … Mr. and Mrs. Killis Jasper and children spent Friday night with Dr. Jasper .. Reta Tucker spent the weekend with her teacher Miss Desta Powers … Nannie Lee is visiting her aunt Mrs. Pat Jones, here.

Hogue.  Mrs. Mary Wise and children spent Sunday at James Randolph's … Mr. Chester Roy, of Science Hill, was a guest of Mr. Luther Cooper Saturday night … Bud Wesley and family have moved here on G.W. Jasper's place … Mrs. A.J. Adams spent Sunday at Mt. Hope with her daughter, Mrs. Mabel Jasper … We are sorry to say that Miss Myrtle Wesley, who has been sick for some time, is no better at this writing … Mr. W.J. Vaught and family gave a singing last Tuesday night … Mr. Charlie Cash has moved here on Dock Dick's farm … Mr. Finley Adams of Pleasant Hill, visited his father A.J. Adams, last Thursday night … Some of the boys from here attended church at Mt. Zion on Sunday night … Mrs. Lillie Dick of Mangum spent Saturday night and Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. Rutherford Adams.

Irvins Store.  Rev. J.F. Black filled his regular appointment at Coffey's Chapel last Sunday … Dr. J.B. Tarter and family of Russell Springs attended the church at Coffey's Chapel on Sunday … Thomas D. Haney, of Ingle, visited his sister Mrs. Victoria Wade last Sunday … Robert Wade is at home for the Christmas holidays … Miss Chloe Hopper who has been teaching school at Cherry Grove is at home. She and her brother, Otis, will start to Berea to school next Monday … Syl Anderson and children visited her sister, Mrs. Mary E. Wade, last Sunday … T.B. Wade and Thomas D. Haney made a business trip to Somerset last week … There will be a foot washing and a sacrament meeting at the new church at Parks Ridge on Christmas day … B.O. Russell and family have come home from Elreno, Okla. … Babe Harris and family are at home after staying a year in Mansfield, Ill. … There was an entertainment at Salem School last Friday night.  Everyone enjoyed a good time.

Catherine.  There was a baptizing at Silons Roy's Sunday … The little Nazarene has moved his meetings to Grimes Chapel … Mr. Leo Hatfield has moved to Mr. R.C. Luttrell's place … Mr. John Burton is moving back to the place Hatfield moved from … Mr. A.M. Wilson and family visited his sister Saturday and Sunday near Fount Hill … The writing school will begin at Pine Top school Monday and will last the last week of school … George Lawson visited his father and mother Saturday night.

Mt. Zion.  Rev. Bishop Wesley filled his regular appointment at Mt. Zion Sunday and Sunday night .. Miss Myrtle Wesley of Bethel Ridge is visiting her sister, Mrs. May Richardson … Miss Goldie Richardson and Miss Cloma Spears visited Myrtle Vaught Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Dunsmore visited Mr. Alfred Dunsmore Sunday … Mr. Oraile Leigh visited Mr. Alfred Dunsmore Sunday night … Mr. Raymond Lester is visiting home folks now … Mrs. Sarah Baugh visited Mrs. May Richardson Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vaught visited Mrs. Linnie Dunsmore Saturday and Sunday .. Mr. and Mrs. C. Leigh is visiting Mrs. Prissie Leigh … Mr. and Mrs. Milford Eubanks and children visited Mr. J.B. Wesley Sunday … Mrs. Bettie Lester is still improving …. Miss Minnie and Ettie Lester visited Miss Viola Wampler Sunday … Mr. Raymond Lester visited his sister Mrs. Vola Hall Sunday and Sunday night.

Nancy.  Mrs. Louisa Burton is worse at this writing … The little infant of John Cowen was buried Sunday, the mother is very low .. Sid Vanhoosier and family have returned from Georgia … Born, to the home of Jno. Tarter, a fine boy; also to the home of Archie Burton, a girl … Mr. Cleofus Baker and wife are in from Bosu, Ind., visiting relatives … Walter Hudson and family visited his brother F. Hudson, Sunday … E.T. Lester and family visited at S.C. Burton's Sunday .. Virgil Hudson has returned from Gibson City, Ill. … Mrs. V.L. Burton is slowly improving … The people in this vicinity were much grieved to hear of the death of Miss Ella Logan as she was loved by all.  The parents have our deepest sympathy.

Possum Trot.  Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stone and uncle, John Stone, spent last week in Casey County … Bill Huey and family will move from here soon after Christmas … Miss Lizzie Fitzpatrick will spent this week at home … G.P. Neikirk and family visited Otto Fisher Sunday … Will Ashley and wife visited at Mrs. Ashley's Sunday .. The Misses Humble were Friday guests of Mrs. Johnson .. Mr. and Mrs. Worth Taylor were called to see his mother Sunday, who is very sick … Our school will be out Friday. We regret very much to see it out.  We have had a fine school and the very best of teachers, H.H. Smith and Edith Corney, whom every child loves … Clarence Dunium and family have moved to Pulaski … Mrs. Will Fisher is better. The nurse, Mrs. Hamons, went home Saturday … Mr. and Mrs. Sam Fitzpatrick spent this week with her mother, Mrs. Shadoan … Aunt Lucy Girdler is worse at this writing … Miss Nora Girdler spent a few days of last week with Clara Ashley.

Faubush.  Mr. John McBeath of Detroit, Mich., is spending his vacation with his friends at this place … Roscoe Tarter of Caintown, is spending Christmas with J.A. Tarter … Mrs. Mattie Halcomb spent Thursday with Mrs. Ella Halcomb … They little son of A.R. Wilson had the misfortune to fall and stick a knife in his lungs.  He is getting along nicely … Mr. L. Tarter visited Frank Tarter last Thursday … Mr. B. Markman passed through here last week buying up hogs … Mrs. Ethel Pennington was brought to Faubush for burial last Wednesday … There was an old folks spelling bee at Anderson school last Friday.  A large crowd attended and there were some good spellers there .. Mrs. Mars visited her daughter, Mrs. Morgan last Saturday …. John McBeath and Frank Tarter visited L. Tarter Sunday

Science Hill.  Mrs. W.T. Cox is visiting relatives at Ansel … Mr. and Mrs. Houston Haste of Oak Hill visited Sister Bruner and Aunt Jane Howell last week … Sister Bruner filled her appointment at Nazarene Church Sunday and Sunday night …. Miss Garnett Hines of Trevacca College at Nashville, Tenn., is here to spend the Christmas holidays with home folks … Aunt Josie Phillips is on the sick list … Mr. and Mrs. G.L. Crawford moved here last week … Bro. Willis will preach at the Methodist Church next Sunday and Sunday night … The Missionary Society will have its first meeting next Sunday night at the Nazarene Church .. Mr. O.C. Pitman of Chattanooga, Tenn., spent last Saturday night with his sister Mrs. J.C. Adams.

Public.  Farmers around Public have not finished gathering corn … Our school at the Old Valley is progressing fine with Lula Sears and Fannie Renner as teachers, although it will soon be at a close … G.R. Price and family visited J.L. Price Sunday … O.D. Bullock made his regular call at Frank Price's Sunday … Mr. William Taylor is living in his new home that he purchased from W.T. Price at Public … Dennie Price was in Somerset Saturday on business …. Mr. Rothel Price is still making his regular calls at G.B. Broyles … Dennie Price has a young horse for sale … Ophia Price, Eva Price and Hepsia Price visited John Hawk's Sunday.

Oil Center.  Hog killing is the order of the day at this place … Mr. W.M. Mclin who has been seriously ill for some time, still remains no better … Several boys and girls of this place attended the spelling at Hickory Nut Friday night .. Mr. Luther and Effie Flynn were in Somerset Saturday … Mr. R. Meece and Leo Webb passed through Oil Center Sunday en route to Mr. Keith Spaw's Sunday … Luther Flynn made his usual call on Miss Wilmouth Simpson Sunday … Several of our little boys and girls are expecting Santa Claus.

Cave Hill.  The proceeds from the pie supper at Buncombe Friday evening amounted to $19.50, which was donated to the sick family of Harvey Beck … Harvey Beck's oldest boy was taken down with typhoid fever last week, which makes seven that has had the fever; all but two of them are improving … Born, to the home of Millard Wesley, a fine boy last week … Rev. J.C. Wheeldon failed to fill his regular appointment at Sardis Saturday night and Sunday on account of his sick brother … Born, to the home of Elmer Burton, a fine boy, last week.  Elmer is all smiles … Geo. Thompson sang at Charter Oak Sunday evening … The Beck family is some better at this writing … Aunt Sue Smith took dinner with Mrs. Allie West Saturday … School was out here Saturday and Miss Janie Hurt returned to her home at Camp Ground … Mr. L. Pointer and children returned from Illinois last week … Born, to the home of Millard Wesley, a 6-lb. boy .. Miss Lola Wilson visited Miss Ethel Estes Sunday … Allie West spent Sunday at Elmer Burton's … Mrs. Lizzie Higgins and the Pointer children spent Sunday afternoon at Laura Burton's … Edd Smith and family of Briery, visited at Alonzo Estes … Mr. Raymond Baugh spent last Sunday with Dewit Spears … Miss Vida Estes, of Buncombe, spent Sunday with Miss Enid Estes … Mr. and Mrs. are all smiles over their new 9 pound boy, "Boyd" …. Mr. M.F. Wilson spent Sunday with his brother, Mr. W.S. Wilson … Sam West butchered a beef Saturday.

Elrod.  Most of the farmers have finished getting their tobacco ready for market … Misses Frances and Maude Stevens visited at W.H. Bumgardner's Tuesday night … School closed Thursday at Silver Star. A nice crowd was present … Mrs. Ella Stevens spent Thursday with Mrs. Arch Poynter … Willie Helton visited at W.H. Bumgardner's Saturday night … "Uncle" William Gastineau spent Sunday night at W.H. Bumgardner's … Tom Pruitt and wife and baby visited at J.M. Carter's Sunday … Misses Grace Randolph and Alma Anderson spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in Somerset


… William Wade Bumgardner, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Bumgardner, died December 18, 1920.  He was 19 years of age.  His body was laid to rest in the Line Creek Cemetery. 
The earth has lost its look of gladness, Heaven to us seems more bright, since the spirit of our loved one, took its homeward flight.  And we long to cross that river, long to rest upon the shore, there to see and love him, with our Savior evermore.  God called him home, it was His will, but in our hearts he lingers still.  Dear is he grave where he is laid, sweet is the memory that will never fade.


from theSomerset Journal staff and
Rob Roy and Angus

Waterloo.   Miss Maud Henderson and Alma Cooper visited at Zelotus Dick's Saturday night … Miss Willie Rainwater visited at C.B. Rainwater's Saturday night … Mr. and Mrs. Edd Doss visited her parents Sunday night … Mr. Alonzo Dick entertained his friends with a clearing on Tuesday … John Meadows has been visiting in this vicinity … Miss Thelma Dick and Lucy Silvers returned from Berea to spend Christmas … Virgil Doss and Hobert Ware returned from Illinois Sunday … Mr. Hubert Henderson spent Saturday night near Ingle.

Delmer.  Rev. C.C. Burton has gone to Whitley City to preach for a few days … Mr. Samuel Muse is home for the holidays … Hobart Brock was the delightful caller of Miss Ollie Burton on Sunday … Mrs. Flora and Lora Barker and Mrs. Della Brown were the guests of Mrs. Caddie Fitzgerald Thursday afternoon … Mr. Luther Muse made a business trip to Somerset on Saturday … Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hislope were callers at Mr. J.F. Floyd's Sunday afternoon … Miss Rena and Grace Brown were the callers of Miss Beatrice Fitzgerald Saturday afternoon …. Rev. and Mrs. W.W. Stover filled their regular appointment at Naomi Sunday …. Misses Beatrice and Lillian Fitzgerald  were guests of Miss Laura and Marie Hislope Sunday … J.F. Floyd is no better at this writing … Elmo Burton had the misfortune of getting a bean in her ear and an operation had to be performed … Mrs. C.M. Brown and children were guests of Mrs. Mollie Muse Sunday afternoon.

Drum.  Rev. Henry Ridner filled his appointment at Piney Grove last Saturday and Sunday … Mrs. Cleve Erp and Mrs. Willie Vanhook were visiting at White Lily last Saturday night and Sunday …. Willie Vanhook was in Flat Lick Saturday and Sunday … Cleve Erp traded horses last Saturday …. Vance Dykes who has been in Oklahoma for some time, returned home a few days ago … Oscar Randalls who has been working in Indiana is at home with his parents at present … Wesley Erp has moved into his new home he purchased from Estil Dykes, known as the Ernest Randall farm … Riley Dykes bought a mule from Mr. Aker a few days ago … R.L. Bray sold his place to John Slavy for $1,500 … J.W. Bray purchased a tract of land from Sherman Cooper of Somerset and is preparing to build a house on it … Grace Phelps bought a cow from John Slavy a few days ago … R.L. Bray will have a sale on next Tuesday of all his property … Mr. Bumgardner of the Flat Lick community was here Thursday trying to trade Othel Sears out of his mule.

Floyd.  Rev. Crow filled his regular appointment at Freedom Saturday night and Sunday … The wedding bells are ringing this time for Chas. F. Griffin and Miss Montie J. Black, who were married last Wednesday at the home of Rev. John Todd. We wish them a long and happy journey through life … School at this place is about out and the attendance is good … Henry York and family were visiting relatives near Estesburg on Sunday … Jas. Eubank and son, of Indiana, are visiting relatives at home for a short while … W.H. Griffin spent Saturday night with his brother, M.N. Griffin, and family … Henry L. Eubank and family of Indiana, have returned to old Kentucky … W.H. Griffin is preparing to move to New Castle, Ind. … A.W. Surber and family were visiting at M.N. Griffin's last Friday … Roby L. Johnson and family of Somerset spent Sunday night with Mrs. Belle Trivett and family … Master Burrell Trivett has the mumps at this writing … Mr. Compton took his children home after leaving them at this place in the care of Mrs. W.H. Warren for the last year.

Ingle.   The cold spell has put the folks hustling getting wood and making fires … Mrs. Floy Kissee is no better at this time .. Mrs. Elizabeth Allen is no better … Mr. Dick Kissee is very poorly .. Edgar Roy has returned from Detroit to his father's, Mr. A.T. Roy, where he is supposed to spend the winter … Mr. Oscar Brown and family visited relatives at Ingle Sunday … Miss Gertrude Kissee was the guest of Miss Arrena Anderson Sunday … Sid Beasley moved in his new home Monday … Mrs. Ethel Pennington, wife of Ezra Pennington, died at their home in Casey County Tuesday.  Her body was laid in the cemetery near Faubush, near the home of her parents ….
( see page one for memorial}
Private Jason Stargle has returned home on a furlough to spend Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Stargle … J.W. Kissee moved his saw mill home Friday … There will be an entertainment at the Cedar Point school on Christmas Eve. All are looking forward to a good time … Mrs. Emma Kissee is looking for her sister from Illinois to spend the Christmas week with her .. Dr. Brent Weddle, of Nancy, was in this part visiting the sick a few days ago.

Clarence.  Rev. W.F. Meece filled is regular appointment at Good Hope Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. John McWilliams were guests of Mr. Fred McWilliams Sunday … the death angel visited the home of Mr. Hiram Britain last Monday morning and took a five months old baby. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved parents … Mrs. Mattie Nelson and Mrs. Florence Denny visited at Mrs. Eva Acton's Saturday afternoon … Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Thompson were the guests of Mr. Floyd Larkin's Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. George Osborne are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby girl .. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sandridge and family of
Stearns, and Mrs. Rebecca Sandridge, Mr. Huston and Mr. Elbert Osborne were guests of Mrs. Cynthia Osborne Sunday … Mr. Eret Acton and Miss Lula Sandridge were guests of Retna Todd Sunday afternoon … Miss Estella Acton was the guest of Miss Lucy Osborne Friday afternoon … Mrs. John Osborne was the guest of Mrs. Cicero Acton Friday .. Miss Tilda Acton was the guest of Miss Leslie Estes Sunday night.

Pisgah.  Misses Lula Molen and Della Nantz are spending their vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.X. Molen … Mrs. Nan Gholson entertained a number of young folks Sunday … Mrs. Joe Bryant and children of Burnside spent the weekend with Mrs. C.D. Stigall … Misses Lula Molen, Amanda Caylor, and Della Nantz, Messrs Guy Cowan, Harley and Cy Claunch called on Miss Ruth Rhoten Saturday night … Mr. Joe Gibson of Manhattan, Montana, is visiting at the home of Mrs. B.C. Newell … Miss Dell Newell entertained a number of young folks Thursday night … Misses Margaret Claunch, Katy Caylor and Reta Tucker spent the weekend with Miss Desta Powers … Miss Mae Frisbie called on Miss Mabel Claunch Wednesday … Mrs. E.S. Heaton who has been sick is improving … Harley Claunch of Waitsboro spent Friday night with his sister, Mrs. S.O. Cowan … Mrs. Lizzie Graham of Ohio, is spending the holidays with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Woods Cowan … There is goingto be a Christmas entertainment at Pisgah Friday night.

Mangum.  Cutting firewood and making fires is the order of the day … Mrs. Lillie Dick visited her daughter, Mrs. Effie Adams, Saturday night and Sunday … Green Wesley and family were the guests of Richard Dick and family Saturday and Sunday … Bradley Whiles and family visited at John Warren's Saturday night … H. Vaught made his regular call at Bob Spaws, Sunday … Killis Wesley and wife were guests of J.H. Dick Saturday … Ira Mofield was the guest of Louis Waters Sunday … Finley Wesley purchased a tract of land from Bradley Whiles … B.H. Philips, of Paris, Ill., was the guest of Louis Waters Tuesday night … Sim Hall and family were guests of Mitchell Wesley Sunday … S. Hall and Mrs. Bertha Hall were guests of John A. Blevins on Wednesday … Mrs. Laura Vaught visited her brother Green Wesley Thursday night.

Velber.  Mr. James Eastham had a house covering Saturday by some of his neighbors … Mr. D. Roberts was the guest of his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Dye, at Mr. J.D. Compton's Sunday afternoon .. Miss Zelma and Master Elzia Compton were Sunday visitors of their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Baugh, of Ware … Mrs. Odella Irvine and family were the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Eastham … Miss Flossie Dick visited Mrs. Lina Compton Friday afternoon … Master Folger and Reuben Irvin and James Eastham were Sunday visitors of heir grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Eastham .. Miss Stella Irvin visited Miss Zelma Compton on Friday.

Ruth.  Rev. Hudson filled his regular appointment at Clay Hill Saturday and Sunday … Misses Mazie and Effie Tomlinson visited Lou and Zella Dykes Saturday night … Several of the young folks from this vicinity attended the pie supper at White Lily school house Saturday night … Miss Myrtle Baker of Colo visited Miss Jennie Tomlinson Sunday night and attended prayer meeting at Clay Hill … Mrs. Frances Meece visited her mother at White Lily last week … Mr. A.A. Colyer and wife of Illinois are visiting in this neighborhood.

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