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Excerpts from the Interior Journal

Interior Journal December 20, 1872 >From Pulaski County Somerset, Ky., Dec. 13th, 1872

Our Stage Line.

R. Newland & Co. are again making daily trips from Somerset to Stanford, their horses having been pronounced convalescent. Green Burton's Monticello line has also resumed business.

Rev. W.W. Harris.

Is still protracting his meeting at this place. He is an able preacher and is doing great good in our town and vicinity.

J.H. Boling and Wm. Turpin have made professions and were baptized on Sunday evening last, while many others are seeking their souls salvation.


At the residence of Berry Smith on Wednesday evening last, Mr. F.F. Fitzpatrick to Miss Mary E. Henson, daughter of William Henson, both of Pulaski County

. An Interesting Trial.

The following details were gleaned from an eye witness of a very interesting trial before Eagle Creek Baptist Church, Texas District of our county, the Rev. S. Martin, "wrapt in the solitude of his own originality," presiding.

All About A Gourd.

And one that had not the power to deliver from grief as did the gourd prepared by God for Jonah, but one of longer duration germed and springing forth to invade the sanctity of the marital home and tranquility upon her rights, but so it was. Mr V. and his wife by their industry and watchful care, raised a large gourd which they nurtured and cherished until it matured, and Mr. V. being a fiddler and being without the desired instrument, wanted to convert the gourd into a "banjo" that he might while away his leisure hours with sweet discourses to his little ones. But the wife objected, having conspicuous scruples, and further than this, she needed a gourd for the water bucket and intended to have it. Sharp words and angry feelings ensued, which terminated in the separation in a once loving and devoted wife. The relentless husband left his home and however humble it was, it should have dearer to him than all the pleasures of the world besides, but he departed chagrined and mortified, feeling humiliated to such an extent that nothing but music could soothe the savage beast. He went to a neighbors where a fiddle was procured and together with the said neighbor in a regular old fashioned dance, and both being members of the Baptist Church of the "hard shell persuasion," a few days since they were arraigned before the church to answer several grave charges, when upon a full investigation bringing out all the above facts, they were both sent back to the world with the admonition, "again repent" they sins are more grievous than when they first began. The pastor of the church, Mr. Martin, an old and esteemed citizen of our county, and a preacher of many years experience having the good of the country and fellow man at heart, and the fear of God ever before his eyes, was inclined to retain the erring brothers in his church upon proper amends being made, and in justification read that passage of scripture which says, "There is a time to all things - a time to weep, a time to dance, &c" - but alas the way of the transgressor was hard. Moral: Let your wife do as she pleases.

Funeral Services.

The funeral services of Mrs. Amanda F. Goggin, who died at the residence of her son-in-law near Stanford, took place at the Presbyterian Church in Somerset at 1 o'clock evening being conducted by Rev. Mr. Hill, whose remarks were very appropriate to the (remainder missing)

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