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Excerpts from the Interior Journal

Interior Journal December 20, 1872 >From Pulaski County Somerset, Ky., Dec. 16th, 1872

A glance at the Records of Antiquity -

The First Clerk, Lawyers - First Grand Jury - Three First Civil Actions - Bail in Case of Debt - The First Deed - First Will - First Marriage License - Minister's Certificate - Died - County Court - Rev. W. W. Harris - Interior Journal.

A glance at the records of antiquity.

The first Court of Quarter Sessions, for the County of Pulaski, was held at the home of Henry Frances, about seven miles south of the present town of Somerset, on the 23d day of July, 1799, for the trial of both civil and criminal cases. James Gilmore, Joseph McAlister and John Hardgrove, Justices of said court, commissioned by James Garrard, Governor, who were styled thus: Present the worshipful James Gilmore, Joseph McAlister and John Hardgrove, gentlemen. The First Clerk. William Fox, the father of Judge F.T. Fox, was the first clerk, who held both the office of County and Circuit Clerk up to the year 1847.

The Lawyers. Who practiced in this court were as follows: J.L. bridges, A.E. Mills, Micah Taul, Wm. Owsley, Thomas Montgomery, Solomon Brents, John Boyles, and William Logan, producing their license as attorneys within the years 1799, 1800, and 1803.

First Grand Jury. Was composed of the following named persons, to-wit: Henry James, foreman, Thomas Cowan, Joseph Mathews, George Allcorn, Nicolas Alexander, Rob't Henderson, John Evans, James Montgomery, George Taylor, Moses Norton, Samuel Duncan, Edward Tuner, George Smiley, Thomas Suggs, Wm. Beard, Malakiah Cooper, John Prather, Wm. George, John Baker, Jacob Troxwell, Joseph Alexander, Rob't Anderson and John Jasper, who returned the following presentments: Commonwealth of Kentucky vs. Henry Francis, retailing spirits; same vs. Wiatt Adkins, profane swearing "by the name of God," same vs. E. Churchwell and John Trap, "for gambling for 1/2 pint of whiskey." Three First Civil Actions. Nicholas Alexander vs. Wiatt Adkins, "in case," Henry Frances vs. William Churchwell, "in trespass, assault and battery," Henry Frances vs. Frances McCown "trespass viet armis." The two first dismissed. In the latter "the parties agreed that the Plaintiff had sustained damages to the amount of fifteen shillings, besides his cost."

Bail in Case of Debt. Recognizance in case of debt, Hawkins vs. Turpin, July Term, 1800: Geo. Allcorn and Thos. Cowen came into court and undertook for the defendant that if he shall be cast in the action aforesaid, that they will satisfy and pay the comdemnation of the court or render his body to prison in execution for the same, or on failure thereof that they the said George and Thomas will do it for him."

The First Deed. Was an Indenture of Apprenticeship. Wm. Fox on behalf of N. Troxwell, son of Jno. Troxwell, of the one part, and Micajah Hogan of the other part. "Nicholas is honestly and industriously to serve and obey Micajah Hogan in all lawful demands, until he shall be 21 years old, and Micajah agrees to find the said Nicholas a sufficiency of good wholesome diet and all other necessities so long as he shall serve him, and to learn him the common arts and mysteries of a farmer's business, and to have him taught to read, write and common arithmetic including the rule of (can't make that word out) and to treat him in a humane and tender manner in all things, and at the expiration of his service Micajah Hogan is to give him three pound then shillings and a decent suit of new clothes. In Testimony Whereof, etc. Signed 25th February, 1800. N. Hogan, Wm. Fox"

First Will. John Hopper, dated 1803.

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