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The Somerset Journal

A Democratic Paper Published Every Friday
Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday, December 19, 1919.

Marriage Licenses.

The following marriage license have been issued since our last issue:

Robert Muse to Minnie Barker.
Denny Foster to Clotha Carander.
Joseph Eggers to Letha Garland.
Perry Godbey to Rebecca Dick.
Oliver Godbey to Virgie Emma Taylor.

Somerset Went Wet.  Ten years ago, December 13th, Somerset voted "wet" by a
small majority.  The "drys" contested the election but the "wets" won and
Somerset was in the "wet" column for three years.

How's This?  Missouri farmer has a sow that has produced 52 pigs inside of 16
months.  No slacking or race suicide there.  A few such patriotic hogs would
pay off the war debt.

Moving to Pulaski.  Last week several more farmers from Tennessee and West
Virginia moved to Pulaski county and took possession of farms they had
recently purchased.  During the past several weeks there has been a big
influx of "foreigners" to this county and will make good citizens.  The good
farm land and the splendid schools are attracting these men to our midst.  We
welcome them all and know they will be satisfied.

Monday Morning Fire.  Monday morning about 10 o'clock the fire alarm was
sounded and the "Red Devil" responded to the call, it being discovered that
fire, possibly caused by defective flue, had gained considerable headway at
the residence occupied by Bili Johnson, of color, on Clifty street.  The
property belonged to Mary Liz Sandusky, of color.  The building was not in
reach of a fire plug and the chemical tank and a bucket brigade saved the
adjoining property of Mary Liz Sandusky, the house occupied by Johnson being
totally destroyed.  "Moster" Warren, assisted by his crew of fire fighters,
did quick work and it was only through the use of the Red Devil chemical tank
and buckets that the adjoining house was saved.

Just Returned Home.  Otis Clark, son of James Clark, of Etna, is at home
after serving 26 months overseas with the First Division.  He has been
stationed at Camp Zachery Taylor since the return of the division.  He saw
active service.

Personal Mention.

T.W. Price of Faubush was in town last week.

G.M. Phillips was in town Monday on business.

Mrs. W.D. Gover has returned from a visit in Louisville.

E.B. Rhoten has returned from Montana where he has been for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Brady will spend the holidays with his parents at Stanford.

Miss Ella Logan is assisting at Williams Drug Store during the holiday rush.

J.T. Blankenship of Bandy was here on business Monday.  Mr. Blankenship has
recently returned from a several months stay in Cincinnati.

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Acton of Clarence were shopping in Somerset last weekend.

Mrs. Charles Colyer and daughter Miss Niola spent several days in Louisville
this week.

Miss Elizabeth Harvey leaves today to spend the holidays with her sister in

Mrs. Ed Waddle has returned home from Chattanooga, Tenn., where she has been

Mr. and Mrs. Porter Bolin arrived last week from Akron, Ohio, to spend the
holidays with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.A. Bolin.

Miss Flonnie Tate, of Indian Head, was the attractive guest of Mrs. Clyde
Folger, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Longsworth of Monticello spent several days with
relatives here this week.

Mrs. Boyd Carr Sink who has a splendid position in Washington is visiting her
mother, Mrs. Mary Carr.

Miss Nellie Smith, daughter of Mrs. Ernest Scott, was operated on this week
and is getting along nicely.

Mrs. J.A. Baute left this week to visit her daughter Miss Katherine, who is
attending school at Nazareth.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shadoan and children of Fletcher, Ohio, arrived
Wednesday to spend the holidays with relatives in the city.

Mrs. E.E. Panel will leave this week to spend several weeks in San Antonia,
Texas, and Sacramento, California.

Mrs. Scott Tate of Indian Head was in the city last Saturday on business. 
Mrs. Tate is a member of the Tate-Souleyrette Coal Company.

"Jackie" Richardson returned home Saturday from Arthur, Ill., to spend the
holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Richardson.

Mrs. Dave Phelps and little daughter, Bettie Orwin, are visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Orwin.  They will remain until after the holidays.

Clay Alexander, who is attending school at Vanderbilt University, will arrive
home today to spend the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.S.

Mr. Dan Brandon of LaFayette, Ind., was called here this week on account of
the serious illness of his brother, Ben Brandon, who underwent an operation
Sunday night.

Mr. Chester Inman, traveling auditor for the American Railway Express
Company, spent last Sunday with his mother.  Chester now has headquarters at

Miss Flora Sheneman has returned home from Washington where she has been
employed in the Bureau of War Risk Insurance.  She has given up her position
and will remain in Somerset.

News has been received here that Thos. Inman, who has been Chief Clerk to the
Vice President of the American Railway Express Company, has resigned and has
been appointed Traveling Auditor with headquarters at Atlanta.

Dr. Robert Keene, of Owensboro, Ky., was called to Somerset on account of the
illness of his father.  He returned home Monday.

Miss Maria Elliott received a telegram from Governor Morrow Tuesday asking
her to come to Frankfort to accept a position.  Miss Elliott left Wednesday
to assume her duties.  She was one of the stenographers at Republican
Headquarters during the campaign.

Additional Personals.

Mrs. George P. Taylor of Burnside was in town Tuesday.

Mr. Will Johnson of Lebanon, Ky., is in the city on business.

Dr. W.R. Cundiff of Stearns, was in the city Tuesday on business.

Captain John A Geary of Lexington as in the city Tuesday on business.

Miss Mary Floyd of Louisville is visiting Mrs. J.H. Allen during the

Andrew M. Cruse of Louisville will spend the holidays with his parents here.

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Benelli spent several days in Lexington and Versailes.

Miss Katherine Warren will arrive next week for a visit with Miss Lou Hardin.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tuttle of Louisville will spend Christmas with his
parents here.

James Keen, a brother of Major A.T. Keen, has returned to his home after a
visit here.

The Chautauqua Club meets with Mrs. Joseph Claunch Saturday afternoon at 2

Mrs. Thos. M. Thatcher and daughter Mrs. B.L. Waddle are in Cincinnati for a
few days.

Govern and Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow and children will spend Christmas with Mrs.
O.H. Waddle.

Mr. and Mrs. V.W. Lewis of Clemson College, S.C., are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Bourne Gover.

Rev. and Mrs. John Garner of Perkins, Okla., were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Ben Ham last week.

Mr. and Mrs. B.H. Baker of Danville, Ky., spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Cruse.

Mission Study class of the First Methodist Church meets with Mrs. M.H. Gibson
Friday evening at 7 o'clock.

Miss Fostine Cooper is expected home the last of the week from Pennsylvania
where she is attending school.

The many friends of Major A.T. Keen will regret to learn that he is very ill
at his home on North Main street.

Jean Jasper is home from Bowling Green, Ky., where he is attending business
college.  He will remain until after the holidays.

Camp Catron will arrive here this week from Vallejo, California, to spend
Christmas with his parents Judge and Mrs. W.M. Catron.

Friends here have received word that Clarence Smith is taking his annual
vacation and is spending the time in Washington and New York.

Lawrence Hall has just returned from an extended visit to Lexington, Irvine
and returned by the way of Winchester, where he visited friends.

Dr. Tom Roberts will arrive this week to spend Christmas with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Roberts.  "Red" also will be home from Danville.

Mr. D.I. Thompson of Paris, Ky., a member of the Thompson-Humble Stave &
Lumber Co., of this city, is in the city on business.  Mr. Thompson will
spend a good deal of his time here in the office of the company.

"Uncle Dave" Epperson, one of the Journal's best friends was in to renew his
subscription this week.  "Uncle Dave" is probably the oldest subscriber the
Journal has in the county.  He started taking the paper when it was first
published twenty-four years ago.

Miss Maude Girdler and Mrs. Mary Pile of Washington, entertained about two
hundred friends at a tea on Thanksgiving at their apartments in the Gordon
Hotel.  The Kentucky members of Congress and their wives and many of the
Somerset folks now in Washington were present.

Col. Woodson May is in Frankfort to attend a meeting of the Kentucky
Illiteracy Commission, of which he is one of the five members, which will be
held in their offices n the new Capital building on Saturday.  Many important
matters will come before the Commission at this meeting, and plans for
further legislation to advance the work will be one of the features of the
meeting.  Mrs. Cora Wilson Stewart is Chairman of the Commission, which is
composed of herself, Prof. H.H. Cherry, of Bowling Green, Miss Ella Lewis of
Leitchfield, Hon. V.O. Gilbert of Frankfort and Col. May.

Beech Grove.

C.D. Jones who has been confined to his bed for the past week by a stroke of
paralysis is still unable to be up.

Dock Wesley and family visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Jones, Saturday

Arvine Phelps attended church at Pleasant Hill Sunday.

Carthel Abbott spent Friday night with Jack Phelps.

Mae Ratlaff entertained a large number of her friends Friday night with a
singing and all reported a fine time.

Charlie Godby and family spent Tuesday night with Mrs. Joe Hall.

Geo. Roy of Texas arrived here Sunday to spend a few days with friends and

Eubert Phelps spent Saturday night in Somerset.

Pleasant Hill.

Mr. Humble and family have moved to their farm here.

Mrs. Oscar Girdler and children have returned home from a pleasant visit with
relatives at Pine Knot, they were accompanied home by her sister, Vinia

Milford Doss has accepted a position at Somerset driving the express wagon.

W.J. Jones and family have moved to Andy Stringer's farm near Clifty.

Orvil Owens of Cincinnati is spending a few days with his parents Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Owens.

Mr. and Mrs. Ike Shepherd have returned home from New Castle.

Wm. Girdler and wife spent Sunday with Milton Hall and family.


Dorris Gragg and Verda Green were in Somerset last Wednesday shopping.

Malon Warren of Marshall, Ind., is visiting friends and relatives at this

N.C. Higgins went to Science Hill last Friday on business.

Guss McClure and family have moved to their new home near Eubank.

Moses Stephens of Ohio is visiting relatives here.

Mrs. Effie Benton the teacher at Cuba spent the weekend in Somerset with home

Roy Trivett was visiting at Science Hill Saturday night.

Chas. B. Surber who has been confined to his room with measles is able to be
out again.


Finley Taylor is very ill.

Mrs. Lizzie Cassada is improving after being ill for sometime.

Edd Branscum is home from the oil fields at Winchester.

Sarah Alsip and Mallie Wilson were the guests of Ollie Wilson Friday night.

Clarence Hancock visited Edd Branscum Sunday.

Kinley Branscum visited his brother, Edd, Sunday.

Mrs. Sarah Nevels of Nevelsville visited her sister, Nannie Davis, last week.

Rilie Griffis was the guest of Dutton Davis Sunday.

Miss Bertha Wilson was the guest of Ollie Wilson Sunday night.

Cave Hill. 

There were two oil rigs unloaded at Eubank Thursday, one going out west of
Eubank to Eli Estes farm to put down one or more test wells.  The other is
coming over on Fishing Creek to Shermanville to put down three or four test
wells.  Work will start soon. 

Alonzo Estes has moved to a tenant house on Sam West's farm.


Miss Arveill Kidd has returned to her home at Kings Mountain after a visit
with Mrs. Neil Kidd.

Mr. and Mrs. Edd Padgett and son are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank

J.W. Hood left Monday for Mississippi.

Misses Maude and Myrtle Sweeney and Pearl and Dolly Hood were visiting in
Somerset last week.

Mrs. Joe Yeeley of Somerset spent Saturday with relatives here.

Willie Burge of New Castle, Ind., has been visiting homefolks here.


Rev. George Thompson will preach here next Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Adams and daughter Malinda spent Sunday at G.W. Adams'.

Madison Wesley has rented a farm from Bud Vanhook and have moved to it.

Rev. John E. Hudson of Somerset was here Thursday on business.

Miss Gola Dick spent the weekend with relatives at Bethlehem.

Mrs. Ida Dick and daughter Hazel who have typhoid fever are getting along

Rutherford Adams of Mangum spent a few days of last week with his father A.J.

Kelly Pruitt of Pulaski bought a farm of Madison Wesley.

Mrs. C.C. Cooper, who has been with her daughter in Tennessee, for the past
few days has returned home.

Howard Dick of Bethlehem spent Sunday with Chester and Ira Adams.

Miss Jane Davidson spent the weekend with homefolks at Somerset.

Mr. and Mrs. Newton King and Mrs. J.D. Hendricks are among the sick.

Luther Cooper is in McCreary county on business.


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