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8 days until Christmas

Valley Oak.  Rev. Wesley of Science Hill filled his regular appointment at Fellowship Sunday morning and evening .. Miss Leona Griffin spent Sunday at H.H. Buchanan's … Mrs. John Hansford and children spent Sunday at her father's … Mrs. H.H. Buchanan is suffering with a very bad hand … Tom Price traded a buggy and calf to D. Couch for a colt … Schools of this neighborhood are about out and the attendance is very good … Mrs. Hattie Melborne and children of Indiana are here to live with her father L.B. Phelps for a while … Mrs. D. Couch was in Somerset on Thursday …. Tom Eldridge has purchased a small stock of goods of D. Farley and will move them to his place near here … Rev. Cummings will preach at Flat Lick the fourth Saturday and Sunday of this month if nothing prevents …. Edd Minter of Hamilton, Ohio, is visiting relatives here …. Mrs. Henry Farmer and Miss Sallie Ledford visited at Mrs. Julia Helton's Sunday … Stanley Farmer and wife spent Saturday night and Sunday with relatives near Hazel Dell.

Catherine.  Killing hogs and cutting wood is the occupation of the day around here … The little Jew preacher and wife are holding a revival in the Pine Top school house.  It has been going on for a week.  Very small crowds attend the meetings …. Mr. Silas Roy and wife attended the meeting Friday night and never returned home until Saturday.  The folks were uneasy about them and went to see what was the matter … Emmett Harmon and wife and sister visited Tom Combest on Thursday night … F. Lawson and wife visited Catherine Eads Saturday … Minnie Luttrell and Dennie Luttrell visited their sister Saturday and Sunday … Mr. Chas. Harmon is moving his corn from Webb's cross roads this week … Miss Madie Norfleet is pretty bad at this time with a back set of the mumps.

Penobscott.  Mr. J.W. Reece held a sale at Estesburg Friday. Several attended and everything sold at a good price … Mrs. Floyd Todd is at her mother's very ill with the mumps … Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Osborn and children and Dewey Smith and wife were visitors at Mrs. Ella Griffin's Sunday … Elmer Eubank and family were visitors at Mrs. H. Measel's last weekend .. Mr. Rube Suttle has been very ill but is some better … Ethel York is ill with the whooping cough …
 Dana Suttle was in Eubank shopping last week …. Arvil Bullock was a visitor of John York's Sunday .. Miss Bess Duncan was visiting Miss Grace Hackney Saturday and Sunday …. Chas. York was a caller here Sunday afternoon …. John York traded three calves for two mules …. Mr. W.R. York is threshing cane seed.

Meece.  Mrs. Wallace of Alcalda was called to see her brother's child who was severely burned last Wednesday …. Harry Colyer and wife have moved back from Cincinnati, O. … A month old child of Monroe Stringer was badly burned last Wednesday by an older child …. Arthur Meece and family and Walter Brown visited W.T. Godby's last Sunday … Grover Meece went to Cincinnati last Monday … S.M. Hargis went to Somerset last Tuesday on business … Arthur Meece has finished gathering corn and went back to his job at the Ferguson Shops last Wednesday …. Harley E. Godby and wife of Ferguson visited at Mr. Ben Smiley's last Sunday … Lee Smiley and Rosy Mills ran away last Thursday to Tennessee and were married … Walter Barnes and family have moved back from Cincinnati.

Cave Hill.  There was a big entertainment at Buncombe school house Friday night with instrumental music and singing … Born, to the home of Robert Blevins, a fine boy, Wednesday night … Pie supper at Cave Hill Saturday night was a success, the proceeds being $10.80 which goes to Kentucky Children's Home at Louisville … There will be a pie supper at Buncombe next Friday night … Alex Back of Letcher County came to wait on his brother's family who have typhoid fever … The Beck family is no better at this writing … J.D. Sipples, wife and baby spent Saturday night at W.S. Wilson's … Mr. Frank Smith and wife spent Saturday and Sunday at the home of his brother Henry Smith at Pulaski … Miss Ella Vaught of Wilson Chapel spent Thursday with Miss Bessie Mullins .. Emitt Higgins and family spent Sunday with his father Milton Higgins … Misses Lena Baston and Mary McDonald spent Sunday afternoon at W.S. Wilson's … The Misses Lola, Minnie and Hattie Wilson visited the Burton girls Sunday afternoon … Janie Hurt and Martha Wilson spent Sunday morning with Miss Lola Smith … Dave Easterly spent Sunday evening with Miss Lillian Smith … Lillian Smith and Mary Wilson attended Sunday School at Wilson Chapel Sunday.

Nancy.  Dave Garland died suddenly Tuesday evening about five o'clock. He was a member of the Baptist Church and had been a member of thirty years. He was dearly beloved by all who knew him. He leaves ten children and a number of grandchildren and many relatives and friends to mourn for him.  He was afflicted with heart trouble while walking from the barn to the house and dropped dead on his way.  Mr. Ervin Garland thanks his many friends for their kindness.  Funeral services were held and the remains were laid to rest in the Fairview Cemetery.

Ansel.  Mrs. Ella Vaught spent Thursday with Bessie Mullins … Ambrose Ashley and wife and Mrs. Dora Thompson and baby of Indianapolis are visited Soloman Ashley … Mr. and Mrs. Carl Quinton of Pulaski, spent last weekend with G.S. Smith's … Chas. Elliott and wife and baby spent Saturday and Sunday at Argyle … Mrs. Jim Hines of Joyce visited her brother W.R. Easterly last week … Mr. and Mrs. Ester Wilson visited J.D. Wilson's Sunday … Mrs. Nancy Wilson and baby spent Sunday with Margaret Price … A crowd of young folks from here attended church at Science Hill Saturday night … Stanley Wilson and wife visited her father Eubert Wesley Sunday … Ansel and Claud Smith visited at J.E. Wilson's Sunday … Eubert Phelps of Beech Grove called on Miss Martha Wilson Sunday … J.D. Sipples and family spent Saturday night with W.S. Wilson.

Oak Hill.  We are having some rainy weather here … Rev. Jacob Mayfield is on the sick list … Mr. Frank Barnett has moved to his new home on the Monticello Pike … Miss Mattie Bogle visited her aunt, Mrs. Pearl Thurman Saturday night and Sunday … Mr. Will Hardgrove and son left Monday morning for Indiana where he will join his wife … Maude Frisbie spent Sunday night and Mrs. Nan Gholson … Miss Flaura Burton is visiting her sister, Mrs. Nellie Burton here … Mr. Jasper Burton of West Somerset spent Saturday night with his aunt, Mrs. Nellie Burton … Mr. Fay Neely and son Arthur are back again … Quite a number of young people visited at Mrs. Lula Frisbie's Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Wilson and little daughter Roberta were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Heaton Sunday afternoon … Maude, Ora and Evelyn Frisbie visited Mrs. Willie Keith Saturday afternoon.

Pisgah.  Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Claunch visited Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Heaton Sunday … Miss Sophia Claunch of Somerset was the weekend guest of Miss Thelma Claunch … Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Casada of Pulaski visited Mr. and Mrs. Burnett Rhoten Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Wilson and little daughter of Oak Hill and Mrs. John Tucker called on Mrs. E.S. Heaton Sunday afternoon … Miss Desta Powers spent Thursday evening with Miss Nina Tucker … Misses Stella Rhoten, Stella Baker and Virginia Eastridge spent the weekend with Miss Desta Powers … Misses Mabel and Sophia Claunch called on Mrs. Bill White Sunday … Will Hardgrove left Monday for Indiana … Mrs. Lawrence Leese visited home folks Sunday … Mrs. Nan Gholson and Miss Mabel Claunch visited Mrs. John Tucker Thursday afternoon.

Waterloo.  Miss Audrey Rainwater visited her sister Loretta Doss Tuesday night … The little infant of Elmer Schoolcraft has pneumonia … Zelotus Dick who has been working at Lynch, visited homefolks a few days last week …. C.B. Rainwater was in Somerset Thursday …. Beecher Foster visited at Marion Halcomb's Wednesday night … Wesley Collins visited at Everett Allen's Wednesday night … Beecher Foster of Ingle, visited his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Rainwater Friday … Mr. and Mrs. Jim Henderson visited C.B. Rainwater's Thursday night … Clarence Rainwater was at Ingle Saturday night … Homer Henderson visited his brother near Ingle Friday night … Mr. and Mrs. George Emerson visited his sister, Mrs. Roscoe Bray on Friday night … Hubert and Cecil Allen visited their uncle A.W. Rainwater, Sunday.

Faubush.  Mrs. Della Pitman is visiting homefolks this week … O. Rise of Sardis visited J.A. Tarter's Saturday night and Sunday … Bud Woods is moving to the Mrs. McBath farm … Sam Morris and wife spent Sunday at Bill Moran's … Mr. and Mrs. Will Ganes visited Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Botham Sunday … Mrs. Viola Botham and children spent Sunday and Mrs. Lucy Tarter … Herbert and Lonzo Tarter visited their sister Mrs. Higgins, Sunday … Lucy and Elsa Higgins are spending this week with their grandmother .. Mrs. Lucy Tarter spent part of this week in Somerset shopping.

Mangum.  The singing at Kings Bee by Rev. Thompson closed Sunday .. Rev. Baugh held his quarterly class meeting at Shady Saturday night … Mrs. Sarah Whiles was the guest of Lillie Dick Saturday … Mrs. Hulda Wesley visited at Johnson Dick's Monday … Ethel Spaw was the guest of her mother, Ellen Wesley, Saturday … Otto Hall and wife have returned from a visit with his brother, Oliver Hall, of Clifty Creek …. Mrs. Sarah Whiles spent Tuesday with her son, Silas Whiles … Mrs. Nellie Haste returned to her home in Harlan County after a few days visit with home folks here … Rev. Elbert Waters and wife will go to Cincinnati next Tuesday where they will make their future home … John Waters was the guest of Fount Mofield Saturday … Sunday School at Shady Grove is progressing nicely … James Wesley and wife are quite ill at this writing … The mumps are raging in this community … Mrs. Ellen Wesley and Belle Jasper visited their brother Clay Wesley, Wednesday … Mitchell Wesley and family visited her father Ephraim Wesley, Sunday.

Acorn.  We have been having some nice weather for the last few days … Rev. H.J. Ridner failed to fill his regular appointment at Whetstone Sunday … Miss Macie Whitaker who has been visiting relatives here, will return to Texas this week.  Her younger sister, Maggie, will accompany her … Mrs. Shafter Mayfield and children visited at her father-in-law's Sunday night … Miss Emma Dugger was the guest of Iris Mayfield Sunday night … Everybody is about through gathering corn around here … The Ridge School is planning on having a school program the last day of school.  There will be dialogues and recitations.  Everybody come and have a good time … Mr. J.N. Mayfield is visiting his daughter Mrs. J.B. Barnes in Kansas.

Velber.  Miss Zelma and Mr. Curtis Compton visited at Mr. Sam Vaught's Saturday night and Sunday at Bethel Ridge … Mr. Tyler Dye purchased a hog from Willie Jasper for 12 cents per pound … Mrs. Emily Eastham visited at Mr. J.D. Compton's Friday afternoon … Folger and Reuben Irvine visited Master Elzie Compton Sunday … Several of the younger folks from here attended the singing at Kings Bee Sunday afternoon.

Eubank.  Rev. A.K. Gooch filled his regular appointment at Poplar Hill Saturday and Sunday .. Rev. Reed filled his regular appointment at the Baptist Church … Mr. Alford Barber and Claud Hines came home for the Christmas holidays … Mrs. Everett Singleton spent last week with Mrs. F.J. Acton assisting her with her sewing … Bruce Estes returned to his home last week for a few days … Mrs. A.N. Smith delightfully entertained at a house party Thursday evening.  Those present were Mr. Lester, Miss Eugene Lee, Prof. Taylor, Misses Marian and Mexie Leigh, Mr. Herman Wesley, Claud Merriott and Carl Merriott, Mr. Luther Leigh, Miss Nora Reynolds, Misses Fay and Berdena Gooch, Eddie Gooch and Laurel Carter, Mable Acton, Alene Godby, Mrs. Everett Singleton, Mr. D.C. Dodson, Miss Eva McMullin and Charles Wardrip … Ned Wesley came down from Danville, Ky., and spent Saturday and Sunday with friends … Miss Grace Varney left here Sunday for Richmond, where she will enter school after a visit with Leona Henderson and other friends … Eddie Gooch returned to his home in Cincinnati after a long visit with friends and relatives … Mrs. J.A. Lee and Effie Acton and Hazel Wesley went down Sunday to Mrs. Lawrence Lee at Floyd Switch … There are some on the sick list this week, Mr. G.A. Estes, C. Payne, Emery Gooch … Mrs. Bailey, formerly Miss Brown, is rejoicing over a new boy, Monroe … Everyone is invited to the entertainment and Christmas Tree which will be held at the M.E. Church the 24th, Friday night.

Floyd.  Mrs. Belle Trivett who has been sick for several weeks is not as well as usual at this writing … Bruce Estes returned home Saturday after spending a few weeks with his sister, Mrs. Frank Singleton and family of Indiana … Mrs. Alford Hays of Waynesburg called on relatives at Cuba last Tuesday afternoon … Mrs. Sarah Dailey returned home last Tuesday after spending a few months with relatives in Ohio, Indiana and different points in Kentucky … Ira Trivett makes his regular calls at J.B. Gragg's … Mrs. Altha Singleton is staying with her aunt Mrs. T.J. Acton at Eubank … There has been quite a lot of trading going on here. Henry York bought a horse of Shelby Baston and traded it to J.W. Hines for a goat, then sold the goat to Mr. Nance for $3 … W.H. Griffin has gone to New Castle, Ind., on business … Lawrence Lee who is employed by the R.R. Co., spent this weekend at this place with his wife and baby … Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blevins are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine boy … Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Higgins and Henry Griffin were visitors at Mack Griffin's Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Ovie Bishop have moved to the "Aunt" Jane Stout property … Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hines returned home from Cincinnati, O.,
last week after a short visit with relatives at that place … Mr. Cooper of near Somerset, who is selling McNess Products, was here one day last week  …  Several from here attended Mr. Reece's sale at Estesburg last Friday.

Singleton. People in this vicinity seem to be more concerned about Christmas than ever before.  We wish them all a happy time … One more week after this one will end our district school.  They are expected to give an entertainment.  Everybody come and share in the last joys of our good old school days .. The farmers are all busy gathering corn, killing hogs and getting up their winter wood … Miss Mamie Bishop visited Henry Singleton's home last Tuesday night … Miss Verlia Osborn visited Miss Ester Singleton last Friday night … Mrs. M.N. Ingram's mother visited her last Thursday …. Mr. S. Griffin and wife visited W.M. Rinners last Sunday …. Mrs. Frank Mitchell is having a large new barn built at her home … There has been quite a number of men and boys left home to work on the railroad …. Louis Osborn's folks all visited the Widow Griffith last Tuesday night.

Bent.  Rev. J.W. Steele filled his appointment at Providence on Sunday … The Misses Kisarah Phelps and Zula Hargis spent Sunday with Mrs. Reuben Childers …. Mrs. George Barnett is very low at this writing with tuberculosis … Miss Lela Hargis was the guest of Miss Lexis Steele Sunday …. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Whitaker visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. Fount Phelps, Saturday and Sunday … Misses Gillie Bray and Mae Mounce attended church at Piney Grove Sunday … Miss Alpha Phelps is visiting Miss Lexie Steele this week … Mrs. R.F. Mize is no better at this writing.

Hogue.  Miss Ella Jasper of Mintonville spent Saturday night and Sunday at her uncle's, Mr. G.W. Jasper …. Mr. Tommy Hall of Bethlehem visited his sister Mrs. Marion Godby and family Sunday … Several from here were in Science Hill last Saturday …. Mrs. Grace Adams and children of Mt. Zion, were the Sunday visitors at Mr. George Adams … Miss Sarah Blevins who is staying at Mintonville, spent Saturday night and Sunday with homefolks … Mrs. Lundy Haggar and children of Wilson spent a few days of last week with her father Mr. James Randolph, who is quite ill …. Rev. Thompson closed his singing at King Bee Sunday afternoon. He also preached there Sunday morning … The Misses Lola and Gola Dick visited at A.J. Adams Sunday …. Mr. Howard Dodson of Bethlehem spent Sunday afternoon at Mr. Marion Godby's …. Rev. Olive Baugh preached a fine sermon here at Center Post on Sunday morning … Mr. Ansel Adams has his blacksmith shop completed and is ready for work … Mrs. Aaron Hendricks and children visited at Aaron Cox's Saturday night and Sunday.

Beech Grove.  J. Wesley had the misfortune to get his buggy turned over on the Clifty Hill Sunday, but was not injured … Claude Abbott spent Sunday night with Irvine Phelps … Mrs. Ellen Taylor will spend a few days at the home of her son, Worth Taylor, this week … Xray Wesley is very ill at this writing … Lewis Godby visited Howard Hall on Saturday night … Several boys from here attended church at Science Hill Sunday night … The Clifty Hill is being rebuilt and will soon be in good traveling condition we hope … Mrs. J.S. Jones was the Sunday guest of her brother Chas. Godby … Mrs. Ellen Taylor visited her daughter Mrs. Pina Roy last week … Arvine Phelps spent Friday night at the home of his brother, Ross Phelps … Seth Mofield is no better at this writing .. John Wesley spent last Thursday night with his cousins, the Phelps boys.

Clarence.  Mr. and Mrs. General Acton visited at Mr. Virgil Acton's Sunday …. Mr. Burr Walker was the guest of John Ray Sunday … Several from here attended church at Liberty on Sunday …. Homer Gooch is improving slowly from a broken limb … Mr. Wiley Acton visited at Eubank Sunday … Mrs. Marion Brooks was the guest of Mr. Chas. Scott Sunday .. Mr. and Mrs. Cicero Acton were guests of
Mr. Ben Barren Sunday night … The mumps and whopping cough are raging in this vicinity … Mr. Berry Bently of Tennessee has moved to his new home near Clarence … Rev. Rice Gooch and wife of Eubank were guests of Mr. Leff Brooks Friday evening … Mr. Joe Majors has moved to his new home at Clarence … Mr. Johnnie Ray is ill with mumps … Mrs. Eva Acton and Jeff Acton returned home Thursday after a visit to Lancaster, Danville and Stanford … Mr. Bill Warren is improving slowly after severe attack of rheumatism.

Pulaski.  Rev. Duke filled his regular appointment at the Baptist Church here Sunday … Miss Boneta Collins of Dayton, Ohio, came home to spend the holidays
… Miss Nell Tyree of Cincinnati is with home folks .. Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Johnson of Somerset attended church here Sunday evening … Mrs. White was the guest of Mrs. L.G. Loveless Friday and Saturday … Rev. Stallard preached atthe school house here Saturday night and Sunday morning … Silas Sloans spent weekend with home folks here … Mrs. Laura B. Loveless called on Mrs. H. Morefield Sunday morning … Marion New has moved to his farm just vacated by A.L. Wilder … Mr. and Mrs. Ora Wilder the newly married couple, will make future home at Somerset … Mrs. Nellie Denney who is having a new dwelling erected on her farm will soon have it completed …. Mrs. Tolly visited her daughter Mrs. Mordy of Norwood, Friday … Miss Minnie Detherage spent the weekend with home folks.

Mt. Zion.  Mt. Zion school will give an entertainment and Christmas Tree December 24 … Sarah M. Dick visited Mrs. Sarah Baugh Thursday … Mrs. Bettie Lester is improving … Mr. and Mrs. George Crawford will move to Science Hill soon … Sam Richardson and wife will move to George Crawford's farm soon … Delton Vaught of Velber is visiting relatives here … Rev. Bishop Wesley will fill his regular appointment at Mt. Zion Sunday and Sunday night … Thomas Banks and Felix Hall of Eubanks visited O. Vaught Saturday and Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dunsmore visited Robert Vaught Saturday and Sunday .. Mr. and Mrs. Vola Hall visited John Lester Sunday evening … Mrs. Kenneth Lester visited Mrs. Bettie Lester Saturday and Sunday … Mrs. Ratliff is visiting relatives near Waynesburg .. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Adams of Ansel visited T.E. Godby Saturday and Sunday … Mrs. Grace Adams and family visited George Adams of Hogue, Sunday … Mr. Milford Eubank has moved to G. Hollan's farm … Delmar and Ray Baugh of Science Hill visited their grandmother Sarah Baugh Friday
night … Mr. J.M. Dunsmore has purchased the Mrs. Martin Vaught farm and will
move soon.

Soules Chapel.  Most of the farmers have finished getting their tobacco ready for market … Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Fisher and family visited his parents Sunday evening … Miss Mag Eldridge spent Saturday night with Katherine King .. Miss Emma Jackson is staying with Mrs. Dault Humble while her husband is away … Mr. Anderson Meece is seriously ill with pneumonia … Bradley Smith and Janie
Hansford visited T.L. Kinks' Sunday afternoon … Miss Blance Strunks has pneumonia … Miss Fauna Kenney spent Saturday night and Sunday with Nora Meece .. Miss Fannie Gragg spent the weekend with home folks … Mr. Elmer Sears and Orin Large spent Sunday with Leonard Meece .. Mr. Jessie and Leslie Harmon called on Misses May and Joie Kidd Sunday evening … Mrs. W.T. Staley and Mrs. Kidd called on Mrs. Evans last Sunday … Miss Nora Meece closed her school at Hall last week ..  Mr. J.W. Parker and Virgil went to Mr. Fisher's Monday to help in the tobacco.

Ingle.  The sick folks are not better at this writing … Ezra Pennington, of Dry Ridge, was in this vicinity Saturday … Buford Dalton and wife of Faubush were visiting relatives near Cedar Point Sunday … Edgar Garner and family were guests of Oscar Brown's Saturday and Sunday … J.D. Weddle of Gilpin, Ky., visited in this part on Saturday and Sunday .. Henry Dick went to Cincinnati Monday … Lawrence Redmond was in this part Monday swapping horses … Chester Kissee moved to Casey County Tuesday to the farm he bought from R.C. Dick … Henry Gilpin bought a hog from Jefferson Brown on Wednesday for $25 … John W. Eads moved this week to Bud Stephen's farm … Eventis Wilson moved his corn and feed, etc., to his farm near Ingle … Milton Pitman of Dry Ridge, preached to a goodly crowd at the Cedar Point Church Wednesday evening … Claud Lane of Dry Ridge visited his father A.J. Lane the fore part of the week … Homer Lane and family visited his father Andrew Lane, Friday … Oscar Roy of Gilpin, Ky., was in this neighborhood Friday .. Thomas Pitman traded a pair of mares to Lesley Roberts for a pair of mules … Marion Weddle traded a calf to Mr. Everett Pitman.

Burnside.   Mrs. Hugh Taylor was in Somerset shopping Saturday … Clarence Rows of Monticello, was in town Friday on business …. F.E. Hoffman, President of Hoffman Bros. Co., of Ft. Wayne, Ind., was in town Saturday in the interest of his mill here … Misses Nina Beaty, Elizabeth Allen, and Elsie Rankin spent the weekend in Danville as the guests of Miss F. Rankin … Miss Pearl Bradshaw spent the weekend in Parksville with her sister … Mrs. J.E. Pallitt of Danville is spending the week here with her mother, Mrs. E.C. Rankin … Miss Grace Kennedy spent the weekend with friends in Monticello … Miss Ora Meece of Somerset was in town with friends Sunday … Mrs. J.H. Lewis and children returned home Saturday after an extended visited with her parents in Bowling Green … Mrs. C.T. Dow of Chicago was with her husband for a visit at the Seven Gable Hotel this passed week … Mrs. B.C. Heath and daughters accompanied by Miss Lonetta Greeno were in Somerset shopping Saturday .. Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Dugger entertained Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Curll at dinner Tuesday evening … J.E. Spaulding of Chattanooga, was in town this week on business concerning locating a chair factory here … Mrs. N.I. Taylor was in Lexington Tuesday attending an executive meeting of the Women's Board of Missions … Mrs. G.C. Nunn entertained the girls of the Y.P.M.B. to a Christmas party Thursday evening at her home on Grandview Ave. …. Mrs. Mollie Dick has accepted a position as fourth grade teacher in the school … Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Chitwood have a fine eleven pound boy, born Monday morning … Mrs. T.L. Gamblin is visiting relatives near Danville … The many friends of Mrs. Chas. Rankin of Danville were grieved to hear of her sudden death last week.  Mrs. Rankin was a Miss Ham and lived here for years. She was widely known and loved by her many friends … Miss Bernice Mitchell was in Somerset on business for the B.H.S. Hi-Way last week. Miss Mitchell is the splendid editor … Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Greeno entertained a number of friends at a dinner party Monday evening .. F.E. Bradshaw and V.R. Southwood visited Windy City Sunday, looking over the prospects for oil … L.M. Cheely left Wednesday morning for Lexington where he has accepted a position as bookkeeper with the S.S. Price Packing Co.  Mr. Cheely is a part of the firm of Sloan & Cheely, General Merchandise, one of the largest stores of our town.  His many friends regret to see him leave but wish him much success in his new position.

Dahl.  Dahl school is progressing nicely with D.B. Wyrick as teacher … Mr. Charles Randall went to Washington County on Thursday to hold a few days meeting … Carrie Taylor visited Miss Zula Hansford Saturday night … Raymond Raney and Roy Whitis attended the church at Burdine Valley Saturday night.  There will be a Gift day at Cedar Gap the 3rd Sunday in December, beginning promptly at 1:30 o'clock p.m.  Everybody is invited to come … Jason Lawhorn is in town this week … Mr. William Taylor moved to the Old Valley Monday .. Rev. Chas. Randall and J.M. Pence will preach at Cedar Gap the 4th Sunday and Sunday night … Miss Zula Hansford, Mr. Joe. Price and Miss Dora Sewell attended Sunday school Sunday afternoon … Bertell Whitis made his regular call at G.M. Adkins Sunday … Sidney Helton and William Griffin were at Dahl Sunday afternoon … Miss Zula Hansford and Miss Dora Sewell are enjoying their last school days fine and are sorry that the school will soon come to a close … Everett Pointer and Raymond Raney were the guests of Miss Zula Hansford Wednesday night.


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