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8 days until Christmas

Jop" Resigns.  The Danville Advocate had the following article about Geo. Joplin, of Danville, well known here: "Mr. George A. Joplin has resigned as city editor of the Danville Messenger and will leave the first of the year for Lexington where he will accept a position with the Great Southern Refining Company.  His brother, Mr. Vaughn Joplin, has been with the Great Southern for several months.  Mr. Joplin graduated from Old Centre last year.

Two Buildings of Handsome Design To Go Up On South Main Street In Spring.  Plans have been received for the Community Church which will be built in the spring through the efforts and untiring work of the members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  This structure will be erected on a lot already purchased on South Main Street just across from the Ford Garage.  Work will begin, it is said, in the early spring.  The plans call for a magnificent building with every convenience.  There will be recreation rooms, reading rooms, auditorium, gymnasium, swimming pool, ladies rest room where people from the country may come and leave their packages and make themselves at home.  A building of this character has long been needed in Somerset and it is the duty of our people to cooperate and assist in its construction.  The other building will be erected by the Knights of Pythias of the city.  It will be built on the lot adjoining the Candler Hotel and will be a three story modern brick building.  The entire building will be used as a lodge and club house for Crescent Lodge.  The building, it is said, will cost about $50,000.00.

Engine Passed Over Him.  Mt. Vernon, Ky. - John D. Miller, freight conductor, stepped in front of an engine at Spark's Quarry.  He fell length-wise and the locomotive passed over him without inflicting a scratch, but tore off his raincoat and overall jacket.

House Warming.  Mr. and Mrs. John N. Trimble invited quite a few of their friends and neighbors to a house warming last Thursday evening in their pretty new home in the Gibson addition.  The evening was spent in a most
enjoyable manner.  Refreshments were served and the guests were entertained with music and speeches.

Bank Robberies.  Bank robbers seem to be on a successful tour of the state.  In the past few weeks many Kentucky banks have been robbed.  The latest is the Bank of Walton, Ky.  Hustonville, Harrodsburg and other Kentucky towns have also been visited.

Official Here.  Mr. F.D. Pelter, General Superintendent of Transportation of the Southern Railway, of Chattanooga, Tenn., was in the city last weekend on business.  Mr. Pelter has just succeeded Mr. W.T. Caldwell.  Superintendent Clements brought him up town and introduced him to several of our business

Mark Converse Goes With Southern League.  Mark Converse, one of Somerset's star baseball players, has signed up with the New Orleans team of the Southern League, and will report for duty in February.  This is quite an honor for this young man and we know he will make good.

Now In Peru.  A cable has been received from Mr. Lawrence Brown stating that for the next two months he would be located in Peru.  Mr. Brown has been in Argentina for the past year.  He is representing a large sugar machinery manufacturing concern.

The Maccabees.  At the regular annual election of the Somerset Tent, No. 13, The Maccabees of Somerset, Ky., the following officers were elected to serve during the year 1921:  Post Commander, H.F. Hammer; Commander, Otto H. Girdler; Lt. Commander, Boyd Harrison; Record Keeper, Wm. B. Gragg; Chaplain, S.H. Orwin; Master at Arms, Elkin M. Starkey; Sergeant, A.J. White; First Master of Guards, L.P. Hussing; Second Master of Guards, Henry W. Ford; Sentinel, Robt. H. Vaught; Pickett, R.T. Rodgers; Trustee for Three Years, Fred Starkey.  The Maccabees are preparing for a great time in January.  On the second Friday night of January Somerset Tent is to hold a public
installation and the Ladies of the Maccabees are invited to attend.  State Commander Col. M.F. Elkin and Supreme State Transfer Deputy J. King Troyer, both of Lexington, are expected to be with the local Tent and assist in the installation ceremonies.  All members and visiting Sir Knights are urged to keep this date in mind and be present.

American Legion Elects Officers For Next Year.  Dues Are Raised To Three Dollars.  At a meeting of the Pulaski County Post American Legion, held Saturday night, the following offices for 1921 were elected:  Post Commander, Cecil Williams; Vice Commander, Raymond Stigall; Sergeant At Arms, J.M. Mounce; Post Adjutant, Ernest Parsons; Finance Officer, J.H. Wesley; Chaplain, W.S. Taylor; Historian, Dumont Stigall; Service Officer, Ed Mills and Athletic Officer, Paul Dexheimer.  The following executive committee was elected: Gladstone Wesley, Harold Kennedy, Brinkley Gooch, H.H. Randolph and Paul Dexheimer.  In order to give the local post more funds the dues were raised from $2.25 to $3.00 per year.  Dues are payable January 1st.  This includes a subscription to the American Legion Magazine.  A committee was appointed to visit the Cumberland Sanitarium and to also provide Christmas gifts for the boys.  During the coming year an effort will be made to enroll a larger membership.  There are a great number of ex-service men in the county who have not joined.

Notice.  A Poland China sow weighing about 300 pounds strayed. Finder call No. 323 and receive reward.

Tax Notice.  I am forced to make settlement of all taxes due City and School to date, so this will inform you that if your taxes are not paid at once your wages will be tied up or property levied on.  Every man over 21 years of age is a tax payer, so if you have not already paid your had better pay at once and save extra cost.  This is meant for all; no favorites.  Ed Moore, City and School Tax Collector.

Clerks (men, women) over 17, for Postal Mail Service.  $125 month.  Experience unnecessary.  For free particulars, of examination, write J. Leonard (former Civil Service Examiner), 406 Equitable Bldg., Washington,

Personal Mention. 
Mrs. H.G. Trimble and Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Brinkley of Decatur, Ill., attended the funeral of Miss Ella Logan.

Miss Pearl Lowenthal spent several days in Danville with relatives.

Mr. J.B. Leverage of Barren Fork, Ky., was in town last Saturday on business.  Mr. Leverage says that the Eagle Coal Company has not been getting out a very large tonnage on account of several breakdowns but that they are installing new equipment and will be ready for operation in full blast by the first of the year.

Miss Nell Otter of Versailles, Ky., spent several days with her sister, Miss Grace Otter.

Mrs. George Humble of Stearns spent last weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Thomas on Maple St.

Miss Marguerite Bowerman of Stearns is visiting Mr. and Mrs. George W. Thomas this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jeffrey spent last Saturday in Cincinnati.

Mrs. Harry Soloshin and daughter of Cincinnati have been guests of Mrs. A.

Mrs. B.C. Heath and daughter of Burnside were in Somerset this week shopping.

Miss Minnie Erskine of Parkers Lake was in Somerset for the day Saturday.

Mr. A.H. Girdler, proprietor of the Main Street Garage, will spend Christmas with his mother in Bowling Green, Ky.

James Williams will be home from State College Saturday for the holidays.

Mrs. Charles Hall is clerking at Williams Drug Store during the holidays.

Lieutenant O.B. Denney of Philadelphia, Pa., has been the guest of his aunt, Mrs. R.F. James, on Mt. Vernon St., for the last week.

Mrs. Morey Jackson and son of Parkersburg, W.Va., are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Dunn.

Mrs. R.G. Williams, Jr., and Miss Barthenia Sallee are spending several days in Lexington with friends.

Youth of Five Is Expert Driver.  Probably the youngest chauffeur in the United States is James Clay Ball, five years of age, who lives at Whitley City, Ky.  This young man is the son of James Ball, and he drives his father from Whitley City to Stearns nearly every day.  Some days he makes the trip alone and has never had an accident.  The young fellow can hardly reach the pedals of the car.  When seated behind the steering wheel he has to reach up over his head to hold the wheel.  This young man has been visiting in Somerset this week and he told the Journal reporter that his folks were afraid to drive the car but felt perfectly safe when he had hold of the wheel.

Inspector Here.  Miss McCarty, of the American Red Cross, Lake Division, was sent to Somerset this week to visit the government hospital and see how the soldiers were faring and to help them in anyway she could.  Miss McCarty after a visit to the Cumberland Sanitarium, said that she was well pleased with the treatment the boys were getting and the kindly manner in which they were looked after.  She was also very much delighted to know that the people of Somerset were planning to give the boys a big Christmas.  All donations, such as fruit, candy, cake, preserves, nuts, games, etc., will be appreciated and should be left with Dr. Parsons or delivered in person.

To The West Indies.  Joshua Jones who recently purchased seven thousand acres of land in the Dominican Republic will leave for Santo Domingo the first of January.  He will be accompanied by a wealthy banker of the state of Oregon.  Mr. Jones is receiving letters from all parts of the United States with reference to the colony he proposes to establish on the island.  His brother, Edward Jones, is now awaiting passports to sail for the island.  He will go via New York.  Mr. Jones paid $2.50 per acre for the unfenced land, some of the small tracts cost him as much as $25 per acre.  - Danville Advocate.

Claim Outside Help.  The Publishers Auxiliary, of Cincinnati, in a recent issue said:  "The Pulaski County Republican, Somerset, a five column, eight page paper, started publication December 10th.  The editor and manager, Roy B. Eads, an experienced country newspaper man, claims the cooperation of county and state Republican officials."

Sells Out.  Mr. M.E. Burton, Jr., has sold his store and residence in Luretha to Dr. I. Farmer of this city.  Possession given at once.  Mr. Burton does not know what business he will engage in.

Back From Hunting.  Mr. J.M. Richardson has returned from a weeks hunting trip to Bear Lake, La.  He says they had bad weather during their stay and no member of the party bagged a deer.  Mr. Richardson brought back a beautiful black squirrel hide, which is on exhibition at the First National Bank.

Pretty Windows.  Mr. Harold Kennedy of the Kentucky Utilities Co., is competing for a prize offered by the Utilities Co. for the prettiest windows.  Mr. Kennedy has proven himself quite an artist along this line and has trimmed a window that is attracting a great deal of attention.

Notice of Election.  On the 11th day of January, 1921, from 1 to 3 O'clock p.m., a meeting of the shareholders of Farmers National Bank of Somerset, Ky., will be held at their banking house, for the purpose of electing nine directors to serve for the ensuring year.  John C. Ogden, Cashier.

The annual meeting of the stockholders of The Citizens National Bank, Somerset, Ky., for the election of directors and such other business as may come before them will be held in the banking house at 1:00 p.m., second Tuesday, January 11th, 1921.  A.A. Basham, Cashier.

Announcement.  I wish to announce to the public that I have returned to Somerset and have taken charge of my undertaking business.  I can be found at all times in my office on the Square.  J.E. Lawhorn.

Party that got box of notions of mine, in error, some time back, return same to me and get reward.  No questions asked.  B.S. Butt.

Personal Mention. 

Mrs. I.D. Thompson of Paris, Ky., is visiting her daughter Mrs. Hershel Humble.

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Prather have returned from a weeks trip to Beaumont, Texas, where they visited relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beaty have arrived from Greenville, Ohio, where Mr. Beaty has been engaged in the real estate business.

Mrs. H.C. King and daughter Louise and son Fred of Lexington, spent last Sunday with H.M. King.

Messrs J.J. McBride and J.A. Dickerson of Louisville were in Somerset several days last week.

John Cooper is expected home from Yale the first of the week.

Ben L. Waddle spent several days in Harriman, Tenn., on business this week.

Mrs. J.L. Hughes left Tuesday for Danville for a visit.

Mr. Harry Simons of Cincinnati, Ohio, was in Somerset on business Monday.

Charles Owens will arrive from Marshall, Texas, the first of the week to spend Christmas.

A.J. Crawford, the Ford man, spent several days in Louisville this week at the Ford factory.

Fred Catron, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Catron, was operated on at the Somerset Sanitarium Tuesday for appendicitis.  He is getting along nicely.

Mr. C.A. Boyd secretary to Supt. Clements, will spend Christmas with his parents in Illinois.

Attorney J.M. Perkins of Burnside, was up on business Thursday.

William Ardery of Paris, is the guest of Robert Richardson for a few days hunting trip.

Rev. B.J. Boland, of Henderson, Ky., was in the city last week for a few days.

Fred Catron, who is engaged in the automobile tire business in Louisville, was down home last weekend.

Mrs. India Griffith and daughter Miss Jessie of Stearns were guests of friends in the city last Saturday.

Jack Converse and Royce Flippin were home from Centre College last Sunday.

Mr. J.E. Waddle left this week for Huntington, W.Va., on a business trip.

Mr. and Mrs. John Farrell, Mr. T.P. McElroy and Miss Mary McElroy attended
the funeral of Mr. John McElroy at Danville last Saturday.

Mr. William S. Doyle spent last weekend in Danville.

Mr. Henry L. Guffey was up from Oneida, Tenn., last week for several days.

Mr. P.G. Kimble, an employee of the First National Bank, left this week for his home in Hodgensville to spent Christmas.

Mrs. John Dunlap of Danville is visiting Mrs. William Doyle.

Mr. and Mrs. O.W. Swaim have returned from a visit with friends in Cincinnati.

Mrs. Mary Williams and daughter Mrs. Cleo W. Brown, of Mt. Vernon, Ky., will arrive next week to spend Christmas with the family of M.C. Williams.


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