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The Somerset Journal-The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky

Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday November 5, 1920.


Regular Landslide For Republican National Ticket All Over The Country.  New
York, Nov. 3 - The Republican landslide continued to roll along in even
greater proportions today as belated election returns come in from the West. 
Besides electing Harding it was assured that Republicans would increase their
margin in both Houses of Congress, and in the Senate in particular would
change their precarious control by one to a substantial working majority. 
Congressional returns from many states were slow as were indeed the returns
on the vote for President.  But on the basis of actual returns at hand and
indications form partial returns coming in, it seemed that Harding would have
not less than 330 votes in the electoral college, with a probability of more
than 350, while all that could be counted in the Cox column were the 127
votes from the solid South.  New York, Nov. 3 -  One of the most sweeping
Republican victories in party history today stood recorded for Senator Warren
G. Harding for President and a Republican Congress.  Tremendous and
unparalleled Republican pluralities, beginning with the first count of
ballots in Tuesday's election, continued mounting.  Defeat in their fight
both for the Presidency and Congress was conceded early by Democratic
national leaders on the basis of the crushing Republican vote and despite the
absence, even early today, of final and official figures.  With the
Presidency and Congress went loss to the Democrats of Governors, State
Legislatures and other State and local candidates.  The break even threatened
to extend into the border states hitherto "Solid South," with Republican
gains in some Southern States larger than any since the Civil War.  In the
absence of final figures, the swelling tide of huge pluralities, early today
gave him assurance of 330 votes in the electoral college, as against 127 for
Governor Cox, with 75 doubtful, inclusive of States where the Republican tide
was running strong.  The unofficial results presaged a larger majority in the
electoral college for Senator Harding and his running mate, Governor Coolidge
of Massachusetts, than any since 1888, except alone the vote of 435 for
President Wilson in 1912, during the Republican 'Split."

"In The Spirit of America, I Accept Decision" - Cox.  Dayton, O., Nov. 3 -
Governor Cox, the defeated Presidential candidate, today wired his
congratulations to Senator Harding, the President-elect, pledging support "as
a citizen to the executive authority in whatever emergency might arise."  His
message, the first act of the defeated candidate today, read:  "In the spirit
of America, I accept the decision of the majority, tender as the defeated
candidate my congratulations and pledge as a citizen my support to the
executive authority in whatever emergency might arise."

Old Kentucky Gives Democratic Majority and Returns Beckham To Senate. 
Kentucky, which went 40,000 Republican last year, was re-captured in a
decisive manner by the Democrats in Tuesday's election.  Governor Cox carried
the State over Senator Harding, President-Elect, by something over 15,000. 
Senator J.C.W. Beckham was re-elected to the United States Senate by  a
decisive majority, which will not fall under 10,000.  Despite the
confirmation of these assertions by Associated Press and Democratic
Headquarters returns, the Republicans are declining to concede the State.  In
this they are actuated by the belief that a mountain majority far in excess
of what they had hoped to expect may make the Senatorial race doubtful. 
Returns from remote Republican sections the Democrats claim, are being
delayed so that they can be padded if there appears any chance to take the
State.  Reports of election irregularities are coming into headquarters, and
Federal agents have been put on the job at once by the United States District
Attorney at Covington, Thomas D. Slattery.  With most of the Democratic
counties reported, Governor Cox's lead is the State is over 24,000.  The
Senatorial race, with more counties out, gives Senator Beckham a lead of
28,000.  Both leads will be cut down as the additional counties report their
race.  At the Democratic State Headquarters this morning returns had been
tabulated from all of the counties in the State except six in the Tenth and
seven in the Eleventh.  If the Republicans carry these missing counties by
double the Hughes majorities in 1916, they will fall between 10,000 and
12,000 shy of catching Senator Beckham and about 20,000 below Governor Cox's
total.  The fact that Kentucky Democrats had accomplished an overturn of
60,000 votes in this campaign was regarded as a remarkable accomplishment in
the face of the general Republican ground swell over the country.  Kentucky's
place in the electoral college was recognized by the following telegram sent
to Chairman J.L. Grayot by George White, Democrats National Chairman:
"Congratulations from a loser to a winner."

Senator Harding Carries Pulaski County By 3,600 Majority.  Normal Vote Out. 
Senator Warren G. Harding carried Pulaski County by 3,628 majority over
Governor Cox.  This is about the normal Republican majority doubled by the
vote of the women.  Senator Harding received 7,371 votes and Governor Cox
received 3,743.  The Democrats voted at about their usual strength.  IT would
seem from reports that more of the Republican women voted than the Democratic
women.  Ernst and Beckham ran slightly behind the head of the ticket.  The
Democrats carried the City of Somerset by four votes, which is very
gratifying to the party.  The Republicans showed a majority of about 300 on
registration.  This shows that many Republicans in Somerset voted the
Democratic ticket.  Ferguson also gave a nice Democratic majority as did
Bourbon, Good Hope, Bent, Simpson and Bronston.  The Democrats are to be
congratulated for their splendid work in these precincts.  In Somerset the
excellent work done by local Democrats told in the result.  There were a
dozen or more workers busy all day and nearly every voter went to the polls. 
>From headquarters a vigorous campaign was carried on throughout the entire
county.  Secretary Cliff Day, Chairman Ferrell, Treasurer J.L. Waddle and
others spent a great deal of their time direction the work.  The boys at the
shops worked hard and the large Democratic vote cast by the railroad
employees showed their activity.  The women of the county also deserve credit
for the excellent work they did.  Mrs. Woodson May was Chairman of the
Women's Division.  In another  part of the paper the Journal gives the vote
in the county by precincts.

Tennessee Vote Great Surprise.  A real surprise in the Presidential election
in the South has been furnished in Tennessee and Louisiana.  Returns from
sixty-one of the ninety-five counties in Tennessee and newspaper estimates
for the remainder of the counties give Harding a lead of 268 votes, and
Republican State leaders expressed hope of breaking the "Solid South" for the
first time since reconstruction days.  Democratic leaders, however, said they
were confident that later returns would give Tennessee's electoral vote to
Governor Cox and keep the South in the Democratic column.  Election of a
Republican Governor in Tennessee appears probable, returns at noon showing
Alf Taylor, Republican nominee, leading Governor Roberts, Democrat, by
approximately 15,000.

Election Returns.  The Journal office was headquarters Tuesday night for the
people of Somerset to get the election returns.  Fully 1,000 gathered in
front of the building to hear the news.  Bulletins were received every few
minutes giving news from all sections of the country.  Many citizens, both
Democrats and Republicans, have expressed their appreciation to us for this

New School Board Is Elected.  Only Two of Old Members Come Out Victorious
Tuesday.  There was more interest in the school board election Tuesday than
in the presidential election.  The fight developed an unusual interest and a
warm contest was waged.  Only two members of the old board came out
victorious, T.E. Jasper and A.E. Barnes.  The new members are James Denton,
W.A. Moore, Mrs. Woodson McGee may, and Mrs. Lottie Propst.  The old board
made a most creditable race in the precincts "up town," carrying every ward. 
They met their waterloo in No. 7 at the depot and at Saline, an outlying
precinct.  For the first time politics was injected into the race which fact
was deeply regretted by all friends of the city schools.  The new ticket had
a splendid organization and workers in every precinct.  They made their fight
on the tax issue.  The new board is composed of splendid citizens and we
believe they will make good.  If they will continue the progressive policy o
the old board they will give general satisfaction.  The schools of Somerset
are its biggest asset and nothing should be done that will cripple and retard
their growth.  Let everybody get behind the new members and co-operate with
them.  The vote of each candidate is given in a table printed in this issue
of the Journal.

Higgins - Craig.  Mr. George Higgins and Miss Blanche Craig, both of
Somerset, eloped to Chattanooga, Tenn., Wednesday morning and were married
Wednesday afternoon.  They left immediately following the ceremony for Cuba
where they will spend their honeymoon.  Mrs. Higgins is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J.B. Craig and is one of Somerset's most beautiful and popular young
girls.  She is quite a favorite among the younger set of the city.  Mr.
Higgins is the son of W.E. Higgins, Train Master of the Southern Railway, and
holds a position with the railroad company at this place.

Caldwell - Sallee.  The Stanford Interior Journal had the following article
that will be read with interest by Somerset people:  Mr. Frederick Burns
Caldwell and Miss Lelia Cook Sallee were married Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 by
Rev. P.L. Bruce at the parsonage in East Main St.  The groom is the son of
W.T. Caldwell, superintendent of the Southern Railway, and is a Centre
College man.  He and his family lived in Danville for a number of years.  Mr.
Caldwell is a prosperous business man, being a member of the Tennessee Fuel
Exchange, coal brokers.  His bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J.W. Sallee, of Harrodsburg, and is a charming young woman - as pretty as she
is popular.  She is a sister of Mrs. Robert Benton Woods of this city.  Mr.
Caldwell and Mrs. Caldwell first got acquainted in England, when they were
both members of the Barrow unit, hence the courtship is tinged with some
little romance.  After a short trip to New Orleans they will be at home at
Oakdale, Tenn., where Mr. Caldwell's business is located.

Wedding Anniversary.  On last Saturday, October 30th, Mr. and Mrs. Dave
Higgins celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary at their home on Bourne
Ave.  The bride was 66 years of age an the groom 78.  There was a big dinner
which the bride prepared herself.  They were recipients of many beautiful
presents.  There was represented at the happy gathering four generations. 
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Higgins and daughter, Helen, Mr. and
Mrs. F.C. Vanwinkle and daughter, Gertrude, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Higgins and
daughter, Gladys, Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Guffey and daughters Ruby, Lillian and
Margaret, Mr. and Mrs. O.B. Haynes and son, Cecil, Mr. and Mrs. H. Massey and
sons, Revice and Clifton, Mrs. A.H. Creekmore and daughter, Opal, and son,
Merrell, Mr. George Higgins and Miss Blanch Craig, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Guffey
and Mr. Issale Hallaway.

Clyde Shuttles, Well Known in Somerset, Gets Five Years in the Penitentiary. 
 The Danville Messenger had the following that will be read with interest by
Somerset people:  Clyde Shuttles, well known young man of this city, was
sentenced to serve five years in the State penitentiary today by a jury in
the special term of the Boyle Circuit Court.   The trial lasted for several
days and much testimony as heard on both sides.  The defendant was charged
with receiving stolen property and the case arose out of the big wholesale
robbing of freight cars in Danville.  Shuttles claimed that he purchased the
stolen cigarettes from Will Gregory, of Lexington, but could not located him
now.  According to the defendant, he paid Gregory $1,2000 on two occasions
for cigarettes and at one time he paid $750 to the same party.  The
Commonwealth's testimony showed that the cigarettes were those taken fro the
cars, it is said.  The jury was out only five minutes and brought in a
verdict of guilty and placed the punishment at five years n the penitentiary.
 It is said that the jury unanimously agreed on the verdict.  The defendant,
who has been out on bond, was taken to jail.  This makes the fifth conviction
in connection with the railroad robberies.  Howard Gordon was sentenced to
three years in the penitentiary; Morris Pritchett, two years; H.C. Ellison,
one year, and Owen Gooch, two years.   The special term of court adjourned
this afternoon after dismissing the jurymen.  Another called term of the
Circuit Court will be convened December 13, for the purpose of hearing the
Cecil Will case again.  Other railroad robbing cases will come up at the next
regular term of court in January.

Shot In Back.  Ed Adams, a brother of Jas. Adams, of the Journal force, was
shot in the back by Walter Holt as he was driving through Norwood last Sunday
afternoon.  Adams was in a car with three other men and as they drove around
a crowd of boys and men, who had congregated in the road, a shot was fired
which went through the back of the car and entered young Adams in the back. 
His companions hurried to the hospital with him where it was found the bullet
had penetrated his back just to the left of the right shoulder blade.  The
bullet was removed.  Officers went to Norwood and arrested Mr. Holt, who
confessed the shooting.  He was placed in jail to await the action of the
grand jury now in session.

Stabbed With Knife.  Stella Cato, a colored woman living at Tateville, Ky.,
stabbed a fifteen year old girl by the name of Ross, also of color, with a
knife Sunday afternoon.  The Ross girl died within a short time.  The knife
penetrated the heart.  The cutting followed a quarrel between the parties. 
The Cato woman came to Somerset and gave herself up to the authorities and
was placed in jail.

To Ohio. Rev. W.E. Hunter will leave tomorrow for Sandusky, Ohio, where he
will assist in an eight day protracted meeting.  Before returning home he
will attend the State General Association of Baptists at Owensboro, Ky.  
M.B. Adams, President of Georgetown College, will fill the pulpit at the
First Baptist Church Sunday morning and evening, and E.R. Stewart the
following Sunday.

Circuit Court.  Court adjourned last Monday until Wednesday in order that the
juries and witnesses might go home and vote.  The grand jury resumed work on
Wednesday morning.  There has not been a great deal accomplished in court
this week.  Chas. Mize, charged with killing Lettie Kirby, was fined $100 and
given 150 days in jail.  Mize was riding along the road and fired his pistol
into a house not knowing anyone was in it and killed the young girl.  The
case against Scott and John Hansford for killing two McKinneys last year was
called Thursday morning.  The jury was summoned from the western part of the
county and yesterday was taken up in selecting twelve men to try the case. 
The grand jury, it is said, is doing fine work and will return quite a number
of indictments for liquor selling.  They are making a special investigation
of the illegal sale of liquor in Somerset and Pulaski County.

The Flat Lick School Fair was well attended despite the fact that a big sale
was going on in the same neighborhood.  Prof. Hill, Supt. City Schools, Mr.
W.R. Buckler, State Leader of Junior Clubs, and Leonard E. Meece, were the
principal speakers who entertained the crowd while the judges were awarding
the prizes.  A bountiful basket dinner was served at noon by the good women
of the neighborhood which added wonderfully to the success of the day.  The
following is list of winners in the grand champion rings:  Corn - Theodore
Stewart of Grundy School; Potatoes - Lowell Eaton of Flat Lick; Sweet
Potatoes - Laura Daniel of Flat Lick; Beets - Virl Herrin of Shopville;
Cushaw - Alma Herrin of Shopville; Pumpkin - Paul Brinkley of Flat Lick;
Turnips - Eva Cox of Grundy; Tobacco - Lowell Eaton of Flat Lick; Wheat -
Evelyn Cox of Grundy; Apples - Theodore Stewart of Grundy; Pear Preserves -
Alleen Callahan of Grundy; Oats - Cora Whitis of Shopville; Peach Preserves -
Alma Herrin of Shopville; Biscuits - Alma Herrin of Shopville; Corn Bread -
Burl Herrin of Shopville; Cake - Alma Herrin of Shopville; Apple Pie - Alleen
Callahan of Grundy; Dried Apple - Alleen Callahan of Grundy; Molasses -
Jewell Bobbitt of Flat Lick.  The Shopville and Grundy schools took seven
grand champions each and Flat Lick took five.  This makes a tie between
Grundy and Shopville schools for the beautiful flag that the business men of
Somerset had bought.  It was moved by the teacher of Grundy school, Mr.
Herrin, that Shopville keep the flag half the time and Grundy the other half
until next fall when it should be contested for at another school fair.

P. Hogue Dead.  News has been received here that Dr. P. Hogue of Stearns, a
member of the State Senate from this district, died very suddenly of heart
trouble last week.  As the Senate does not meet until January, 1921, there
will be no election until next year.

Morris Appointed.  Major Jackson Morris has been appointed Adjutant General
of the State by Governor Morrow.  He assumed his duties last Monday.  Major
Morris moved to Somerset about a year ago and has spent a great deal of time
touring the country speaking for the Republican ticket.  He and his family
will move to Frankfort.  Major Morris succeeds Mr. DeWeese who has been
appointed a Captain in the regular army.

Finger Cut.  Col. S.S. Morrow had the misfortune to have one of his fingers
cut nearly off last Saturday while feeding a corn grinding machine on his
farm.  The nail was torn off and part of the index finger.  The injury was
very painful.

Farm News.  The county agent and W.B. Sowder of Norwood held four tobacco
grading demonstrations last week.  This work is intensely valuable to those
farmers who have never grown any tobacco from the fact that the grading is
where the most profit comes from a tobacco crop. 

Work On Hill.  Work of piking Waits Hill and South Main St. is now going on
and will soon be completed.  When this is finished work on the Square and
South Main to the top of the hill will begin.  The street is in very bad

For Sale.  One solid walnut folding desk; will sell cheap.  Also 4-room flat
for rent.  J.M. Jamerson, near end of car line, Ferguson.

Hospital Notes.

Mrs. Will Simpson of Harlan, Ky., was brought to the hospital for medical

Ray Sellers who had his hip dislocated will be able to return to his home

Miss Flora Burton is improving slowly.

Edward Adams who was shot Sunday while on his way to Richmond, is getting
along nicely.

Miss Mable Gholson of Monticello, who was brought to the hospital for an
operation for appendicitis, died Tuesday morning.

Tyler Combest who was operated on for appendicitis is getting along nicely.

Miss Lula Rowe who fell from the second floor of Hubble pool room building
and cut a gash in her head is getting along nicely.


Mable H. Gholson of Spann, Ky., died at the Somerset hospital last Tuesday
following a serious operation.  She was the daughter of P.D. Gholson.  The
remains were taken to her home Wednesday for burial.

Mrs. Anna Rowland, mother of Mrs. Thomas Daugherty, 79 years of age, died at
the home of her daughter on Tuesday morning.  Funeral services were held
Tuesday afternoon at the home, conducted by Rev. W.L. Clark.  The remains
were taken to Covington, Ky., for burial.  Mrs. Rowland was a splendid woman
and will be greatly missed by her many friends and acquaintances.

Marriage Licenses.  Eight marriage licenses have been issued to happy couples
since last week's report, as follows:  Thomas Mitchell, 44, to Cora Strunk,
40; Dewey E. Jasper, 22, to Hattie M. Dalton, 16; Elmer Gregory, 23, to
Sallie Koger, 26; Isaac Phelps, 26, to Mary Calhoun, 22; Ben F. Hyden, 27, to
Viola Guinn, 16; Richard Coomer, 45, to Bessie M. Sexton, 21; Arthur R.
Vaught, 21, to Lakie Foster, 21; Harrison F. Hines, 51, to Minnie Stringer,

Personal Mention.

Mrs. M.E. Tate entertained with a Halloween part Saturday night for her son,
Master Ferrell Tate.  Quite a number of his boy and girl friends were present
and enjoyed a most delightful evening.  Games were played and delightful
refreshments were served.

Mrs. S.A. Waddle spent several days in Cincinnati last week.  She accompanied
her mother to consult a specialist.

Governor and Mrs. M.H. Thatcher of Louisville spent several days in the
county last week speaking for the Republican ticket.

Mr. Ben Sears of Corbin is spending several days with his mother.

Mr. Thos. M. Thatcher has returned from a month's visit to California.  While
gone he visited many places of interest in the West and says that he greatly
enjoyed the vacation.  At the request of the Elks Lodge, Mr. Thatcher made a
talk to the members on Thursday night in which he told of his travels.

Misses Bess Healey and Bernice Addington spent several days in Lexington.

Rt. Rev. Bishop O'Donoghue and Rev. Driscoll of Louisville held Confirmation
services at St. Mildred's Church Sunday.

Miss Bee DeVine left this week for a trip through the South.

Herman Lowenthal came up from Oneida, Tenn., Tuesday to vote.

Mr. L.M. Shivers of Winchester, Ky., was in town this week for several days.

Mr. J.B. Marcelliott of Bauer spent several days in the city on business.

W.A. Kinne of Stearns and Mr. Smith of Jamestown, Tenn., were in Somerset
last Saturday on business.

Mrs. J.W. Davis will entertain next Tuesday afternoon with a card party for
Mrs. J.G. Clements.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Donnelly are spending the week with relatives in Cincinnati.

Mr. and Mrs. N.C. Thompson and daughter, Norma Jane, have returned to their
home in Danville, Ky., after a visit with his mother, Mrs. G.L. Thompson,
South Main St.

Mrs. Anna Robinson has returned to her home in New Orleans, La., after a
visit with her sister Mrs. J.M. Richardson.

Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow returned to Frankfort last Saturday after a visit with
her mother Mrs. O.H. Waddle.

Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Rayborn will leave Sunday for Indiana and Nebraska where
they will visit their children.  They will be gone through the winter.

R.O. Jones of New Albany, Ind., has been in Somerset this week on business.

Assistant Cashier E.M. Waddle is taking a vacation from his duties at the
First National Bank.

Mr. Houston Snelling, a former Pulaskian, is here on a visit with friends.

Mr. R.D. Stephens of Oneida, Tenn., spent several days in Somerset.  Mr.
Stephens is closing out his stock at Oneida and will likely spend the winter
in Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Arnold of Harrisburg, Pa., arrived in Somerset this week to
make it their home.  Mr. Arnold is employed at the Southern Railway shops.

Messrs Guy Coomer and C.O. Bond were in Danville last Sunday.

Messrs Farris Dill, Thomas McElroy, Lewis Hussing, Harry Bobbitt, George
Feltman, Clarence Ford, and C.P. Gilmore saw the Centre-George Tech football
game at Atlanta last Saturday.

Miss Bernice Thompson spent several days in Atlanta and saw Centre and George
Tech play last Saturday.

Mrs. M.E. Tate entertained the Five Hundred Club last Saturday afternoon at
her home on Columbia St. in honor of Mrs. J.G. Clements.  There were five
tables playing.  The home was decorated appropriately for a Halloween party
and the ices were in the shape of small pumpkins.

Mrs. Hershel Humble and daughter have returned from a visit to Paris.

Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hopper have returned from a trip to Atlanta, Ga.

Mr. Chester Smith of Cincinnati spent several days with Mr. and Mrs. H.

Mrs. Sam Morrow has returned from Colorado where she has been visiting for a

Miss Thelma Waddle entertained the Five Hundred Club yesterday afternoon at
the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Waddle.  There were three tables
playing. Refreshments were served.

Mrs. Robert Hail of Kansas City, Mo., has been visiting Mrs. Emma Waddle.

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lewis are spending several days in Louisville.

Mrs. Ernest Sears is visiting her sister, Mrs. Owen Gibbons, in Cincinnati.

Miss Line Boyer of Knoxville, Tenn., is the guest of Mrs. George Clavell.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Ogden returned this week from Ohio where they have been

Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Rousseau will leave this week for a week's visit with their
son, Eugene, at Dearborn, Michigan.  They will also visit Cleveland and other
cities before returning.

Miss Bert Roberts returned Monday from New York where she has been for the
past two weeks.

Eugene Bourne returned from Washington, D.C., Tuesday, where he has been on
railroad business.

Mr. Eben Porch has returned to his home in Kansas City, Mo., after a visit
with his father, E.M. Porch.

Burnside.  Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Parrigin and daughter Mrs. O. Roberts, of Mill
Springs were in town with friends Friday .. Mrs. W.D. Oldham of Lexington
addressed the Democratic voters here Thursday night of last week in a
splendid argument.  A large crowed attended and much good accomplished … Mrs.
Crit Caddell of Tateville was in town Saturday shopping … Mesdames G.S.
Dudley, V.H. Frazier, W.R. Hewlett, W.J. Davidson, P.W. Tuttle, Percy Bryant,
W.S. Philippi, Heber Lewis, G.C. Nunn and Miss Pearl Bradshaw were hostesses
to Halloween party of Reading Club Friday evening at the Masonic Hall. Ghosts
and spooks were all there arrayed in festive apparel and a jolly, good
evening was spent … Misses Vesta Halcomb was home from Science Hill this
weekend .. Geo. M. Cooper of Mangar, W.Va., was in this week to vote .. Miss
Ora Meece was in Somerset Tuesday to vote … Miss Doma Phillippi has moved her
millinery shop to her residence on Highland Ave. and will be glad to receive
her customers there … Miss Gus Rankin left Monday morning for Lexington,
where she has accepted a position in a bank … The County Teachers Association
was in an all day session at the school building here last Friday.  A
splendid program was carried out by the teachers and patrons.  Good crowd
attended.  Dinner was served in the Domestic Sciences department by the
students under the supervision of their splendid teacher, Miss Emma Taylor …
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Denny was made happy Saturday morning by the
arrival of a new son, Joe Harvey … Miss Elizabeth Perry was in Honey Bee
Tuesday voting … The Young People's Missionary Society had its monthly
meeting with Mrs. Burgess and Mrs. Frazier as hostesses, Tuesday evening.  A
very interesting program was prepared by Mrs. Selvidge and Mrs. Dugger gave a
splendid report of the district meeting held at Stanford last week … L.M.
Cheely has purchased the Lowdenback property located on French Ave. … The
high school literary society gave a Halloween party Saturday evening … J.H.
Selvidge bought the property owned by Otho Heath on French Ave. and moved in
Saturday … Claud Weddle of Somerset, traveling salesman for Bryant-Hunt Co.,
of Lexington, was in town on Monday calling on his customers … The C.P.
Johnson family have moved into the Cheely property this week … J.J. Crutcher
was in Wilmore on Tuesday voting.

Pisgah.  Mrs. J.R. Garland visited Mrs. C.O. and E.S. Heaton last week … Mr.
and Mrs. Molen, Mr. and Mrs. Mose Kenney and children and Mrs. Nellie
Epperson and children visited at R.B. Rhoten's Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Tom
Gholson and children of Wayne County are visiting his mother Mrs. Nan Gholson
… Mr. and Mrs. John Tucker called on John Tucker of Somerset Sunday … Mr.
and Mrs. Rufe Leese of Elihu, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jones, Mrs. Emma Allen, Mrs.
Lowe and Miss Mary Floyd of Somerset were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Woods
Cowan … Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Hail and Misses Lennie and Ruth Newell spent Sunday
in Stanford … Mrs. Jim Casada and daughter Mrs. Frank Barnett and children
and Miss Mary Lorton called on Mrs. D.S. Claunch Sunday afternoon … Miss
Thelma Claunch entertained several young folks on Sunday …. Misses Ruth
Lorton and Lillian Colyer of Somerset were Saturday night guests of Miss
Stella Rhoton … Miss Mabel Claunch called on Mrs. Glen Heaton Monday

Pulaski.  The meeting at the Baptist Church was enjoyed by a large attendance
Sunday .. Mrs. Chas. Clark spent the weekend with her father, W.C. Pike,
Waynesburg, Ky. … Mr. and Mrs. Jones of Steubenville, who have been visiting
their daughter, Mrs. A. Gregory, returned home Monday … Miss Cloda Allen is
visiting relatives in Cincinnati … Miss Lelia Griffin and Messrs Walter Floyd
and Ansel Griffin, Homer Estes were guests of Misses Correll Sunday … Mrs.
Wm. Holt spent Sunday with friends at Bethelridge … Miss Pearl Vaught of
Science Hill, spent the weekend with her sister, Miss Gertrude Vaught … Mrs.
Laura B. Loveless spent Sunday with Mrs. H. Mofield .. Mrs. Rosa Freeman who
spent two weeks vacation with friends here has returned to her home in
Dayton, Ohio … Mr. William Mills of Harlan County was the Sunday guest of
Silas Sloan's … Mrs. Eliza Sneed and Mitchel Quinton, who were married last
week and have the best wishes of their many friends, were nicely entertained
with music of bells and tin pans.

Drum.  Mrs. Dillard Couch and Mrs. S.B. Miller of Valley Oak, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Miller of Drum last Sunday … Quite a few from here attended
church at White Lily last Sunday … Miss Ada Goodwin is improving slowly after
a severe case of sickness … Tye Chaney and son have been visiting her sister,
Mrs. Barbra Randall of Snell, Ky., for a few days … Cleve Erp traded his pair
of mules for a mare a few days ago … Reuben Childers bought a calf from
Christopher Brinson for $10 … Mrs. J. Slavy and Manda Gregory have gone to
Danville for a visit .. Rily Dykes had a mule to die last Thursday … Mrs.
John Slavy and Maude Gregory are visiting in Danville this week … James
Goodwin visited his brother Henry Thursday evening.

Catherine.  Mrs. Viola Naflet visited T.L.U. Pitman's Sunday … Mrs. Elmary
Wilson is very poorly at this writing … Herbert Gosser's little girl died
last week … The Nazarines have moved their meetings from Pine Top to Mr. John
Douse's barn.  They hold meeting every night … Mrs. Bonnie McGowan returned
from Illinois last week … Alvin Wilson and Mrs. Virtie Wilson visited her
father's Clate Gossed, Saturday and Sunday … Dave Wilson visited his
grandfather and grandmother Sunday.

Mangum.  Jack Frost has visited this part of the section again and finished
his work … Superintendent Leonard Meece of Somerset spoke at Shady Grove
Thursday on the issues of the day … The little son of Plymp Dick happened to
a serious accident Saturday evening while horseback riding by falling off of
the animal and fracturing his elbow. The would is painful but we hope he will
get along all right .. Rev. Geo. Thompson will begin his singing next
Saturday night at King Bee … Millard Dick and family were guests of Dave
Haggard of near Valley Oak Friday … Mrs. Monte Sneed has returned from a few
days visit with friends near Science Hill … Doyle Dick has returned from
Cincinnati where he has been at work for some time .. Mrs. Robert Blevins,
also her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Bertha Blevins, were the guests of Millard
Dick one day last week .. Mrs. Betheney Mofield was the guest of her son,
Elbert Waters of Mt. Hope, Saturday night and Sunday .. M. Dick visited his
brother Johnson Dick Friday night and attended the speaking at Shady Thursday
… George Thompson closed his singing at Mt. Hope Sunday.

Elrod.  Farmers have been busy in this vicinity threshing buckwheat .. Misses
Gladys and Ulla Poynter spent Sunday with their grandmother .. Miss Byrl
Poynter visited Joe Vanhook's Sunday … Mrs. George Ping and children visited
her sister Mrs. Oscar Sowder Saturday night and Sunday .. Among the visitors
at W.H. Bumgardner's Sunday were Mrs. E. Bumgardner and daughter Cora, and
Logan DeBord and family … Mrs. J.L. Bumgardner and children spent Sunday at
Virgil Hart's … Miss Alma Anderson returned home Sunday after a weeks visit
with her aunt at Good Hope … Mrs. Tom Pruitt and baby have returned home from
Buffalo where she had been visiting her mother .. Seph Poynter and family
were Sunday guests of Arch Poynter's.

Oak Hill.  Sowing wheat and gathering corn is the order of the day here … Mr.
and Mrs. Dan Bogle and children visited at Ferguson, Sunday … Mr. and Mrs.
Tom Gholson and family are visiting his mother and brother, Mrs. B.C. Gholson
and MR. Everett Gholson here .. Mabel Gholson of Spaw, Ky., underwent an
operation for appendicitis here this week … Miss Sallie and Bertha Bryant
visited their sister, Mrs. Nettie Gholson, Sunday … Mrs. James Casada and
children, Ova, Zena and Oscar, Mrs. Frank Barnett and children, Mildred, Anna
and Hazel, Mary Lorton, Lelia and Floyd new, Nina and Jim Tucker, Clay and
Mae Frisbie, Myrtle and Willie Bogle, Clarence and Willie Cundiff visited
Mabel and Thelma Claunch Sunday … Lelia New spent Sunday night with Nina
Tucker … We are having some cool weather here … Beatrice McKee and Mattie
Bogle spent Wednesday night with Mae Frisbie … Oscar Casada and Willie
Cundiff took supper with Clay Frisbie Sunday evening.

Soules Chapel.  Mr. Jeff Smith had a sale Friday and sold all but his farm
and will join Mrs. Smith in Colorado, where she is for her health .. There
will be a pie supper at Gilmore school house Saturday night, the 6th of
November …. Mr. Leonard Meece suffers from a broken finger, received while
playing football at school … Misses Catherine King, Helen and Lilian Cundiff
spent Sunday with Lera and Marie Colyer … Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Cundiff spent
Sunday with his mother, Mrs. Bill Cundiff … Mr. Harry Yahnig has returned
from Tennessee on a visit .. Miss Madge Guinn of Crab Orchard is the guest of
Maude McDowell …. Miss Mollie Bryant and nephew Wade Gover spent Sunday with
Mr. Bill Bryant … Mr. Ed Mills spent Saturday night with Lindsay Cundiff …
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harmon and children spent Sunday with his father, I.P.

Delmer.  Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Brown, of Burgin, Ky., are visiting relatives and
friends of Delmer and Trimble …. Several from this place attended the
Republican speaking at Trimble, Friday … Miss Edith Taylor was the gust of
her grandmother Thursday .. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Burton of this place were the
guests of her parents Sunday … Mrs. Luther Muse was the guest of Mrs. Everett
Weaver Friday … Mrs. C.W. Brown and daughter Grace were the guests of Mrs.
Lora Baker on Wednesday … Misses hazel and Glenna Muse were Sunday guests of
Mary Burton … Mrs. Catherine Porter was the visitor of Mrs. Lewis Sharp
Sunday … Mrs. Jane Taylor was visiting Mrs. Mollie Muse on Tuesday evening …
the infant son of Oscar Hislope is very ill at this writing … Gertrude Floyd
who has been visiting Miss Ettie Burton has returned home … Miss Beatrice
Fitzgerald was the guest of Hazel and Glenna Muse one afternoon last week …
The pie supper at Okalona was a very nice one and everybody seemed to enjoy

Hogue.  Mr. Frank Stephens of Highland spent a few days of last week with his
sister Mrs. C.C. Cooper, and family … Miss Ley Wesley of Fairview visited
Miss Coletta Baugh on Saturday evening … Miss Louida Dick is staying at Mr.
Boyd Harrison's of Somerset … Rev. George Thompson will begin a class of
vocal music at King Bee Saturday night … Misses Lula and Rhetta Adams spent
Saturday night and Sunday with their sister Mrs. Mabel Jasper of Mt. Hope and
attended singing there … Mrs. Aaron Hendricks and children spent the weekend
with her mother Mrs. Sarah Randolph, of Ansel … Several from here were in
Somerset last Saturday … Misses Dorothy and Elizabeth Jasper were Saturday
night and Sunday guests of Miss Colutha Adams of Ansel … Harlan Vaught is
sick at this writing.

Ingle.  The revival meeting at Liberty closed Friday … John Meaders moved
from Hickory Nut to Ingle last week … Henry Dick and John Meaders went to
Russell Springs Friday on business …. Oscar Brown and family visited at Mr.
G.W. Garner's Friday night … Mr. John Meaders bought a farm from G.C. Gossett
last week.  He also purchased a pair of mules in Russell Springs last week …
Milton Pitman of Dry Ridge was in this vicinity last week … A revival meeting
began at Cedar Point Sunday … Mrs. F. Kissee is no better at this writing …
Mrs. Elizabeth Allen is no better at this time … Mr. J.W. Sullivan has a fine
male Defender Duroc hog, which he bought recently from the Buckwheat Valley
Duroc Farm … Mr. L.G. Foster is better at this writing … Mr. Henry Dick left
home Sunday en route to Cincinnati where he was called on business … The
Ex-Governor of the Panama Canal Zone spoke at Cedar Point Saturday .. Herbert
Schoolcraft got his finger mashed at W.M. Ragle's saw mill a few days ago …
T.L. Pitman sold a wagon to Tom Passmore of Russell County.

Floyd.  The Nazarines have been holding a weeks revival at Briery Union
Church … Several from here attended the auction sale at T.L. Wheeldon's
Saturday … Mr. and Mrs. M.P. Estes have returned home from Indiana where they
spent a couple of weeks with their daughter Mrs. Frank Singleton … Mr. and
Mrs. Fox of North Carolina are visiting relatives at this place for a few
days … Mrs. Belle Trivett and daughter and Mrs. Juda Greene visited at W.E.
Trivett's Saturday and Sunday and attended the all day services at Pulaski
Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. M.N. Griffin and son were visiting at their father's
A.W. Surber Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Gragg entertained quite a number of
their friends last Saturday night … Rue McClure is moving in his property
here.  We are glad to have this young man in our little town … Mrs. Ermine
Mercer returned to her home at Etna, Sunday … Most of the farmers in this
section of the country have finished sowing wheat and oats … J.B. Gragg's two
nephews, of North Carolina, who have been in Canton, O., for the past three
months, are motoring to their home in their new Ford. They stopped off here
and spent a few days with their uncle and family … A.W. Surber and wife,
Fonzie Surber, wife and baby, spent Sunday with M.N. Griffin and family … Mr.
and Mrs. Cole, of Virginia, spent Monday and Monday night with J.B. Gragg and
family … Mrs. Ermine mercer of Etna is visiting relatives here for several
days … W.H. Griffin spent Saturday night with his brother Mack at this place …
 Wm. Jenkins and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Harmon at Science
Hill … The Gragg Brothers motored their uncle J.B. Gragg and family to Kings
Mountain to visit relatives Sunday .. B. Estes took a load of marble to
Woodstock Saturday for Wm. Jenkins … Mrs. Benton entertained the community
with a pie supper at Briery Thursday night … Chas. F. Griffin has rented the
Higgins girls farm near here.


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