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The Somerset Journal
A Democratic Paper Published Every Friday
Feese & Williams

Somerset, Ky., Friday, November 28, 1919.


Over in that much loved, but greatly behind the times County of Rockcastle,
the Fiscal Court thinks it is unwise and in fact extravagant to appropriate
$500.00 toward helping to pay the salary for twelve months of an Agricultural
Agent for that county.  Berea College was willing to pay the other half.  In
the face of that generous offer, together with the absolute necessity of
having a farm expert to work with and instruct the farmers, the Fiscal Court
refused the appropriation.  God pity the near sightedness of such magistrates
and may the people wake up to the necessity and wisdom of electing more
intelligent and progressive men to office.  If the voters of Rockcastle had
been awake as they should have been, some of the officers of that county
would not now be connected with or a part of that important Fiscal body. 
Although such action is most discouraging, let us hope that the good,
progressive citizens of Rockcastle will better themselves and obtain the
services of a farm agent any way.

Everybody in Somerset is proud of the high school football team.  They
performed wonderfully last Saturday and took from the strong Lexington team
the high school football championship of Kentucky.  Again Somerset comes to
the front and to Captain Dexheimer, the coach, goes the credit for the
victory.   Out of a squad of youngsters, with little football experience, he
produced a winning team, one that has made football fans all over the state
take notice.  We congratulate the boys who compose the team on the record
they have made and predict for them all more and greater honors.

Stolen.  A lap robe from the home of G.W. Stephens November 18.  The guilty
one is known and to save further trouble return to Barnes store.  Relda

Bessie Rhea Baugh.  About 8 o'clock Wednesday evening November 19th, 1919,
Bessie Rhea Baugh, wife of W. Delton Baugh, departed this life and was wafted
into the Great Beyond after an illness of only a few days.  She was taken to
the Somerset Sanitarium on Wednesday Nov. 12th, and tho all that loving hands
could do they were unable to help her so her spirit took its peaceful flight
to God who gave it.  Mrs. Baugh was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey of
near Science Hill, Ky.  Last June she and Mr. Baugh were quietly married at
his home in Science Hill where they have since resided.  She was a kind and
loving wife and her many friends were numbered by her acquaintance.  Her
married life was very short but God in his wisdom saw fit to take her unto
that beautiful shore where tears are smiles and sorrows unknown.  She leaves
a husband and a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn her loss.

In Loving Memory.

All earthly ties are broken,
In Life we meet no more;
Our thots are with you Bessie,
On yonder distant shore.
Dearest Darling how we miss you,
Since from earth you passed away;
And our hearts are aching sorely,
As we think of you today.

Card of Thanks.  I desire to express my sincere thanks to my relatives,
friends and neighbors for their kindness shown in the sickness and death of
my beloved wife, Bessie Rhea Baugh.  I also wish to especially thank the
nurses and attending physicians for their kindness and attention during her
short illness.  W. Delton Baugh.

Personal Mention.

Mr. Dill Scott will spend Thanksgiving holidays in Chattanooga.

Merchant Morris Harkins spent several days in Lexington this week.

Mr. I. Harkins left last week for Ashville, N.C., where he will be for the

Mrs. Ed Murphy and son of Oklahoma are the guests of Mrs. J.P. Barker.

Miss Lillian Cecil has returned to her home in Danville after a visit with
Mrs. E.L. Waddle.

Mr. Clarence Owens and family of Waynoka, Oklahoma, are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
F.E. Tibbals.

Miss Amanda Adams of Danville, Ky., has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph

The many friends of Major A.T. Keene will regret to know that he is confined
to his room on account of sickness.

Governor-elect and Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow arrived from Louisville Tuesday and
will be at home until the inauguration.

Judge James Denton and attorney Ben V. Smith of Somerset bar, were here last
Thursday - Columbia News.

Mr. J.M. Richardson and son Dr. R.G. Richardson, will leave Tuesday for
Louisiana on a hunting trip.  They will be gone about ten days.

Mr. John Farrell will spend the weekend in Richmond, Ky.

Mr. Lee Gipperich of Louisville spent several days in the city with friends.

Misses Bernice Thompson and Blanch Craig are visiting in Springfield, Mo.

Mother Rose of Nazareth, Ky., is visiting the Sisters at St. Mildreds

Miss Bert Roberts attended the Centre-DePaul football game in Louisville last

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Donnelly were in Cincinnati last Saturday to see
Chu-Chin-Chow at the Lyric.

Mrs. A.M. Girdler of Somerset is visiting her sister Mrs. J.L. Yantis -
Lancaster Record.

Mrs. Arthur Dewes and Mrs. Pat Farmer spent several days in Cincinnati last
week with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. James Shadoan of Bradford, Ohio, are visiting their parents Mr.
and Mrs. R. Shadoan.

Mr. and Mrs. G.L. Thompson spent several days in Danville last week visiting
their son N.C. Thompson.

Mrs. Nan Kidd and daughter, Mrs. Nora McDaniel, of Parkers Lake, Ky., were in
Somerset Saturday shopping and called at the Journal office to renew their

Mrs. B.L. Waddle was in Lexington Monday for the day.

The Chautauqua Club will meet with Mrs. J.T. Cook Saturday afternoon at 2:20.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Catron of Dahl, Ky., were in Somerset last weekend on

Elrod Hines, who is attending Dental College at Cincinnati, is at home for
the holidays.

Miss Lee McCullough, of Lexington, spent several days the guest of Miss
Bessie Healey.

"Ted" Randolph was in Cincinnati last Sunday with his brother-in-law Ed
Buchanan, of Burnside, who is under the care of a specialist there.

News has been received here that Sam Boone Jr., who has been located at Twin
Falls, Idaho, has moved to Long View, California and engaged in business

Dr. and Mrs. M.E. Tate entertained with a six o'clock dinner last Friday and
had as their guest Mr. and Mrs. B.L. Waddle, Miss Lil Cecil and Dr. Creston

Mrs. C.W. Massey of Danville, Ky., stopped here for a few days visit with her
sister, Mrs. Susan Cruse, en route home from Chattanooga where she had been
to hear Billy Sunday.

The engagement of Miss Thelma Shepperd of Chattanooga, Tenn., formerly of
this city, to William O. Poindexter, of Chattanooga, has been announced.  The
wedding will take place in January.

Col. Woodson May, wife and son, Robert, are spending Thanksgiving with Mrs.
May's cousin, Mrs. J.H. Spilman and family at their country home "Pinehurst"
near Burgin.  They will spend Sunday with relatives in Danville.

Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Clark gave a six o'clock dinner last Saturday in honor of
their guest Captain William Hayden of Lexington.  Those present were boys
from Somerset who were in training camp with Captain Hayden and included:
Captain Paul Dexheimer, Lieut. B.L. Waddle, Lieut. R.G. Richardson and Lieut.
Creston Mayhall.

The many friends of Mrs. H. C. Day will regret to learn that she is quite ill
at her home on East Columbia street.

Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Lightfoot, of Freedom, Pa., former residents of this city,
have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. G.L. Thompson on South Main street.  Mr.
Lightfoot is engaged in the railroad business in Pennsylvania.  He was a
resident of this city about eleven years.


The consensus of opinion is that Mr. Turkey will have a respite for at least
another twelve months as the price set upon his head is beyond our reach.

Miss Alice Stephens made a trip to Sloans Valley Wednesday returning Friday.

Precious black diamonds are being mined now at almost the capacity of the
mines since work has been resumed.

Clarence West of Oneida visited relatives here last week.

Miss Robbie Griffith of Stearns spent the weekend with Miss Alice Stephens.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ross have returned to Herrin, Ill., where they will make
their home.

Dr. R.M. Smith made a professional trip to Louisville Tuesday, returning

"Jim Pete" Wallace's hen got in Harrison Calhoun's Coop, Jim not being
satisfied with the new abode of Mrs. Dorking proceeded to get a search
warrant and Oliver Sloven Deputy Sheriff armed with the paper credentials
from the proper authorities proceeded to restore Jim's hen to its own home.


Pearl McCracken and little daughter are visiting relatives in Indiana.

Miss Lula Griffin has returned home from Lockland, Ohio.

Guss McClure, Elisha Griffin, Anderson Nelson, Festus Johnson and a number of
others were in Somerset several days last week.

Charlie Sloan, who has been very ill of measles, is much improved at this

Henry Hall and family have moved on one of W.H. Griffin's farms at this

J.W. Surber and wife have gone to New Castle, Ind., to make their future

Mr. and Mrs. G.G. Eubank and daughter Elizabeth of Indianapolis, Ind., are
visiting friends and relatives here.

M.C. Higgins sold two nice hogs to Marion Reynolds at 13 cents per pound.  He
also sold a dressed hog to our merchant, W.H. Griffin, at this place.

Chas. Nelson motored Mr. and Mrs. Guss McClure and baby to Stanford Thursday
to visit their uncle, J.C. Gooch, and wife.

Samuel Daily passed to the great beyond November 13th.  The greatest sympathy
is extended to the bereaved family.

J.E. Todd and family visited M.N. Griffin and family Sunday.


Sister Helen Bruner failed to fill her appointment at Wilson Sunday on
account of her sister being ill in Nashville, Tenn.

Verlie Lester was a Sunday night guest of Ima Robbins.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hall were visitors at W.R. Robbins Sunday.

Cloma Spears was a guest of Della and Irene Godby Saturday night.

Cordus Keith is very sick with typhoid fever.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Girdler visited their daughter Mrs. Aaron Cox, Sunday.

Judge Baugh of Science Hill was visiting is grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Warren
Baugh last week.

Verlie Lester who has been in Science Hill for some time returned home last

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Lester of Science Hill visited their daughter Mrs. Frank
Dick Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dick and Mr. and Mrs. Dickey Lester were visiting Johnny
Lester Sunday.


Mrs. C.C. Cooper of McCreary county has moved to his farm here, which he
bought of Rev. J.K. Hudson.

Misses Lula and Rhetta Adams attended church at King Bee Sunday and spent the
day with Misses Stella and Mattie Dick.

Mrs. J.D. Hendricks is some better at this writing.

Misses Elizabeth and Dorothy Jasper, Bell and Rosetta Blevins and Messrs John
F. Adams and Columbus Blevins attended the singing contest at Mintonville
last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. G.M. Dick had as their Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. George W.

Misses Anna and Coletta Baugh spent Saturday night with Louida and Lola Dick.

Mrs. W.H. Dick and daughter Hazel are quite ill of typhoid fever.

Miss Bertha Whitis of Mangum was a Sunday guest at Misses Lula and Mary L.

Mrs. Harlan Vaught spent Saturday night with Mrs. Dock Dick.

Miss Zona Flynn is on the sick list.

A.J. Adams was a guest of his brother J.C. Adams of Wilson, Sunday.


Miss Mollie Jasper visited Miss Bessie Jones Sunday night.

Boyd Sawyer has returned from New Castle, Ind.,

Everette Henderson visited Tom Stringer Saturday and Sunday.

Misses Bertha and Hazel Padgett have been visiting their sister Mrs. Cloda
Shadoan for the past few days.

Amazor Kelly has moved into this neighborhood.

Miss Ethel Spears has been visiting Mrs. Vina Wilson at West Somerset.

Several from here have been attending the singing at West Somerset.

Elwood McKinney has moved to West Somerset.

Bill Jasper of Casey county visited his father W.R. Jasper Friday night.

Valley Oak.

Measles are raging in this neighborhood.

Rev. Walter Meece filled his appointment at Flat Lick Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Sarah Speak is spending a few days with her sister Mrs. W.C. Wyrick.

Durl Eldridge and Chas. Thompson have returned home from their work.

Mrs. J.H. McKinney returned last week from Rockcastle county where she has
been with her son, Clyde, who has been very ill.

Rev. Jerry Farley preached at Pleasant View school house last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Phelps spent Sunday at J.H. McKinney's.

Mrs. Martha Farmer is very ill at this writing.

Andrew Hargis and family left Friday for Berea to make their future home.

Mrs. Dora Phelps and daughter, Mrs. Marie Anderson, of Somerset, spent a few
days last week with relatives here.

Mrs. Mary Farmer visited at Mack Eldridge's Wednesday.

Jesse Bales and family have moved to the farm that he purchased of James

Archie Blanton and family have moved to a farm he bought near Woodstock.

Tom Buchanan and Locie McKinney spent Wednesday night at Clyde Capps.

Tasso Buchanan spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. D.B. Wyrick.


Several attended the house party at Miss Stella Burge's Saturday evening.

Jake Morris, who has been in the hospital at Somerset, was brought home

Misses Pearl and Dolly Hood returned home Monday, after a pleasant visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bartlett of McKinney.

Mrs. Henry Girkey is some better at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Shadoan spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W.

Mr. Ellis Reid is building a new house here.

Mr. Festes Turpen, from Georgetown, is visiting relatives here.

Mrs. Bert Crockett and baby returned to their home in Somerset last week.

Miss Myrtle Sweeney is ill at this writing.

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