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The Somerset Journal-The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky

Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday November 26, 1920.


Telephone Co. Wins.  Company Has Right To Raise Rates, Says Judge Bethurum. 
The injunction suit filed by the City Attorney on behalf of the city to
prevent the Gainesboro Telephone Company from collecting a 50 cent raise on
telephones in Somerset was tried before Judge Bethurum last Tuesday.  On
Wednesday morning the Judge handed down a decision in favor of the telephone
company and dismissed the injunction.  The question at issue was whether or
not the franchise allowed the company to make the increase.  The franchise
reads "When the list of Somerset subscribers reaches 1,250, the rates of all
classes of service shall be increased 50 cents per month for telephones." 
The city contended that these subscribers must be within the city limits of
Somerset and the telephone company contended that Somerset subscribers meant
any telephones connected with the Somerset exchange whether they be in the
city or in the county.  Considerable proof was submitted by both sides.  The
telephone company produced evidence to show that they had made special effort
to increase the number of phones in the county and that it took both county
and city subscribers to make up the Somerset exchange.  The increase the
company will receive will amount to about $2,500 a year and this amount will
be distributed among the employees of the company.  The company issued a
statement in October showing that under the present rate they lost over $250.

Unlawful to Kill.  The game laws of Kentucky protects some game until
November 15th, 1924, and hunters should not kill the protected game.  For the
benefit of the hunter we quote a portion of the law: "No person shall catch
or kill, or pursue with such intent, or have the same in possession after it
has been caught or killed, any wild turkey, imported pheasant or Hungarian
partridge before the 15th day of November, 1924, and on and after November
15th, 1924, no person shall kill more than two wild turkeys during the open
season  in any one year, nor more than two pheasants or Hungarian partridge
in any one day when it is lawful to kill them."

Now With Louie.  R.O. Jones has resigned his position with the Daniel Briscoe
Co., of Knoxville, Tenn., and has been elected Secretary and Treasurer of the
Oneida Milling Co., of Oneida, Tenn.  Mr. Jones succeeds W.E. Kelly of this
city who held the position for some time.  Mr. Jones sold out at Nancy last
year and moved to a farm near New Albany, Ind., but will sell his farm and
make Oneida his home.  The Oneida Milling Co. is owned principally by Mr.
Louie Lowenthal of this city.  Mr. Jones is a splendid business man and will
make a valuable addition to the force of this institution.

Burglar Proof.  The officers of the First National Bank, of Somerset, want
their customers to know of the safeguard they have thrown around the bank for
the benefit of those who have entrusted their savings and valuable with them.
 They have taken out burglar insurance on their vault and safety deposit
boxes.  In order that proper claim might be made should any burglary occur
the bank asks that each safety deposit box renter make an inventory of all
valuables in their box and to keep the number of all bonds and securities. 
The bank officials feel that a burglary would be almost impossible with their
modern vault.  They have spared no expense to make the vault as near burglar
proof as it is possible to make it.  But in order to doubly protect their
customers they have taken out the insurance against any loss.

Southern Officials Visit Somerset.  Make Tour of Inspection of the Shops and
Office.  Somerset was visited last Friday by several prominent officials of
the Southern Railway.  In the party were H.W. Miller, Vice President, W.T.
Caldwell, General Superintendent of Transportation, C.M. Mitchell, General
Superintendent, J.H. Stanfield, General Manger, and W.H. Dooley,
Superintendent of Motive Power.  These men in company with Superintendent
Clements and Master Mechanic Cassada visited the shops and division offices
and also inspected the yards.  They spent considerable time making a survey
of the land adjoining the shops.  Just a week previous the same officials
were here with the exception of Vice President Miller.

For County Clerk.  It is said that Miss Stella May, who was Deputy County
Court Clerk under the last four administrations, will seek the office of
Clerk at the primary next fall.  This news is spreading rapidly over the
county and friends of Miss Stella say that it is practically certain that she
will make the race.  She is now in Frankfort where she has a position with
the State Tax Commission.

City Races Come Up Next Year.  J.R. Cook To Run For City Judge It Is Said. 
In addition to a county and judicial election next year we will have a city
election in Somerset.  Already many names have been mentioned in connection
with the various offices.  It is said that J.R. Cook will be a candidate for
Police Judge to succeed W.B. Morrow.  Friends of Mr. Cook have been urging
him to make the race for some time.  Judge Paul's name has also been
mentioned for this place.  There will be several candidates for Chief of
Police, Bill Fitzpatrick will run for re-election and he will be opposed by
John Bash, and probably others.  Mayor Cruse will not seek re-election as
Mayor.  It is said that Harvey Jenkins will make the race for this place. 
There will of course, be others.  There is some talk of a citizens ticket
composed of men for the various offices from Mayor down to Councilmen.

Circuit Court.  The December term of Circuit Court will come to a close
Saturday.  The Grand Jury was discharged last Saturday after returning 124
indictments.  The case of the Commonwealth against Stella Cato, charged with
killing Dessie Ross, was continued until the next term of court.  A verdict
in favor of the defendant was returned Tuesday in the case of Reuben E Todd's
Administrator against the Southern Railway.

Get Degrees.  Thos. Prather and Chris Tartar returned this week from
Louisville where they were made 32nd Degree Masons.  Both of these prominent
Masons have now received every degree in Masonry except the 33rd, which
degree only a few receive.

Denton Elected.  Judge James Denton was elected president of the board that
has charge of the Children's Odd Fellows Home.  At the state meeting last
week, Judge Denton was defeated by a small margin for Grand Warden.

Auto Licenses From The County Clerk.  Change In Law Also Makes A Big Increase
In Rates, Langdon Has Blanks.  Under an act passed by the last General
Assembly, all automobile licenses will be issued by the County Clerks of the
120 Counties in the State, instead of by the State Commissioner of Motor
Vehicles at Frankfort.  County Clerk Langdon has received blanks and
instructions for issuing these licenses, which will begin about December 1
for 1921.  The license tags for the county have been shipped to the County
Clerk, and auto owners must communicate with his office, instead of
Frankfort, to obtain licenses.  The Clerk is allowed 30 cents to issue each
license, and it is estimated that there are a thousand automobiles in the
county.  The new license rate is 60 cents per horse power.  Under this rate,
fixed by the Republican Legislature, the license for a Ford car will be
$13.20.  The old rate has been $6.00.

Paul Hymens, of Belgium, was elected first President of the League of
Nations, with representatives of 44 nations present.

A Tip For Somerset Pastors.  Washington, D.C. - Wives in Washington are
watching their husbands as never before and the husbands are watching
themselves more closely as the result of a revival here.  At the closing
meting of the revival services, the revivalist leaned over the pulpit and
said he had an important announcement to make.  "It has come to my knowledge
that there is a certain man in Washington who has not been true to his family
or his religion and who has not been leading an upright life.  This man is in
the congregation tonight.  If he will deposit a $10 bill in the collection
plate, it will be taken as token of his repentance and nothing further will
be said.  If he fails to do this, I warn him, that I will announce his name."
 The collection showed eight-five $10 bills and a note promising to pay the
$10 in the morning.

In Memory of Mother.  Mrs. Eveline S. Price, aged 65 years, 3 months and 7
days, wife of J.R. Price, died at her home at Ocala, Ky., October 12, 1920. 
Funeral services were conducted at the family burying ground by Rev. gentry
on October 13, in the presence of many friends and relatives.  Her demise was
due to a complication of diseases which had preyed upon her body for several
years.  Besides a heart broken husband, she leaves four sons and five
daughters, a host of friends and relatives to mourn for her.  She had been a
member of the Christian church for many years and we feel that her soul has
taken its flight to a land of peace and rest.  There was an angel band in
heaven, Which was not quite complete.  So the angles called dear mother, To
fill a vacant seat.  We have lost our precious mother, She has bid us all
adieu; She has gone to be with Jesus, And to us is lost from view.  We loved
our mother, yes, we loved her.  But the Savior loved her more; So the angels
sweetly called her, To that peaceful shining shore.  'Tis hard to hear our
grief and sorrow, Yet our Father's Will be done; We hope to meet with mother
in Heaven, Without the loss of one.  Mother is gone, but not forgotten, Never
will her memory fade; Sweetest thoughts will even linger, 'Round the gave
where she is laid.  Written by Mrs. Anna Price.

Gover.  In the early morning hours last Saturday the Death Angel with silent
tread entered the home of Bourne Gover and found this dear child of God ready
to answer the summons.  Without a struggle his gentle spirit started on the
Heavenward journey.  Mr. Gover (or "Uncle Bourne" as he was lovingly called
by those who knew him well) had been a resident of Pulaski County all his
life.  He was born in Bourbon neighborhood September 17, 1845, in the home of
very devoted and Christian parents.  He became a Christian at the age of ten
years, and later in life attached himself to the Methodist Episcopal Church,
being very loyal to its doctrines and teachings.  In early manhood Mr. Gover
taught school, then entered the mercantile business at Grundy, Ky., for a few
years prior to marriage in 1882 to Miss Belle Gillispie, of the same
community.  After married he was actively engaged in the mercantile business,
first at Shopville and later at Somerset, covering a period of 12 years. 
Since 1891, he has resided on Maple St., this city.  Mr. Gover was a member
of one of Pulaski's oldest and most prominent families.  He was a fine type
of Kentucky gentleman, was cultured both in mind and heart and though an
invalid for years will be greatly missed in his church, by his family and by
neighbors and friends.  Genial to a marked degree, all who entered his
commodious home found an atmosphere of genuine hospitality and welcome and
were taught a lesson in patience by his cheerful disposition.  He was always
very appreciative of every favor and attention from family or friends and
never failed to render expressions of gratitude for even the slightest
thoughts or deeds bestowed.  Mr. Gover is the last member of his father's
family.  He leaves, of his immediate family, a wife and daughter, Mrs. Victor
W. Lewis, who have ministered to him so faithfully in all the years of his
physical weakness.  A host of friends assembled at the M.E. church Sunday
afternoon to pay the last tribute of love and respect to this dear, good man.
 The services were so impressive and appropriate in every detail, being
participate in by his pastor, rev. F.W. Harrop, and every minister in the
city, whose social visits he had so much enjoyed and appreciated in life. 
There is sadness in the hearts of those who loved and cared for him, but
there is also submission to God's will in releasing the frail body from its
physical pain.  They should not grieve for we know that he had "set his house
in order," and feel sure that he could have voiced the sentiment of the
following beautiful lines:  Now, like a weary traveler, That leaneth on his
guide, Amid the shades of evening, While sinks life's lingering sand, I hail
the glory dawning, From Immanuel's land.  My Lord says "Come up hither," My
Lord says, "Welcome home"  My kingly King at His white throne, My presence
doth command, Where glory, glory dwelleth, In Immanuel's land.  I shall sleep
sound in Jesus, Filled with His likeness rise, To love and to adore Him, To
See Him with these eyes; 'Tween me and resurrection But Paradise doth stand,
Then - then for glory, dwelling In Immanuel's land (contributed).

Joshua Jones, Former Pulaskian, Will Locate in Haiti, Where He Buys 7,000
Acres.  The Danville Messenger had the following article about Mr. Joshua
Jones, a former Pulaskian:  Mr. Joshua Jones, local capitalist, who recently
returned from a prospecting trip through Cuba, Haiti and San Domingo and
other islands of the West Indies Group, has announced that he will organize a
colony of local citizens to locate in Haiti, where he purchased 7,000 acres
of land.  He believes Haiti is the most desirable field for the home builder
and settler.  He spent several months on the island and found the residents
as a rule, courteous and well behaved, although in the jungle section the
inhabitants are practically uncivilized.  Mr. Jones says the climate of Haiti
is ideal.  There is only 15 degrees difference between the summer and winter
temperatures and vegetation grows prolifically throughout the year.  He says
that the growing of sugar cane is one of the chief industries, although corn,
rice and cotton are grown in many sections.  He expects to grow almost all
crops, except wheat.  The land is very rich and the soil is deep and grows
the crops to a prolific yield.  Farms under good fence sell at $2.50 an
acres, but some of the unimproved land can be bought at 25 cents an acre. 
Mr. Jones purchased 7,000 acres of the unimproved land and fenced the
property before leaving the island.  Several local citizens have already made
application to join his colony and he expects soon to have as many families
ready to move to the island as will be required to cultivate the land.  A
number of big cane mills and sugar factories are located in the vicinity of
his property and a ready market is at hand for all the sugar cane that can be
grown.  Hon. Thomas P. Reed of this city was with Mr. Jones for some time,
but sailed home several weeks ahead.  Mr. Jones expects to spend much of his
time on his plantation, but will, of course, continue to call Danville his
home.  He moved to Danville from Lincoln County, where he was formerly
engaged in the hemp growing business on a very large scale.  For several
years he was the largest hemp grower in the Bluegrass country.

Fish - Sharp.  Mr. Oscar Sharp of Stearns, Ky., and Miss George Fish, of
Somerset, were quietly married at the home of the bride's parents on College
St. last Saturday morning.  Only a few friends of the family were present. 
Immediately following the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Sharp left for Stearns, Ky.,
where they will make their home.  Mrs. Sharp is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John Fish and has been a valued employee of the Gainesboro Telephone Co.  Mr.
Sharp is a prominent young business man of Stearns.

Adams to Run.  Friends of Napier Adams are giving out the information that he
has decided to make the race for County judge next year against R.C. Tartar,
the present Judge, who will seek re-election.  They say that Mr. Adams has
received many delegations from all sections of the county who have urged him
to make the race.  Friends of Judge Tartar are trying to get him to run for
State Senator, but so far he has turned a deaf ear to their plea and will see
re-election to the office he now holds.  The race promises to be a most
interesting one.

Buys Building.  Gover & Co., furniture dealers, purchased the business block
owned by the Farmers Union Supply Co., last Monday at public auction.  The
Farmers Union will continue in business at the same location and will rent
from the new owners.

There have been 256 robberies in Louisville in the last year against only 72
for the year before.

Kelley.  Dorothy Kelley, the four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. T.
Kelley, died at heir home on Griffin Ave. last Friday after a short illness. 
Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Montgomery of the First Christian
Church, Saturday afternoon at the home, and the body was taken to Washington,
Ind., for burial.

The parties who took sample cases from auto in front of High St. M.E. Church
Tuesday night are known and unless they return same to H.B. Newman, Kenwick
Hotel, or Silas West, they will be prosecuted.

For Sale.  House, 4 rooms, pantry, screened in back porch, lights, water,
good repair, cellar, coal hose, barn, corner lot 100X200 ft.  Price $2,500;
terms.  Frank Dowling, Phone 433. Box 385, Somerset, Ky.

Lost.  A white and red big pointer dog.  Last seen on Faubush Road.  Has
collar with my name on it.  $10.00 reward for his return.  If found ship
C.O.D. to me.  W.E. Simms, Spring Station, Ky.

Miss Desta Powers had a pie supper at her school at Pisgah last Saturday
night.  A fine program was rendered by the school and they collected more
than $50 for the sale of pies.

Card of Thanks.  I desire, through the columns of your paper, to express the
appreciation and gratitude of myself and family for all the kind and loving
thoughts of relatives, friends and neighbors and for the courtesy and
sympathy bestowed upon us in our recent bereavement.  Such deeds help to
lighten the burdens of mind and heart, and will ever have a place in our
memory.  (Signed) Mrs. Belle Gover.

W.H. Warren.  News of the death of Mr. W.H. Warren, which occurred at his
home near Somerset November 3, 1920, came as a shock to us.  Although he had
been ill for some time, his death was not expected so soon.  But the Lord
knoweth and doeth all things best.  Grandfather, as we all know, was a member
of the Clay Hill Baptist Church.  Always trying to do his Christian duty and
to point other souls heavenward.  Besides a grief-stricken wife, he leaves
eight children, as follows:  A.W., Marion, Robert, Henry, Ed Warren, and Mrs.
J.L. Meece of Pulaski County, and Mrs. M. Shadoan and Charles Warren of
Montana; three brothers, one sister and a host of friends and relatives to
mourn his departure.  Yet we weep not as those who have no hope. He has gone
from earth to glory, never to suffer nor to sigh; Ever to live with Christ
our Savior, Ever to sing His praise on High.  We will miss him, yes, we'll
miss him, But our loss is Heaven's gain; He has gone to that bright mansion,
ever with loved ones to remain.  There was an angel, band in Heaven, Which
was not quite complete, So the Savior called dear Grandpa, to fill a vacant
seat.  May we all prepare to meet him, On that bright and shining shore;
There to sing God's glorious praises, Together at home for evermore.  Anna
Price, a granddaughter, Danville, Ky.

Randall.  Jesse P. Randall, for a number of years a member of the Somerset
police force and well known over Pulaski County, died at his home on Central
Ave. last Thursday afternoon.  He was 63 years of age and had been in bad
health for a number of years.  The deceased was born and raised in Pulaski
County.  He was a member of the Christian Church and the funeral services
were conducted at the residence Friday afternoon by Rev. W.G. Montgomery,
pastor of the First Christian Church.  Interment followed in the City
Cemetery.  The services at the grave were conducted by the Knights of
Pythias.  He leaves a wife, four children and one sister.

Real Beer And Pretzels On Display In Museum.  Milwaukee, Nov. 17 - Real beer
has taken its place with the things that are extinct.  Two bottles of beer,
one dark and the other light, with a plate of large pretzels, have been
placed under a glass case and are on display at the Milwaukee Public Museum,
preserved for the gaze of future generations.

Saufley Chief of Western District.  Stanford, Ky. - H.R. Saufley, of this
place, was today appointed chief of the Western District of Kentucky,
succeeding U.G. McFarland, transferred to the Eastern District.  Saufley was
a captain in the Eastern District, and as such had done much dangerous work
as a raider in the mountains.  He is a son of the late Judge M.C. Saufley and
is rated as a very fine officer, disciplinarian and a worker with unflinching

For Sale - Seven pigs, weight about 40 lbs. each.  Frank Dowling, Phone 433.
Box 385, Somerset, Ky.

Lots of Money.  The statements of the four national banks in Pulaski County
shows that they have on deposit over $2,688,000.00.  Not so bad, eh?

Fingers Shot Off.  Ben Barnette of Norwood, a nephew of M.E. Barnette, rural
mail carrier, shot three of his fingers and thumb off the other day while out
hunting.  He is assistant carrier to Mr. Barnette.

Long Service.  M.E. Barnette, mail carrier on Route 1, has been making the
rounds for fifteen years.  This month is his fifteenth anniversary and during
that time he has been off duty very little.  There are only twelve families
now living on the route that were there when Mr. Barnette started carrying
the mail.  Mr. Barnette is very popular with every one on the route.

With Cumberland Grocery.  Mr. Edward Baute has accepted a position with the
Cumberland Grocery Company of this city, and he has entered upon his duties. 
Mr. Baute has been living in Lexington for the past several years.  He is a
splendid young man and will make this institution a valuable man.

Andrews Resigns.  Mr. Dan Andrews, who has been with the Ford Garage for some
time, has resigned and returned to the Southern Railway shops where he has
his old position.  Raymond Day, who has jut completed an automobile course in
Detroit, Mich., is now with the Ford people.

Good Paper.  Rev. J.M. Harmon made the Journal force feel mighty good this
week when he dropped in and handed us his renewal and said, "I have always
taken every paper that has ever been published in Somerset, but I want to say
that the Journal is the best newspaper that has ever been published here. 
You give all the news and the right kind."

Irregularities In Eleventh Shown.  Laborers Hauled From Voting Place To
Voting Place Is Charged.  Pineville, Ky. - Interesting disclosures have been
made here of some of the alleged fraudulent and illegal practices uncovered
by agents of the Department of Justice which helped roll up the abnormal
Republican majority in the Eleventh Congressional District.  Following
preliminary work, a request was made for a special crew of investigators and
these are expected daily.  Their work probably will consume six weeks or
more.  Various illegalities have been found in the preliminary probe.  In
scores of precincts persons were voted who never went near the polls.  Many
aliens and person under age were voted.  In one instance the wife of an
election officer was o he poll book as having voted.  She signed an affidavit
to the effect that she did not go to the polls.  A naturalization certificate
belonging to a Greek was changed in an effort to hide his identity after he
had voted.  It was revealed that a man in one of the Harlan mining camps was
paid $50 a day for trucks in which he hauled laborers from voting place to
voting place.  In one voting place, 1,114 votes were cast and the tally
sheets showed that only five of this number were valid.  Harding received 972
and Cox 142.

Marriage Licenses.  The following marriage licenses have been issued during
the past week:  John S. Smiley, 22, to Sarah S. Petrey, 15; Robert H. Heath,
30, to Leatha Hansford, 20; Charlie Tucker, 21, to Pearlie Hargis, 21; Ira
Dalton, 18, to Bessie Stigall, 16; James F. Adams, 31, to Telitha Ashley, 30;
George Sidney Webb, 24, to Lela Ana Bastin, 26; Oscar L. Sharp, 22, To
Georgia Fish, 22; Nep Meece, 23, to Maggie Childers, 17; Wm. H. Robinson, 19,
to Laura M. Hargis, 18.

Hospital News.

Mrs. Boyd, who had a tumor removed, has returned to her home.

Mr. Harvey Johnson, who has been suffering with an abscess, returned to his
home last Friday.

Mr. Arthur Merritt of Eubank had a very serious operation performed on his
foot Tuesday.

Mr. Omer Hatfield who has been suffering with a broken lib, is getting along
very nicely.

Dr. Warren brought Benjamin Barnett last Thursday with a very badly shot
hand.  He had to have all his fingers but one amputated.  The accident
happened to young Barnett while he was out hunting.

Mr. Bert Kiser who had a very badly mashed foot and had one toe amputated is
getting along very nicely.

Mr. Chester Hurt is still in a very serious condition.

Mrs. Wm. Johnson is getting along nicely and will return home soon.

Mrs. Henry Baisley is doing fine and will return to her home in a few days.

Miss Opal Cain has been very sick for several days.

Glen Hines spent several days at home last week.

Personal Mention.

Mrs. Hammell, nurse at the Gamblin Hospital, Burnside, has returned to her
home after nursing Miss Eva Warriner at Seventy-Six, Ky.

Misses Annie and Hattie May of Danville are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Woodson

W.D. Gover has returned from a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lewis at
Rockingham, Texas.

Mr. Clifford Day spent several days in Lexington last week attending the
state meeting of Odd Fellows.

Col. Joe H. Gibson is spending the day in Lexington attending the Shrine
banquet and initiation.

News has been received here that Lieutenant Charles Smith has been appointed
a Lieutenant in the regular army and has been sent to Camp Benning, Ga., to
attend school. He does not know where his permanent station will be.

Miss Barthenia Sallee is spending the Thanksgiving holidays in Danville.

A. Goldenberg is in Cincinnati today to visit his wife and baby.   Mrs.
Goldenberg is expected home in about two weeks.

General Manager J.N. Cox, of the Gainesboro Telephone Co., has been in the
city this week. Before leaving for home Wednesday, Mr. Cox authorized an
increase in salary for all employees of the company.

Mrs. John Slessinger has been in a hospital in Cincinnati for the past two
weeks where she underwent an operation for eye trouble.  She is getting along
nicely and will be able to return home shortly.

R.B. Waddle is confined to his home suffering from blood poisoning in his

Chester Smith is at home on account of the illness of his father, Mr. Geo.

R.B. Waddle returned from Ashland, Ky., last Saturday where he went to confer
with officials of an Eastern Kentucky gas company about the purchase of the
output of three gas wells of the Pu-John Oil Company.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keel of Chattanooga, Tenn., were the guests this week of
Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Cassada.

Mr. Levi Surber is quite ill at this home on College St.

Mr. and Mrs. V.P. smith and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Waddle and children will spend
today in Lexington.  They will be met there by Mrs. John Bowser of Winchester
and they will enjoy Thanksgiving at the LaFayette Hotel.

The Elks Lodge will entertain with a dance Friday night in their club rooms. 
Many out of town visitors are expected.

Mrs. J.A. Cassada and children will spend Thanksgiving with her parents in
Dayton, Ohio.

Miss Bert Roberts returned Monday from Chattanooga, Tenn., where she was
called on account of the illness of her brother-in-law, Mr. Lucian Grear.

Miss Stella Bryant will spend Thanksgiving in Danville.  Miss Mary Katherine
Turpen, of High Bridge, will return with her Friday and be her guest for a
few days.

Miss Mary Roberts is at home from Maryville, Tenn., for the Thanksgiving

Little Miss Ernestine Hiett spent last weekend with relatives in Burnside.

Messrs Alvin Dikeman and Farris Dill are in Louisville today.

Misses Bessie Healey and Marietta Farrell are spending the Thanksgiving
holidays in Lexington and Danville.

Mr. Andrew A. Baute, Jr., who is attending school at Notre Dame University
will spend the Thanksgiving holidays in Chicago with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Bryant of Roberta, Tenn., were in Somerset Tuesday.

William Rainwater has been discharged from the army and is at home.  He has
been located at Camp Travis, Texas.

Miss Eva Warriner of Seventy-Six, Ky., who has been down with typhoid fever
for the past forty days, is now able to be up.

Mrs. M.E. Burton is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. T.V. Ferrell, and
her son, M.E. Burton, at Ferguson.

Mr. Oliver R. Carrithers, manager of Stearns farms and orchards, was in
Somerset on Tuesday on business for the Stearns Post, American Legion.

Mr. W.A. Wroe is in Louisville today attending the big Shrine initiation.

Mrs. Wm. Cosby left today to spend several days in Danville with friends.

Misses Helen Higgins, Grace Propst and Anna Laura Smith spent the weekend in

Misses Mabel Clark and Grace Propst spent Thursday in Lexington and attended
the ball game.

Miss Ola Jenkins will spend the weekend in Lexington and attend the ball

Miss Edythe Ashurst will spend the weekend in Lexington and her sister, Ruth,
at State College, and attend the ball game.

Miss Fannie Eillis of Danville spent several days the guest of Miss Lillian

Miss Bertie Owens and Mrs. O.D. Goodloe will spend several days in Louisville
next week.

Little Miss Blanch Burke is visiting the family of J.C. Rhodes in Danville.

Mr. Clay Miller left yesterday to spend several days with his family in Mt.

The many friends of Mr. C.A. Hurt will be glad to know that he is some better
and there seems to be hopes for his recovery.

Mr. A.D. Collins of Lexington, well known and popular traveling salesman, was
in town Tuesday.

Mr. J. Colson McKeehan returned from Seventy-Six, Ky., this week, where he
has been visiting the family of J.A. Warriner.

Dr. W.R. Cundiff and family of Stearns stopped off here last Friday en route
home after attending meeting of Southern Medical Association at Louisville.

Burnside News.  Mr. and Mrs. John Sloan, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sloan and Mr. and
Mrs. L.M. Cheely attended the funeral of Bourne Gover Sunday in Somerset …
J.M. Dugger is in Crossville, Tenn., this week on business …  Mr. and Mrs.
Ambrose Dudley of Pleasantville, were the Thanksgiving guests of Mrs. G.S.
Dudley and family …. Dr. and Mrs. N.D. Stigall and daughter are visiting
relatives in Dayton this week … J.H. Selvidge was in Somerset Sunday … Mrs.
A.G. Jones and Mrs. J.H. Selvidge were in Somerset shopping Tuesday … Mr. and
Mrs. J.M. Kerns are visiting relative at Albany, Ky.

Grade.  Martha Brinson, Nora Brinson, Mary C. Slavy were visiting W.G.
Brinson at Somerset a part of last week … Born, to the wife of Chas. Baker, a
boy, November 20 … Miss Vada Bolton of Somerset is visiting S.G. Ping …
Several from here have been attending the protracted meeting at Clay Hill …
The two months old baby of Ed Mounce died near Ruth P.O., and was  brought to
White Lily for burial Saturday … Eva and Leacy Mounce, Nora Hargis were
visiting Marie Hines Sunday evening … Emma Baker is staying with her brother,
Chas. Baker, at Colo for a few days.

Ingle.  Everett Cain and Miss Parthenia Anderson were married Tuesday
evening. Rev. Aaron Wilson performed the ceremony … Willie Delk and Mann
Adams trade milk cows Tuesday … Mr. S.V. Kissee purchased a fine milk cow
from Mr. Silas Daws Wednesday … Mr. Henry Gilpin bought six head of calves
from Mr. L.G. Foster and Mr. A.C. Kissee for about $76 … Starling Atkins has
moved his grist mill to Ingle … Mr. Henry Gilpin purchased 37 head of hogs
for $402 from O.L. Coffey, S.V. Kissee and Dan Wilson Thursday … Arch
Davenport traded a fine heifer to B. Gossett for a milk cow Friday … Mr. Sid
Beasley is building a new house … W.J. Johnson is in this part building
chimneys … The five sons of Mr. Louis Cain returned home from Illinois …
Mrs. Bannie McGound was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Royson Thursday night
.. Mrs. Floy Kissee and Mrs. Elizabeth Allen are no better at this time … Mr.
Dick Kissee is no better … Omer and Parker Garner have returned home from

Soules Chapel.   Mr. Ralph Smith went to Stanford Friday … Mr. C.T. Cundiff
killed a nice calf on Thursday … Mr. Brady Smith and Janie Hansford visited
Miss Fannie Kenney Sunday afternoon … Miss Mag Eldridge and a friend called
on Katherine King Sunday afternoon … Mr. Wade Gover visited Marshall Cundiff
Sunday … Mr. C.B. McDowell was out looking over his farm Sunday … Mr. Taylor
McGahan is home from Cincinnati where he has been working … Miss Fannie Gragg
spent the weekend at home from Saline … Mr. Leonard Meece was confined to his
room Sunday on account of a sore neck … Mr. Hargis and family have moved to
Mr. Riley Smith's place … Mrs. John Walker spent the day with Mrs. Bratcher
Gragg last week trying to get a load of coal … Miss Fae Garland has been
visiting for the past week.

Pumpkin Hollow.  Church has closed here owing to the bad weather …. The wife
and sister of Otis Waddle, of Somerset, are spending Thanksgiving week with
their grandmother, Mrs. J. Hughes … Miss Dina Cooper and sister Mrs. Geo.
Baker, of Detroit, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Godby Sunday … Mrs.
Jerry Hughes called on her daughter Mrs. A. Phelps Monday … We are having
some rain here in "Pumpkin" … Mr. and Mrs. D.T. Cooper were the Sunday guests
of Mrs. H. Barnes … D. Richardson visited his grandmother yesterday … Mrs.
Susie Godby and sons spent the week end with her mother of Alcalda … Mrs.
Olive Richardson and little son Merrill were guests of Miss Grace Haynes
Sunday .. Mr. and Mrs. Huber Smith will make their future home in West
Virginia … Among those present at the candy party at Mrs. Clara Hughes were
Miss Lola Waddle, of Connersville, Ind., Mrs. Gertrude Barnes of Detroit, and
Mrs. Leona Mae Waddle of Somerset. 

Soules Chapel.  Gathering corn is the order of the day … Mrs. Arthur Gragg
gave a dinner in honor of her sister, Mag Eldridge.  Those present were
Misses Katherine King, Nora Meece, Fanna Kenney, Messrs Leonard Meece, Harry
Yahnig, Byron Large and Bradley Smith … Miss Lora Hinkle visited her
grandfather Saturday night … Mr. I.P. Harmon had a cotton cleaning Saturday
night … Mr. Ed Vanhook visited his grandfather Mr. John Price Sunday … Mrs.
Talley spent Tuesday with Mrs. T.L. King .. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hail have
moved to Danville … There will be quarterly meeting at this place next
Sunday, the 28th … Mr. Jack Gover has been grading tobacco for Mr. S.B. Smith
… Mr. Ralph Smith went to Crab Orchard Saturday … Mrs. Ross Hubble visited
her mother Mrs. Murphy last week.

Mt. Zion.  Rev. Bishop Wesley filled his regular appointment at Mt. Zion
Sunday and Sunday night … Jack Wesley and family visited Mrs. Sarah Baugh
Saturday and Sunday .. J.H. Abbott and family have moved back from Cincinnati
to make this their home .. T.E. Godby was in Somerset Saturday on business …
Rev. Marion Baugh and son attended church Sunday … Miss Goldie Richardson and
Lela Wesley visited Myrtle Vaught Sunday … T.E. Godby went to Liberty Monday
on business … Tom Correll traded T.E. Godby a fine team of horses for a team
of mules … Miss Nora Baugh is no better at this writing … Mrs. Bettie Lester
is still improving … Mrs. Stacie Godby visited her father Sunday night .. Mr.
Harvey Lester has a very sore hand at this writing.

Pulaski.  Miss Gertrude Vaught spent the weekend with relatives at Science
Hill … John Correll and John Hammond, of Correll, Ky., were guests of David
Correll, Thursday night … Mrs. F.D. Loveless who is ill at the home of her
son, Lee Loveless, is improving … Misses Odessa and Ethel Correll were guests
of Misses Lou and Hettie Vanover Sunday afternoon … Miss Wagie Tyree of
Cincinnati who is visiting in this country, was the guest of Miss Betty Hamm
Saturday … Mr. and Mrs. Ovie Pike of Waynesburg, who have been visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Hamm, returned home Saturday … Mrs. H.C. Long and
Miss Earl Bailey of Tennessee, who have been visiting their parents here,
have returned home … Miss Betty Hamm spent the weekend with homefolks … Miss
Mattie Clark and Ora Wilder ran away to Tennessee last Sunday and were united
in marriage.  They have the best wishes of their many friends.

Acorn.  J.J. McDonald was called to Somerset Saturday on a business
transaction … Bessie McDonald is staying at Acorn with Vanloe McDonald's wife
while he is in Kansas at work … Horse shoe pitching is the latest fad in
Acorn … People in Burdine are trying to sell stock since the stock law

Sweeney's Chapel.  Rev. Wells filled his regular appointment here Sunday …
Lewis Vaught and Eugene Fugate returned from Moville, Iowa, where they had
been at work … Rev. Crow of Camp Ground has purchased the A.D. Reid farm ..
Lucille Vaught attended church at Somerset Sunday night .. Mrs. Mack Aker,
Mrs. Geo. Aker and children and Mrs. Raymond Aker visited Florida Davidson's
last week … Beulah Hubble and Jennie Cundiff attended the church at Camp
Ground Saturday night .. Cora Keyes spent the weekend with homefolks …. Mr.
Hawk of Tennessee has moved to the farm he bought from Joe Russell … L.
Whitaker has moved his stock of goods to the May stand near Eden … Joe
Russell has purchased a farm at Eubank and is preparing to move to it soon …
Ben Barnett accidentally shot himself last Thursday in the hand.  It was
necessary for his thumb and three fingers to be amputated … Mrs. Will Keyes
and baby of Sloans Valley are visiting Mr. Keyes mother, Mrs. L.G. Keyes …
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hubble visited her parents on Sunday … Nettie Williams and
daughters Alice and Geneva of Crab Orchard visited at Harrison Williams last
week … Virgil Reid of Danville visited homefolks Sunday.

Ansel.  Sister Bruner will preach at Wilson Chapel Sunday and Sunday night,
November 28 .. Mack Wesley and wife spent last weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Theo
Adams … Frank Smith and wife assisted Walter Shadoan Saturday and Sunday ..
Lillian Smith spent Sunday night with Mrs. E. Vaught .. Mrs. Dorothy Wilson
is visiting her father Eubert Wesley this week … Geo . Elliott and family
spent Friday night with Chas. Elliott .. Mrs. Albert Campbell is visiting her
father W.T. Cox of Science Hill and attending the revival at the Nazarene

Mangum.  Mr. T.I. Loveless visited his son, Clifford Loveless, Sunday .. Mr.
Acton Barber and wife were guests of Johnson Dick Sunday … John F. Dick went
to Somerset Saturday on business .. Milliard Dick and family visited R.A.
Blevins Saturday night and Sunday … Louis Waters and family were the guests
of Hugh Barber Sunday.

Beech Grove.  Revs. Godby and Shadoan are holding a few days meeting at
Bethlehem .. Chas. Roysdon and family visited at Chas. Godby's Saturday night
.. Will Irvine was the Sunday evening guests of Mary Phelps … Claud Abbott
was the Sunday guest of Howard Dodson .. Mitchell Butt was the guest of
Beatrice Wesley Sunday .. Rev. Miller filled his regular appointment at this
place Sunday … Little Eva Godby is visiting her grandparents Mr. and Mrs.
Godby .. Greeny Loveless and wife of Pulaski visited at Walter Dodson's
Sunday night … Carthel Abbott took dinner with Lilburn Hall Sunday .. Isaac
Marsee and family of Piney Grove spent the weekend with Water Dodson and
family … Mary Phelps who is spending a few months with her aunt, Mrs. Mary
Cox, of Somerset, spent Saturday night and Sunday with homefolks .. Miss Lida
May of Pulaski is spending a few days at the home of Mr. Ratliff and
attending church at Bethlehem … Arling Jasper and family visited Ross Phelps
and family one night last week.

Clear Fork.  There will be an entertainment at Clear Fork school house
Thanksgiving Day. Everybody invited to come … Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eubank
visited at M.N. Ingram's Sunday … Mrs. N.B. Singleton of this neighborhood is
visiting her niece Mrs. Percie Martin at McKinney … Mr. and Mrs. Jess Haught
visited at Geo. Murry's Sunday … Carol Gooch of Clear Fork has moved to a
farm near Cuba and likes his new home fine … Mr. E.E. Vanover's little eight
months old baby has been very ill for the past few weeks but is improving
slowly … Mrs. Carol Gooch visited at Richard Eubank's Thursday.

Slate Branch.  Rev. Abbott is on the sick list .. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wright
visited at Delmar Sunday … George Simpson spent Friday night with Dan Smith
.. Miss Pearl Vaught spent Saturday night and Sunday with homefolks … John
Johnson visited his sister Saturday evening … Malinda Ashbrook visited Robert
Mill's on Friday afternoon … James Daulton has moved to Harrison Cook's
place; also Ben Girdler to Jack Edward's place … Misses Millie and Oval
Humble visited their sister here Sunday and attended church here … Mrs. Belle
Jones and Mrs. Coleman Jones visited Grant Taylor Sunday … Mr. and Mrs.
William Turpin and wife of Nancy visited Dan Smith's Saturday night and

Pisgah.  Mrs. Eliza Coffee of Stanford visited her brother R.B. Rhoten last
week … Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Leese of Ferguson visited her mother Saturday …
Mr. and Mrs. James Hudson of Somerset spent the weekend at Waitsboro … Mrs.
Eliza Coffee, Mrs. R.B. Rhoten and children and D.S. Rhoten motored to
Pulaski on Monday and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Casada … Harry
Bobbitt spent the weekend with Raymond Stigall … Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Heaton and
children, Mr. and Mrs. Everet Gholson and little son, Melvin, Misses Sallie
Bryant, Cassie Jordon, Ora, Maud and Evelyn Frisbie and Mr. James Bryant
visited at the home of D.S. Claunch Sunday … Miss Evelyn Tibbals visited Miss
Evelyn Vaughn Saturday evening … Mr. and Mrs. Wagner Reese of Norwood, Mrs.
Lula Frisbie and Mrs. Nan Gholson were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. E.S.
Heaton … Geo. Stigall of Bronston spent Saturday night with Bill White … Mr.
and Mrs. R.B. Rhoten and children, Mr. and Mrs. Burnett Rhoton and baby
visited Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mayfield of Oak Hill Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Curtis and children spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.B. Vaughn …
Logan Casada, of Pulaski, spent Saturday night with James Tucker … Mr. and
Mrs. George Waddle, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Waddle, and baby and Mr. and Mrs. Bill
Jones were Sunday guests of Sam Waddle … Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Thompson and
baby visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lair Saturday night and Sunday ..
The pie supper at Pisgah was a success in every way.  The proceeds amounted
to $53.70.

Oak Hill.  Our business meeting will be changed from the first Saturday and
Sunday to the third Saturday and Sunday on account of our pastor, Rev. W.
Reece .. Mr. and Mrs. John Tucker spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Steve Casada, of Pulaski .. Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Jones
visited Mr. and Mrs. Heineche Sunday afternoon … Bradford and Logan Casada
spent Saturday night with James Tucker … Myrtle Bogle and Mae Frisbie spent
Saturday night with Mrs. B.C. Gholson … Our Sunday School is progressing
nicely .. Quite a number of young folks visited Ova and Oscar Casada Sunday
.. Rev. W. Reece and wife visited Mr. and Mrs. Heaton Sunday  .. We have been
having cold weather here.

Hogue.  Mr. Finley Adams of this place and Miss Telitha Ashley of Pleasant
Hill were married Sunday at the home of the bride.  We wish them a long and
happy life .. Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Hall of Mangum spent Sunday with his sister,
Mrs. Marion Godby and family … Miss Gola Dick was a Saturday night and Sunday
guest of her cousin Laura Dick of Bethlehem … Most of the farmers here are
through gathering corn .. Mr. D. Dick and family visited at Walter Shadoan's
last Saturday night and Sunday … Mrs. Rutherford Adams and sons were Sunday
visitors at A.J. Adams … Mr. James Randolph, who has been sick for some time,
is no better at this writing … Mr. Marion Godby and family visited at the
home of J.D. Hall of Mangum Sunday night .. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Pitman and
daughter of Cincinnati are visiting his father Enoch Pitman and family …
Several from here attended the singing at King Bee Sunday … Miss Malinda
Adams visited Nellie Jasper on Sunday night.

Waterloo.  Mrs. Dica Schoolcraft and baby visited at A.W. Rainwater's Monday
night … Clarence Rainwater is visiting his sister Mrs. A. Jasper of Beech
Grove … Leslie Bray is ill with pneumonia .. Dica Schoolcraft visited Livonia
Dick on Tuesday night .. Audrey Rainwater visited her sister, Loretta Doss
Saturday night .. Vola Maukins visited his sister on Thursday night.

Etna.  Farmers of this community are very busy getting wood, gathering corn
and many other things too numerous to mention … Rev. Crow will preach here
Saturday night and Sunday … Rev. J.C. Wheeldon filled his appointment at
Sardis in Casey County Saturday night and Sunday … W.A. Measel went to see
his brother-in-law Isaac Acton Sunday, who is very sick … Mrs. W.A. Measel
and children spent Sunday at Reuben Surber's … W.G. Hendricks and family
spent Sunday at Joe Watson's … I.E. Payne and family of Eubank were the
Saturday night and Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Payne .. E.W. Doolin
and wife, C.M. Hendricks and wife were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Everet Bishop … Mrs. Louis Cope is on the sick list .. Jewel Payne is quite
sick at present … J.C. Wheeldon shipped a bunch of turkeys Monday .. Fred and
Hye Kerr made a trip to Virginia last week to see their parents.

Catherine.  Mr. Jack Otcern fell and it is thought he broke his leg … Mrs.
Elmary Whitson is improving fast at this time from a long sick spell … The
pie supper was carried out very nicely and the pies sold from 25 to 50 cents
each.  They had some few dialogues which were very good.  There was a large
attendance … Frank Otcern is gathering corn at A.M. Wilson's this week …
Louis Rainwater visited Fount Wilson's Friday night … Oscar Pitman visited
his brother, Alfred Pitman Friday and Saturday … Mr. T.L. Pitman has moved in
his new dwelling … Mr. Will Pitman bought ten barrels of corn at $3 per
carrel .. Arch Davenport swapped cows Friday … Tilman Otcern swapped a milk
cow to David Butcher for a span of yearling mules … Silas Roy and wife
visited John Dawse Wednesday.

Nancy.  We are having some rainy weather … Misses Eva Baker of Delmar and
Oggie Lester called on Mrs. G. Whitmore Sunday … Mr. Elihu Garlen's have
moved on Mr. Tuck Lester's farm this year … Mr. and Mrs. G. Whitmore and son
called on Mr. Otto Smith's on Sunday night … Everyone has colds around here
at this writing.

Piney Grove.  Mr. G. Coyler will leave next week for Lexington .. Argala
Collins of Indiana, is visiting her mother Mrs. C. Collins .. Archie Mofield
returned from Cincinnati Sunday .. Audrey Rainwater visited her sister
Saturday night .. Beecher Foster visited his aunt Loretta Doss Saturday

Cave Hill.  Miss Valina Beck who has been sick for some time, is better … A
large crowd from here attended the singing at Buncombe Sunday … Ezra Smith
and wife spent Sunday afternoon at Chas. Elliott's … Among the visitors at
W.S. Wilson's Sunday were Lillian Smith, J.D. Sipples and wife and Mrs.
Flonie Roberts and children … Mr. and Mrs. D. McDonald visited her father, M.
Higgins, Saturday night … Millard Wesley, wife and daughter, Jewell, called
on Elmer Burton Sunday afternoon … Shedrick Blevins and family spent Sunday
at John Burton's … Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Estes and children spent Sunday
afternoon with her father, G.S. Smith … Milton Higgins and wife visited at D.
McDonald's Sunday … Edgar Spears and wife of Bethelridge spent last Sunday at
Elmer Burton's … The singing closes at Buncombe next Sunday evening.

Velber.  Mrs. Jane Roberts and little girl, Evelyn, of Monticello, visited
their father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Dye, Friday until Sunday … Miss
Helen Irvine visited Miss Martha Adams of Mt. Hope Saturday night and Sunday …
 Miss Stella Irvine visited Miss Zelma Compton Saturday night .. Miss Zelma
Compton was the guest of Miss Minnie Wesley last Saturday night and Sunday.

Elrod.  Mrs. Harvey Poynter and daughter of Crab Orchard, have been visiting
relatives near Elrod … Mr. Eli Saylor had a sale and sold his personal
property Wednesday, Nov. 17th … Miss Grace Randolph visited Tell Randolph
Wednesday night .. Mr. Andy Anderson and wife visited his brother, Mr. John
Anderson, Friday night … Mr. Whitaker has moved from Valley Oak to Doc
Farley's property … Mr. Jessie has just completed a well at G.T. Randolph's
and has now moved his machinery to Bob Catron's to drill a well … Miss Grace
Randolph and Mr. Brinkley Latham were the Sunday evening guests of Mr. John
Anderson's .. Miss Sallie Mae Bumgardner spent Sunday with Miss Byrl Poynter …
 Mr. Stanley Farmer and wife and Miss Sallie Ledford visited at Mr. G.M.
Carter's Sunday … Mr. G.L. Bumgardner and family and Mrs. Lydia Bumgardner
and daughter Marie called on Mr. J.T. Randolph's Sunday.

Science Hill.  Delmar Baugh spent Saturday night with his grandmother, Sarah
Baugh, of Mt. Zion .. Brother and Sister C.C. Childers arrived here on last
Thursday to sing for the revival at the Nazarene Church … Miss Thelma Hines
is mingling with relatives and friends form her school at Trevacco College ..
Mrs. Tom Hines is suffering from a rising in the palm of her fight hand …
Rev. B.M. Wesley filled his appointment at Mt. Zion last Sunday and Sunday
night … Some from here attended church at Mt. Zion Sunday … Alex Higgins of
Eubank was a visitor of his brother-in-law J.C. Adams last Thursday night.


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