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The Somerset Journal

Somerset, Ky., Friday, November 14, 1919.

Hunting Season Opens Nov. 15.  Quail Scarce But Rabbits Are Plentiful - Limit
to "Bag."  When the quail and rabbit hunting season opens on Saturday,
November 15th, nimrods not only of Pulaski county, but of the entire state
will take to the fields with gun and dog.  Reports from the county indicate
that while quail for some unaccountable reason are scarce, rabbits are
unusually  plentiful.  In many portions of the State quail are reported to
have increased in numbers because of the open winter last year and the fact
that the car took men from their hunting.  The season is already open on
ducks and jack snipe, having opened on September 16.  It will continue to
December 31, except is the case of the squirrel season, which opened July 1
and will close December 16.  The season is closed on doves.  While there is
no limit to the rabbit "bag," no more than twelve quail may be brought down
at one shooting.  Twenty-five is the bag limit on ducks and jack snipes. 
There is no bag limit on rabbits.

Woman With Long Record of Crimes Caught in Kansas.  (By Associated Press) 
Oklahoma City, July 15. - One of the most troublesome problems United States
marshals and sheriffs of the southwest have had to contend with in recent
years promises to be indefinitely postponed through the arrest recently at
Muskogee or Maybelle Fanning, or as she is perhaps better known "Peggy
Willard."  Police and Bertillion records give her aliases as follows:  Lena
Jackson, Dorothy West, Mrs. R.L. Green, Mrs. Bronson, and Mrs. Donnelly. 
Peggy's open boast has been that the law would never be able to keep her
behind iron bars, and thus far it hasn't.  Peggy incidentally, has confessed
to attempted murder, petty and grand larceny, diamond thieving, boot-legging
and white slavery.  James Findlay, of the United States bureau of
investigation, avers the young woman has developed her "profession" to the
highest degree.  Police of various Texas cities insist, in written
communications to Muskogee, that she paid a Texas lawyer $500 a week to
insure bond and freedom.  Peggy was first convicted of felony May 25, 1912. 
Police assert her "haul" of diamonds, her favorite plunder, amounted to
$100,000 on that occasion.  She was paroled August 6, 1912, but later was
apprehended on old indictments and sent back to the state prison.  April 19,
1913, she was sentenced to three years more, charged with assaulting with
attempt to kill Lee Simonds, a Texas sheriff.  She obtained her freedom by
promising to testify against an alleged accomplice in this case.  Her pardon
was granted but she refused to testify after being released.  She was tried
on the white slavery charge in Oklahoma City in May, 1917.  Shortly after
arriving at McAlester state penitentiary she made an appeal bond and obtained
freedom again.  She remained at liberty until a few weeks ago when she was
incarcerated at Muskogee on a charge of stealing automobile tires at Vinita. 
Through a jail employee's error she escaped again.  June 29, Inspector
Findlay received a message from Coffeyville, Kansas, informing him that
Maybelle Fanning and her six aliases had been arrested.  She is awaiting
trial on the auto tire charge at Muskogee.  Peggy Willard is about 28 years
old.  She is well educated and has been credited with being pretty enough to
be attractive.

Notes and Comments.

What has become of the fall of Petrograd?

Some men who think they are out for statesmen are in the wrong pew.

The hunting season opens and the Aninias club shows steady growth.

The Japanese are reported to be critical over the peace terms.  Is there
anybody that isn't?

D'Annucio's army has been reported as shooting up each other.  Who's worrying
over that?

One cause for the high price of everything is the fact that the world is
playing hookey.

A Maine jury has convicted a public speaker of blasphemy.  It is the first
conviction in modern times.

Real Americans who want a job can find one when they learn that ten million
Americans of the age of ten years and over cannot read or write.

Forty thousand people are reported starved to death in Petrograd.  We thought
they were fed up on Bolshevism.

It's getting worse.  A Pasadena preacher wrote a novel during the summer and
last Sunday he read it to his congregation in place of a sermon.

France has declared herself dependent upon our coal supply this winter.  Just
when we had a strike on our hands too.

A Maryland bell-hop recently bought an automobile on tips.  Prior to this he
bought a home, a cheaper car and some stock.

One of the first martyrs to prohibition is a citizen of New Britain, Conn.,
who mashed off a finger while working a wine press.

Some Austrian is arguing that the United States went to war to save England. 
We might have gone to war for a worse cause?

You'd better be careful!  The second prohibition martyr,, and the third, died
in Camden, J.J., after drinking a bottle of home made alcoholic liquor last

The Italians at Fiume hissed the American flag, but so far as we know there
is no thought of asking the irresponsible to apologize.

It has been proposed that Constantinople be internationalized and made the
capital of the League of Nations.  We endorse the proposal.  It is the
linking doorway between the East and the West.

A forced gift of two dollars to a tramp nine years ago now results in a
bequest of $65,000 to Sarah Lindley, of Osage, Ind., so the papers say.  What
has become of the poor old transp we used to feed?

A girl worker in a New York factory recently won $10,000 offered as a prize
by a newspaper for the most beautiful woman in the city.  How would you like
to be a girl worker in a factory and win $10,000?

A missionary reports the most sensible Moslem sheik we have read of.  He
offers to swap the four wives that he has, under the Koran, for one American

Marshall Foch has reported the discovery of 40,000 Belgian freight cars in
Germany, and Belgium has sent experts to identify them.

Youngstown, Ohio, has ordered the city's attorney to prepare an ordinance
regulating air traffic over the town.  Who'll arrest the violators?

Personal Mention.

E.M. Pettus was in Cincinnati, Tuesday for the day.

Supt. C.M. Mitchell of Danville was in the city last Saturday.

Mr. A.J. Hammond of Louisville, Ky., is visiting friends in the city.

Mr. George Curd of Cincinnati, Ohio, attended the celebration last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Gover have returned from a several days trip to Louisville.

Mrs. A.W. Cain is visiting her daughter Mrs. R.E. Higgins at Abbott, Miss.

Mrs. Sophronia Perkins of Covington, Ky., is the guest of Mrs. T.M. Thatcher.

Ms. R.B. Waddle and daughter Mary Austin are spending several days in

Mr. and Mrs. Forest Sheneman are the proud parents of a son born Monday,
November 10th.

Mr. Dave Phelps, County Road Engineer in McCreary county, has been in the
city this week.

Dr. V.G. Trimble left last Sunday for Decatur, Ill., where he will locate for
the practice of his profession.

Attorney Ben D. Smith has returned from Columbia, Ky., and Richmond, where he
has been on legal business.

Governor-elect Edwin P. Morrow and family will occupy a box at the
Centre-State football game at Danville Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. William Clay Adams who have been living at Monticello, Ky., have
moved to Somerset for the winter.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Waddle will go to Danville today to be the guest of Miss
Lillian Cecil for the Center-State football game.

Mrs. C.H. Tartar and little grand daughter have returned home after a
pleasant visit with relatives in Russell Springs, Ky.

Captain Lawrence Brown is visiting home folks for a few days before sailing
for the Argentine Republic, where he will represent a large manufacturing

Ben D. Smith is in Campbellsville on business this week.

Sam Taylor of Science Hill was here Tuesday on business.

Policeman Robert Warren has been attending court at Richmond this week.

Dr. William Converse will locate in Somerset for the practice of dentistry.

Dr. and Mrs. T.L. Gamblin of Burnside were in Somerset last Saturday.

W.A. Moore spent a couple of days at Short Creek last week on business.

Mrs. J.W. Bell of Mankuto, Kan., is visiting her daughter Mrs. J.H. Coleman.

Born to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guffey a ten pound boy November 5th.

Mrs. G.P. Sallee has returned from an extended visit with her sister in
Chattanooga, Tenn.

The Somerset Chautauqua Club will meet with Miss Ida Tomlinson Saturday
afternoon at 2:30.

Mr. W.F. Daffron was down from Shelby City for a few days. He has just
recently purchased a mill there.

Mrs. A.O. Lewis has as her guest this week her old friend and school mate
Mrs. L.L. Patterson of Covington, Ky.

Rev. J.E. Hudson of Hogue has purchased the E.T. Wesley farm on the Stanford
pike and moved his family there.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schultz of Akron, Ohio, and Morris Goodloe, of Danville,
are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Owen D. Goodloe.

Mrs. Fannie Orwin and Miss Ada Zachary are in Moreland, being called there by
the serious illness of Mrs. Orwin's father.

Mr. L.A. Hill, boiler-maker at the Ferguson Shops, was called to Shreveport,
La., last week on account of the illness of his son.

Mrs. B.H. Buehler and daughter Miss Curtis, were here last Saturday to attend
the celebrations in honor of Governor-elect Edwin P. Morrow.

Miss Marguerett Farrell is visiting friends in Paris, Ky.

Mrs. Fred Kopenhoefer has returned from a visit to Cincinnati.

Hon. Ben V. Smith has returned from a business trip to Tennessee.

Mr. C.P. Portwood of Lexington was calling on our merchants last Saturday.

Virgil McClure of Lexington was calling on the merchants here this week.

Postmaster R.L. Brown has returned from a business trip to Tennessee.

Mrs. Martin Heap of Glenmary, Tenn., is visiting her niece Mrs. Claude Gover.

Fred Catron and Lewis Catchings are down from Lexington for a few days visit.

Tom Catron has returned to work at the First National Bank after a vacation
of a week.

Harry Speyer of Lexington was in the city Tuesday calling on some of our
business men.

Mr. S.H. Gooch has moved to the home he recently purchased in Longsworth

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ham left Wednesday for a visit with their daughter, Mrs.
Chas. Rankin of Crab Orchard.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Crocket are the proud parents of a baby girl - Pauline
Gibson - born November 8th.  Mother and baby doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Williams and Miss Barthenia Sallee will occupy a box at the
Center-State football game Saturday as the guest of Mr. George Joplin.

Messrs. M.L. Gover, D.E. Denton, and Rev. and Mrs. W.E. Hunter attended the
General Assembly of Kentucky Baptists at Georgetown this week.

T.E. Jasper, W.N. Flippin, Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Tustison, Mrs. Paul Dexheimer
and Prof. Mayfield attended the Somerset Hi ball game in Louisville last

Col. And Mrs. T.R. Griffin passed thru Somerset this week en route to St.
Petersburg, Fla., where they will spend several months with their son Major
T.R. Griffin, Jr.

Mr. Clarence Smith is expected in Somerset soon for a visit.  "Smithy" is
"way up" in banking circles now and his friends here are mighty glad to know
he is doing so well.

Miss Martha Riker of Harrodsburg, Ky., is the attractive guest of Miss
Barthenia Sallee.  They will leave today for Danville to attend the
Center-State game tomorrow.

R.M. and W.S. Feese and families motored to Columbia last Saturday and
attended the birthday dinner of their mother, Mrs. H.C. Feese, and returned
to Somerset Sunday.

Mrs. T.O. Sechrist of Louisville and her guests Dr. and Mrs. Lee, and Mr. and
Mrs. Eastland, also of Louisville, attended the "welcome home" to Edwin P.
Morrow last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Pumphrey who were in Somerset for the big reception of
Governor Morrow last Saturday and visiting at the home of their son F.Y.
Pumphrey, returned to their home at Lancaster Monday.

The following were the guests of Mrs. Sam Nelson, at Elihu, Sunday, Minerva
and Grace Heaps, Sarah and Nora Weddle, Mrs. Claude Gover, Mrs. Bela Gover,
Elmer Weddle, Evert Stephens and Willard Nelson.

The Lexington papers of Sunday announced the approaching marriage of Miss
Margurette DuMont Scott to Mr. Samuel Lloyd Huey, both of Lexington.  Mr.
Huey is well known in Somerset where he lived for a number of years.  He is
the son of Rev. and Mrs. O.M. Huey.  Mr. Huey is of present connected with a
brokerage firm in Lexington as salesman.

Harry Bobbitt returned this week from France where he has been the past two
years with the American Expeditionary Forces.  Harry was one of the first
ones over and about the last to return.  His many friends are glad to see him
looking so well.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Eugene Sallee, who have been missionaries in China, arrived
yesterday to visit his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. George P. Sallee.  Mr.
Sallee spoke at the Baptist church last night in the interest of the Baptist
$75,000,000 campaign.
Dr. Creston Mayhall of Chattanooga, Tenn., is in the city visiting friends. 
Dr. Mayhall has not located since he was discharged from the army last July. 
He and his brother, Dr. Chas. Mayhall will practice together when they decide
on a permanent location.

R.L. Johnson the real estate man of Somerset reports that he will have
another bunch of land buyers leaving for Ohio on train No. 12 Friday Nov.
14th (today).  He will also start with another car load Thanksgiving Day. 
Anyone wishing to go will call at his office over M.L. Gover's store and make
arrangements.  See his auction sales ads in this issue of The Journal.

Miss Maggie Adams, who has been one of the most valuable sales ladies at The
Fair Store for the past twelve or fifteen years, has resigned her position
there and accepted a like position with the firm of A.J. Joseph Co.  Miss
Adams is very popular in Somerset and is recognized as being one of the best
sales ladies in the city.  She invites her friends to call and see her at her
new place of business. 

The Frankfort correspondent to the Lexington Herald had the following in the
Sunday issue of that paper.  "The coming of the Morrows to the Executive
Mansion bespeaks a gay social season for Frankfort.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Morrow
are socially inclined and society is looking forward to the brilliant affairs
which are sure to characterize the Morrow administration.  The Morrows have a
host of friends here made during visits with Mrs. John Glover Smith, daughter
of the late William O. Bradley, and a cousin of the Governor-elect, who are
preparing to extend a cordial welcome to the newcomers.  Already plans are
under way for the inaugural ceremonies which will be brought to a close with
the inaugural ball.  Although nothing definite has been decided upon it is
generally expected that the inaugural ball will be given at the State Capitol
where the Stanley ball took place.  The State Reception room is an ideal
place for the reception which precedes the ball and the corridors afford
ample space for dancing.  At the Stanley ball a large committee room was set
apart for dancing but since that time the room has been converted into

Mt. Hope.

Messrs Lewis and Hugo Vaught and Misses Emlie Wesley and Bulah Jasper, spent
Sunday with Mrs. Lola Dick.

Misses Ada and Lou Anna Dick, Lola and Bertha Wiles, Mary Adams, Dorthy
Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wesley and Mrs Bettie Jasper visited Miss Ethel
Farris, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hodge and daughter of Hustonville are visiting at this

Blain Eastham was in Science Hill Saturday.

A.  Isaac of Berea spent Friday night with J.T. Eastham.

Miss Mary Adams leaves Friday for Richmond to attend State Normal for the
following year.

Mrs. Bell Jasper spent Sunday night with her sister Mrs. Laura Vaught.

Miss Jane Davidson of King Bee spent Saturday and Sunday with her sister Mrs.
Bertha Hines.

Miss Hattie Wilson of Ansil visited Miss Helen Irvine Saturday night.

The revival at this place is being well attended.


Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Humphrey of Stanford were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.W.
Johnson and many friends here this last week.

Frank C. Sloan, J.W. Sloan, W.D. Humphrey and L.J. Parrigin attended the
Knight Templars Banquet in Somerset Saturday.

Miss Marion Ellis of Somerset spent Friday and Saturday in town visiting her
aunt Mrs. J.W. Sloan.

Dewey Garret of Quinton was in town Saturday.

A.C. French and Dr. N.D. Stigall attended the big banquet in Somerset
Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. V.M. Lester spent most of last week at the Seven Gables Hotel.

J.H. Selvidge visited Mrs. John Golden in Somerset Sunday.

W.H. Cross of The Bourrough Adding Machine Co., of Louisville, was here last

W.E. Fisher was in Lexington Monday and Tuesday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Nunn entertained the Charade Club Saturday evening. 

Mrs. Bill Weaver of Georgetown was called here Monday on account of the
illness of her father "Uncle" Charlie Kennedy.

A big crowd attended the basket ball game in Monticello Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Weaver of Bronston have moved to our town and are living on
French avenue.

C.L. Ernie arrived last week to take charge of the Kentucky Lumber Company

Dr. T.H. Gamblin of Monticello was in town Tuesday.

Dr. N.D. Stigall returned Tuesday from a trip to Dayton, Ky.


Mrs. Ottis Baugh died Wednesday November 5th.  She had been ill only a few
weeks with typhoid and pneumonia fever.  She leaves a husband, six daughters,
two sons, one brother, Charles Moore of this place, and one brother, Tom
Moore of Fairview.  She was laid to rest at Mt. Zion last Friday.  Funeral
services were conducted by Rev. J.M. Shadoan.

Mr. Rutherford Adams of Mangum spent Thursday night with his father A.J.

Rev. John E. Hudson bought a farm from E.T. Wesley and moved to same last

Mrs. J.D. Hendricks is quite ill of malaria fever.

Messrs. Ansel Adams and "Tib" Blevins returned home Sunday from Cincinnati
where they have been at work.

Mr. Harlan Vaught of Mangum has moved on Dock Dock's farm.

Mrs. Lucy Jasper spent Sunday with Mrs. James Randolph.

Several attended the sale at Andrew Adams, Jr., last Thursday.  Mr. Adams and
family will go to Cincinnati to make their home.

Mrs. A.J. Adams attended church at Bethlehem Saturday.

Andrew Belvins has moved to the farm which he recently purchased from Henry

Misses Lulu and Rhetta Adams, Roxie and Laura Dick spent Saturday night and
Sunday with Mrs. Mable Jasper of Mt. Hope, and attended church there.


Hollis Burge returned home Sunday from New Castle where he has been working
for the past three months.

Mrs. Frank Phelps is no better at this writing.

Jake Morris is ill with appendicitis.

Grant Fletcher and family visited Mrs. Malinda Stroud last weekend.  Mr.
Fletcher has just been discharged from the army.

"Aunt" Jacie Moore is visiting friends at Norwood.

Violet Kidd is visiting at Danville and attending school there.

Edith Keith and Florence Hall spent a few days at Burnside last week.

Lester Burge of Science Hill is spending a few days with his cousin Howard

Several from here attended the series of meetings at the Christian church
last week which was conducted by Rev. Scott of Somerset.


J.W. Steel was in Somerset Monday on business.

Miss Kisarah Phelps visited her brother Alvin Phelps Saturday night.

Misses Sarah and Golda Bray have returned from Tateville, where they have
been visiting relatives.

Milton Herrin and J.D. Stogsdill visited homefolks last week.

Mrs. Aaron Woodall was the guest of her mother Mrs. Barnett, Saturday night.

Josh Bray who has been visiting his uncle F.K. Bray, has returned to his home
at Tateville.

Misses Sarah and Golda Bray visited Jessie Estep's Saturday night and Sunday.


Rev. George Godby failed to fill his appointment here Saturday and Sunday.

Hayden Lewis and Berth Cassada visited their sister Nannie Davis Saturday

Archie Davis and family visited her sister Mary Wilson Sunday.

Mr. Bell Worley was the Saturday night guest of Mr. Otho Davis.

Burtha and Ollie Wilson were the guests of Mrs. Winnie Redford Sunday.

Mr. Jim Relford visited his father Saturday night.

Miss Mally Alsip visited Ollie Wilson Monday.

Clarence Hancock has gone to Cincinnati.

Leemon Wilson was home from his work Saturday night.

Miss Girlie Perry of Nevelsville visited Edith Wilson Saturday and Sunday.


Rev. Roberts of Wilmore, Ky., preached at the Methodist church Saturday

Mrs. Doolin has returned from a pleasant visit with relatives and friends
near Somerset.

Herman Wesley has returned home from New Castle, Ind., where he has been for
several weeks.

Sam Daley is very ill with blood poison which was caused by a small scratch.

Prof. Chas. A. Keith lectured at the school house Monday night, November

Mrs. Spaw is recovering from a severe illness.

Kay Tilford who has been working in Detroit, Mich., has returned home.  He
was accompanied by Loyal Floyd.

Mrs. Joe Shoop of Cincinnati is spending a few days with relatives.

George Reynolds and son Loyal returned home Saturday.

Mrs. W.C. Dodson spent Saturday and Sunday visiting relatives in Science

Miss Berdena Gooch spent Sunday with Edna Green.

Craig Horton of Waynesburg, Ky., and Miss Wheeler of Kings Mountain were
united in marriage Sunday at the home of his sister Mrs. E.D. Regney.

Mrs. Majie Shadoan visited in Waynesburg, Ky., Sunday and Monday.

Mr. Virgil Estes is visiting in Oklahoma.

Mrs. Artie Henderson and two daughters Leona and Grace were guests of Mrs.
Daniel Newson Sunday.


James Mercer and family visited at Mr. S.E. Adams Saturday.

James Blankenship and family arrived here Sunday from Ohio.

Mrs. John Duncan and children left for West Virginia where she will join her

Miss Mainie Larkin and brother Arthur were in Eubank Saturday.

Myrtle Adkins left for West Virginia Saturday.

Melton Abbott and Jettie Reece were united in marriage last Thursday.

Ophia and Ansel Adams visited relatives at Cuba Saturday and Sunday.


John Roberts visited Grant Haynes last Sunday.

Dexter Silvers of Somerset has been here on his farm gathering corn.

Mr. Omey Richardson of Elihu was visiting in this community Sunday.

Grover Meece who has been stationed in France returned home Wednesday.

Rev. Barber filled his regular appointment at Pleasant Ridge last Saturday
and Sunday.

The farmers are busy gathering corn.


Mr. and Mrs. Debo Bishop have moved from Indiana back to here.

There was a big birthday dinner at "Uncle" Billy Bryant's, Wednesday,
November 5th, this being his 81st birthday.  There was a large crowd and lots
of good eats.  Everybody reports a nice time.

Miss Oley Blevens who has been staying with Mrs. W.R. Estes for a few weeks
returned home Saturday evening.

George Todd and John Barklage were in Somerset Wednesday.

Joe F. Bishop has gone to Indiana to work for awhile.

Roy Harmon of Science Hill made a flying trip to this place Friday.

MR and Mrs. Elisha Griffin were visitors to M.N. Griffin and family Sunday.

J.B. Gragg and family entertained a jolly crowd from Somerset Friday night of
last week.

Revs. Allen Ballou and A.K. Gooch are conducting a revival meeting Briery
church house at this weekend.


Rev. Fibbs the new pastor arrived here last week.

Miss Else Muse a member of the Nazarene church at Delmer left Wednesday,
October 29th for Seattle, Washington.  From there she will sail for India. 
Miss Muse goes forth as a missionary.

Mrs. Millie Muse is very ill of typhoid fever at this writing.

Clarence Muse who has been very will with typhoid fever is improving.

Mrs. Kitty Barker of Wayne county has been visiting her sister Mrs. S.W.

Master Grover Prather who is ill of scrofula, is not expected to live.

Miss Mary Fletcher the school teacher at Delmer is visiting home folks.


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