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The Somerset Journal-The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky

Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday October 8, 1920.

The Republicans of Pulaski Are Having Their Troubles As Usual.  Split Widens.
 All is not serene in the Republican camp in Pulaski County.  There seems to
be considerable trouble and dissension over the handling of the campaign and
it all is throwing a damper on the Republican voters of the county.  The sole
object seems to be to get the advantage in the county and district races next
year.  The campaign for the national ticket is in the hands of County
Chairman R.C. Tartar, W.M. Morrow, H.C. Kennedy, candidate for Circuit Judge,
R.B. Waddle, M.L. Jarvis and others.  This crowd has been declared the
regular Republican organization in the county by the State Committee.  They
are making all the dates for speakings in the county.  On October 25th they
have billed Charley Finely, Congressman J.M. Robsion and Mrs. Christine
Bradley South to speak here.  Mr. Finley will speak at 11 o'clock in the
morning and Congressman Robsion and Mrs. South at 1 o'clock.  We also note
that bills are out announcing that Judge B.J. Bethurum and W.N. Flippin will
speak in Somerset at 1 p.m. same day at courthouse.  These bills are not
signed by the Republican Campaign Committee.  Just how all these speakers are
to perform on that day we do not know and will await the outcome with
interest.  Friends of Judge Bethurum claim that he announced his speaking
first and that the other speakers were billed to keep him from speaking.  Oh
the fun boys, we are going to have.  Not to be outdone by the regular
organization the opposing faction are in charge of the Harding and Coolidge
Clubs in the county and they are busy perfecting these organizations.  A big
sign hangs out from the office of J.R. Cook which says, "Harding and Coolidge
Club."  Just a few feet away there is another sign which hangs form the
office of W.B. Morrow which reads "Republican Headquarters."  The two are
like oil and water - they won't mix.  The race for Circuit Judge seems to be
uppermost in the minds of the politicians.  Judge Kennedy has already
announced, though the election is nearly a year off.  He has sent out letters
all over the district asking the support of the voters.  Judge Bethurum, the
present Judge, has not announced yet but this friends say that he will make
the proper announcement after the November election.  They say he does not
desire to get this race mixed with the national race.  At the proper time, it
is said, he will start a vigorous campaign for re-election.

Senator Harding Will Pass Through Somerset Next Thursday Speaks At Danville,
Ky.  Senator Warren G. Harding, Republican candidate for President, will pass
through Somerset next Thursday, October 14, about noon.  He will not stop
here but will make a short speech at Danville at 1:30.  Senator Harding will
be en route to Chattanooga, Tenn., to Louisville, where he will speak
Thursday night.  He will come through on a special train.

Another Raid.  Officers Bash, Winfrey and West made another raid on Buck
Creek just above Dykes and arrested Cyrus Bradley.  A copper kettle and other
paraphernalia was destroyed.  Mr. Bradley, when brought before U.S.
Commissioner Wesley declared that he was fixing to make molasses.  He was
held over.

Supporting Harding.  In Cincinnati, St. Louis, New York and other cities
where there is a large German population, mass meetings are being held and
the Germans are supporting Mr. Harding almost to a man.  They are against the
Democratic party because the United States declared war on their fatherland
and helped to defeat them.

First To Register.  Mrs. Owen Goodloe was the first woman to register in
Somerset, it is said.  She was up bright and early and was at the polls when
opened by the election officers.  Mrs. Goodloe is a good Democrat and will
vote for Cox and Roosevelt and Senator Beckham.

Ware - Fritts.  A wedding of much interest to Somerset people was that of
Miss Daisy Lynn Ware, of this city, and Mr. Fred Fritts, of Phillipburg,
N.J., which was solemnized on September 29th in Columbus, Ohio, by Rev. J.
Wesley Hatcher of the Christian Church.  Mrs. Fritts is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C.P. Ware of this city and is one of our most charming young girls. 
She taught for a number of years in the city schools and later held several
responsible positions in Arizona where she met her husband.  She was a host
of friends here who wish her much happiness.  Mr. Fritts holds a very
responsible position with the Ingersol Rands Machine Co., of New York, and is
stationed for a few weeks at Columbus, after which Mr. and Mrs. Fritts will
go to their home in New Jersey. 

Griffith - Woodall.  Miss Nan Griffith and Mr. Clarence Woodall of Somerset
were very quietly married Sunday evening at 6 o'clock at the home of the
bride's sister, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. A. Christman, of Walnut Hills, Harriman,
Tenn., Thos. A. Christman performing the ceremony.  Only a few of the
immediate family were present.  The couple were attended by Miss Grace
Hansford, of Somerset, and Mrs. Joe Christman of Harriman.  The bride and her
attendant were very charmingly attired in gowns of navy blue tricolette with
corsage bouquets of white cosmos.  The house was tastefully decorated in
Autumn leaves and golden rod and cosmos. Mr. and Mrs. Woodall left on the
evening train for a short wedding trip and will be at home in Somerset after
November 1.

Sad Death.  Bright Little Son of Mr. and Mrs. LaMont Hankla Passes Away. 
(Danville Advocate).  The host of friends in Danville of Mr. and Mrs. LaMont
Hankla were deeply grieved this morning to learn of the death of their little
fourteen-months old son, William LaMont, at the home of Mrs. William Surber
in Junction City at 7 o'clock.  The immediate cause of the child's death was
due to an attack of meningitis, according to the diagnosis of attending
physicians.  Monday morning the child fell from a low chair in the dining
room and although not even a bruise was shown on its head, it never regained
consciousness and it was thought that the child suffered concussion of the
brain.  However, it now appears that it may have been stricken with a sudden
attack of meningitis which caused it to fall.  Mr. and Mrs. Hankla in this
dark hour of sorrow have the sincere sympathy of the people of this
community.  After brief funeral services at the home of Mrs. Surber in
Junction City tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, the remains will be brought to
Danville for interment in beautiful Bellevue cemetery.  Until a few days ago
Mr. and Mrs. Hankla were residents of Danville having rooms in the Clark
Apartment on Fourth St.  Mr. Hankla is chief clerk of Supt. J.G. Clements of
the Southern Railway System and went to Somerset the first day of October
with the removal of Mr. Clements office to that place.  In the meantime Mrs.
Hankla and little son were guests of Mrs. Surber of Junction City.

Silly Asses.  The editors of the Danville Advocate are making silly asses out
of themselves by publishing a lot of rot that is hurting no one but
themselves and their little city.  Gentlemen, be sports.

Will Open Hotel.  The building formerly occupied by S.A. Owens at the depot
has been rented and is being remodeled for a hotel and apartment house.  It
will be ready in a month.

Installing Fountain.  The store of Baldwin & Benelli has been closed for
several days on account of the installation of a new soda fountain which is a
beauty.  They are now open for business.

Two Big Raids Made In Adjoining Counties, Big Copper Still is Destroyed.  Two
big moonshine raids were made in the past week by United States Marshals
Chas. Winfrey, J.E. Bash, Joe Kavanaugh, and Silas West.  The first raid was
made in Laurel County, just over the Pulaski line, and the officers destroyed
the largest still that has been found in this section of the state.  Over
1,000 gallons of beer was thrown out and a 120 gallon copper still was cut
up.  Scott Burdine, Oscar Arthur, John Whittaker and John McQueen were
arrested.  They were brought to Somerset and Burdine, Arthur and McQueen
confessed their guilt before Commissioner Wesley.  Whittaker denied being
connected in any way with the operation of the still.  All were held over on
$1,000.  The officers state that the still was one of the most complete they
have ever seen.  The second raid was made near Greenwood, in McCreary County,
and the offices destroyed a large still and arrested Arthur Denny and Dilbert
Wilson.  They are charged with operating it.  On the same trip, Gainsey Keith
was arrested charged with the same offense.  All were brought here and taken
before Commissioner Wesley.  The officers are determined to break this
business up and they are going to continue their search in the county until
all the stills are destroyed.  Additional men will be put on the job.

Fine Corn.  Thos. West, who lives just out of Somerset, has on exhibition in
the First National Bank several ears of corn grown on his place.  They are
the best specimens that have been seen this year.

Approach Soon Ready.  Mr. Charles Hamilton, who is in charge of the work of
building the approach to the Pitman Creek Bridge, says that he will have the
work finished within three weeks and that he hopes to have it ready for
travel before that time.  The road leading to the bridge is also being
worked.  This will be a great convenience to the people of Burnside.

New Store To Open.  V.P. Smith has rented the McBeath store room, just above
the Journal Office, to the Somerset Salvage Co., who will put on sale a large
line of new and reclaimed army goods, including clothing, blankets, shoes,
overcoats, etc.  Watch the Journal for announcement of the opening.

Colored Club is Organized.  The colored voters of the city met Monday night
and organized a Harding and Coolidge Club.  They will take a most active part
in the campaign for the Republican ticket.

Dan Lewis Here.  Dan Lewis, who has been connected with the Southern Railway
as Chief Clerk to the Superintendent for a number of years, and who resigned
several months ago to go into business, is here acting Chief Clerk in the
absence of Mr. Hankla, who was called home on account of illness in his
family.  Mr. Lewis has many friends in Somerset and they are glad to see him
and wish that he would move here with the rest of the bunch.

Republican Speaking.  Major Jackson Morris spoke here last Saturday in the
interest of the Republican ticket but there was lack of enthusiasm and a
small crowd heard him.  He was unable to get up any of that old time "pep"
that the Republicans usually have.  He dwelt at length on the League of
Nations and made a feeble attempt to discredit that great document.

A Warning To My Customers.  There are some going round telling that I have
quit business and that I will not pay my license.  This is all false and just
to get you to take imitations instead of the real goods that I handle.  I am
on my way to you as fast as I can come and will fill all mail orders
received.  I am yours for business.  J.A. Phillpott, The Watkins Man,
Somerset, Ky.  Phone on Guffy Line.

Rex Sharp spent the night of the 18th with us and just for recreation we
kicked the top out of his straw hat and sent him into Somerset with a cute
little cap.  We heard that his girl liked caps the best anyway and the girls
must be served.

Hospital Notes.

Mr. Floyd Wilson of Brady, who was operated on for appendicitis returned home

Mr. Setzer who was shot is improving slowly.

Mrs. Phelps is no better.

Miss Mattie Barnett who was operated on for appendicitis is getting along

Miss Elsie Zimmerman spent Tuesday at her home.

Dr. Green Cain spent Tuesday at Tateville.

Miss Mae Whitson spent Saturday at Mark.

Marriage Licenses.  Marriage licenses were issued to the following four
couples during the past week:  Lee Haynes, 16 to Ruth Mae Hood, 14; David
Wilson, 19, to Nancy A. Wilson, 21; Ollie Stambrick, 36 to Mary Francis
Nichols, 21; Morris M. Taylor, 32, to Myrtle McClellan Purcell, 23.

Personal Mention.

Mr. T.V. Ferrell spent several days in Cincinnati this week.

Miss McPherson of Louisville is the guest of Mrs. A.J. Frank.

Attorney B.L. Waddle was in Monticello this week on business.

J.N. Mayfield has returned from a business trip to Indianapolis, Ind.

Mrs. Sue Owens has returned from a trip to Lexington and Cincinnati.

Miss Tommie Durham of Danville is the guest of Miss Barthenia Sallee.

Mr. G.W. Hill, cashier of the Bank of Russell Springs, was in the city

Mrs. Roy Green and Mrs. James Coleman are spending several days in

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schultz of Akron, Ohio, are visiting the family of Owen

Mrs. India Griffith and daughter of Stearns were in the city this week

Mr. Sam Owens the hustling Lincoln County real estate man, was in the city

George James Sallee and Royce Flippin were down from Centre College,
Danville, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Owens arrived from Washington this week for a visit with
his parents.

J.W. Butts and family returned last week from a delightful trip to Denver,

Mr. W.C. Wilson, County Agent, has returned from his vacation spent in
Eastern Kentucky.

Mr. L.F. Hubble is spending several days with his brother Senator R.L.
Hubble, in Lincoln County.

Mr. Clay Alexander left last week for Vanderbilt Univ. where he will resume
his studies in dentistry.

J.C. Guy a former Somerset boy, now a prominent business man of Lexington,
was in the city Monday.

Mrs. A. Lovett and Miss Bert Roberts are in Stearns this week showing the
latest styles in millinery.

Mr. and Mrs. Durrell Mason have returned to their home in Middletown, Ohio,
after a visit with relatives here.

Mr. C.A. Hurt has returned from Louisville where he was in charge of the
tobacco exhibit at the State Fair.

Mrs. H. Leubbing left last Monday for Washington where she will be in the
Bureau of War Risk Insurance.

Mrs. Charles Cundiff entertained the Five Hundred Club Wednesday afternoon. 
A two course luncheon was served.

Mrs. H.C. Kennedy has resigned as teacher in the City Schools and her place
has been filled by Mrs. J.E. Claunch.

Master Mechanic J.A. Cassada has returned from a trip to Washington City
where he was called on railroad business.

Miss Barthenia Sallee entertained the Five Hundred Club Monday afternoon in
honor of Miss Tommie Durham of Danville, Ky.  There were three tables
playing.  Miss Thelma Waddle won the prize.  Refreshments were served.

Mrs. V.P. Smith and Mrs. William Waddle will entertain the Ladies Missionary
Society of the First Methodist Church Thursday afternoon, October 14th.

Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Clements are stopping with Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Cassada until
they move into their new home on Columbia St.

Mrs. A.S. Fry of Danville joined her husband here Wednesday and they will
make this their home.  Mr. Fry is a dispatcher for the Southern Railway.

Mrs. J.M. Richardson is confined to her bed from injuries received while
alighting from her automobile last Saturday.  She is much better at this time
and her friends hope she will soon be out.

Mrs. W.D. Gover entertained with a six o'clock dinner last Saturday in honor
of Miss Ada Gover, who has resigned her position with the Citizens Bank and
will shortly leave for her home in Iowa.  Those present were Mr. Porter
Elliott, Misses Stella Bryant, Ida York and Miss Gover.

The following article from the Louisville Times of Wednesday will be of
interest to Somerset people.  Mrs. Littell is a relative of Miss Ora Enoch of
this city and has visited here:  The marriage of Miss Eva Logan and Dr. J.
Jerome Littell of Philadelphia, which was solemnized at 7 o'clock last
evening at the Louisville Country Club, was one of unusual beauty.  The Rev.
R.H. Crossfield, president of Transylvania Univ., Lexington, performed the
ceremony before an improvised altar of palms, ferns and potted plants.  Mrs.
Robert S. Logan was matron of honor and Miss Eunice Catherine Shouse, of
Lexington was maid of honor.  Misses Moiselle Johnson of Burnside and Mildren
Helm Smith of Brooklyn, were bridesmaids.  Master Charles Hume Logan was
train bearer and Robert S. Logan Jr., carried the ring in an Easter lily. 
Mr. Edmund Littell of Philadelphia was his brother's best man.  The ushers
included Messrs George and Norman Littell both of Indianapolis, Robert S.
Logan and Carter Logan.  The bride was gowned in ivory white satin and draped
bodice cut around in the neck with a bertha of duchess lace.  The sleeves
were formed of loops of tulle.  At the right side of the draped skirt was a
floating panel of tulle caught with a spray of orange blossoms.  Orange
blossoms fastened the court train at the shoulders.  Edging the tulle veil
was a cascade of Carriskama cross lace.  The veil was adjusted into a Spanish
effect at the back of the head with a wreath of orange blossoms across the
brow.  She carried a shower bouquet of roses and bouvardia.  Following the
ceremony was a reception.

Miss Marie Chestnut has accepted a position with the First National Bank.

Judge B.J. Bethurum and Attorney Flippin are in Monticello this week holding

Mr. J.E. Claunch spent Sunday in Lexington with his son, Joseph, Jr., who is
attending State College.

Drake Thompson has returned to Gatliff, Ky., after a visit in Somerset.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Davis and son James have returned from a visit to relatives
in Lincoln County.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Gragg and two children have gone to Louisville to attend
the State Sunday School Convention which is being held in the Parkland
Presbyterian Church.

The many friends of Mr. I.D. Thompson will regret to learn that he is in a
hospital in Cincinnati where he is undergoing treatment.  He expects to be
able to leave the hospital this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Hughes of Danville are nicely located in the Addington
Apartments on Columbia St.  Mr. Hughes is Chief Clerk to Road Master New and
he says he likes Somerset fine.

Mr. G.C. Nunn, of Burnside, was in the city last Saturday for the day.  Mr.
Nunn is a prominent young business man of Burnside.

Mr. and Mrs. M.T. Crawford motored to Lexington Sunday to see their daughter,
Miss Bess Crawford who is attending school at Hamilton College.
Burnside.  J.W. Gudgel, of Shelbyville, was in town last week on business …
Fred Kammerer, traveling salesman for Indian Packing Co., Chicago, was in
town Wednesday on business … Mrs. T.W. Barker of Asheville, N.C., was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. N.I. Taylor this last week … Hugh M. Taylor has
accepted a position in the post office … Miss Florence Short of Oakdale has
been the attractive guest of Mrs. W.W. Rew … Miss Pearl Bradshaw was called
home to Memphis Friday on account of her mother's illness … G.B. Lindsay, of
Cincinnati, has accepted a position with The Cumberland Grocery Co. … Miss
Clara Mercer of Bronston, was in town Monday … Miss Ora Meece was in Somerset
over Sunday … The Tom Thumb wedding under the direction of Miss Jessie Henery
of Kansas City, Mo., give at the Masonic Hall on Tuesday evening, was a
wonderful success. The little tots of our town showed splendid talent. A
large crowd enjoyed the wedding … Mrs. L.M. Cheely entertained the Young
People's Missionary Society on Monday evening … G.C. Nunn was in Somerset on
business Monday .. Miss Irene Kelsay delightfully entertained a number of her
friends at a party on last Thursday evening at the home of her sister Mrs.
J.H. Selvidge .. Mr. and Mrs. John Beaty of Science Hill were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Beaty Sunday … Mrs. B.C. Heath is visiting relatives in
Bowling Green … Mrs. J.M. Dugger returned Thursday after an extended trip
through the West .. Mrs. Emma Bloom of Cincinnati is visiting her father John
W. Taylor … A Parent-Teacher's Association was organized Monday afternoon
with good attendance and much interest shown. Many good plans were introduced
for the year.  It is the duty of every parent in this town to become a member
and stand firm with the teachers, school trustees and everything to promote
the welfare of our school … Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Taylor and daughter of
Childress, Texas, are the guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John W.
Taylor … The Monticello baseball team played our boys Saturday and Sunday. 
Our team was victorious in both games.  The score was 6 to 1 on Saturday and
22 to 1 on Sunday … Joe Heath is laid up with a sprained ankle, which was
injured while playing ball.  The Gamblin Bros. have put up a new garage on
Main St. and are now open for business… Misses Irene Kelsay, Lucile
Fitzgerald, Mrs. J.H. Selvidge and son with Mrs. G.C. Nunn motored to
Monticello Friday afternoon … C.C. Hinkle of St. Louis is employed at the
Main St. Garage.

Hogue.  Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Sweet of Buncombe, have moved here on W.J. Vaught's
farm … Miss Marie Hendricks spent Saturday night and Sunday with her cousin,
Miss Golda Dick … Mrs. Mary Wise and children of Cincinnati visited her aunt
Mrs. Belle Randolph, a few days of last week .. Several from here attended
singing at King Bee Saturday night .. J. Dick has returned from Kansas where
he has been employed … Chas. Leigh and family of Argyle, spent Saturday and
Sunday at the home of her father A.J. Adams … Quite a number from here are
attending the revival at Wilson … Mrs. Sarah Hodge and daughter were Saturday
night and Sunday guests of her daughter Mrs. Rose Sweet … Luther and Amanda
Cooper entertained the young people with a bean hulling last Tuesday night ..
Misses Rhetta and Malinda Adams are visiting their sister Mrs. Maude Leigh of
Argyle, Casey County … Messrs Thomas and Clayton Gaddis spent Sunday with
John and Fred Godby … Mrs. A. Hendricks and children visited her sister Mrs.
James Hendricks, last Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Adams, and Miss Myrtle
Adams, Mrs. Lucy Jasper, Ansel and John Adams spent Sunday at A.J. Adams.

Soules Chapel.  A revival meeting will begin at this place October 15 … W.T.
Staley has started a new barn .. Mrs. J. Walker went to Cincinnati, Sunday …
Miss Estell Osborne has accepted a position in E.S. Hughe's clothing store …
Mr. Keith sold his place, formerly known as McDowell farm, and went to Iowa …
Ed Lovelass has accepted a position at the shops … Taylor McGahan went to
Cincinnati Sunday to work … Rev. and Mrs. Riley Smith have rented their farm
and are going to their daughter in California and if they have their health
and like it will make their home there … Miss May Williams spent Sunday with
Berdie Heir … Miss Maude McDowell, Zella and Lindsay Cundiff attended the pie
supper at Norwood Saturday evening … Mrs. Bill Keyes is here on a visit from
Bowling Green … Zella Cundiff spent Thursday night with Maude McDowell …
C.T. Cundiff sold 2 calves last week for 7 cents per lb. … Clyde Hubble is
at home to rest up, trying to escape an operation for appendicitis … Mrs.
Bell Gover spent Sunday with her sister, Molly Bryant … Mrs. R.S. Hubble of
Somerset spent Saturday night with her parents … There will be a fruit supper
at Ashurst school the 9th of October.  Everybody is welcome.

Pleasant Hill.  Brent Lay bought a team of mules from Wm. Owens for $325 ..
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Godby of Somerset visited in this neighborhood last week …
 Aunt Cynthia Ashley and M.F. Ashley are worse at this writing .. Mrs. Ora
Godsey and little daughter Evelyn of Clifty Crossing spent last week with her
parents here … Miss Nola Childers is spending a few weeks in Cincinnati the
guest of her aunt Miss Emma Vaught … Mrs. Wm. Owens visited the home of her
son, Willie Owens, at Somerset, a part of the past week … Brother Wells will
hold pastorate of the Methodist Church here another year … Miss Jewey Hines
visited the Baker family at Ringgold, Thursday night … Mrs. Cordy Girdler and
Miss Bettie Nelson of Crystal Park spent Saturday with Mrs. Bettie Lay …
There was speaking here at the school house Monday night by Miss Ida York,
R.C. Tartar and others … Mrs. Sallie Edwards of East Somerset visited
relatives in this vicinity last week … Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Godsey and Mrs.
H.C Gregory spent Sunday with Charlie Gregory and wife at Norwood … Miss S.
Barnes was a Saturday night guest of Miss Viva Cain … Miss Angie Taylor and
Robert Keith of Somerset stole a march on their friends and went to Indiana
last week and were married while there.  They were accompanied by Mr. and
Mrs. Vandiar Hodge.  Mrs. Hodge is a sister of the bride … Wm. Ashley was in
Lexington the first of the week on business … Ezra Girdler and bride are
visiting the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. M.P. Girdler … Brent Lay and
sons are moving to a farm which they have rented on Buck Creek … P.B. Wesley
and family spent Sunday at Oscar Girdler's … Rev. John Hudson filled his
appointment here on Sunday morning .. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Baker and little
daughter of Ringgold were the Sunday guest of D.F. Ashley … Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Prather of Dogwood spent the weekend with relatives here, and were
accompanied home by their sister Miss Zola Humble … Misses Mable Hopper and
Ruth Girdler spent part of last week with Telitha Ashley.

Beech Grove.  Rev. P.C. Newell preached a very interesting sermon at
Bethlehem, Sunday … Miss Zona Flynn was the Sunday guest of Mrs. Sally Wesley
… Ross Phelps and family took dinner at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Felix Phelps, Sunday … Miss Winnie Abbott visited Miss Mae Taylor, Sunday …
Among the visitors at Tom Hall's Sunday were Arvine and Eubert Phelps, Claud
Abbott and Howard Dodson .. C. Godby and family were Sunday visitors at L.
Roysdon's .. Mrs. Anna Phelps spent Sunday night with her daughter Mrs. Monte
Stone … Mrs. Ellen Taylor and granddaughter Mae, visited Mrs. M. Vaught,
Thursday … Mitchel Butt was the Sunday guest of Miss Beatrice Wesley … Miss
Emma Hall and mother visited Mrs. Mary Godby Thursday .. Mr. and Mrs. Ross
Phelps and baby and Miss Winnie Abbott visited at Charlie Godby's Sunday
night … Mrs. Flossie Phelps and baby Jewel, visited her parents Mr. and Mrs.
B.B. Abbott of Somerset Friday night.

Pulaski.  James Sheehan of Cleveland, Ohio, who has been visiting here,
returned home Saturday .. David Correll was called to the bed side of his
sister, Mrs. Sallie Hollars of Bloomfield, Ind., who is very ill … Roma
Surber and Clarence Mathias, who have been in the North all summer have
returned home …. Miss Pearl Hamm, of Missouri, who is visiting home folks
will return to Missouri this week … Miss Betty Hamm spent the weekend with
home folks … The little child of Robert Surber is very ill … Several from
here are contemplating attending the county singing at Estesburg on Sunday …
Mrs. James Sheehan of Cleveland, Ohio, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
David Correll … Mrs. W.A. Hamm was called to her daughter Mrs. Ovie Pike of
Waynesburg, Monday, who was taken suddenly ill.

Oak Hill.  We are having some pretty weather at present … Misses Myrtle Bogle
and Mae Frisbie were guests of Angie Neeley on Saturday evening .. Zena
Casada spent Sunday night with Ora Frisbie … Quite a number of young people
were entertained at the home of Mrs. Lula Frisbie last Sunday … Mrs. James
Casada and daughter Ova visited her daughter and sister Mrs. Willie Thompson,
Sunday night .. Mr. and Mrs. Dye Burton have moved into their new house which
was recently finished … Mable and Thelma Claunch were guests of Mary Lorton
on Sunday.

Singleton.  Mrs. Clark Rinner and little daughter visited Richard Eubanks
Sunday … Miss Pearl Rinner and Miss Opal and Versey Kidd visited Henry
Singleton last Sunday … The school here has been dismissed for a short time
on account of the whooping cough .. The people are busy in this section
cutting tobacco and taking care of their corn and buckwheat … George Hogue's
baby is very ill at this writing … Mrs. Tom Larkins and children visited at
her mother's last Saturday evening … Misses Lottie and Dessie Singleton
visited at George Hogue's last Sunday .. Mrs. Everett Pumphrey visited her
mother last Sunday evening .. Will Pumphrey has bought his son, Everett's,
farm in Singleton … Andie Gooch has traded a field of corn to Levi Osborn for
a milk cow … Miss Eliza Eubanks visited Levi Osborn's last Sunday … Henry
Singleton's little boy, Smithey, has been very ill with whooping cough for a
few days.

Mangum.  James D. Hall and wife were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nelson of
Somerset Sunday evening .. Plymp Dick is rejoicing over the arrival of a fine
girl, September 27 … Mrs. Alma Dick was the guest of Plymp Dick Wednesday …
Mrs. S. Hall visited her son, Sim Hall, Wednesday .. Quite a large crowd
attended church at King Bee Sunday which was the last service of a series of
meeting held by Rev. Charles Randolph … Mrs. M. Sneed visited at William
Sneed's last week at Pulaski … Robert Gentian is contemplating moving to his
farm near Willow Springs he purchased recently … Bertha Blevins and husband
were guests of Calvin White's last week.

Slate Branch.  James Keeny and family visited at Delmar Saturday night and
Sunday … The visitors at Chas. Wright's Sunday were Josie Stevens and son,
Mrs. Kit Stevens and Euria Cain and wife … Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vaughn visited
at Robert Mill's Sunday afternoon … Killis Wilson and children of Faubush
visited John Girdler's Saturday night and Sunday … Ardova Girdler is visiting
at Faubush this week … Rev. Nicely is holding a few days meeting at the
Nazarene Church … John A. Jones our hustling merchant, was in Knoxville last
week buying goods .. Malinda Ashbrook and daughter was in Cincinnati Sunday
.. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pierce visited at Virgil Vaughn's Sunday … J.P. Hudson
and wife were in Somerset Monday … Mrs. Mattie Jones visited at J.P. Hudson's
Monday afternoon.

Science Hill.  Mrs. Mary Cabbell is visiting her son Robert Cabbell and
family … Mrs. Bettie Ross of Burnside is visiting in Science Hill .. Mr. and
Mrs. R. Cabbell were shopping in Somerset Wednesday afternoon … Pie supper at
Science Hill school house October 8 of the benefit of Kentucky Children's
Home.  Everybody invited … Miss Vesta Halcomb spent the weekend at her home
in Burnside .. Mrs. Hood spent Saturday and Sunday in Somerset … The Science
Hill school is progressing nicely … Bertha Smith, of Washington, is visiting
her aunt, Mrs. W.R. Robbins, and family .. Mr. Cabbell real estate dealer
sold to Mr. Wilson a house and lot on Main St.  …  Mrs. Sophia Mize's baby
has been very ill … Miss Ima Robbins has accepted a position in Langdon's
store .. Mr. Estes, of Estesburg, is erecting a nice residence on Cabbell
Ave. .. Mrs. Vera Flannery had a severe attack of acute indigestion Monday …
Bean hulling is the order of the day here .. Jack Godby is suffering from a
sore foot.

Seventeen Years Ago.  The following items are taking from the Somerset
Journal of May, 1903:

The City Council authorized Mayor Griffin to borrow $4,650.00 to liquidate
the debt upon the light plant.

Dr. Cain and F.C. Boyd bought 400 acres of timberland from Frank Hubble.

Marriage licenses issued were as follows:  James R. Poynter and Miss Lula M.
Sears; Lincoln Hodge and Miss Elizabeth Warren; Wm. T. Hawk and Miss Lizzie

Among the visitors in the city are: Henry Inman, John Thatcher from Central
Univ., Danville, Miss Docia Gooch of O.K., at W.R. Gooch's.

Lieut. Chas. Morrow left for Washington Tuesday.

In the Nancy Notes is noticed this: "Nancy is feeling stuck up over Trimble
because the people of the latter are asking 65 and 75 cents for corn, which
we sell cheaper."

Mrs. Chas. Denham and Clarence Green of Chicago, Mrs. Jas. T. Vanarsdale of
Harrodsburg, Mrs. Ella Graham, Sr., of Russell Springs, and Mrs. A.R. Humble
were at the bed side of their sister and sister-in-law, Mrs. O.B. Vaughn.

We note in an advertisement of Geo. P. Taylor, Co., in which eggs are quoted
at 14 cents, chicks 9 cents per pound, turkeys 12 cents, etc.

The Cosmopolitan Club will meet with Mrs. J.M. Owens next Saturday.

Misses Flonnie Hamilton, Lula Smith, Lizzie Hays and Mrs. Doc Owens were in
Cincinnati shopping.

Clarence Owens is now clerk on the steamer Albany.

The Monticello notes say:  Miss Edna Ramsey leaves in a few days for
Cincinnati to enter the Conservatory of Music.

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