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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper In The Mountains of Kentucky

Somerset, Ky., Friday, October 24, 1919.

Contests For Town Trustees in Burnside, Eubanks and Other Places in County. 
There are several warm races on for control of the city affairs in the county
where Trustees are to be elected.  All petitions were filed with the County
Court Clerk Saturday.  At Burnside there are two tickets in the field, one is
called the Peoples Ticket and the other The Citizens Ticket.  Those running
on the Peoples Ticket for Councilmen are: V.R. Southwood, Zelmer Fitzgerald,
Dr. T. L. Gamblin, William Hulett, J.H. Selvidge and L.M. Cheely.  Those
seeking election on the Citizens Ticket are: George M. Smith for Mayor and
Chas. Goodin, H.G. Hail, E.M. Heath, Chas. Hudson, E.V. Owens and M. Walden
for Councilmen.  At Eubank there are two tickets out one known as The Peoples
Ticket and the other as The Independent Party.  On the Peoples Ticket are:
W.T. Lee, Sherman Brown, James Acton, Blueford Singleton, and M.F. Ware.  On
the Independent are: Green McMullen for Judge, John Todd for Marshall and the
following for trustees: C.B. Marcum, Demp Phelps, I.E. Payne, Bud Tartar and
Frank Hays.  Science Hill presents but one ticket composed of L.D. Stringer
for Judge, Millard Hall for Marshall and the following trustees Will Baker,
H.P. Baugh, W.H. Hines, Will Newell, L.T. Brammer.  The following trustees
offer for election at Ferguson: M.D. Low, J.L. Wyne, Roy Anderson, G.B. Hail
and W.F. Dykes.

Time Up For Filing Petitions To Get Name on Ballot.  Several New
Announcements.  Saturday was the last day for filing petitions in the city of
Somerset and at the last minute several new candidates appeared on the scene
and got their name on the ballot.  The race for City Councilman is now made
up as follows:  Frank Y. Pumphrey and R.M. Feese, First Ward, Clifford Day
and G.P. Neikirk, Second Ward, John Cox and C.W. Johnson, Third Ward, W.C.
Norfleet, Fourth Ward, Ed Cotter and O.B. Haynes, Fifth Ward, Harry Lovelass,
6th Ward.  Four of the present Councilmen are announcing for re-election. 
Mr. Curtis, who has made a splendid official decided not to run in the First
Ward and Dr. C.B. Hall, who also has made good did not offer in the Second.

The Y.M.C.A. Fall Drive.  The Y.M.C.A. fall drive for funds with which to
carry on their splendid work in every state in the union and in foreign
countries will be launched in the next few days.  Pulaski County will be well
represented in this splendid work.  The following Executive Committee will
have full charge of the work in Pulaski County, not only in the present
drive, but in extending the community work in the future.  D.W. Scott,
Chairman, Mayor Cruse, Vice Chairman, C.H. Talbott, Sec'y, W.H. Ramsey, E.T.
Wesley, Harry Jeffers, J.P. Kelsay, R.G. Williams, Dr. H.K. Fulkerson, Cris
Tartar, W.B. Gragg, Norman Taylor, Burnside and Hardin Sweeny, Science Hill. 
The Y.M.C.A. is an institution which belongs to the people, the child of the
church and it makes its appeal to the people to keep it in its field of
service to men.  The "Y" came in for a great deal of harsh and unjust
criticism in its overseas work, but since every European nation has asked
that the "Y" shall remain with their armies in the field as a mighty factor
for good, surely the American people cannot deny them.  The "Y" is still on
the job, and will remain on the job until the task is done.  Will you help?

Work Stopped.  Work has been stopped on the Stanford road because of the
heavy rains of last week.  Mr. A.W. Sears who was doing the work had made
arrangements to rush it and try and complete as much as possible before
winter set in.

New Lumber Company.  The Thompson, Humble Stave and Lumber Company has been
organized with officers in this city.  The firm is composed of Drake Thompson
of Paris, Ky., A.R. Humble and son, L.H. Humble.  They have several large
tracts of timber in this county and Wayne and will start several mills to
work at once.

Opening of New Firm.  Messrs Denney and Dodson open their new undertaking
establishment Nov. 1 at 208 east Mr. Vernon St.  The firm starts business
with every class of funeral furnishing from the cheapest coffin to the most
elaborate casket, the same applies to roler suits etc.  One of the famous S.
and S. motor hearses in two ton gray, the last word in funeral cars is a part
of their motor equipment.  Denney and Dodson also have establishments at
Monticello, Burnside and Science Hill.  Mr. Dodson is the banker at Science
Hill.   Mr. Gover C. Boden, formerly mgr. of the Harrgy G. Poole Co.,
Atlanta, is in charge of the undertaking and embalming.  Mr. Boden is an
Episcopalian, Knights Exemplar and Shriner.  The one fixed policy of the firm
will be to sell funeral necessities at a reasonable price realizing the great
need of reducing the extremely high cost of funerals the firm the purpose to
furnish funerals from the cheapest to the most expensive at prices much lower
than paid now.  Mr. Denney says, "While I am in no sense a cut rater, I
believe the cost of funerals are to high we intend to charge the lowest price
possible commensurate with quality goods and highest class service.

Printers Race.  In the First Ward Mr. R.M. Feese, editor of the News, has
announced for Councilman.  He is opposed by Frank Y. Pumphrey, foreman in the
mechanical department of The Commonwealth.  Both of these young men are wide
awake citizens and will make good city officials.

It will be a big day in old Pulaski on Nov. 1st.  Pulaski County will turn
out en masse to hear Edwin P. Morrow, a home man, tell you where your money
has gone.  Special train between Pine Knot and Somerset.

Ford For Sale.  One 1916 Ford Touring Car.  Has just been overhauled and is
in good condition.  Will sell for $275.00 if sold at once.  See W.S. Feese at
the Journal Office.

Personal Mention.

Mr. Elvert Humble is in Louisville on a business trip.

Farris Dill has just been mustered out of the Navy and is at home.

Attorney Ben D. Smith was in Cincinnati last week on legal business.

Mrs. Whitman of Erie, Pa., is visiting her daughter Mrs. A. C. Peffer.

Mrs. W.F. Wrampiemeir of Cincinnati is visiting friends in the city this

Captain Paul Dexheimer was in Danville last Saturday to referee a football

Miss Ruth McCullum and father of Junction City are visiting friends in the

Mr. Joe McGee is at home for several months stay after finishing his fall
trip thru the south and east.

Mrs. Al Sears has arrived from Matton, Ill., to join her husband and they
will make Somerset their future home.

Mrs. Anna Robinson and grandchildren of New Orleans, La., are visiting the
family of J.M. Richardson.

Mr. Hugh Crozier is in the city for a few days having been calling here on
account of the illness of his father Captain Crozier.

The Real Estate Man R.L. Johnson of Somerset, Ky., left Monday for Ohio with
a bunch of prospective land buyers.

The Elks Club gave a delightful dance last Friday evening in honor of the
Chattanooga football players who played the local eleven that afternoon.

John H. Williams who is attending school at George Washington University,
Washington, D.C., was chosen out of a class of fifty to prepare a paper on
the House of Lords and read it for the information of the class.

Attorney William Waddle was in Danville Wednesday on business.

Mr. A.J. Crawford was in Louisville this week on a business trip.

Mrs. Hershel Humble is spending several days with her parents in Paris.

Mrs. James Denton has returned from a visit to her daughter in Midway.

Mrs. Arthur Hill of Stanford, Ky., is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.H.

Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow is accompanying her husband on a campaign trip thru the

Col. Sam Flynn of Oil Center is attending the meeting of the Masonic Lodge at

Mrs. Geo. P. Sallee left last Friday for Chattanooga where she will visit her
sister for several weeks.

Judge R.L. Pope of Williamsburg, Ky., candidate for State Senator has been in
the city this week.

Charlie Morrow son of Thos. Morrow and Miss Pearl Hancock were married this
week at the home of the groom's father.

Mr. and Mrs. John Peacock left last week for Montgomery, W.Va., where Mr.
Peacock has secured a position.

Mrs. Lucy Holsemback who has been visiting relatives here for some time has
returned to her home at Bakersfield, Cal.

Floyd Peffer of Chattanooga, Tenn., has been visiting relatives in the city. 
He accompanied the Chattanooga football players here last Friday.

Mr. C.P. Ware has just returned from a visit to his son Lewis at Globe,
Arizona.  He says that he had a most wonderful trip and that Lewis is getting
along fine.  He is Chief Engineer for a copper mining company.

Judge W.N. Flippin and daughter Ruth were in Lexington, Ky., last Saturday.

Luther Rankin of Lexington, Ky., was in the city Tuesday calling on our

Mrs. Thos. Tibbais and Mrs. Hall of Cincinnati are the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
W.H. Tibbals.

Mr. R.G. Richardson has returned from a visit to Mr. and Mrs. William Ardery
at Paris, Ky.

Mr. Ben Smith and son Jean attended the meeting of Insurance Agents in
Louisville last week.

Cecil Williams and Ben V. Smith were in Danville, Wednesday to hear Senator
J.C.W. Beckham speak.

Judge and Mrs. V.P. Smith and Mrs. William Waddle are in Louisville this week
attending the Masonic meeting.

Mr. C.B. Marcum of Eubank, one of the most progressive business men in the
county, was in the city last Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Drake Thompson of Paris, Ky., were the guests of their daughter,
Mrs. Hershel Humble last weekend.

Dr. V.G. Trimble and family will leave about the 10th of November for
Decatur, Ill., where Dr. Trimble will locate.

Cashier Joe Gibson of the First National Bank, was confined to his home this
week on account of sickness.  He is much better however and is able to be

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sherman of Lexington, Ky., have been visiting friends in the
city.  Mr. Sherman was for a number of years a resident of this city.  He has
been connected with the Southern Railroad for the past thirty five years. 
His many friends were glad to see him.

Mesdames M.C. Williams and B.J. Bethurum have returned from Cincinnati where
they attended the International Convention of the Disciples of Christ.  While
gone they visited Mrs. W.C. Ellistone at Covington and Judge and Mrs. R.G.
Williams at Fort Mitchel.

Willie Tanner and Miss Edna Young surprised their many friends by eloping to
Tennessee this week and marrying.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Tanner were students at
the High School, Mrs. Tanner is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. DeForest Young
and a very popular and attractive young lady.

Mr. Tony Benelli and Miss Carrie Hansford were married Wednesday morning at
ten o'clock at St. Mildred Church parsonage by Rev. B.J. Boland.  Only a few
friends were present.  Following the wedding a breakfast was served at the
home of the bride.  Mr. and Mrs. Benelli left on the noon train for a wedding
trip and on their return will go to housekeeping on East Mt. Vernon Street.

Mr. Benelli is a hustling young business man being a member of the firm of
Baldwin and Benelli.  Mrs. Benelli is the daughter of the popular Jailer,
June Hansford.

Burnside.  News and Happenings.  Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Davidson Celebrate 20th
Wedding Anniversary.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Grider have gone to Norwood, Ohio, to make their home.

Dr. T.L. Gamblin took one of his patients to the Cincinnati Hospital Tuesday.

Mrs. John Sloan was called to Somerset Wednesday on account of the illness of
her niece, Mildred Ellis.

Miss Eliza Tuttle of Cincinnati spent several days here last week visiting
her parents.

Mrs. G.L. Smith was in Somerset shopping Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Shobe of Knoxville, Tenn., were the weekend guests of Mr.
and Mrs. W.J. Davidson.

Mrs. A.C. Cameron and family were visiting in Somerset last week.

Mrs. G.N. Fagaly was in Somerset Saturday shopping.

Miss Margaret Wait spent the weekend with relatives in Somerset.

Mrs. J.M. Lloyd was in Cincinnati Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Dr. and Mrs. H.H. Bishop of Oilworth, Okla., were the guests of Mrs. G.S.
Dudley and family this week.

E.M. Montgomery, Assistant Cashier of the First National Bank, has purchased
the R.M. Denton place and moved to his new home Monday.

Emery Heath is in Wabash, Ind., this week.

Ed Buchanan returned Monday from a visit to Oklahoma.

J.M. Dugger returned Monday from a business trip to Mayland, Tenn.

Mr. Lowdenback, grandfather of B.B. Lowdenback, is here on a visit.  He is 81
years old and is almost as spry as a boy.

The Women's Reading Circle met Friday afternoon with Mesdames P.W. Tuttle and
W.T. Overstreet hostess, Mrs. A.G. Jones, 1st Vice President presiding.  A
good program was rendered.  Mrs. L.M. Cheely giving a splendid review of the
book "The Key" by Ellenor H. Porter and the second chapter of "Making America
Safe" was given in a very interesting way by Mrs. F.E. Bradshaw.  Mrs.
Tuttle's home was beautifully decorated in gorgeous dahlias of wonderful
colors and each guest was given flowers, bountiful and delicious refreshments
were served.

Mrs. Maud S. Kelley left Monday to join her husband in Cleveland, Ohio, from
there they will go to California to make their future home.

W.O. Logan has returned from a business trip to Pittsburgh, Pa.

Mrs. Helen Bloom of Aurora, Ind., is the guest of her daughter Mrs. Guy N.

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Davidson entertained with a party Saturday evening
celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.  The house was beautifully
decorated in brides roses and old rose dahlias.  The refreshments were
apricot sherbert in shape of pumpkins with delightful cake.  The guest were
delightfully entertained and extended their heartiest congratulations to the
bride and groom of twenty years and wished them many more happy years.


Misses Mary Langford, Rosa McDonald and Johnie Harris were guest of J.

Mr. F.K. Phelps of this community is suffering from eczema.

D.R. Whitaker family has the measles.

J.N. Mayfield has just returned from Knoxville where he purchased some goods.

Miss Nica Carlton has gone to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mrs. Will Hargis is suffering with a cancer.

J.W. Whitis and family left Oklahoma Wednesday.

Mrs. Jennie Woodall and baby of Indiana are visiting home folks at Acorn, Ky.


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