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The Somerset Journal-The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky

Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., October 22, 1920.


Great Fleets To Tour The World.  Armada Is To Impress World, Officials
Assert, In Proposed Tour of Globe.  Personnel of Great Fleets Announced In
Part - Pacific Division To Excel in Power.  Western Newspaper Union News
Service.  Washington.  The two great fleets that the Navy Department plans to
send around the world next June will be the most powerful that have been
assembled under the American flag, it was stated here.  Each will include
approximately 110 units, selected with the greatest care from 300 or more
available.  As described by officials this stupendous armada is aimed to be
"a spectacle that will impress the world with America's naval power."  The
Atlantic fleet, which first will visit South America and South American
ports, if was learned, will include the dreadnaughts Pennsylvania, Arizona,
Oklahoma, Nevada, Kansas, Utah, Florida, Delaware, North Dakota, Michigan,
South Carolina, Minnesota, and New Hampshire.  A sufficient number of
battleships will be added to increase the total.  The full number of first
class fighting craft will be 20.  Ten cruises, 80 destroyers and 10
auxiliaries will complete the ensemble.  Impressive as is the proposed
Atlantic fleet, it will be excelled in fighting power by the Pacific Fleet. 
The most powerful unit in that force will be the new super dreadnaught
Tennessee, put into commission this week and now taking on torpedoes at
Newport preparatory for her trip through the Panama Canal.  The Tennessee
measures 32,000 tons, being more than twice the size and having four times
the fighting strength of the battle ship Connecticut, which headed President
Theodore Roosevelt's fleet around the globe.  Next will come the new super
dreadnaughts Idaho and Mississippi, followed close in gun power by the New
Mexico, which has the distinction of being the only dreadnaught in the world
driven by electric power.

Soldier's Body Arrives For Burial.  The body of Belena Wilson, a private in
the late war, who died while serving with the A.E.F. in Germany, arrived here
Wednesday morning.  Escorted by members of the Pulaski County Post American
Legion the body was taken to the National Cemetery at Nancy for burial. 
Services were conducted at the grave in which the Legion took part.  This
young man is a son of Aaron Wilson of Faubush and he died following a short
illness with pneumonia soon after the armistice was signed.  He was with the
American troops in Germany when taken ill.  At the request of his parents the
body was shipped home.  Private Wilson was in several of the big battles and
came out without injury only to be the victim of that dreaded disease,

Five Governors Visit Somerset, But Train Did Not Arrive Until 10:00 o'clock. 
The Governors Special carrying Governor Coolidge, of Massachusetts, the
Republican candidate for Vice President, Governor Lowden of Illinois,
Governor Sproud of Pennsylvania, Governor Allen of Kansas, Governor Morrow of
Kentucky and other Republican leaders arrived in Somerset Monday night two
hours late.  The speaking was billed to begin at 8:00 o'clock, but it was
nearly 10:30 before they started.  A large crowd had gathered in town early n
the night but after it was announced the special was two hours late many
left.  The opera house was filled, however, at the late hour the speaking
started.  The band furnished music during the evening and many local speakers
tried to hold the audience.  With little ceremony and a short introduction,
Governor Morrow presented Governor Coolidge who spoke for three minutes.  He
was followed by Governor Lowden, Mr. Hodges of New York, and Governor Morrow
closed the speaking with a short talk.  In the audience were many Democrats
who had hoped to hear the Republicans discuss the League of Nations and other
important issues before the people.  They were disappointed, however, for no
effort was made to give their views on the main issues of the campaign.  They
each told a few jokes, said they were glad to be in the home town of Ed
Morrow made a few slurring remarks about President Wilson and then stopped. 
The special left Somerset on Tuesday morning for Middlesburg.

County Board of Education To Be Election on November the Second.  In every
county in Kentucky, November 2nd, will be held an election designed to
revolutionize the rural school system of the state.  On that date the voters
of each county will elect a non-partisan County Board of Education, composed
of five members form the county at large who will next year elect a County
School Superintendent.  Five citizens of Pulaski county filed their petitions
last week to get their names on the ballot.  They are J.W. Harrington,
Eubank, J.B. Gover, Bronston, Eli Farmer, Dykes, and Dr. Brent Weddle of
Nancy.  These trustees, two of whom serve for one year, one for two years,
one for three years and one for four, are voted for on a separate ballot
containing no party device.  Only those residing in rural school districts
are eligible to vote or to serve as members of the county board.  This
excludes residence of cities having independent schools and resident of
graded school districts, such as Burnside, Science Hill, Eubank and Pulaski. 
It is thought this board will re-elect Mr. Meece as County School
Superintendent.  He seems to have made good to the satisfaction of every one
and his election will doubtlessly be unanimous.

Only Eight Hours.  The employees of the Kentucky Utilities Co. were granted a
request made by them some time ago that eight hours constitute a day's work. 
This order is now in effect.  Just recently the men were granted an increase
in salary.

Wrecked By Dynamite Explosion.  Morgantown, W.Va.   The tipple and the
entrance to the Rockford Coal Mine of the Connellsville Basin Coal and Coke
Company at Rockford, W.Va., near here, were damaged seriously by an explosion
of dynamite.  Twelve men at work in the mine succeeded in making their
escape.  Soon after the explosion the power house of the coal company was
attacked.  Many shots were fired.

Germans Deliver Coal.  Paris.  Germany fulfilled the terms of the Spa coal
agreement for August and September by delivering to the allies 1,936,865 tons
of coal, the Reparations Commission announced.  Of this France received
1,577,629 tons, the remainder having gone to Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Program.  Teachers' Association of 1st District of Pulaski Co., to be held at
Somerset, October 29, 1920:  Song, America, by Association.  Devotional.
Special Music.  Address by Supt. Meece.  Sanitation, Fanny Gragg and Millie
Keyes.  Use of Course of Study, Desta Powers and Frances Wilson.  How to Use
School Library With Work and Study, Maggie Richardson and Lora Prather. 
School as a Community Center, Mothers Clubs, Literary Societies, etc., Pearl
Vaught, Fanny Chapman, and Jarrett Anderson.  Value of Daily Program, J.F.
Frye, Laura M. Simpson, A.C. Richards, and J.B. Albertson. Proper Keeping of
Records, Oza Pyles, Flora Sharp, and Thelma Sloan.  Discussion, Heating,
Lighting and Ventilation of School Room, Ethel Williams, Richard Whittle,
Minnie Crawford, Susie H. Scholl and Mary Garner.  How to Secure Good
Discipline, Virginia Ware and Ona Cooper.  How to Secure Co-operation in the
School, Cleo Whittle, G.W. Garner and Hardin Sweeney.  How to Deal with a
Stubborn Child, Bernard Tarter, Homer Abbott, Guy Taylor and Anna Sievers. 
How to Eradicate Tardiness, Roscoe Luttrell and Dora Delk.  Discussion,
Visiting by the Teachers to the Pupils Homes, K.D. Butcher, Otha Gaskins,
Nettie Hurt, O.C. Anderson and Artie Lee Dye.  Compulsory School Attendance
Law, Delani Roberts, Martha Redmond and Lola Jasper. Beautifying School
Grounds and School Room Decorations, Jessie Allen.  How Would You Start
Beginners.  Mrs. G.C. Sandusky and Mrs. V. Allen.  Rhetoricals and School
Entertainments, Mrs. Lawrence Leece.  G.D. Hamilton, V. Pres., Ben Albertson,

School Fair At Pulaski Was A Big Success.  Many Prizes Were Given.  The
School Fair and Teachers' Association held at Pulaski on Friday, October
15th, was a great success.  There was a large attendance an the patrons of
the school took a great deal of interest in the event.  County Agent Wilson
and County Superintendent L.E. Meece were present and made talks and assisted
in making the affair such a success.  The competition in the various exhibits
were spirited and there was quite a showing of various commodities.  The list
of entries and the winners are as follows:  Ring No. 1, Best Beets (bunch of
three) - First, Florence Higgins, Second, Beatrice Birt, Third, Laura
Ratliff.  Ring No. 2, Best Corn - First, Laura Ratliff, Second, Edith Surber,
Third, Grace Surber.  Ring No. 3, Best Bunch Popcorn - First, Emma Ruth
Bailey, Second, Chas. Lee Tyree, Third, Shelby Casada.  Ring No. 4. Best
Sweet Potatoes - First Florence Higgins, Second Laura Ratliff, Third Ruby
Correll.  Ring No. 5. Best Irish Potatoes - First, Allen Jones, Second Alvin
Young, Third Melvin Best.  Ring No. 6. Best Pumpkin - First, Roy Vanover,
Second Shelby Casada, Third Ruby Rouse.  Ring No. 7, Best Apples - First
Ellis Hackney, Second Florence Higgins, Third Daisy Vanover.  Ring No. 8,
Best Pears - First, Estill Denny, Second Alfred Bailey, Third May Tyree. 
Ring No. 9, Best Cabbage - First, Bell Lester, Second, Christine Quinton,
Third, Alvin Young.  Ring No. 10, Best Onions - First, George Bowman, Second
Florence Higgins, Third Cecil Randall.  Ring No. 11, Best Eggs - First, Harry
Leek, Second Mitchell Sowders. Ring No. 12, Buckwheat - First Allen Jones. 
Ring No. 13, Best Shelled Beans - First, Bessie Vanover, Second, Daisy
Vanover.  Ring No. 14, Best Turnips - First, Margaret Allen. Ring No. 15
Crocheting (hand work) - First, Pearl Lester, Second, Alice Wilder, Third
Tilda Addington.  Ring No. 16, Best Bunch of Flowers - First, Rosetta Bowman,
Second, Alice Wilder, Third, Thelma Denney.  Ring No. 17, Best Pie - First
Nettie Ware, Second, Sarah Leek.  Ring No. 18, Best Sorghum Molasses - First,
Beulah Randall, Second, Florence Higgins.  Ring No. 19, Best Biscuits -
First, Nettie Ware.  Ring No. 20, Best Quilt Top - First, Edith Surber,
Second, Bonnie Bert.  Ring No. 21, Best Canned Fruit - First, Thelma Denny,
Second, Daisy Vanover, Third, Ruby Correll.  Ring No. 22, Corn (club anywhere
in Pulaski County), First, Martha McDonald.  Ring No. 23, Corn (schools
anywhere in Pulaski County) - First, Roy Higgins, Second Bell McDonald.

Two School Tickets In The Field, Old Board Is Given Opposition At The Last
Minute.  There will be a contest over the election of the City School Board. 
A great number of the patrons of the school had hoped that a contest would be
avoided and the old board, who have given entire satisfaction, would be
re-elected without opposition.  The opposition ticket to the present board is
made up of well known Somerset citizens and two women are among the
petitioners to get their names on the ballot. 

The petition for the opposition ticket was filed by Tom Scott, who it is
said, was instrumental in getting the ticket out.  The names of those who
filed are Mrs. Woodson May, John LeTollier, W.A. Moore, John Anderson, Mrs.
Lottie Probst and James Denton.  Those who signed their petition follows: 
W.O. Hays, W.T. Nelson, T.M. Scott, W.O. Fitzpatrick, T.V. Ferrell, Geo.
Hill, J.C. Collinsworth, W.N. Flippin, A.T. Keen, Maggy M. Moss, Etta Scott,
Sam Ferrell, Logan Gregory, Sol Jones, C.C. Segrees, E.E. McBride, E.L.
Sweeney, J.H. Coleman, Erwin Kerster, Ernest Kerster, R.L. Massengale, G.W.
Snyder, G.W. Hager, A.F. Baker, Rebeccah Ford, Gertrude Barnett, Addie Elrod,
W.S. Davis, N.K. Hatter, R.B. Dugger, Joe Butt, S.B. Thompson, Robt. Smiley,
W.H. Wade, J.G. Hail, R.P. Hamm, C.A. Shoun, Alice A. Shoun, Geo. Poynter,
S.N. Eads, J.P. Hines, M.T. Crawford, W.L. Crawford, Bert Day, H.W. Denham,
R.C. Hoskins, E.L. Phillips, M.W. York, Geo. W. Akin, J.D. Gregory, G.A.
Waddle, T.M. Hudson, Geo. Woodall, C.H. Decker, M.T. Wait, Mrs. M.T.
Crawford, Miss Ada Crawford, H.F. Harris, Edgar Gregory, J.L. Keith, Albert
Cook, John S. Gregory, J.A. Hargis, C.H. Lewis, J.H. Cook, W.C. Hodges, Mrs.
W.H. Hodges, J.H. Campbell and F.T. Vaught. 

The men who compose the present board and who are seeking re-election are
O.G. Peterson, Roy McDaniels, A.E. Barnes, Richard G. Williams, Wm. Ramsey
and T.E. Jasper.  The following citizens signed their petition asking that
their names be placed on the ballot:  Paul Dexheimer, R.B. Waddle, M.C.
Williams, B.L. waddle, Joe H. Gibson, E.M. Waddle, Wilda Cecil Curtis, R.C.
Tartar, S.B. Owens, Jennie Brinkley, G.P. Sallee, H.C. Day, S.A. Waddle, G.B.
Buchanan, W.J. Gilmore, J.B. Hamm, S. Newton, John Slessinger, W.R. Barnett,
J.E. Claunch, Porter Elliott, H.S. Doolin, Wm. Adams, M. Harkins, G.A. Sloan,
R.E. Higgins, Thos. Prather, Gladstone Wesley, John H. Wesley, Stella Bryant,
Geo. Orwin, Sam Mayfield, Cecil Williams, Edgar Murrell, G.W. Hammond, A.J.
Joseph, Mrs. A.J. Joseph, Delia Tomlinson, W.B. Morrow, Florence S. Morrow,
Mrs. Thos. Prather, Bob Warren, W.C. Owens, Silas L. West, Frank Hansford,
W.H. Jenkins, June Hansford, Carl Norfleet, J.P. Kelsay, J.V. Wesley, Esie
Hines, Wm. Waddle, C.L. Tartar and G.W. Jones.

Somerset Journal Will Get Returns of the Election By Special Wire on November
2nd.  The Somerset Journal has made arrangements with the Western Union to
furnish the election returns on the night of November 2nd.  A special
bulletin service will be provided and news will be received from all sections
of the country.  Everybody is invited to be the guest of the Journal on that
date and get the latest news.  Bulletins will be received until enough states
are heard from to tell how the election has gone.  Bulletins will begin to
come in about seven o'clock and will be posted on a board in front of the

Eloped to Tennessee.  Mr. Wesley Walker, railroad ditcher engineer, and Miss
Nannie Ashurst, charming daughter of Mrs. Francis Ashurst, surprised their
friends by slipping away to Tennessee on Tuesday, October 19th, and were
married.  Friends and acquaintances wish this happy young couple much
happiness and prosperity in their journey through life.

Fine Luck.  Messrs T.E. Jasper, Wm. Ramsey and R.G. Richardson took a weekend
trip to Mr. Jasper's Club on the river and they report the fish biting fine. 
They returned with a string of fifteen and they were the prettiest ones you
ever saw.  When these men go out the fish had better hide under the rocks.

Mrs. Hagan Dies.  Mrs. Ben Hagan of Woodburn, Ky., a sister of Mr. C.H. Moore
of Somerset, Ky., died at her home Tuesday of peritonitis following an
operation.  She had been ill only a short time.  Mr. Moore left Tuesday to
attend the funeral.

Longsworth Sale.  The Longsworth sale of city property last Saturday was
quite a success, most of the houses selling and bringing good prices.  The
sale was conducted by Roby Johnson.

Bridge Opening Delayed.  On account of certain material being delayed the
bridge over Pitman Creek was not completed on last Saturday as was first
thought.  The work has now been completed, however, and the bridge is now
open for travel.  This will be quite a convenience to the people of the
county and it is now hoped that the road leading to the bridge will be put in
good shape.  Let's have a road working day.

Harvard Special.  The Harvard Special, carrying the Centre College football
team and several hundred rooters, left Danville yesterday morning for Boston.
 Messrs Cecil Williams and Paul Dexheimer of this city were on the special.

Worked It Up.  The shop boys sure showed their colors last Monday at the
speaking.  The whole affair was worked up by Clarence Kidder, Chas. Hall,
John Welch, Frank Root, and several other loyal Democrats.  There were also
several Republicans helping.

Want To Buy Dogs.  Coon, skunk and opossum dogs, fox hounds, pointers and
setters, hounds and rabbit hounds.  Write us what you have, giving full
description and price, George Griffth, Covington Kennels, 701 Madison Ave.,
Covington, Ky.

Will Get Returns.  The Centre-Harvard football game will be received at
Williams Drug Store play by play.  A special wire will be run to the store
and the plays called out from the front of the store.  Everybody invited to
be present.

Pie Supper.  There will be a pie supper at the Ferguson school building on
Saturday, October 23.  The proceeds are to be used to help toward the
building of a new home for Kentucky orphans at Louisville.

Elected Manager.  News has been received here that John Cooper who is
attending Yale University has been elected manager of the Varsity Track Team.
 This is quite an honor for John as it is seldom a second year man is picked
for the place.  Somerset is proud of the record of this young man.

Good Democrat.  Mr. T.B. Houston of Ohio, now employed by the Hoffman Bros.
Co., of Burnside, was in the city Tuesday and called at the Journal office
for some campaign literature.  Mr. Houston says that the has just recently
made a trip to Ohio and that he is confident that that state will go 100,000
for Governor Cox.

Wanted.  At once, a quantity of Southern Queen sweet potatoes.  S.T. Webb,
Mgr., Eubank, Canning Company.

Card of Thanks.  In the midst of our sorrow we beg to express our heartfelt
thanks to our relatives and friends for the acts of kindness and sympathy
shown in the sad hour of our bereavement in the loss of our dear husband and
father, who departed this life October 12th, at the age of 65 years and 11
months, and went to live with Jesus.  We feel especially grateful to Rev. S.
Abbott for his consoling words, Messrs Swain and Day for the efficient manner
in which they conducted the funeral .  Mrs. M.F Ashley and Children.

Pie Supper.  The pie supper at Oak Hill school last Friday night was a big
success.  The proceeds amounted to $166.50, which will be used to paint and
fix up the school house.  Miss Francis Wilson is principal.  It was
unanimously voted to give $50 of the proceeds to the Baptist Orphanage Home. 
The patrons of the school deserve a great deal of credit for their

Revival.  Rev. James E. Baird of the Monticello Church will assist Pastor
G.C. Sandusky of Ferguson Baptist Church in a revival beginning October 25th.
 A cordial invitation is extended to all.

For Sale.  Seven room house, located on Knosp and Crane St., with bath,
lights, water, nice cellar and garage. Mrs. Fannie Orwin.

For Sale.  A bargain; 37 acres, 2 miles from Somerset, on pike; three room
cottage.  Barn, room for five head stock; wire fenced; 25 acres tillable,
balance in timber, consisting of walnut, oak, ash, cedar, etc.; abundance of
water and fire wood; 35 fine peach trees three years old.  Would be a bargain
at $2000; for quick action will take $1500.  Terms to suit you.  If you are
looking for a home close to town, school and church, write me for appointment
to look.  Address Owner, P.O. Box 294, Somerset, Ky.

Notice.  Preaching regularly every First and Third Sunday mornings at 11
o'clock and at night also on Saturday night before each First and Third
Sunday every month.  Mrs. Helen Bruner, Pastor, Nazarene Church, Science

Hospital Notes.

Mr. Ray Sellers of Sloans Valley who was trying to catch No. 6, fell and got
his hip put out of place and it was found necessary to be brought to the

Miss Mattie Barnett has recovered from an operation for appendicitis and has
returned to her home.

Miss Edith Bishop, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Bishop, who was operated on
for mastoiditis, is getting along nicely.

Carl Dause of near Science Hill was brought to the hospital with a very badly
burned arm, is getting along nicely.

Miss Bertha Hamilton has returned from Phil, Ky., where she nursed six
patients with typhoid fever for five weeks.  She left all patients sitting up
and out of danger and doing nicely.

Personal Mention.

Mrs. W.G. Montgomery left Tuesday for Central City for a visit.

Gilmore Bobbitt has entered the Junior year at State College.

Miss Barthenia Sallee has returned from a visit to Danville.

J.W. Wilson of Barren Fork came up Monday on business.

Dr. and Mrs. T.L. Gamblin of Burnside spent Monday in the city.

Mrs. Anna Mourning left last week for Louisville to visit relatives.

J.M. Estes of Waynesburg was a caller at the Journal office Monday.

Mr. R. Addington has returned from an extended visit to Oklahoma.

Miss May Louis Gann of Texas has been visiting Mrs. Jean V. Smith.

L.E. Brant of Roberta, Tenn., was in town Monday on a business trip.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brinkly spent several days with relatives this week.

Mr. J.E. Ashley of Science Hill, Ky., was in the city Monday on business.

Mr. G.D. Sloan of Burnside, a splendid Democrat, was in the city Monday.

Clarence Florence of Corbin spent several days in the city with friends.

Ned Kelley was up from Oneida, Tenn., several days this week on business.

James Williams and Joseph Claunch were down from State College, Lexington on

Miss George Lewis of Sloans Valley spent several days in Somerset with

Mr. J.D. Erskine of Parkers Lake, Ky., was in the city Wednesday en route to

Warren Rousseau is spending several days with his parents Mr. and Mrs. E.M.

Lawrence Longsworth came down from Lexington last weekend for a visit with

Miss Laura Floyd of Stanford, Ky., is here taking a course at the Somerset
Business College.

Mrs. S.A. Denny who just recently moved to Lexington, was in the city several
days this week.

Mr. B.C. Lair returned to Stanford Tuesday where he is taking treatment for
an injured shoulder.

Mr. J.L. Deegan, manager of the Valley Creek Lumber Co., was up from Sloans
Valley for the weekend.

The many friends of Mrs. A.H. Rayborn will regret to know that she is quite
ill at her home on College St.

Mrs. A.J. Sears and daughter Mrs. J.R. Poynter and son, Raymond, are spending
the week in New Castle, Ind.

Mr. and Mrs. William Huey, of Louisville, motored through last Saturday for a
short visit with the family of M.C. Williams.

Mr. and Mrs. V.P. Smith are spending several days in Louisville.  Mr. Smith
is attending the Grand Lodge meeting of Masons.

Art Wheeldon of Stearns, Ky., one of the few Democrats in that strong
Republican County, was in Somerset last Saturday.

Superintendent W.T. Coldwell of the Southern Railway was in the city Monday
conferring with local  officials of the road.

The many friends of Mr. I.D. Thompson were glad to see him here this week
after several weeks illness in a hospital in Cincinnati.

Mr. J.M. Ross left Monday for his home in Los Angeles, California, after a
five months stay in Somerset.  Mr. Ross will return in April for a visit.

Mr. and Mrs. John Lynn and Mr. and Mrs. W. Logan Wood of Danville motored
down Saturday for a weekend visit with Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Claunch.

C.H. Moore was called to Woodburn, Ky., Monday night on account of the
serious illness of his sister, who died before he could reach her bedside.

S.A. Flynn of Oil Center was in town Monday on his way to Louisville to
attend the meeting of the Grand Lodge of Masons.  Mr. Flynn represents
Faubush Lodge.

Miss Ada Gover left Monday afternoon for her home in Iowa.  Miss Gover has
made Somerset her home for the past year and her many friends regret to see
her leave.

Mrs. Ed Waddle and daughter, Miss Ella Mae, and Miss Blanch Crane, Messrs
A.B. Waddle and Abe Newton motored to Lexington last Friday to hear Geraldine

Mrs. Guy Fagaly of Burnside, Ky., attended the speaking here Monday
afternoon.  Mrs. Fagaly is chairman of the Women's Division of the Democratic
Campaign Committee in Burnside.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Schlemmer of baby of Dayton, O., stopped off here to pay a
short visit to Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Moore on their way back from a pleasure trip
in the South.  From here they will go to Chicago and Cleveland before
returning home.

Mesdames Thos. B. Prather and A.E. Barnes entertained the Five Hundred Club
Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Barnes on Columbia St., in honor of
Mrs. J.G. Clements and Mrs. R.E. Higgins.  There were five tables playing.  A
delightful course luncheon was served.

Miss Bert Roberts left Wednesday for New York City to buy goods for the Fair
Store.  She will also attend the Harvard-Centre football game at Cambridge on
Saturday.  Mrs. M.E. Burke of Louisville, will accompany her and she will
also be joined by Miss Mary Roberts.

Mrs. V.W. Lewis entertained Friday evening with a six o'clock dinner in honor
of Miss Ada Gover, who left this week for her home in Iowa after spending a
year with her aunt, Mrs. W.D. Gover, in this city.  Those present were Misses
Evlyn Vaughn, Elizabeth Inman, and Ada Gover.  Messrs Raymond Sears, Brinkly
Gooch and Porter Elliott.

Burnside.  Mr. and Mrs. N.I. Taylor are away on a ten days trip to Nashville
and Chicago … Joe Denny was in Somerset over Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. J.M.
Lloyd returned Monday after an extended visit in Texas …. The new sidewalk on
Main St. is now completed and adds must to the appearance of the street.  The
property owners are to be congratulated .. Mrs. Phil Tuttle and children are
visiting relatives in Somerset … Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Davidson entertained a
number of their friends to a party Monday evening, celebrating their
twenty-first anniversary.  Their home was decorated in gorgeous dahlias.  The
delicious refreshments carried out the color scheme.  Their guests departed
after a very pleasant evening with a warm place in their hearts for the bride
and groom of 21 years … W.E. Bradshaw of Louisville was in town Tuesday on
business … Mrs. J.M. Dugger spent Tuesday and Wednesday with friends in
Somerset … G.Y. Davidson went to Centre Tuesday after a visit with home folks
…. Mrs. G.N. Fagaly was in Somerset Monday to hear Mrs. Cora Wilson Stewart
speak … Our baseball team played Eubank Saturday.  The score was 16 to 3, but
were defeated Sunday when they played the Stearns team by the score of 5 to 2
… Mrs. C.A. Shabe and Mrs. Wilbur Hale of Knoxville are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W.J. Davidson on Highland Ave. … A large crowd attended the Democratic
and Republican speakings in Somerset Monday …. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Phillips
have a new baby girl, Elizabeth Hendrick … J.M. Dugger is on a business trip
in Tennessee … Dr. N.D. Stigall attended Grand Lodge in Louisville this week …
 W.J. Davidson was in Junction City Tuesday … C.W. Kendall has resigned his
position at Cumberland Grocery Co., and returned to his home in Norwood, O. …
Miss Edna Young spent the weekend in Lexington with Miss Odye Choate and
enjoyed the concert given by Geraldine Farrar … Mrs. F.E. Bardshaw and Mrs.
W.T. Overstreet entertained on Friday afternoon of last week the Reading Club
… Mr. and Mrs. Morris Taylor and son of Danville visited relatives here the
first of the week … Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Hinkle and son returned Monday from a
visit with relatives at Methseda …. Mrs. G.N. Fagaly has been appointed
chairman of this district for the Women's Division of the Democratic Campaign

Pine Knot.  Misses Edith Davis, Ellen Creekmore and Geneva Morgan were out
motoring with Earl Brannon Sunday … Lawrence Morgan was a dinner guest of
Clarence Harmon on Sunday … Misses Naida Cain and Maggie Perkins were out
walking Sunday and came back through Pine Knot with Edgar Strunk and his Ford
…. Chas. Stephens has been visiting home folks and calling on Hattie Morgan,
returning to Danville to begin work as a fireman, Monday … Mr. Will Stephens
has been calling on Maude Harmon for the past week … Mr. Dan Strunk and
family motored to Stearns for the moving picture show Saturday night … Misses
Hattie Morgan and Maude Harmon accompanied by Chas. and W. Stephens attended
the movies at Stearns.  Mrs. Harmon chaperoned them …  Misses Ermine Morgan,
Hattie Morgan and Madge Frost were dinner guests of Miss Maude Harmon Sunday …
 Howard Smith of Danville has been down calling on Miss Mae Morgan for the
past week .. J.W. Morgan and wife and daughters Geneva and Ada, Mr. and Mrs.
H.M. Cline motored to Will Ansburge's Sunday … M.B. Cundiff and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Columbus Campbell motored to Marser Creek to attend church Sunday …
Helen Louise, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J.E. Harmon, is improving nicely after
a severe illness … Mr. Harmon Vickery of Stearns called on Miss Maude Harmon
recently … Mrs. Chitwood of Oneida, Tenn., has come here to make her home
with her two daughters, Mrs. Geo. Davis and Mrs. Grover Kidd … Mrs. Ike
Chitwood of Cincinnati is visiting her mother-in-law Mrs. John Chitwood …
Fred L. Jasper spent the weekend with home folks, returning to Whitley City
Sunday to school … Miss Chloe Jones of Stearns was called to her
grandmother's bedside last week .. Mr. Ansel Smith who has been working in
Dayton, Ohio, came home on Tuesday and motored to Stearns with the girls and
boys of Pine Knot .. Miss Hattie Morgan was called home Monday on account of
sickness … Miss Ida Mae Cain has been very ill, but is improving nicely.

Colo.  A revival meeting began at White Lily Sunday night … Dr. Ratsliff was
called to the bedside of "Aunt" Mahala Stevens Monday who is suffering from a
goiter … Mary E. Ping spent a few days in Somerset last week with Mrs. Dora
Mounce … Mathew Mounce is all smiles as three new granddaughters have arrived
within the last week … Hayes Meece and Robert Farmer left Tuesday for
Bedford, Ind. Their families will join them later … Jonathan Brinson bought a
calf from Perry Barnes for 5 cents per pound … Coal is selling for twelve to
sixteen cents per bushel at the mines here … Lee Smiley left Monday for
Cincinnati … Geo. Mounce purchased a milk cow from Marshal Simpson for $50.

Nancy.  Farmers are plowing, preparing to sow wheat and oats … Crane Dalton
had a sale Saturday.  He left for Monticello, Ill., the 19th … Will Hurson
and family of Dogwood, visited at her fathers Mr. Dick Beasely, Saturday
night and Sunday at Nancy …. Claud Barker and family, Mr. John Muse and
family made a pleasant call at Mt. Sterlin Hudson's Sunday evening … Miss J.
Anderson and Miss Maud Hudson visited Mrs. Talmage Clifton Saturday night and
attended the pie supper at Simpson school .. Mrs. W.L. Burton, who has been
sick for seven weeks, is but little better … Melvin Burton had a sales the
21st.  He will leave for Illinois … Mr. John A. Barton and family visited at
Joe Beasley's Sunday … C.P. Hudson and family visited their daughter Mrs.
Etta Whittle, Sunday .. Eli Burton and wife visited at S.C. Burton's Saturday
night .. N.J. Hudson and family visited at Walter Hudson's Sunday … Elihu
Burton and family visited at Elmore Burton's Sunday.

Norfleet.  Farmers of this community are busy sowing wheat .. B. Norfleet had
a sale last Thursday and left Saturday for Illinois, accompanied by his
family and mother .. Mr. and Mrs. Trumble visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Julius Buchanan, Sunday … Jim and L. Norfleet had the misfortune of getting
their car broken down Saturday … Mrs. Gertie Buchanan and children and Miss
Flora Woods were the guest of Mrs. Dora Buchanan Sunday .. There was a pie
supper at the Simpson school house Saturday night. Eight pies brought about
$16 …. The visitors at J. Jones Friday were Mrs. Sallian Norfllet, Mrs.
Myrtle Norfleet, Mrs. Lonnie Daulton, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Taylor and family,
and Miss Loner Norfleet.

Ansel.  Frank Beaty will finish teaching the Ansel school …. Miss Hattie
Wilson spent Saturday night with Lora Wilson … Olney Smith of Eubank visited
his Uncle Lafe Smith Saturday night … Mr. D.E. Owens and wife and three
children of Decatur, Ill., are visiting friends and relatives here … David
Easterly spent Saturday night with George Smith … John Stewart and wife of
near Somerset visited J.N. Estes Saturday night .. Sallie Smith is some
better at this writing … There will be preaching at Wilson's Chapel Sunday
and Sunday night, October 24th … Ransom Vaught and wife visited Ransom Adams
Sunday afternoon … Miss Edna Mullins spent Sunday afternoon with Lola Wilson …
 Mack Wesley and wife visited Theo. Adams Sunday.

Possum Trot.  A revival meeting began at this place Monday night, conducted
by Bros. Abbott and Reese .. The community was saddened when the Death Angel
visited here and took from us M.F Ashley.  He was a member of the Baptist
Church and will be greatly missed by all.  The family has our sympathy ..
Mrs. Bessie Kelsay has returned to her home in Cincinnati … Mrs. Hiram
Efferege is able for Mr. Efferege to leave her and go  back to his work.  It
is thought she will soon be all right … John stone was called home on account
of the illness of his sister, Mrs. Efferege .. Miss Arlie Fisher took supper
at R.H. Humble's Friday … Mr. and Mrs. Otto Fisher visited her parents Sunday
afternoon … Ben Abbott and wife of Somerset attend services here regularly ..
Mrs. Ashley and daughter spent Saturday and Sunday at the home of Will Ashley
… Aunt Lucy Girdler is better at this writing … Olno Girdler and Pierce
Vaughn were in this community Sunday .. Miss Grace Hall spent Sunday with the
Misses Humble .. Mrs. Dora stone and Miss Katherine Shadoan spent Saturday
night with their grandmother here .. Mrs. John Scales is visiting her niece,
Mrs. Willie Mills … Several from Camp Ground, Ringgold and Science Hill
attended church here Sunday evening.

Clear Fork.  Everett Warren of Woodstock, Ky., is on the sick list this week
.. Chester Eubanks visited Miss Lucy Hart last Sunday evening .. Misses Eva
and Hattie Eoff are working in the canning factory at Eubank … Miss Nell
Eubank visited Miss Namie Singleton on Sunday afternoon .. Mrs. Henry
Singleton and daughter visited her sister Mrs. E. Griffin last Saturday …
J.R. Nelson and family were guests of Mr. George Estes last Sunday … Several
attended the birthday dinner at Henry Anderson's Friday, he being 76 years
old … Mr. Walter Adams visited W.G. Eoff's   Sunday .. Mr. E.D. Griffin is
visiting relatives here .. Everybody is buys trying to get through making
molasses this week …

Parker's Lake.  Three auto loads of our people attended church at Pleasant
Knob Sunday night, where a protracted meeting is in progress … Master Louis
Souleyret has been very ill, but is almost well again … P.P. Walker was in
Somerset last week on business and to hear Harding speak … Misses Maggie and
bonnie Tunstall visited Miss Sallie Cook and Mrs. Nora Souleyret last week ..
Mr. and Mrs. Mat Ballou and children spent Sunday at the falls of the
Cumberland … Miss Myrtle Slaven is at Sawyer, Ky., visiting Misses Maggie and
Bonnie Tunstall … Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Vanhook were away last week visiting
relatives and friends at Pulaski, Science Hill and Burnside and in the
meantime attended the wedding of Mr. Vanhook's sister, Miss Elizabeth, to
Harry Shroufe, at the home of J.G. Vanhook, near Burnside, October 12 … P.P.
Walker went to Somerset Monday to attend the big political speakings .. A
crowd from this place attended the pie supper at Greenwood Saturday night. 
Miss Sallie Cook, one of our girls, was entered in the "prettiest girl"
contest and won the prize, which was a very toothsome bit of candy.  Elbert
Helton, also of this place, won the cake of soap in the "dirtiest man"
contest.  Maybe there should have been more than one box of candy, but while
we know Miss Cook deserved the one she carried away we are equally certain
that Mr. Helton did not deserve the soap … Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shroufe of
Norwood, O., visited Mrs. Shroufe's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. A.H.
Vanhook, Thursday night .. Mrs. George Walker and children of Whitley City,
visited the P.P. Walker family last week .. L.S. Bryant was at Flat Rock
Sunday … Mrs. Ruby Wright and children and Miss Zella Slaven of Wiborg, spent
part of last week the guests of the Les Lewis family .. Mrs. Jessie Gilreath
of Whitley City and Mrs. Golda Ferguson of Somerset visited relatives near
here last week … Miss Monica Farris accompanied some friends to the falls of
the Cumberland Sunday … Margurite and Noel Beaty of Greenwood were guests of
their sister Mrs. M.H. Tredway Sunday.

Delmer.  A revival will begin at the Nazarene Church Wednesday night. Rev.
Nicely and Rev. Stover will preach .. Pearl Molen was the Thursday evening
guest of Elva Prather .. Dr. Fayette Hart and family of Clintonville, Ky.,
are visiting his parents of this place … Alma Muse was the guest of Rena and
Grace Brown Wednesday night .. Mrs. Frank Muse attended he revival at Shafter
Wednesday night .. Hazel Muse was the guest of Luddie Muse Sunday … Glenn
Muse was the guest of Meatrice Fitzgerald Sunday afternoon … C.M. Brown and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hislope were the visitors of S.W. Todd Sunday …
Jim Muse and family were the visitors of Virgil Hudson on Sunday .. C.E.
Farmer the teacher at Pole Bridge school, quit teaching the 15th and has gone
to St. Louis to attend the medical school .. John Muse and family were the
visitors of Luther Muse Sunday .. Rena Brown was the guest of Clara Prather
Monday night .. Mable and Anna Barker and Lere Prather were the visitors of
Elva Prather Sunday … Gertrude Floyd and Beatrice Fitzgerald were guests of
Mrs. Alice Hislope Saturday; also Lillian Fitzgerald .. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Shepherd were visitors of G.L. Brown Sunday .. J.P. Muse and  family were the
Sunday guests of G.M. Baker .. M.F. Keeny had the misfortune of getting his
house burned Saturday .. Bannie Epperson, of Somerset, was the guest of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Epperson … Mr. Clyde Burton and Miss Mary Burton
surprised their many friends by getting married Thursday the ceremony being
performed by Judge R.C. Tartar.  We wish them happiness … Russell Hislope
bought some hogs from Ira Muse .. Edith Taylor who has been staying with her
grandmother for a few weeks, has returned home .. Grace Epperson who is
staying in Somerset is visiting her parents .. Mrs. C.C. Burton is very sick
at this writing … Mr. and Mrs. Vola Trimble and family of Naomi were the
visitors of Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Sharp Saturday night and Sunday .. Little
Lossie Trimble is visiting her aunt Mrs. W.P. Sharp.

Beech Grove.  Several from here are attending the revival meeting at Pleasant
Hill …. J.S. Jones and family were Saturday visitors at Chas. Godby's … Miss
Grace Hall attended church at Pleasant Hill Sunday and took dinner with the
Humble girls .. Carthel Abbott of Somerset is spending this week with his
sister Mrs. Flossie Phelps …. Mae Taylor left Monday for Indiana where she
expects to make her future home .. Chas. Roysdon wife and baby of Stearns
visited at C. Godby's Sunday … Dorothy, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
C. Stone, has been very ill the past few days … Mrs. Anna Phelps visited her
daughter, Mrs. Monte Stone last week …. Perry Godby and family visited at
Chas. Godby's Saturday night and Sunday … Arvine Phelps and Chas. Wallace
left Monday for Indiana, where they will work for a few months .. Talmage
Jones of Somerset visited at Chas. Godby's Sunday night .. Miss Mae Taylor
spent Wednesday night with Mrs. Mary Dye and attended the pie supper.

Mangum.  Threshing buckwheat is the order of the day in this community.  From
all reports the crops are turning out fine … Robert Gentian sold a cow
recently for $80 … The Misses Ida and Mary Sneed were the guests of their
uncle of Ware, Ky., last week … Mrs. Sarah A. Whiles spent Sunday at the home
of her son, G. Jasper, near Mintonville … The funeral services of Mrs. Nancy
Wesley of this place, was held at Shady Grove Sunday.  Rev. P.C. Newell
officiating … Green Hall sold a calf to Green Wesley for $19.50 … Plymp Dick
was in Somerset on business Saturday … Georgia Whiles spent Sunday at Alfred
Wesley's … Molasses making and corn cutting are about over in this part of
the county … Several attended the singing at King Bee from this place last
Sunday and report a nice time … Robert Gentian purchased a cow from William
Dick price unknown … John Dickerson made a hurried visit to this vicinity
last Monday on business .. Mrs. Monte Sneed was the guest of Liza Waters
Thursday … A.C. Wesley contemplates going to Lynch mines to work in the near

Drum.  Rev. J.C. Barber and wife of Hail, were visitors in this vicinity last
Sunday night .. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Baker of Eykes visited at Geo. W. Erk's
last Sunday … Cleve Erks and wife visited on Flat Lick and other places from
Friday until Sunday … Rev. Henry Ridner filled his appointment at Pine Grove
last Saturday and Sunday … The singing closed at Pine grove last Sunday but
we will practice again the first Sunday in November … Cleve Erps and Logan
Bray traded cows a few days ago .. Molasses making is the order of the day …
Several from here were in Somerset on Saturday.

Pleasant Hill.  Millard F. Ashley departed this life October 12, after
several months of severe suffering with diabetes, at the age of 65 years and
11 months.  He is survived by his wife, and three daughters, Mrs. Bessie
Kelsay, of Indianapolis; Mrs. Ann Wesley and Telitha Wesley, and one son, Wm.
Ashley, all of this place.  It is hard to part with those we love so well,
but it is God's way, His will be done, and our loss is Heaven's gain. 
Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Abbott at the Pleasant Hill church
October 14, of which he was a member and the remains were laid to rest in the
Vaught grave yard in the presence of a large crowd of sorrowing friends … Mr.
and Mrs. Crawford Mercer of Ringgold spent last week with friends here ..
Mrs. W.W. Girdler of Hustonville and Mrs. Bessie Kelsey of Indianapolis were
called here last week by the death of their brother and father, M. F. Ashley …
 parker Tanner and Miss Mayme Childers were married last Thursday afternoon.
There ceremony took place at the courthouse by R.C. Tartar … Hiram Effrig and
John Stone were called here last week by the illness of Mrs. Mollie Effrig ..
Rev. Abbott and Rev. Reece are conducting a revival meeting here.

Pisgah.  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eggars visited Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Heaton last week …
Mrs. Bowen Newell is visiting relatives in Stanford .. Sam O. Cowan and
family visited relatives at Waitsboro Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stigall
visited at C.D. Stigall's Sunday .. Miss Desta Powers was the weekend guest
of Misses Mabel and Thelma Claunch … Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Leece visited Miss
Linnie Newell Saturday night .. Earl Curtis is all smiles. It's a girl, Sarah
Rachel … Mrs. Lula Frisbie and children visited Mrs. D.S. Claunch Sunday …
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Heaton and little daughter Beulah visited Mr. and Mrs.
George Reese Sunday .. Mr. and Mrs. Woods Cowan and daughters Emma and Mary
spent Sunday with Mrs. Elliott at Somerset … Mrs. C.D. Stigall and Mrs. Harry
Stigall called on Mrs. Earl Curtis Friday … Several from here attended the
pie supper at Oak Hill Saturday night.

Soules Chapel.  There was a speaking at Ashurst school Friday … Miss Emma
Leubing spent Saturday night with Janie Gilmore … Rev. Wells and family took
dinner with Mrs. S.B. Smith Sunday … Raymond and Stella James spent Sunday
with Mabel and Zella Cundiff … Mrs. Henry Gilmore and Mrs. Fisher took dinner
with Mrs. Anderson Meece Thursday .. Gordon Harrison spent the weekend with
his grandmother Mrs. Bell Gover .. Miss Helen Cundiff spent Saturday night
with Katherine Kink … Mrs. McCoy has been real sick … Mr. Robert Meece
purchased a new Ford car last week … Mr. Jno. And Harry Yahnig left Sunday
for California, where Harry is going for his health … Clarence Fisher spent
Saturday night with Virgil Parker … Mr. and Mrs. Eggars have returned from
Oak Hill where they've been visiting … Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith visited Mr.
Smith's parents Sunday … Mr. Grant Harmon is home with his parents from
Cincinnati … The little son of Mrs. Kidd is real sick at this writing … J.W.
Parker was at S.B. Smith's Sunday looking at his tobacco.

Floyd.  Mr. Edd Higgins and family of Mississippi are visiting relatives at
this place .. J.W. Hines has sold his property here to Clarence Ellison …
"Aunt" Jane Stoute went to Somerset to spend a few days with friends … Hubert
Surber returned to his home in Lockland, Ohio, Saturday.  He was accompanied
by Miss Dorris Gragg .. After a two months stay in Bloomingdale, O., M.P.
Estes and his mother-in-law, Mrs. Sarah Daily, met his wife in Cincinnati and
they will go from there to Indiana and visit relatives for a short time …
W.H. Griffin came down Friday from Lockland and bought Wm. Stephen's farm
near here .. Will Dinkens returned home Sunday from Akron … "Grandpa" Jenkins
and Chas. Singleton called on M.N. Griffin Sunday afternoon … Mrs. Juda Verda
spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mrs. Belle Trivett … Charles Estes spent
Sunday afternoon with Marshal C. Griffin … T. Hines of Waynesburg was here
one day last week on business … W.R. Estes spent Sunday with John Lay at
Eubank … Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Harmon of Science Hill stopped off here Friday to
visit their daughter Mrs. Wm. Jenkins, en route home from a  two weeks visit
in Ohio and Indiana … Several from here went to Somerset Thursday … Cecil
Estes visited the home of M.P. Estes Sunday … Roy Trivett and family spent
Sunday with Carl Harmon and family near Science Hill … E.W. Trivett and
family of Pulaski, J.B. Gragg and family spent Sunday with Mrs. Belle

Oak Hill.  Sowing wheat and oats is the order of the day … Misses Grace
Frisbie and Desda Flynn spent Saturday night with Mrs. Lula Frisbie … The pie
supper here was a great success, realizing $166.50. All reported a good time …
 Helen Jones of Ferguson visited Myrtle and Mattie Bogle Saturday night ..
Angie Neeley spent Saturday night with Rendye Nicholas … Carl Burton left
Sunday for Cincinnati where he will be employed … We are having nice weather
here … Quite a number of young folks were entertained at the home of Florence
Wilson Sunday.

Catherine.  Mrs. Elmer Wilson is no better at this time … Mr. B. Rainwater
visited Elmary Wilson Saturday and Sunday … There is a big Nazarene meeting
going on at Pine Top now … Mr. Leo Hatfield returned home from Illinois last
week … Mrs. Della Pitman visited her father and mother near Faubush Friday
and Saturday … Oscar Pitman visited his brother, Albert Pitman, Saturday and
Sunday … Mr. George Stargle and Harlan Stargle visited Mr. Isaac Stargle
Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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