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The Somerset Journal-The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky

Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., october 1, 1920.


The City Dads Hold Meeting Monday Night.  Several Kicks On Assessment Are
Made.   The City Council met Monday night.  Mr. Silvers, the new Councilman
from the 6th Ward took his seat.  He succeeds Mr. Lovelass who moved from the
6th Ward.  Several building permits were granted.  Two to Ralph Longsworth to
build two $6,000 residences.  The Board of Supervisors made their report and
asked to be discharged.  They raised the property valuation $761,591 making
the total assessment $2,850,653, which is the largest assessment the city has
ever had.  The Council passed a resolution thanking the members of the Board
for their work and complimenting them on their efficient service.  A
resolution was passed placing a penalty on city taxes November 1st.  Mr. John
Slessinger made a written complaint of the assessment placed on his stock of
goods by the Board of Supervisors.  Judge Wm. M. Catron appeared before the
Council in behalf of The Fair Store and A. Goldenberg, who also complained of
the assessment made by the Board.  Mr. Goldenberg gave his stock in at
$14,900 and was raised to $40,000.  The Fair Store was raised from $8,000 to
$25,000, and Mr. Slessinger from $10,000 to $18,000.  The Mayor announced
that the Council had no authority to reduce these amounts.  That the action
of the Board of Equalization was final.  Mr. W.H. Ramsey, Secretary of the
Board of Education, made a talk before the Council and stated the Board's
reasons for placing the school levy at $1.50.  Mr. Ramsey stated that the
salaries for teachers alone was $35,000 and that a great deal of repair work
had to be done on the buildings.  He said that it would take every cent of
the levy to properly run the schools this year.  Following Mr. Ramsey's talk
the Council passed an ordinance fixing the rate $1.50 on the hundred dollars.
 An ordinance to pave the Square, Mt. Vernon St. to College and Main St. to
the foot of Wait's Hill was give its first reading.

Lots of Booze.  There seems to be lots of booze flowing around the town and
somebody is not doing their duty.  It seems that drunkedness has been on the
increase here for some time.  Can't our officers find the guilty parties?

New Pastor.  Rev. F.W. Harp, of Covington, Ky., has been assigned to the
Methodist Episcopal church, Somerset, and will preach his first sermon next
Sunday morning. Rev. Harp succeeds Rev. White who has been pastor for the
past year.  He comes highly recommended as a minister and citizen.

Harvard Special.  There will be quite a number of Somerset folks aboard the
Harvard Special when it leaves Danville on October 21 for Boston where Centre
and Harvard will lock horns on the 23rd.  The round trip, including berths
and meals, will be $110.

Buys Fine Farm.  Charlie Williams of the Bronston neighborhood sold his 200
acre farm n the Cumberland River to Walter Gibson of Kidder, Wayne County,
for $15,000.

Victory Medals.  The Pulaski County Post American Legion has received blanks
for applications for Victory Medals.  All ex-service men are entitled to wear
a Victory Medal but it will be necessary to fill out a blank and leave it
with Paul Dexheimer, Post Adjutant.  Mr. Dexheimer will be glad to assist all
those who apply to him.  These medals will be given away November 11th.

Woman Speaker To Be Here Monday.  Miss Roberts of Danville To Deliver Talk. 
Mrs. Woodson May, Chairman of the Woman's Division of the Democratic Campaign
Committee, announces that Miss Iva Roberts of Danville, a well known and
prominent young woman, will speak at the Courthouse Monday afternoon at 2
o'clock.  Mrs. May urges all the women of the city and men too, to hear Miss
Roberts discuss the campaign issues.  She will have some very interesting
things to say.  Miss Roberts has been in demand all over the State and Mrs.
May feels that she is fortunate in securing her for this date.

Republican Speaking.  Miss Ida Helen Yorke and Hons. R.C. Tartar, W.B.
Morrow, M.L. Jarvis, R.L. Waddle and others will speak in the interest of the
Republican ticket at the following times and places:  Cundiff's School House,
Monday, October 4, at 7:15 p.m.; Science Hill, Tuesday, October 5, at 7:15
p.m.; McKinney School House, Wednesday, October 6, at 7:15 p.m.; Alcalda,
Thursday, October 7, at 7:15 p.m.; Buncombe, Friday, October 8, at 7:15 p.m. 
Everybody invited.  Women are entitled to vote and are especially urged to
attend these meetings.  Grand all day rally at Somerset, October 30, Come !

Republican Speaking.  Hon. H.C. Kennedy, E.T. Wesley, L.E. Meece, J.J. Paule,
Gladstone Wesley and others will speak in the interest of the Republican
ticket at the following times and places: Estesburg, Monday, October 4, at
7:15 p.m.; Vaught's School House, Tuesday, October 5, at 7:15 p.m.; White
Lily, Wednesday, October 6, at 7:15 p.m.; Eubanks, Thursday, October 7, at
7:30 p.m.; Okalona, Friday, October 8, at 7:15 p.m.  Everybody invited. 
Women are entitled to vote and are especially urged to attend these meetings.
 Grand all day rally at Somerset, October 30. Come!  (Advertisement)

Gen. John J. Pershing was offered the presidency of an oil company in
Columbus, O.  The salary of the position is said to be $50,000 a year.

According to figures compiled by statisticians of the United Kingdom, the
British army captured 200,000 prisoners and 2,540 guns; French armies 135,720
and 1,880; American armies, 43,300 and 1,421; Belgian armies 14,500 and 474.

Louisville Negro Women Organize.  Louisville, Ky., Sept. 28 - Headquarters
have been opened in the Pythian Temple, a negro office building in
Louisville, for the organization of all negro women in the campaign in
Louisville.  Wm. Jack Porter, a colored political worker, terms the office
"Headquarters for Republican Women."  He further says "this is not a social
club for any particular set of women, but it is for all women."  Daily
advertisements are being published in the colored newspapers of Louisville
urging men and women to register.  These advertisements read in part: "If you
hesitate your vote is lost.  In order that you may vote for Harding and
Coolidge and against Cox and disfranchisement, you must register, and by so
doing you draw first blood from your ancient political enemy, the Democratic

Appointed Constable.  James Colyer has been appointed Constable in the
Seventh Magisterial District by Judge Tartar.

Going Up.  Manager C.H. Moore is sending out notices to all subscribers in
Somerset that telephone rates will be increased 50 cents a month for all
classes of service on November 1st.  On that date the company will have
installed the required number of phones under their franchise to allow them
to increase the rate.  They are installing a complete new station in the
Southern Railway office building to take care of the business.

"Teed" Is Promoted.  It will be good news to "Teed" Hines many friends to
know that he has just recently been promoted to Superintendent of the Cutler
plant of the California Associated Raisin Co.  For the past year he has been
assistant superintendent at one of the plants.  This new position is a very
responsible one and we know that "Teed" will make good.  He is the kind that
succeeds and all Somerset rejoices in his rapid rise.

Business Deal.  Major J.J. Bethurum Sells Dodge and Nash Automobile Agency. 
(Danville Advocate).  Major J.J. Bethurum today closed a deal with Messrs
W.B. Myers and Lee Tuney, owners of the Central Kentucky Carriage plant,
whereby they take over the Dodge and Nash automobiles in this territory. 
Major Bethurum has been commissioned a Captain in the regular army and will
probably be located at the Kentucky Military Academy, at Lynden, Ky.  He has
many friends in Danville who will regret to learn that he is to leave here. 
He has made arrangements to take in the Harvard - Centre game.  The new firm
is composed of two splendid young men and the Dodge and Nash are in good

Clements Gets House.  Supt. Clements of the Southern Railway has rented the
pretty home of A.S. Denny on Columbia St., and will get possession at once. 
Mr. Denny has purchased a $15,000 home in Lexington and will move there next
Tuesday.  Mr. Clements will likely move in the following day.  This is one of
the prettiest homes in Somerset and we are glad Mr. and Mrs. Clements will be
so nicely located.

Cassada.  S.W. Cassada, of Sloans Valley, a former Pulaskian, died at his
home on Monday.  His remains were shipped here and burial took place at his
old home in Oak Hill, Tuesday afternoon.  Rev. Mayfield preached the funeral
service.  He was 65 years of age.  Before moving to Sloans Valley Mr. Cassada
was a farmer and he had many friends in this county.

Elected Director.  Captain Paul Dexheimer has been elected Physical Director
at the High School and he will enter upon his duties at once.  He will have
charge of all recreational work.  The position takes a few hours of his time
each afternoon.  He has already started several classes in the gym.  He will
have charge of football, basketball, both girls and boys team, the track,
volleyball, and other athletic sports.

Goes Up In Flames.  News was received here on Wednesday of the fire at
Oneida, Tenn., which destroyed the store, hotel and restaurant belonging to
R.D. Stephens, formerly of this city.  It is said that the loss is very
large.  The buildings burned to the ground.

Street Work.  The Connelly Construction Co. started working this week on
Columbia St. and will finish that asphalt work before beginning on the other
streets in the city.  All the streets will be put in good condition as soon
as possible.

Marriage Licenses.  Following are the marriage licenses issued during the
past week:  Ezra Jerome Girdler, 22 to Ethel L. Hall, 20; Kish Jasper, 21, to
Alberta Wilson, 20; General T. Morrow, 45, to Viola Chaney, 24; Joe E Duncan,
24, to Nora Sexton, 21.

Hospital News.

Miss Lelia Gragg has recovered sufficiently to return to her home.

Mr. Robert Setzer returned to his home.

Mrs. Lester is able to return to her home.

Mrs. Raymond Godby and baby returned to her home at Science Hill.

Carl Nicholas had the misfortune of getting his arm broken.

Mrs. Phelps is slowly improving.

Personal Mention.

Mrs. H.M. King will return from Lexington Sunday.

Mrs. R. Addington is visiting her sister in Oklahoma City.

Dr. Ernest Parsons was in Cincinnati last Saturday on business.

J.B. Marcelliott of Bauer was in the city Wednesday on business.

Mrs. N.P. Boling of Louisville spent several days with relatives.

Mrs. Mary Woodcock of Danville is visiting Mrs. J.M. Richardson.

Misses Florence and Bessie Heeley were in Lexington this week visiting.

Councilman John Cox has returned from a business trip to Cincinnati.

Miss Thelma Farrell spent several days in Cincinnati visiting friends.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Davis are spending several days in Knoxville this week.

Miss Bernice Addington spent several days in Lexington with friends.

Miss Bertie Owens spent several days in Danville with friends this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Burke have returned from a visit to Brandfordville, Ky.

Miss Stella Bryant has returned from her vacation spent in Central Kentucky.

Miss Helen Kopenhoefer was in Cincinnati the first of the week for a few

Miss Ella Gooch returned this week from Danville where she has been working.

Miss Virginia Catron has resigned her position with the Fulkerson Optical Co.

Mr. W.B. Forsyth of Chicago, Ill., has been visiting his sister Mrs. J.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hussing are spending several days with relatives in
Lincoln County.

A. Goldenberg was quite ill the first of the week but is some better at this

Clay Alexander will leave this week to resume his work at Vanderbilt

Mrs. L.B. Lowenthal is spending several days in Knoxville, Tenn., with

Miss Fostine Cooper left on Tuesday for Bethlehem, Penn., where she will
enter school.

Supt. and Mrs. J.G. Clements of Danville were in the city this week with

Royce Flippin and Will Humble were down from Centre College for the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Moore and son James Rayborn motored to Lebanon last weekend
for a visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Mat H. Barnette have returned from a trip to Arizona and

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cottinbrook of Cincinnati are visiting Mrs. Cottonbrook's

Mrs. Virgil Bobbitt has returned home after visiting relatives in Lebanon and

Mr. W.L. York and daughter Miss Willie will leave next week for an extended
trip to Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lewis returned this week from Mississippi where they have
been visiting.

W.A. Kinne was up from Stearns last Friday night to witness the play, "The
Microbe of Love."

Dr. and Mrs. A.W. Cain were in Lexington attending the meeting of the State
Medical Society.

Mrs. H.B. McMillan and daughter Alice Marie are visiting relatives in
Lexington and Williamstown.

Misses Amanda Newell and Anna Sloan have accepted positions in the city
schools at Georgetown, Ky.

Quite a few football fans will go to Danville tomorrow to witness the first
football games of the season.

Frank Orwin came over from Monticello Friday to visit home folks and attend
the American Legion play.

Miss Hannah Girky has returned home after spending the summer with her sister
Mrs. R.T. Mays, at Bloomington, Ill.

Mrs. Otto Watson of Latonia is spending several days with home folks.  Mr.
Watson is now connected with a bank at Latonia.

Mrs. H. Leubbing will leave this week for Washington, D.C., where she has
accepted a position in the Bureau of War Risk Insurance.

Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Nash and daughter Dorothy Lee have returned from a weeks
visit with Mr. Nash's uncle, Hiram King, in Morristown, Tenn.

Miss Rose Girkey and Mrs. R.T. Mays of Bloomington, Ill., arrived for a two
weeks visit with their parents Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Girky at Nancy.

Mrs. M.C. Williams left on Tuesday for Oklahoma City, where she will visit
her sister for a month.  Mr. Williams accompanied her as far as Louisville.

Mrs. Mary Williams and daughter Mrs. Cleo W. Brown, have returned to their
home in Mt. Vernon after a visit with the family of Mr. M.C. Williams.

Mrs. A. McDonald of Chattanooga, Tenn., has returned to her home after a
pleasant visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. I. Hardgrove on May St.

Drake Thompson is spending several days at the head office of the Thompson
Humble Lumber & Stave Co.'s office here.  He is located at Gatliff, Ky.

The Chautauqua Club will have a current event meeting at the home of Mrs.
J.E. Claunch Saturday afternoon, 3 o'clock.  All members are invited to

Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Ware left this week for a visit to California and Arizona. 
They will visit their son, Lewis at Globe, Arizona, and then go to California
for a short stay.

Mrs. Anna Robinson and grandchildren, Master Bobbie and Miss Pamela Robinson,
and Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robinson, of New Orleans, will arrive next week to
visit Mrs. J.M. Richardson.

Roby L. Johnson, the real estate man, is off on a vacation for a few days. 
He is visiting New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Buffalo,
Niagara Falls, Detroit, and other places of interest.  His brother will have
charge of all his real estate business while he is away.

Norwood.  John Hood is no better at this writing … W.E. Kidd who got his leg
broken in the mines at Stearns is still suffering with a sore heel which was
bruised with the cast … Henry Phelps motored from Danville and is spending a
few days with his parents Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Phelps .. Harry Keith is down
from Cincinnati … Mr. C.A. Mercer and wife, Mr. Cox and wife of Science Hill
spent Sunday with Estel Phelps … Maurice Vaught and family of Camp Ground
visited Mrs. M.A. Stroud Sunday … Aunt Jacie Moore of Danville is spending a
few days with friends here … There will be a pie supper at the school house
October 2.  Everybody cordially invited.

Soules Chapel.  The little infant of Mr. and Mrs. Blevins was buried at
Bradley's Chapel Sunday evening .. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Colyer of Somerset
spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. C.T. Cundiff, and they motored to Pulaski …
 Mr. Willie Ridings motored through from Illinois Wednesday and spent the
weekend with his father Mr. Craig Ridings, and returned Sunday … There will
be a pie supper at Ashurst School Oct. 9. Everybody invited … Mrs. Howey
McClure entertained on Thursday night with a pea hulling.  Delightful
refreshments were served and a good time enjoyed at all … There was a singing
at Mt. Israel Harmon's Sunday night .. Mrs. Bill Cundiff and daughter Mrs.
Earl Dickerman and children spent Friday night with her son C.T. Cundiff ..
Miss Jennie B. Gover is visiting her brother Edd Gover in Somerset … Mr.
Chas. Evans is making molasses this week … Mr. Luther Keyes sold two fat cows
last week for 6 cents per pound … Mr. Harvey Miller who has had typhoid
fever is improving .. Mr. James Sears lost his pocket book containing $70
last week.  He has our sympathy … Several from here attended the play at the
Somerset Auditorium Friday night.

Norfleet.  Farmers of this vicinity are very busy plowing for wheat and
saving fodder … Rev. Beasley filled his regular appointment at the Norfleet
school house last Sunday … Vola Trimble sold a pair of mules for $600; also
purchased a pair of mules from Willie Trimble for $275 … Chas. Ard bought a
mule from John Marres for $350 … Mable Tarter visited her grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. Cleo Tarter, part of the week … Cleo Tarter, Earl Tarter, Carl
Schoolcraft and Carol Trimble made a business trip last week to Bluegrass to
buy a car load of young mules.

Delmer.  Corn pulling is the order of the day … Mrs. L. Weaver and little
Grace Brown were the guests of Mrs. Malissa Floyd one afternoon last week …
Rev. Buck Burton of Russell County is conducting a revival at the Okolona
Baptist Church, large crowds attending .. Rev. F.V. Taylor, Rev. C.C. Burton
and R.P. Floyd attended the Nazarene Assembly at Lexington last week .. Mrs.
J.C. Taylor was the guest of Mrs. Luther Meese Wednesday evening .. S.W.
Burton made a business trip to Somerset on Wednesday and Friday … Mrs. Dan
Baker was the guest of her mother, Mrs. N.B. Burton, Tuesday afternoon … Mrs.
G.F. Chapman was the Thursday night guest of N.B. Burton's .. Miss Gertrude
is now the guest of her sister, Mrs. Russell Hislop .. Mrs. Malissia Floyd
and Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Sharp were visitors of Mrs. James Hislop Sunday … Miss
Mary Burton has purchased a new organ .. The visitors of J.F. Floyd's Sunday
were: Russell Hislop and family and Miss Gertrude Floyd .. Thatcher Floyd and
family were Saturday night and Sunday guests of Cane Daulton … Miss Ollie
Burton has purchased a Victrola … Virgil Hudson and family were the visitors
of Jas. Muse Sunday .. The visitors of Dan Prather Sunday were: C.M. Brown
and family, Orville Prather and family, Mrs. Dona Barker and her two
daughters and one son, Mable, Anne and Lafayette, I.F. Hart and family and
Elmer Merricks and family … Mr. and Mrs. Willie Baugh were the Sunday guests
of Mrs. Mollie E. Muse .. Miss Edith Taylor is with her grandmother Mrs.
Mollie Muse .. Rev. F.V. Taylor and Rev. C.C. Burton are conducting a revival
at Shafter.

Floyd.  Mrs. Maud Trivett was in Somerset Friday and Saturday … Miss Verda
Greene was in Somerset two days last week having dental work done … J.B.
Gragg and family visited at the home of F. Green Sunday … John Higgins and
family of Indiana are visiting relatives at this place for a short while …
Mrs. Ovie Bishop was in Science Hill two days last week … Wm. Stephens isn't
any better at this writing .. Mrs. Maud Trivett went to Cincinnati Sunday to
seek a position … Mrs. J.E. Todd spent the day Wednesday with her sister here
.. R.T. Eubank and family, of Estesburg, and Mr. and Mrs. Lamont Eubank, of
Akron, Ohio, spent Wednesday at Rev. John Todd's … Orion Shadoan of Eubank
was visiting Chas. Estes Sunday … The Misses Dora and Lillian Gragg spent
Monday afternoon with Miss Verda Green .. Henry Griffin has sold his crop to
a lady from Pike County .. Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Griffin visited her brother,
Alford Hays at Waynesburg, Friday and Saturday … George McCracken and family
left Sunday for Montana to make their future home … Mrs. Belle Trivett and
family spent Sunday with her son Roy Trivett … Quite a few from here attended
the singing at Sardis Sunday.  Everyone reports a nice time.

Burnside.  Mrs. Lola Thach of Spokane, Wash., and Mrs. Emma Bloom of
Cincinnati, are the guests of their parents Mr. and Mrs. John W. Taylor …
Mrs. Elizabeth Evans was visiting her son in Danville last week … Miss
Moiselle Johnson is attending the wedding of Miss Eva Logan in Louisville
this week.  Miss Johnson will be one of Miss Logan's bridesmaids … County
Sup't. L.E. Meece was in the city last week and was much pleased with the
progress of our school this year … Mr. and Mrs. Levi Morgan of Lock 21 were
in town last week … A brand new ferry boat has been completed and ready for
work when the bridge is completed … J.J. Crutcher is back at his post of duty
after two weeks vacation … Mrs. R. Daugherty of Somerset was the guest of
Mrs. S.E. Cooper Sunday … Mrs. G.W. Nunn returned Sunday after an extended
visit with relatives in Cincinnati … Rev. Chas. Holder closed a two weeks
meeting at the Christian Church Sunday evening.  His splendid life and true
gospel preaching have made a lasting impression on his many friends and the
church .. G.Y. Davison was home from College over Sunday … Misses Elizabeth
Allen and Marjorie Thompson were in Somerset this weekend … Several were
baptized at the river by Bro. Chas. Holder Sunday afternoon … Mrs. C.I. Ross
of Somerset was the guest of Miss Elizabeth Perry Monday at the Seven Gables
Hotel … Mrs. J.M. Mitchell was in Somerset shopping on Tuesday … C.I. Ross
of Somerset drove down Monday and organized a Harding and Coolidge Club.

Valley Oak.  Rev. H.S. Measel filled his regular appointment at Flat Lick
Saturday and Sunday … Several from here attended singing at Gilmore Sunday,
among the ones being Tom Linda and Maude Buchanan, Leona and William Griffin,
Mill McKinney and Henry Farmer and wife .. Mrs. John Hansford and children
spent Sunday at her fathers .. Dr. T.M. Garner is on the sick list this week …
 Wallace Phelps and wife spent Saturday night at J.H. McKinney's .. Mrs. J.H.
McKinney was called to Rockcastle County to the beside of her mother who is
very ill … Prof. Burnette of Knox County spent Friday night at W.C. Wyrick's …
 Mrs. Martha Farmer is very sick … Wm. D. Forester of Harlan spent a few days
last week and "Uncle" Cy Spurlock who is almost 93 years of age, left with
him to visit in Harlan for a while.

McKinney.  Everybody in this section is busy cutting corn … Merle Smiley who
has been in Ona for the past two months, returned home Sunday … The pie
supper at McKinney was called off Saturday night on account of the teacher
Mr. Davidson, not being able to be there … John Watson and family visited at
Chas. Watson's Sunday … Mrs. Herrin and children spent Saturday night and
Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Whitaker … Mrs. C.A. Bishop is still on
the sick list … Cloyd Harmon and family visited at Bud Wilson's Saturday
night and Sunday … Mrs. Rose McGriff spent Sunday with her parents Mr. and
Mrs. C.A. Bishop.

Ansel.  A revival begun at Wilson Chapel Sunday … Miss Mary Wilson spent part
of last week with her sister Mrs. J.D. Sipples .. Miss Dewey McMullin has
resigned her school here … Mr. and Mrs. R. Vaught visited his father Sunday
.. Elmer Burton is improving .. A.N. Smith and family spent last Sunday at Ed
Smith's … Lillian Smith visited Mary and Martha Wilson Sunday .. George Smith
and David Easterly and Mary and Martha Wilson, Lillian Smith and Jane Hurt
visited Miss Nettie Hurt of Camp Ground Sunday afternoon.

Dykes.  Several from here attended church at White Lilly Sunday … Belle
Hargis visited Elbert Hargis Saturday night and Sunday … Robert Phelps has
returned from South Dakota … Mrs. Derrell Phelps and Lou Hargis visited
Martha Phelps Saturday night .. Minnie Vanhook and children visited Belle
Hargis Friday night .. Charles Phelps left Sunday for Cincinnati … Lizzie
Phelps and children visited Mrs. Boyd Sunday.

Hogue.  Molasses making and cutting corn is the order of the day … Miss
Louida Dick spent Saturday night and Sunday with home folks.  She was
accompanied home by Miss Nellie Godby … Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Tarter and little
daughter of Cincinnati are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Pitman …
Rev. Charles Randalls of Somerset preached at King Bee last week.  The
meeting was largely attended and Rev. Randalls preached some splendid sermons
… Mrs. Effie Adams and little daughter are visiting her mother, Mrs. Lillie
Dick of Mangum … Miss Sarah Blevins who is staying at Mintonville, came home
Sunday to spend two weeks … Mr. and Mrs. John Warren attended church at
Wilson Sunday night .. Mr. Oscar Hood spent Sunday at Norwood with his father
Mr. John Hood who is quite ill .. This community was greatly shocked when
they learned of the death of Mr. Archie Taylor, of Mintonville, which
occurred on Saturday morning .. Mrs. Samuel Roy of Science Hill spent the
first of last week here … Mr. and Mrs. Walter Roy entertained their friends
with an apple cutting last Tuesday night .. Mr. and Mrs. William Nelson of
Somerset attended church at King Bee last week.

Elrod.  Farmers are busy in this community cutting fodder .. The singing at
Gilmore closed Sunday with good singing and a large attendance .. Roy Saylor
and wife and children are visiting relatives at this place .. Harvey Poynter
and son are visiting relatives at Elrod … The revival closed at Hazel Dell
Sunday … Miss Maude Bishop spent Saturday night and Sunday at Charlie
Warren's … Mrs. Lena Rambou and baby of Stanford are visiting her parents Mr.
and Mrs. Bob Price … Hubert Eldridge has returned from Dayton, O. … J.
Vanhook has moved near Elrod … Q. Stevens spent Saturday night with Otis
Bumgardner .. J.M. Carter visited is father Sunday.

Eubank.  Rev. Reed filled his regular appointment at the Baptist Church
Sunday .. Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Marcum and children of Danville motored down
Saturday to visit their old home town and friends, and remained until Sunday
afternoon .. Mr. Harlan Reck and family returned to his home in Danville
after a visit with relatives here .. Ray Estes and Dewey Smith joined the
army and left for Ft. Thomas Saturday … Mr. O.R. Fowler was in Danville, Ky.,
on business the end of last week … Mrs. Everett Singleton is with her parents
after a long visit with her sister in Akron, Ohio .. Mr. E.L. Gooch returned
home after a weeks stay in Cincinnati buying goods .. Miss Maggie Horton
visited home folks Sunday … Mrs. Craig Horton and son Barber Jr. visited her
parents in Waynesburg the weekend … Mrs. Earl O'Bryn of Cincinnati, Ohio, is
with relatives and friends of this place … We are very glad to have Mr. Rub.
Horton and family in our little town and hope they will help in making it a
better one … Mr. Walter Estes of Waynesburg visited Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Acton,
Sunday … Mrs. Haden of Cincinnati visited friends in this place last week ..
Mr. Willey Acton of Clarence spent Sunday with Dr. T.J. Acton .. Mr. I.E.
Payne and family visited relatives in Broadhead, Ky., this weekend and Mr.
Arch Albright accompanied them home … The Junior and Senior B.Y.P.U. gave two
very interesting programs on Sunday morning and evening … Rev. A.K. Gooch
filled his appointment at Briery Union Saturday night and Sunday … The Eubank
baseball team went to Highland Saturday and defeated them 6 to 4. Middletown,
Ky., will play them Saturday at Eubank … Fred. McMullin spent a few days with
home folks this last week.

Oak Hill.  Cutting corn is the order of the day here .. Mrs. Eva Nelley and
children visited Mrs. Alice Nicholas Sunday afternoon .. Clarence and Willie
Cundiff spent Sunday with Charles Fletcher .. Rendye Nicholas, Bertha and
Angie Neeley, Ova Casada, Myrtle Bogle and Mae Frisbie were the guests of
Georgia Waddle Sunday afternoon … Mr. and Mrs. Sam Waddle and little daughter
Louise spent Saturday night and Sunday with his parents Mr. and Mrs. G.G.
Waddle … Maude Frisbie visited Andra Cowan Saturday afternoon .. Mary Lou
Cundiff visited Mattie Bogle Sunday … Miss Ova Casada, Bertha and Angie
Neeley and Mae Frisbie were the Sunday guests of Rendye Nicholas.

Pisgah.  Mr. and Mrs. O.B. Vaughn, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Hail, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Stigall and Ben Overstreet were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Stigall …
Miss Amanda Newell visited in Tatesville last week .. Mrs. J.M. Perkins and
daughter Velma of Burnside spent Friday night with her uncle D.S. Claunch …
Mr. and Mrs. Burnett Rhoten, Claud and Lloyd Taylor, Lillian Colyer, Mabel
and Thelma and Harley Claunch visited at R.B. Rhoten's Sunday week … Mr. and
Mrs. E.S. Heaton, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gottshall and children and Miss Cassie
Jordan and Mr. Heineche were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Claunch ..
Misses Mabel and Thelma Claunch and Cassie Jordan called on Mrs. John Hall
Sunday .. Mrs. E.S. Heaton and son, Glen, and Mrs. C.O. Heaton and children
visited Mrs. George Reese Thursday … Mr. and Mrs. Joe Agers spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Heaton … Work has begun on the Pitman Creek Bridge and it
is hoped it will soon be completed … Mrs. Pat Jones and Mrs. Heinecke called
on Mrs. D.S. Claunch on Thursday … Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hudson spent Friday night
with their daughter Mrs. Carl Heinecke.

Bent.  Rev. H.J. Ridener filled his regular appointment here Sunday … Misses
Nellie and Georgia Randall were guests of Enia and Artelo Randall Saturday
night … Rev. H.J. Ridener was the guest of Cleve Randall Saturday night …
L.A. Bray and wife, Mrs. M.F. Stogsdill, Mrs. Other Randall and Alvin Phelps
visited at Geo. Phelps Sunday … Kisarah Phelps visited homefolks Saturday
night and Sunday … Joe Hunt and wife were the guests of her parents Saturday
night … J.W. Stogsdill and family of Bloomington, Ill., are visiting his
parents here … Rev. H.J. Ridener, Ernie Randall, H.M. Stogsdill, S.K. Erp and
R.C. Randall spent Sunday afternoon at G.C. Phelps …  Lena Phelps was the
guest of Lexie Steele Saturday night … Miss Donnie Childers of Drum was the
guest  of Zula Hargis Saturday night and Sunday … Emma Hargis was the guest
of Okel Bray.

Cave Hill.  Elmer Burton is no better at this writing .. Ottie and Olis
Blevins spent Saturday night with their sister Mrs. Verdie Smith .. Killis
Wilson visited his uncle W.S. Wilson Saturday with Maud Smith .. Isabel
Wilson and daughter Minnie spent Saturday afternoon at Laura Burton's …
Johnnie Burton and wife spent Sunday with his brother Elmer Burton … Erastus
Vaught fell and sprained his ankle Friday and is not able to work … There was
a Sunday school rally and singing at Sardis Sunday .. Valley Oak singing
class led by Virgil Ware and Briery class led by Fred Thompson furnished the
music.  Gladstone Wesley of Somerset and Geo. Thompson delivered addresses on
Sunday school work.  Dinner was served on the ground and everyone had a good
time .. Rev. J.C. Wheeldon will preach at Sardis next Sunday.

Slate Branch.  Mrs. Nannie Marcum and son and Mrs. Charlie Wright and
children spent Sunday at John Jones … Willie Buchanan and son visited at
Piney Woods Sunday … Miss Gradie Simpson has been visiting in Lexington for
the past few days … Simo Cundiff of Iowa is visiting his father here …
Charles Cundiff of Oak Hill visited his brother here Sunday afternoon … Nella
McBeath and little son visited at J.M. Butler's Tuesday afternoon .. John
Andy Girdler is on the sick list .. Bob Kelley and wife of Frazure visited at
Eulin Dungan's Sunday … Coleman Jones motored to Stanford Sunday and was
accompanied home by his grandfather James Lovell.

Sweeney's Chapel.  Mrs. Josiah Tartar of this place died at the Somerset
Hospital Wednesday after undergoing an operation.  She leaves a daughter and
a number of relatives.  Funeral services were held at Union Church by Rev.
Montgomery. The body was laid to rest in the Union Cemetery. The family have
the sympathy of the entire community .. Rev. Wells failed to fill his
appointment at Sweeney's Chapel Sunday … Miss Ethel Eubanks and Bess and Ruth
Aker visited Thelma Vaught Sunday … Mr. Ballinger and family of Somerset
visited at Esau Right's Sunday … Ray Reid returned home last week after
visiting is brother in Danville .. Bertha Hines is ill at this writing ..
Tobacco cutting is about over in this vicinity.

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