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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper In The Mountains of Kentucky

Somerset, Ky., Friday, October 17, 1919.

Speaking.  Next Saturday at The Court House.  Hon. Samuel Wilson Will Be
Here.  Hon. Samuel Wilson, a kinsman of President Woodrow Wilson and an
orator of known ability, will speak at the Court House in Somerset Saturday
afternoon, at 1 p.m.   Mr. Wilson has been touring the state in the interest
of the Democratic ticket and has attracted large crowds wherever he has been.
 Every voter in Pulaski county who is interested in the coming election
should hear Mr. Wilson.  He will have some interesting things to say to the
voters of Pulaski county.  Be sure and attend this speaking and you will not
regret having been there.  Tell your neighbor and friends about it.

New Garage.  The new Ford Garage is about completed and Mr. Crawford says
that he hopes to be able to move in within the next week or two.  It is
located on South Main street in the Beecher Smith property, now occupied by
the Somerset Garage.  Mr. Crawford says that he will have one of the most
up-to-date places in the state.  Mr. Dan Andrews will be associated with him.
 He has just returned from Detroit where he has taken a three months course
in the Ford factory.

Dr. Scott Re-Elected.  Dr. D.W. Scott, pastor of the First Christian Church,
was re-elected by the official board for another year.  The election was held
last Sunday afternoon and all the members voted to offer the pastorate to Dr.
Scott for the coming year.  This will be good news to the members of the
church as well as the citizens of Somerset.  Dr. Scott is a most powerful
preacher.  During his pastorate he has built up the church a great deal and
has added many members.  Somerset is to be congratulated that he is to be
with us another year.

Chibethis Coming.  A dispatch from Washington dated October 11th says, "V.I.
Chibethis of Somerset, Ky., who was appointed to a position in the House of
Representatives as a part of the patronage of Congressman King Swope and who
has hardly been here long enough to find his way around the city left today
for Louisville where he will assist the Republican State Committee in the
campaign.  It is understood he will make a speaking tour of the state."

Barnett A Professor.  Brinkley Barnett of this city, who for the past three
years has been with the General Electric Co., in New York City, has been
chosen as Professor of Physics at Central University.  This is quite an honor
for our fellow townsman and his friends here are delighted to know that he
will be close to home.  He is a graduate of the Somerset High School and the
State University.

Souvenir Edition.  Mr. John Slessinger, manager of the Somerset Bill Poster
Co., presented us this week with a copy of the War Souvenir Edition of the
Poster, a magazine devoted to the bill posting business.  It is one of the
neatest pieces of work we have seen and is highly appreciated.  No people
gave more towards winning the war than the bill posting concerns.  They
offered their boards gratis.  Mr. Slessinger kept his boards filled nearly
all during the war.

A Nice Gift.  The football team has voted Mr. J.M. Richardson the best sport
in the city.  The boys needed new sweaters very badly and the financial
condition of the treasury would not permit the athletic association buying
them at this time.  Mr. Richardson heard about their needs and ordered
sixteen purple and gold sweaters and presented them to the team.  Is it any
wonder the football team voted him a real fan?

Day A Candidate.  Mr. Clifford Day is a candidate for Councilman from the
Second Ward.  His petition was circulated during the past week and nearly all
the voters in this precinct signed it.  Mr. Day is a popular young man and
will make a splendid official if elected.  He served on the Council several
years ago.

A Fine Trip.  Mr. J.L. Waddle has just returned from an extended tour of the
west.  While gone he visited in St. Joe., Mo., Kansas City and other towns. 
He says that he heard Woodrow Wilson speak in Kansas City and that he was
greeted by the largest crowd he ever saw.  Mr. Waddle say many ex-Pulaskians
in the west and says they are all doing fine.  In Kansas City, he visited Mr.
Bob Hail, a former Pulaski boy.

Huge Dam Will Span The Cumberland River It Is Said.  Electric Power to be
Supplied.  The following dispatch from Lexington, Ky., appeared in the
Courier Journal of Monday -
Lexington, Ky., Oct 12 -  An enormous damn on the Cumberland River, four
miles form Burnside, in the chasm between White Cliff Shoals and Smith
Shoals, which would supply electric power for a wide scope of country, has
been revived.  This dam, it is stated would back up the stream for a distance
of eighty miles, and options have been taken for many miles on both sides of
the Cumberland on property that would be damaged by the overflow.  The source
of the power would come from a tunnel bored through one of the big cliffs
above Meece's Ferry, where a large spillway would be built.  Electric energy
can be conveyed from this point, it is said, sufficient to furnish light and
power to cities as large and as far distant as Louisville and Cincinnati. 
Engineers already have made plans for the dam.

City Fathers Have A Busy Session And Pass on Many Matters of Importance to
The City.  The Board of Council met in regular session Monday evening with
all members present; a representative crowd of citizens being in attendance. 
The payment of the usual number of current bills was authorized; in addition
to which the bills of Kentucky Utilities Company for lights and water to
October 1 were ordered paid.  Permission was granted Citizen Bank to remodel
the three story brick building at intersection of East Mt. Vernon Street and
Public Square; to Bee Whitis to erect a metal sheathed garage at his
residence on North Maple Street and to T.O. Randolph to erect a six room
bungalow with garage and barn.  Connelly and Trimble were awarded contract
for construction of concrete curb and gutter on West Columbia Street from
Vine to Lincoln Street at 27 cents per linear foot for curb and at 33 cent
linear feet for 18 inch width gutter and Mayor Cruse was authorized to enter
into contract for same.

City Council In Session Last Monday Night Passed Paving Ordinance For Two
Streets.   The City Council by a vote of 5 to 1 passed the ordinance
requiring the property owners to pave Maple, College and East Columbia
streets.  Mr. Cox was the only member of the Council voting against he
ordinance.  Several petitions were presented for and against the paving. 
There is no question but what the streets of the city need this improvement
but there is a difference of opinion as to how it should be done.  A great
many favor a bond issue of sufficient size to build a sewage system and pave
the streets.  The work on the new streets will not be started until next
spring as it is too late now to do this work.  It is rumored about the city
that those opposing the ordinance will take the matter into the courts unless
a Council is elected this fall who will favor repealing the ordinance.

Munford Returned.  Rev. Munford, pastor of the colored Methodist Church was
returned to Somerset by the Conference which has just closed.  They were in
session here nearly a week.  The people in general are glad Rev. Munford has
been returned to this church.

Personal Mention.

Mrs. M.E. Burke is spending several days in Louisville.

Several from here will go to Danville Saturday to hear Hon. Edwin P. Morrow.

Hon Ben V. Smith is in Louisville and western Kentucky this week on a
business trip.

Mr. Clay Alexander left last week for Nashville, Tenn., to enter Vanderbilt

T.V. Ferrell has returned from Knoxville, Tenn., where he spent several days
on business.

Mrs. W.L. York will leave this week for Washington, D.C., to visit her
daughter Miss Ida York.

Judge B.J. Bethurum has been out in the State speaking this week for the
Republican ticket.

Thad McDonald and Frank Bell of Danville, Ky., spent the weekend with friends
in Somerset.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Murrell have returned from a motor trip to Campbellsville
and Greenburg, Ky.

Miss Bert Roberts has returned from Stearns and Oneida, Tenn., where she has
been for the past week on business.

Dr. J.P.W. Brouse was taking quite ill while en route home from Cincinnati. 
He is much better at this time and will soon be out again.

Messrs R.G. Richardson, Paul Dexheimer and Jack Converse were in Lexington
last Saturday to witness the Indiana-State football game.

Mr. J.L. Waddle has returned from a two months trip thru the west.  He
visited many places of interest while gone and says that he had a big time
but is glad to get back to Somerset.

Mesdames B.J. Bethurum, M.C. Williams, Chas. Colyer and daughter Niola, and
Messrs D.W. Scott, O.L. Conyers and J.R. Cook are in Cincinnati attending the
national convention of the Christian Church.

Mrs. Mary E. Williams, C.C. Williams, and Mrs. Cleo W. Brown motored to
Scaffold Cane Sunday to visit Mrs. Williams birth place and take dinner with
that splendid family, Wm. Linville.  This is Mrs. Williams first visit to the
old home in 40 years. - Mt. Vernon Signal.

Mrs. Williams is the mother of Mr. M.C. Williams of this city.

Miss Margurette Cooper was at home for the weekend from Georgetown College.

Postmaster Wiley Gilreath of Whitley City was in the city last Saturday on

Mr. G.W. Babcock of Sunbright, Tenn., is visiting his daughter Mrs. E.B.

Mr. C.D. Portwood of Lexington, Ky., was in the city this week calling on the
business men.

Mrs. Elizabeth Seward has returned from Cincinnati where she has been
spending the summer.

Mrs. W.S. Alexander has accepted a position at the Fair Store in the Cloak
and Suit department.

Miss Kathleen Kopenhafer is back at her desk at the First National Bank after
a two weeks vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Williams Jr. have returned from a weeks visit in
Louisville, Stanford and Mt. Vernon.

Mrs. John Roark of New Taswell, Tenn., is visiting in the city and looking
after some business.

Stanley A. Waddle and W.B. Morrow who are staying in Republican Headquarters
in Louisville are at home for a few days. 

Richard Williams and wife of Somerset are spending a few days with their
grandmother, Mrs. Mary E. Williams - Mt. Vernon Signal.

Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow will join her husband at Danville Saturday and be with
him for a few days while he is speaking in Central Kentucky.

Miss Florence Calvert Ogden has returned from Cincinnati where she has been
visiting her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Ogden, who is attending the College of

Messrs Birch and Murphy of Louisville representing the Kentucky Asphalt Co.,
have been in the city this week on business.  These gentlemen are furnishing
the material for the paving on Columbia street.

Burnside.  News and Happening.  River is on a Rise and Steamer Leaves for a

Evan Turpin of Georgia was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Tuttle last week.

Mrs. Otis P. Tucker of Danville spent the weekend with her mother Mrs. John

A.J. Jones, T.A. Lewis, John Heath, H.K. Burgess, C.C. Smith, and Escar Coe
were in Monticello Friday on business.

Post Officer Inspector Dick made a call on our P.O. Friday.

Mrs. T.B. Grissom and son were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Heber Lewis at
Somerset last week.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Lanier of Monticello visited relatives here last week.

Mr. Tom Marcum and son of Alpha were the guest of Mrs. J.H. Parrigan Friday
and Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman I. Taylor spent the week in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Phillippi and son were in Louisville several days this

Mrs. T.E. Bates of Monticello was the guest of her mother Mrs. John Davis
last week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Lanier left Sunday to make their home in Texas.

J.M. Perkins and G.C. Nunn were in Somerset Saturday on business.

Ed Prewitt of Crab Orchard, Ky., was the guest of his aunt, Mrs. E.E. Kelsay
this weekend.

W.O. Logan is in Pittsburgh, Pa., on business.

J.M. Kerns is remodeling the Uncle Ned Roberts place on Grandview Ave.

Joe H. Jackson is home from Point Pleasant, W.Va.  Mr. Jackson had the
misfortune to have a finger cut off by a saw.

Miss Ann Denton was in Somerset Saturday and Sunday.

Lyman J. Parrigan has returned from Ruston, La., and will be permanently
located here.

The many friends of Dr. N.D. Stigall are glad to know he is able to be at
home again.

B.B. Lowdenback has purchased a Maxwell Car.

T.R. Shadoan has gone to Sulligen, Ala., to work for the Ky., Lumber Co.

Baker Grissom is home on a visit from Erlanger, Ky.

Dr. Perry Parrigan was called to Torrent, Ky., on account of illness.

H.T. Whitson was in town Sunday and Monday.

The friends of Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Hurt of Stithton, Ky., have been receiving
cards announcing the arrival of their little daughter Helen Rowe - Oct. 4th.

The recent rains caused the river to raise so the Steamer "City of Burnside"
could leave port for Lee's Landing and other points in between with good
cargo on board.


J.W. Steele was in Somerset Monday.

Mrs. Geo. Barnett was the guest of Mrs. Barnett of this place Monday.

Beckham Bray is able to be out again after several weeks illness.

G.C. Phelps was in Somerset Monday.

Ollie Adkins of Bloomington, Ill., is visiting his father Geo. Adkins.

Ben Sears of Shopville was visiting here Sunday.

G.A. Phelps visited at Freeman Bray's Sunday.

Miss Alto Randall has been visiting at J.W. Steel's for the past week.


W.H. Surber entertained a jolly crowd for dinner Sunday.

Singing will be held at Freedom every Saturday and Sunday night.

Emery Vanhook and family and Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Surber were visitors at Pearl
McCrackens, Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Surber visited at W.H. Warren's Monday.

Everybody invited to attend the Solders reunion next Saturday Oct. 11th at

Ova Bishop and Lawrence Mullins attended church at Eubank, Monday night.

17 Years Ago in Somerset.

The following items were taken from the Somerset Journal of January, 1902:

The Somerset Electric Light and Power Co. has been reorganized with the
following officers:  A.J. McCarty, President and Treasurer, R.J. Smith,
Secretary; O.H. Waddle, W.J. Goodwin and Beecher Smith.

Among the first acts of the City Council was the election of T.Z. Morrow Jr.,
city attorney, R.T. Welch, city collector, Joe Gibson, treasurer, J.B.
Matthews was elected superintendent of streets with a salary of $45.00 a

School Sup't. W.H. Smith and family have moved from Burnside to Somerset and
he has entered upon his duties.

Our popular young banker and all round good citizen, Roscoe Tartar, was
nominated for Door Keeper of the House at the last Republican Legislative
Caucus, but went down with Senator Deboe and all others in defeat.

The business of Attorney Robert Waddle in Danville must be of considerable
importance as all three of the city papers mention his presence there and are
particular to say that he came on business.

Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Porter were called to Eminence Sunday night last by the
sudden death of the aged father of Mrs. Porter.

A revival meeting is now going on at the Christian Church with Rev. H.C.
Patterson of Indianapolis, conducting the services, assisted by Miss Mora
McCormick of Jamestown, Ind., in the department of music.

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