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The Somerset Journal-The Oldest Democratic Newspaper in the Mountains of Kentucky

Feese & Williams
Somerset, Ky., Friday October 15, 1920.


City Council Holds Meeting Monday Night.  Additional Registration Day Given. 
 The Board of Council met in regular session Monday evening with all members
present, Mayor Cruse presiding.  Building permits were granted to Everett
Sears to erect a garage on Griffin Ave., to Beecher Smith to install gasoline
filling station on Market St., to repair the Owens building on South Main St.
for hotel purposes, to repair the building on South Main St. at corner of
Swain St. for purpose of a knitting mill, also the building opposite, to Sam
Hamilton to erect brick residence on Hawkins Ave., to E.R. Stephens to erect
barn on North Central Ave., and to Chas. Hamilton to erect a concrete block
garage in rear of Newtonian Hotel.  The request of Beecher Smith to repair
frame building on corner of Monticello and Depot Streets was refused and this
building was ordered removed.  City Clerk advised that tax books for current
period had been delivered to tax collector and the bond of tax collection in
the sum of $18,000 was approved.  A committee of Councilmen Pumphrey,
Norfleet and Day, with City Clerk, were appointed to check up tax books of
past year in order that quietus might be given the collector. A request of
the chairman of dominant political parties, it was ordered that Tuesday,
October 19, 1920, be designated as a special day of registration on which
date the books will be open for all who failed to register at the regular
day.  This registration will be from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. at all the regular
voting locations.  An ordinance was passed which placed a penalty of 10 per
cent on all unpaid city taxes at date of November 1.  City Attorney Tartar
advised that the Council had no right to decrease or increase any valuation
on property which had been placed by the Board of Supervisors unless
requested by the Supervisors or unless it was shown that error existed. 
Several complaints and requests had been registered requesting that the Board
of Council make changes in the valuations as placed by Board of Supervisors. 
Mayor Cruse was authorized to place order for 600 lineal feet of corrugated
iron culvery for street improvement.  It was ordered that the Kentucky
Utilities Company be requested to show the amount of increased revenue
received by reason of the recent increase in rates granted, City Clerk being
instructed to handle the matter.  It was ordered, in event parties who have
been investigating Somerset as a location for knitting mills would located
here, that they would be exempt from City taxes for a period of five years. 
In the matter of the increase of telephone rates, notice of same having been
given by the Gainesboro Telephone Company, it was ordered that the Telephone
Company be directed to furnish a list of their subscribers and that in event
it was not known that the company was entitled to the increased, steps would
be taken to prevent same.  Mayor Cruse was authorized to have necessary
repairs and changes on fire truck made, it seeming that the cushion tires on
front wheels permitted the truck to slide.

Governor Coolidge Will Speak Here Monday Night.  Four Governors Accompany
Him.  Governor Calvin Coolidge, of Massachusetts, Republican candidate for
Vice President, will speak in Somerset on Monday, October 18th, at 8 o'clock
p.m.  He will arrive in Somerset on the Governor's Special about 7:45.  On
this train will be Governor Morrow, of Kentucky, Governor Louden, of
Illinois, Governor Allen, of Kansas, and Governor Sproul, of Pennsylvania. 
These gentlemen are traveling by special train and making rear platform
speeches during the day and extended speeches at night.  From Somerset the
party will go up the L&N to Middlesboro.  Big preparation is being made by
the local Republican committee for this speaking.

Otis Vaught Killed.  Otis Vaught, a former Somerset citizen, was killed in a
street car wreck in Louisville on last Friday.  He was en route to his home
on a motorcycle and ran into a street car which he did not see approaching. 
His remains were brought here Monday and were buried in the City Cemetery. 
He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gragg and had been living in Louisville for
twelve years.

Healey.  Chas. Joseph, the fourteen-months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J.
Healey, died Tuesday morning after a short illness with diphtheria.  Burial
took place in the City Cemetery on Wednesday.  The bereaved parents have the
sympathy of the entire community in the loss of their dear little one.

Receives Appointment.  Mrs. B.J. Bethurum, of this city, wife of Circuit
Judge B.J. Bethurum, has been appointed a member of the Republican Women's
Executive Committee.  The appointment came from Mrs. John Langley, who is at
the head of the women's division of the Republican party.  Mrs. Bethurum will
go to Louisville today for a conference with the other members.

New Machine.  Dr. Ernest Parsons received this week the very latest X-Ray
machine to use in his practice in this city.  The machine has all the latest
improvements and is quite indispensable in the practice of dentistry at this
time.  A great many diseases of the body have been traced to bad teeth and
this machine is used to make pictures of the teeth to ascertain if there is
any diseased condition.

On Honor Roll.  Mr. J. Colson McKeehan, manager of the Inter-Southern Life
Insurance Co. in this section, has won a place on the company's $150,000.00
Honor Roll.  This is quite a compliment to this young man and his friends are
congratulating him.  Mr. McKeehan is a hustler and is making good in the
insurance business.

Bridge Completed.  The approach to the Pitman Creek Bridge will be ready for
traffic Saturday so Mr. Charles Hamilton, who has been foreman on the job,
says.  The road on this side needs working, however, before the bridge can be
used to any great extent.

Sells A Delco.  Agent S.A. Waddle sold a Delco Light Plant this week to J.D.
Dodson, of Steubenville, Ky.   Mr. Waddle has quite a record for the sale of
these plants in this section.  He expects to sell several more before winter
time comes on.

Attend Games.  Messrs Clifford Johnson, W.H. Muth and Will Jones attended the
World Series Baseball Games at Cleveland this week.  These men are great
baseball fans and say that they had a fine trip.  Mr. Johnson has two
brothers who play in the national game.

Speaks in Wayne.  Judge Walter N. Flippin is billed to speak all this week in
Wayne County in the interest of the Republican ticket.  He will deliver two
speeches a day.

In Regular Army.  News has been received here that Major S.F. Parker, who is
now stationed in Honolulu, has been appointed a Major in the regular army and
will stay in the service.  Major Parker has been in the army for three years
and has been stationed in Honolulu ever since his enlistment.  He writes that
he does not know where he will be assigned.  He hopes to soon get a leave of
absence and visit Somerset.

Domestic Science Work.  The senior girls, in the Domestic Science Class of
Miss Fowler, had on exhibition in the Litton Millinery Co's. windows this
week several hats of most artistic design which they had made in the class
room.  They passed the inspection of Somerset's most competent judges of
millinery as well as the eagle eye of the class instruction.

Coal Operators Adopt Price Scale.  Pineville, Ky., Oct. 8 - Kentucky coal
bins will not go empty if coal operators of Bell and Harlan counties can pre
vent.  Practically all of the larger operators in both counties have already
put into effect the Cincinnati price agreement, which provides for six dollar
coal, f.o.b. mines, with not less than 50 per cent of production going to
Kentucky domestic dealers.  Operators were glad to settle on a uniform price
basis which is satisfactory to the Government and were quick to accept the
Cincinnati plan, which was worked out this week.  The car supply, however,
shows no steady improvement, though it is hoped short hauls to Kentucky
points, with the L&N road retaining possession of cars, will bring them back
more quickly for loading.

Sells Lally Light.  T.E. Jasper installed a Lally Lighting System for William
Link last week.  Mr. Link lives on the Coal Bank Road and is a progressive
farmer.  Mr. Jasper has placed about a dozen plants over the county and has
many more prospects.

Fish For Streams.  The State Fish and Game Commission sent to Pulaski County
last Saturday forty cans of bass and red eyes for the streams.  Several
thousand were placed in Pitman Creek and the remainder in Fishing Creek.

Going Up.  The stock of the Pu-John Oil Co. is going up fast.  The company
has closed the stock books and since that time there has been some trading of
the stock and the price quoted is $1.50 with few shares for sale.  Another
location has been made and the third well will start this week.

Cattle Sale.  Monte Fox, of Danville, Buys Thirty Thousand Dollars Worth of
Cattle.  (Danville Advocate).  One of the biggest cattle deals consummated in
Madison County in recent years took place yesterday when Mr. Monte Fox of
Danville, bought from Mr. Alexander Gibbs one hundred and thirty head of
exporters.  The cattle will average in excess of 1,500 pounds per head and
the price was fifteen cents per pound.  The total sale will aggregate about
thirty thousand dollars.

Court Meets.  The Fiscal Court met last Wednesday and after a short session
adjourned to met on the 26th.  The minutes do not show what business was

Harvard - Centre Game.  The Harvard - Centre football game, which will be
played in Boston on the 23rd, will be received at Williams Drug Store by
plays.  Quite a number will go from here to witness the game.

For Sale.  Methodist Episcopal property on College St.; desirable 8-room
residence and good lot and garden and one extra building lot.  Will sell as a
whole or separately.  See the committee if interested.  H.C. Kennedy, J.C.
Godby, Mrs. John L. Parker, Committee.

John Keith, of this county, better known as Land Trading John, sold his farm
near Somerset and has bought a good arm in Darke County, Ohio, near
Greenville.  He purchased said farm through Roby L. Johnson, of Somerset.

On Fishing Trip.  Learning that the water was fine, the weather propitious,
and that the fish were hungry, Messrs R.E. McRoberts, E.B. Bourland, John M.
Farra, J.A. Beazley, Webb Kelley and "Tubby" Dickerson left Tuesday morning
for the Rockcastle River, for a week's outing, stopping during that time with
Mrs. Charity Poynter, whose hospitable home has been the mecca for the
Rockcastle fishing club for several years.  From the fact that Rev. Bourland
is a member of the party, there is possibility of those left behind, learning
later just how many fish were caught and the size of the largest by actual
weight - Lancaster Record.

Eastern Trip.  Roby L. Johnson the real estate man, of Somerset, Ky., has
returned from his trip East.  He reports a fine trip.  Besides visiting the
large cites such as New York City, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore
and other famous cities of the East, he also looked over some of the farming
sections of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.  He thinks the
East is a fine country and some good bargains there.  He is contemplating
putting a branch real estate office in the East in the near future.

School Fair and Teachers' Association Held at Short Creek On Friday, October
8.  The teachers of Educational Division No. 3 held their annual Teachers'
Association at Short Creek on last Friday, October 8th.  The Association was
held in connection with the school fair at that place.  It was a most
interesting and profitable meeting.  Not only were many very interesting
subjects discussed but the school fair offered an object lesson as the proper
relation of the school and the home.  Those present state that they never
witnessed a more enthusiastic meeting.  The patrons of the schools of the
district and adjoining districts entered into the discussions with as much
interest as did the teachers.  Superintendent L.E. Meece was present and
County Agent Wilson was also there taking an active part.  The people of that
section are to be congratulated for their progressiveness.  The following
program was given: Welcome Address, Leslie Farmer; Response, Miss Fannie
Renner; Music in Rural Schools, Jas. Holt; Teaching Beginners to Read, Miss
Linda Buchanan; Primary Arithmetic, Robert Hail; Value of Spelling, Your
Methods of Teaching, Mrs. Bertha Mize; Third and Fourth Grade Language, Miss
Myrtle Rash; Seventh and Eighth Grade History, Mr. T.C. Decker; Drawing,
Value, Methods of Teaching, Mrs. Arthur Gragg; Penmanship, Miss Marguerite
Williams and Dona Sears; Opportunity for Country Boys and Girls, Leslie
Farmer; Singing; Physical Education; Why Teach and How Much Do You Teach,
W.H. McQueary; What Should Teachers Do To Secure Regular Attendance, Mrs.
Lula Sears; What Are You Teaching in Agriculture and Why, Mr. I.B. Wyrick;
Some Experiments the Teacher and Pupils May Make, Mr. A.E. Herrin; Boys and
Girls Clubs, Their Value, Mr. Herbert Cress; How Much Agriculture Should Be
Taught Seventh and Eighth Grade Pupils, Mr. Arnold Hansford; Why Follow The
State Course of Study, Miss Effie Wright, Mr. J.F. Miller; Recitation, Miss
Ina Smotherman.  This program was carried out with the following exceptions:
The Judging of agricultural exhibits by County Agent W.C. Wilson during noon
hour; judging of cooking exhibits by Mrs. Lula B. Sears; a talk by County
Agent Wilson, why certain exhibits did not win prizes; a talk by
Superintendent Meece, and other remarks by the County Agent and the
Superintendent and Mr. Eli Farmer.  All prizes for the school fair were
distributed immediately after adjournment.

The following is the list of prizes awarded at school fair and the donors: 

Best five stalks of corn with two ears to each stalk - Miss Maggie Price,
Miss Mattie Sears, Chester Farmer, Miss Mattie Price, Edgar Sears.  1st
prize, Miss Mattie Price, $1.50; 2nd Prize, Miss Mattie Sears, 50 cents.

Best five ears of corn - Miss Alta Price, Miss Ella Russell, Clifford
Whitaker, Chester Farmer.  1st prize, Miss Ella Russell, $1; 2nd prize,
Chester Farmer, 50 cents.

Best Pumpkin - Miss Ella Farmer, 1st prize, 50 cents; Chester Farmer, 2nd
prize, 25 cents.

Three best turnips - Miss Ruby Farmer, 1st prize, 50 cents; Chester Farmer,
2nd prize, 25 cents.

Three best beets - Miss Alma Phelps, 1st prize, 50 cents; Miss Ella Russell,
2nd prize - 25 cents; Miss Lottie Whitaker.

Three best sweet potatoes - Miss Ruby Farmer, 1st prize, 50 cents; Miss Alma
Price, Cecil Woodall, Miss Ella M. Whitaker, 2nd prize, 25 cents; Miss Ella
Russell, Miss Lottie Whitaker.

Three best onions - Miss Ella Russell, 1st prize, 50 cents; Miss Grace
Whitaker, 2nd prize, 25 cents.

Three best Irish potatoes - Murl Price, Miss Ella Russell, Miss Lottie
Whitaker, Chester Farmer, 1st prize, 50 cents; Miss Ruby Farmer, 2nd prize,
25 cents; Miss Grace Whitaker.

Three best tomatoes - Miss Ella Russell, Chester Farmer, 1st prize, 50 cents;
Miss Ruby Farmer, 2nd prize, 25 cents.

Three best hen eggs - Miss Alma Phelps, 1st prize, 50 cents; Miss Mary Bee
Inabnit, 2nd prize, 25 cents.

Best three pieces fired chicken - Miss Ella Russell, 1st prize, 50 cents;
Miss Maggie Price, 2nd prize, 25 cents; Miss Ella Farmer.

Best six biscuits - Miss Ella Russell, Miss Maggie Price, 1st prize, 50
cents; Miss Ella Farmer, 2nd prize, 25 cents.

Best six cookies - Miss Maggie Price, 1st prize, 50 cents.

Best pone corn bread - Miss Zena Mize, 1st prize, 50 cents; Miss Ella Farmer,
2nd prize, 25 cents; Miss Maggie Price.

Best Pie - Miss Mattie Sears, 1st prize, 50 cents; Miss Maggie Price, 2nd
prize, 25 cents; Miss Ella Farmer, Miss Zena Mize.

Pupils entering greatest number of contests - Miss Ella Russell, 1st prize,
50 cents; Chester Farmer, 2nd prize, 25 cents.

Prize money awarded by Superintendent Meece, County Agent W.C. Wilson, Hon.
Eli Farmer, Mr. J.R. Mize, Mr. Joe Inabnit, Mrs. M.J. Owens, Mr. W.E. Randall
and Leslie Farmer.  Remainder to be paid out of fund raised by pie supper.

For Sale or Rent - 225 acre farm, near Hail, Ky., on Buck Creek; 150 acres in
cultivation; level, limestone land; 70 acres in corn; would prefer to rent
from 3 to 5 years to good parties.  Will furnish stock and tools if
preferred; also fertilizer and seed.  Address W.R. Ballow, Stearns, Ky.

For Sale - 6 room framed house, about 8 acres of land, two blocks west of 4th
ward school building, about 400 yards of freight depot, adjoining city
limits.  Call on premises or address Mrs. Vick Russell, 129 Griffin Ave.,
Somerset, Ky.

Marriage Licenses.  Marriage licenses as follows have been issued during the
past week:  Oscar Speaks, 21, to Flonnie Phelps, 15; Clyde Whitaker, 21, to
Lizzie Peters, 18; Charlie Price, 23 to Lena Vaught, 20; William A. Boyd, 36
to Nancy E. Woodall, 23; James H. Denney, 48 to Maggie S. Gill, 30; Casper V.
Thompson, 18 to Mamie Larkin 17; Harry A. Shroufe, 24 to Susie Elizabeth
Vanhook, 28.

Hospital News.

Miss Mae Whitson is in Monticello nursing a typhoid patient.

Miss Elsie Zimmerman was called home to nurse her mother who is improving.

Miss Mattie Barnett who was operated on for appendicitis returned home

Mr. Glen Hines of Science Hill is in the hospital with an affected eye.

Mrs. Prudie Phelps, mother of Mrs. C.L. Winfrey, who has been at the Somerset
Sanitarium and who underwent an operation for gall stone, died Monday
afternoon.  The remains were taken to Russell Springs Tuesday for interment. 
She was 72 years of age.

Mrs. Dodson of Frazier was able to return to her home yesterday.
Personal Mention.

Mr. G.H. Hatfield of Somerset has bought a farm in the county and will come
here to live.  He is a brother of Dr. Hatfield and Mr. C.R. Hatfield … Miss
Elizabeth Eason of Somerset is the guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. W.B.
Eason - Danville Messenger.

Miss Laura Floyd, who has been with this office for the past several months,
will go to Somerset Sunday, where she will take a course in the Somerset
Business School.  During her stay in the I.J. office she has done good work
and made friends of many of the I.J.'s patrons.  We give her up with regret
and hope she will come back to us when she completes her business course. 
Stanford Interior Journal.

Miss Agnes Allen in renewing her subscription to the Journal says that she is
teaching at her home, Fairmont, Minn., this year.  She also states that she
is directing a church choir and orchestra.

J.H. Pinnel and sister, Mrs. A.K. Morris, spent the first part of last week
in Cincinnati.

Mrs. A. Kendrick Morris, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. E.O. Pinnell,
has returned to her home in Atlanta, Ga.

D.E. Denton and family visited his sister Mrs. D.P. Rankin near Danville
Saturday and Sunday returning home Monday.

Mrs. S.G. Adams of Science Hill who has been in hospital in Louisville for
four weeks, is improving and has been removed to the home of her sister, Mrs.
N.D. Thompson, near Nicholasville.

Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Gover, Mrs. W.L. Jones, and Mr. and Mrs. Claud Gover spent
Thursday in Monticello.

Miss Grace A. Heaps left on Friday for Livingston, Montana, for a visit with
her brother, C.D. Heaps.  She will join her sister, Miss Minerva, there and
they will go for a short hunting trip before leaving for Pasadena,
California, where they will spent the winter with their aunt, Mrs. J.M.

Miss Edna Denney returned a few days ago from a six weeks vacation spent
visiting in Spokane, Portland, Seattle and other Northwestern cities.

Miss Elizabeth Doyle is employed at Kahn's Jewelry store.

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Green have returned from a visit with relatives in

Rev. J.P. White and family left this week for Kansas City, Mo., where they
will be located.  Rev. White made many friends here during his stay in

Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Lowery, of Jacksonville, Fla., are visiting Mrs. Mary Carr.

Misses Josephine and Elizabeth Doyle have returned from a visit in

Mrs. D. Phelps and daughter, Betty Orwin, of Silerville, Ky., are visiting
her parents here this week.

Miss Mae Phelps of Richmond, Ky., has been the guest this week of Mrs. Dave

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robinson returned to their home in New Orleans, La.,
Thursday, after a visit with the family of J.M. Richardson.

Mrs. R.G. Williams, Jr., will attend the Geraldine Farrar concert in
Lexington tonight.

Mrs. R.E. Higgins is in Lexington today to attend the Artist Concert Series
presenting Geraldine Farrar.

Chester Inman, traveling auditor for the American Express Co., spent
Wednesday in the city with his mother.

Mr. J.B. Marcelliott of Bauer, Ky., was a business visitor in Somerset this

Mr. J.N. Murphy was up from Barren Fork for the weekend.

Masters Charles and Jack Thames returned to their home in New Orleans,
Tuesday, after a visit with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Porch.

Mr. J.C. Owens of Burnside was in the city Wednesday for the day.  Mr. Owens
was formerly editor of the Burnside Item.

Mr. and Mrs. John Donahue, Miss Lucille and Dan Donahue, of Danville, motored
down for last weekend.

J.M. Doyle purchased a 1921 Buick from Agent Moore this week.

Mrs. Lawhorn is visiting her daughter Mrs. Osborne at Dayton, Ohio. Two fine
boys were born at the home of Mrs. Osborne last week.

Attorney Ben D. Smith was in Barboursville last week on business.

Miss Bess Shelton of Monticello spent several days with Miss Jessie Allen.

Mrs. G.S. Dudley of Lexington is visiting her father Mr. F.R. Dickerson.

Mr. Clay Miller spent last weekend in Mt. Sterling with his family.

Messrs Ernest Hudson, J.B. Tadlock, Dan Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Carter and
Miss Lillian McCammon spent last Saturday and Sunday in Danville.

Mr. L. Hankla returned to his duties as Chief Clerk to Superintendent
Clements last Monday.  Mr. Hankla lost his baby last week and the burial took
place at Junction City on Friday.

Mr. C.R. Hanley of Nashville, Tenn., spent several days here with friends.

Mrs. E.P. Hiett spent Saturday and Sunday in Burnside.

Mrs. A.R. Humble returned Saturday from a visit to Cincinnati.

William Humble and Royce Flipping were down Sunday from Centre College.

Mr. J.H. Pinnell made a business trip to Lexington this week.

Hon. Shelly Rouse and a number of friends from Covington, Ky., are spending
several days at the Hermitage fishing.

Lieutenant J.J. Bethurum was in Somerset last Friday for a short visit with
his mother.  Lieutenant Bethurum is now on leave from his outfit.  He expects
to be stationed at the Kentucky Military Institute.

Lieutenant Joe H. Hussing has returned to Fort Sheridan, Ill., after a visit
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Hussing.  Lieut. Hussing has been
stationed at Camp Lewis, Washington.  His many friends were glad to see him.

Miss Verda Hamilton has returned to her duties at the Fair Store after a
short vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Gragg have returned home after a delightful vacation
spent in Louisville and other Kentucky towns.

Mrs. Will Dedman, of Oneida, Tenn., has been visiting the family of W.R.
Dedman this week.

Miss Ida York has resigned her position with the A.J. Joseph Co., and is now
with the Kentucky Utilities Co.

Miss Maggie Adams who is employed in Oneida, Tenn., spent several days with
her mother this week.

Mrs. James F. Kratzer will return to her home in Dayton, Ohio, Sunday after
having spent a pleasant week with her son, Chas. W. Kratzer of The

Dr. J.M. Owens has just received a new model Reo roadster that is a beauty.

Burnside.  Mrs. A.G. Jones and Miss Nina Beatty were in Somerset shopping on
Thursday … Ben Converse of Somerset was down to visit Miss Pearl Bradshaw
this passed week .. Rosco Rudder of Williamsburg was here this last week
calling on Miss Gustava Rankin .. Little Irvin Montgomery, son of Mr. and
Mrs. E.M. Montgomery, died Friday at noon from pneumonia.  The little fellow
was sick only a short time and his death came as a great shock to the family
as well as friends. The funeral services were held Saturday afternoon and the
remains laid to rest in the city cemetery.  Much sympathy is extended to the
bereaved family … Miss Elizabeth Perry spent the weekend at her home at Honey
Bee .. Mrs. Frank C. Sloan entertained her Sunday School class Friday
evening. A delightful and profitable evening was spent … The Young American
Club held its monthly meeting Thursday afternoon at the Masonic Hall.  The
club is growing under the splendid supervision of the chairman, Mrs. W.D.
Stigall.  A good program was given.  … Prof. Dermont Webb met with the boys
Friday afternoon and organized the Boy Scout.  A large crowd of boys were
there and much interest shown.  Prof. Webb is fine with the boys and is
proving his willingness to aid them … F.E. Hoffman of Ft. Wayne, Ind., was in
town on business Friday … Mrs. Simmons of Danville was the guest of Mrs. Geo.
Thomas on Monday … The sad news of the death of Ralph, Jr., little son of Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph McCracken, of Lexington, was received here by friends Tuesday.
 Much sympathy is extended to the bereaved family  … Mrs. Mattie Hamill was
called to the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Warriner at Seventy Six to nurse
their daughter, who is very ill with typhoid fever .. Mrs. Claud Tuttle and
Margaret spent Saturday with relatives at Frazer … Middleburg baseball boys
drove through Saturday and challenged our boys for a game Saturday and
Sunday.  The score was 14 to 8 in favor of Burnside, but Sunday's game was
the hottest of the season, the score being 4 to 3 in favor of Burnside … Rev.
M.J. Dick filled his regular appointment at McKinney Sunday … Friends of Mr.
and Mrs. Oakford Mum of Akron, Ohio, have received announcement of the
marriage of their daughter, Ernestine, to Robert J. Harley of Cleveland, O. 
Mrs. Harley is well known here and very popular among her friends. The
wedding took place at the home of the bride and the happy couple left
immediately for their new home in Cleveland .. The apron and pie social given
at the Masonic Hall on Thursday evening by the Young People's Missionary
society was a delightful occasion.  A splendid program was given. Plenty of
delicious pies to eat and a general good time was had by all … Mr. and Mrs.
J.P. Kelsay, of Somerset, drove down Sunday and were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. E.E. Kelsay .. The Parent-Teacher Association held its second meeting a
the school building Monday evening with a large crowd and much interest
manifested … Mrs. L.M. Cheely left today for an extended visit with Mrs. Mutt
in Atlanta, Ga. … Mrs. J. Heder Lewis and children are visiting relatives in
Bowling Green.

Ansel.   Rev. Stewart preached here Saturday night and Sunday … Mrs. Artie
Campbell visited her father W.T. Cox of Science Hill, Saturday night .. Miss
J. Hurt spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks … Miss Cora Wilson will
leave for Indiana next Saturday … Willie Casada and family of Science Hill
visited W.R. Easterly's Sunday … The revival closed at Wilson Chapel Sunday
night … There were several visitors at Ransom Vaught's Sunday .. Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Adams of Mt. Zion, visited her father V. Sweet, Saturday and Sunday …
Mrs. Coleta Ashley of Cincinnati is visiting here … Fred Thompson will teach
a singing at Buncombe beginning Saturday night .. Martha Wilson visited her
sister Mrs. J.D. Sipples, Monday and Tuesday … There will be Sunday School at
Wilson Chapel Sunday afternoon .. Sister Bruner spent Friday night with Mrs.
Ella Vaught.

Soules Chapel.  Lindsay and Zella Cundiff and Maude McDowell and others went
to the pie supper given by Mabel Cundiff at Sweeney Chapel Friday night.  It
amounted to $59.80 … C.T. Cundiff had his buckwheat threshed and it averaged
25 bushels per acre .. Mrs. Earl Dickerman has returned to California after a
lengthy visit with her people … Misses Lera and Marie Colyer spent Saturday
night with Helen and Lillian Cundiff .. Mr. Robert Harmon and wife visited
his father I.P. Harmon Sunday … Mrs. Bell Gover and Mollie Bryant called on
Mrs. C.T. Cundiff Sunday afternoon … Mr. Ralph Smith went to Stanford
Saturday .. There was a pea hulling at Mr. Blevin's on Saturday night … Miss
Nora Meece and Mr. John Yahnig visited Miss Katherine King Sunday afternoon …
Mrs. Walker was in a wreck last week and got her buggy almost torn up and
received some slight injuries … Mr. and Mrs. Ras Fisher spent Friday night at
J.W. Parker's … Mrs. John Hail visited at Bill Shadoan's last week to see her
grandchildren … Aunt Sabrie Cundiff is bed fast and very ill … Miss Ruth
Gilmore is back from Illinois where she has been visiting … Messrs Lindsay
Cundiff and Smith Gilmore and Maud McDowell and Zella Cundiff motored to
Stanford Sunday.

Dykes. Mrs. G.R. Phelps visited her mother Saturday and Sunday .. Several
from here attended church at Piney Grove Sunday … P.F. Dykes visited G.R.
Dykes Sunday … John Phelps and daughter visited his parents Saturday night …
Alta and Eva Phelps visited Martha Phelps Sunday … Mrs. Wesley Bray and
children visited her parents Sunday.

Hogue.  Mr. James Cooper and family of Ansel visited at the home of his
father C.C. Cooper Sunday … Mrs. Bettie Dick was a Sunday guest of her sister
Mrs. Laura Dick … Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shadoan and son Curtis spent Saturday
night and Sunday with her brother Walter Adams and family of Science Hill …
Mr. Rutherford Adams sold a cow to C.C. Cain of Science Hill at 5 cents a
pound, and A.J. Adams sold one to Estill Godby at 5 cents … Misses
Elizabeth and Dorothy Jasper spent Saturday and Sunday with their aunt, Mrs.
Laura Dye of Mintonville, and attended the pie supper there on Saturday night
… Messrs Ansel and Richard Adams attended the Soldiers Reunion at Mt. Olive
last Friday.  They report large attendance and a nice time … Mr. and Mrs.
Killis Blevins have moved on R.A. Blevins place … Mrs. Leona McKee and two
children of Argyle visited Mrs. Frances Adams and Mrs. Bettie Hayes a few
days of last week.

Cave Hill.  Mrs. G.S. Smith is very ill at this writing … Janie Hurt spent
Saturday and Sunday with home folks at Camp Ground … Quite a crowd from here
attended church at Wilson Chapel Sunday night … Elmer Burton is slowly
improving … Misses Susie and Mildred Burton spent Saturday afternoon with
Misses Minnie and Hattie Wilson … Newt Smith and family of Eubank visited
G.S. Smith Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Smith visited Jas. Estes Sunday at
Buncombe .. Flora Estes and daughter Pauline visited her mother, Sallie Smith
Sunday … Shadric Blevins and family of Briery spent Sunday with Milliard

Wilson Chapel.  The meeting at this place closed Saturday night.  We feel
that everyone that had the privilege of coming enjoyed the able speaking of
C.R. Pollard of Nashville, and the good singing of Brother and Sister
Childers … Among the visitors at A.J. Wilson's Sunday evening were Miss
Goldie Leigh and Miss Viola Wampler … Elmer Burton of near Ansel has been
suffering from rheumatism for some time .. Aunt Sallie Smith is very sick.

Mangum.   Ira Warren and family were guests of Bradley Whiles Sunday …
Millard Dick and family visited Louis Waters last Sunday .. Mrs. Priscilla
Blevins was the guest of Plymp Dick Friday … Henry White contemplates the
erection of a church for the Holiness people at his place in the near future
.. Frank Hall has moved back to this part of the country … C.I. Ross failed
to fill his appointment to speak at Shady Thursday night … Green Wesley has
retuned from a business trip to Cincinnati … Born to the wife of Ruford Adams
on the 3d inst., a boy … Mrs. Andrew Adams was the guest of Johnson Dick
Wednesday … Mrs. Ellen Wesley was the guest of Alfred Wesley Wednesday ..
Lola Whiles was the guest of Killus Belvins Saturday evening … The singing at
King Bee is progressing nicely under the leadership of Prof. Bud Meece.

Valley Oak.  Rev. Wesley filled his appointment at Fellowship Sunday … Rev.
Dykes will preach at Flat Lick the third Sunday in this month.  Sunday school
is still going on at this place and everybody invited to come … J.H. McKinney
and wife visited at Wallace Ping's Sunday .. Remus Alexander of Woodstock
called on Miss Leona Griffin Sunday afternoon … Miss Sallie Ledford visited
at Boyd Noe's Sunday … L.A. Skidmore sold three head of cattle to Chas.
Latham at 6 cents per pound … John M. Heton, Sidney Lewis and Arthur
Blanton returned from Lockland, Ohio, Sunday … Sam Childers and wife spent
Sunday at the home of Mrs. Julia Helton … Miss Janie Hansford of Somerset
spent Saturday night and Sunday with home folks .. D.B. Wyrick and Miss Linda
Buchanan attended the Teachers Association at Short Creek Friday … Mrs.
Stanley Farmer visited at Edd Price's Saturday … T.C. Randolph and wife spent
Saturday night at James Randolph's .. Wallace Phelps and wife visited at Tom
Buchanan's Sunday … Miss Marguerette Williams returned to her school at Mt.
Victory Sunday after visiting home folks … Mrs. Martha is on the sick list ..
J.M. Roberts was through here buying cattle recently.

McKinney.  Bro. Crow filled his appointment at Union Sunday … Cyrus
Harrington and wife of Livingston, Montana, are visiting relatives here ..
Mrs. C.A. Bishop is some better … Cloyd Harmon and family spent Saturday
night and Sunday at Jake Cook's near Buck Creek … Chas. Watson and family
spent Sunday at John Watson's … The Republican speaking at McKinney school
house Saturday night was well attended .. Among the visitors at W.H. Vaught's
Sunday were Cyrus Harrington and wife, J.J. Langdon and family, Leighton
Crawford and family and J.H. Smiley and wife … Bro. Crow will preach at Union
the fourth Sunday night in October.  Everybody invited … Several from here
attended the county singing at Estesburg on Sunday … Miss Gertrude Vaught
spent Sunday with home folks.

Bent.  There has been a revival meeting held here conducted by Rev. A.T. Boyd
and Rev. John S. Slavey which closed Sunday night with two additions to the
church … The Baptist Association was held at Seed Tick Church Friday, Oct.
1-2-3. There was a large attendance .. Visitors in this section were as
follows:  Rev. G.M. and S.M. Tapley, Mr. Geo. James, and Jennie Thompson …
Mrs. Sarah Ross and children of Tennessee were guests of General Strunk
Friday and attended the Association … Misses Lena Keith and Mary Silvers, Mr.
James Rillaford, Marshal East and John Ryan were guests at M.E. Coomer's
Sunday … School is progressing nicely at this place with Miss Nina Hines as
teacher … Mrs. Lillie Strunk was a Sunday guest of Miss Sallie Garlin.

Trimble.  Rev. F.V. Taylor and C.C. Nicely are conducting a revival meeting
at Shafter … Mr. and Mrs. Jim Muse were guests of his parents Sunday … Miss
Alma Muncy entertained several friends Saturday night …. Mr. and Mrs. F.F.
Hart were the guests of his parents Sunday … Mrs. Laura Jones had several
visitors Thursday …. Willie Jones is on the sick list … Mrs. Mary Hudson
visited her niece Thursday and Friday … Miss Mary Benton entertained her
friends Saturday night with a bean hulling .. Mr. Uriah Cain and wife visited
Chas. Wright Sunday .. Mr. and Mrs. Wright visited their daughter in Wayne
County Sunday … Jas. Kenney and wife of Shafter visited his father Saturday
evening … Willie Jones had a sale Thursday. He is planning to go to Hot
Springs for his health .. Born to the wife of Mr. Clarence Burton, a girl.

Oak Hill.  Come all who live both far and near, bring a pie or get one here,
Saturday night, Oct. 16, at Oak Hill school house. The entertainment will
begin at 7:30 o'clock prompt … Mrs. Lula Frisbie is suffering from a bad arm
.. Georgia and Christine Waddle, Myrtle, Mattie and Willie Bogle, Florence
and McDowell Wilson, Angie Neeley, Rendye Nicholas, Nina Tucker, Clo McBath,
Mae Frisbie, Clarence and Will Cundiff and Chas. Fletcher were guests of Ova
Casada Sunday afternoon … Mr. and Mrs. Quince Neeley took dinner with Mr. and
Mrs. Russell Nicholas Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. O.L. Wilson visited Mr. and Mrs.
Russell Nicholas Sunday afternoon … We are having some cool weather here.

Meece.  Orney Richardson, of Elihu, visited W.T. Godby's last Saturday night
.. Miss Mary Barnes and Joe McPheron were married at Somerset last Monday and
on Tuesday started to Harlan to make their future home … Mr. M.S. Hargis was
at Somerset last week attending court … Steve Hail of Somerset is going to
build a house out on his place .. Roosevelt Meece went to Cincinnati last
week in search of work … Lamont Meece visited M.S. Godby's last Sunday …
Rev. G. Shadoan preached at Wesley Chapel last Sunday.

Elrod.  The young folks enjoyed a nice time at the apple roast Sunday evening
… "Aunt" Evline Price is no better at this writing … Cleve Erp and wife
visited Joe Vanhook Friday evening … James Vanhook is on the sick list …
Claude and Bill Randolph were called home from Texas on account of the
illness of their mother, Mrs. Nan Randolph … Miss Francis Stevens attended
the Teachers Association Friday at Woodstock .. Molasses making is the order
of the day in this vicinity .. Miss Francis Stevens spent Thursday night at
Mr. Arch Paynter's.

Floyd.  A great many from this vicinity attended the county singing at
Estesburg Sunday.  Everyone reported a nice time … Mrs. W.H. Griffin and two
daughters returned to their home at Lockland, Ohio, Sunday after spending a
few days with relatives here … Mrs. W.R. Estes is on the sick list … Hubert
Surber and Charles Griffin of Lockland, Ohio, came down last Thursday for a
few days visit with relatives … M.N. Griffin, wife and son were in Somerset
last Monday … Mrs. Turrell Spears and children are visiting relatives at
McKinney … The friends and relatives of Rev. John Todd surprised him last
Wednesday the 6th, with a birthday dinner … Mrs. Everett Singleton and Miss
Gertrude Spears were in Somerset last Tuesday shopping … Master Chas. Estes,
who has been on the sick list, is very much improved at present … D.F. Jones
of Indiana has sold his property here to Rue McClure … Making molasses and
threshing buckwheat is the order of he day here … A.W. Spears and wife
visited at M.N. Griffin's last Sunday week … D.F. Jones of Indiana, was here
with friends a few days ago.

Bent.  Several from here attended church at Piney Grove Sunday … Lela and
Zula Hargis were guests of D. Childers Saturday night … Alvin Phelps visited
here Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Snell, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Snell spent
Saturday night and Sunday at Arthur Randall's … Beckham Bray visited G.W.
Phelps Sunday .. J.K. Phelps spent Sunday at G.C. Phelps.

Catherine.  Mrs. Elmary Wilson, wife of Faunt Wilson, is at the point of
death … Tom Rainwater and family visited his sick sister, Elmary Wilson
Saturday night and Sunday … Mr. Henry Gilken was run over by a horse last
Sunday while going from church and had his arm and shoulder bone broken ..
Mr. Offie Naflet and Park Owens are making molasses at Catherine … Albert
Pitman visited his father and mother in Casey County Saturday night and
Sunday … Dave Wilson and Nancy Ann Wilson were married Sunday .. W. Norfleet
is moving from Casey County to Faubush .. Frank McQueary went to Kokomo,
Ind., Saturday to work.

Eubank.  Rev. Reed filled his regular appointment at the Baptist Church
Sunday … Mrs. Hamilton returned to her home in Somerset Saturday … Mrs. G.
Reynolds and son, Loyal, of New Philadelphia, Ohio, are visiting relatives
and friends of this place … Mr. and Mrs. Luther McMullen are rejoicing over
their nine and a half pound girl … Miss Alice Singleton has returned home
after an extended visit with her brother in Virginia … Mr. and Mrs. E.L.
Gooch and family motored to Danville and spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C.B.
Marcum … Mr. Lawrence Lee has been home for a few days .. Hon. Will Hansford,
of Crab Orchard, addressed a very large crowed at the Eubank school house
last Wednesday night.  He made a very interesting speech which every one
enjoyed, especially the "good old Democrats."  He was accompanied by W.H.W.
Reynolds of Stanford .. Several from here attended the singing held at
Estesburg Sunday … The pie supper held at the Eubank high school was a
success.  They realized $137.60 which will be used for things that are most
especially needed in the school .. Ennis McMullin who was seriously injured
while playing ball, is slowing improving … Miss Etta Ganis is the guest of
Miss Dewey and Iva McMullin … Miss Estella Acton visited Mr. and Mrs. T.J.
Acton Saturday and Sunday.

Beech Grove.  Making molasses is the order of the day at this place … Eubert
Phelps returned to his work in Indiana Sunday after a pleasant visit with
home folks … R. Wesley who holds a position at Somerset, spent Saturday night
and Sunday with home folks … B.B. Abbott and family of Somerset visited their
daughter Mrs. Flossie Phelps Sunday … Mr. and Mrs. Felix Phelps visited at F.
Cundiff's Sunday … Mary Stone and daughter Dorothy, visited at Will Stone's
last week … Ross Phelps, wife and baby and Winnie Abbott visited at Felix
Phelps Saturday night … Several boys from here attended church at Wilsonville
Saturday night … Lewis and Walter Godby visited their uncle Merion Godby
Sunday .. Eubert Phelps visited his grandmother Mrs. W.G. Phelps of Casey
County last week .. There will be a pie supper at Bethlehem school house
Wednesday night. Everybody invited.  Girls come and bring pies; boys come and
buy them.

Pulaski.  Mrs. James Sheehan and sister Miss Ethell Correll, spent the
weekend in Wayne County with their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Owens …
Rev. Duke filled his regular appointment here Sunday … Class meeting will be
held at the Baptist Church on Thursday night instead of Friday … Mrs. Nellie
Pike of Waynesburg is ill at her parents home with symptoms of the fever, but
seems to be improving … Mrs. James Sheehan will visit her sisters, Misses
Correll at Richmond, this week, en route home to Cleveland … Several friends
called on Mrs. H. Morfield Sunday evening.

Cave Hill.  Erastus Vaught is able to be out after being confined for three
weeks with a sprained ankle .. Prof. Fred Thompson began to teach a class in
vocal music at Buncombe Saturday night and Sunday .. Mrs. Harvey Black is
able to be out after a severe attack of typhoid fever .. Rev. E.M. Vaught
attended the county singing at Estesburg Sunday … H.M. Higgins and Albert
Adams attended the meeting at Wilsonville Sunday … The meeting closed at
Wilsonville Sunday night.

Pisgah.   Cy Claunch gave a fine shepherd dog to his friend, Chas. Green of
Somerset last week … Miss Mabel Claunch spent the weekend with Miss Desta
Powers and attended the county singing at Estesburg Sunday … Mrs. R.B. Rhoten
and daughter Ruth and Mrs. E.B. Rhoten visited Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Mayfield,
of Oak Hill, Thursday … Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Claunch were Sunday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. E.S. Heaton … C.D. Stigall shipped a car load of cattle and hogs
Saturday … Cy Claunch visited Rob Humble of Possum Trot Saturday .. Bourne
Caylor called on Miss Carrie Abbott of Slate Branch Sunday .. L. Harvey has
purchased a new Ford car .. Misses Ruth and Stella Rhoten and Harley Claunch
visited Miss Thelma Claunch Sunday … Corn cutting and molasses making the
order of the day .. Jack Frost has paid us several visits already … Mrs. D.S.
Claunch and daughter Mabel called on Mrs. Jim Bryant Thursday .. Work on the
Pitman Creek Bridge is progressing nicely.

Norfleet.  Farmers are about through cutting corn in this vicinity … Mrs.
Dewey Norfleet and children have returned home from Hoopeston, Ill. …. Mr.
and Mrs. Carroll Taylor and daughter Reba, visited at the home of Cleo
Tarter, Sunday … Lester Robards visited Miss Opal Richardson Sunday … Rufus
Buchanan was the gust of Zallie Norfleet Sunday … Guests of Mrs. Louella and
Stella Tarter Sunday evening were Mrs. Coila Norfleet and children, Mrs.
Lonnie Daulton, Mrs. Ida Foster and daughters, Mrs. M. Norfleet, Mrs. Eula
Trimble, Mrs. Cora Tarter and daughter, miss Norma Norfleet and Mrs. F.
Taylor and daughter … Several attended Sunday School at Norfleet Sunday ..
Sam Muse and Bazzel Naulton have bought C.W. Trimble's stock of goods.

Ingle.  Rev. Frank Beasley filled his regular appointment at Cedar Point 
Sunday … Miss Fannie and Naomi Ray were the guests of Miss Lidy Kissee Sunday
evening … Mrs. Elizabeth Allen is improving slowly .. Mr. Everett Cain was
the guest of Miss Katherine Anderson Sunday.

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