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The Somerset Journal
The Oldest Democratic Newspaper In The Mountains of Kentucky

Somerset, Ky., Friday, October 10, 1919.

Fiscal Court Meets.  The Pulaski County Fiscal Court met last Friday and
Saturday.  M.T. Jasper and others offered to pay one third of the expense of
constructing a pike up the Dick Hill near the residence of Millard Wesley on
the Somerset and Liberty pike.  The offer was accepted and the work ordered
done under the supervision of the State Road Engineer and application was
made for state aid.  It was ordered that each Magistrate ascertain the
dimensions and the number of carrogated culverts needed in his district. 
Several claims against the county were allowed including sheep claims. 

Appointed Magistrate.  Governor James D. Black has appointed Rus Tartar a
Magistrate from the Third Magisterial district to succeed Tim Pennington who
resigned.  The selection is a good one Mr. Tartar will make the county an
excellent official.

A Popular Place.  Tandy's Barber Shop has been a very popular place during
the past week.  Mr. Tandy has been marking up on his window the baseball
score every day between the Cincinnati and Chicago clubs and hundreds
congregated there to watch the results.

More Fords.  Mr. A.J. Crawford, the Ford Agent, has received another shipment
of Ford cars and there was a grand rush for them.  Mr. Crawford is lucky to
be able to supply his trade for many agents have been unable to get cars at

Back from Louisville.  Dr. Ernest Parsons is back from Louisville where he
attended the state meeting of the American Legion.  Dr. Parsons says the boys
were accorded a great welcome by the people of Louisville.  He brought back
buttons for the members of the local post and a drive has been started to
secure a great number of new members.

New Motor Hearse.  Jason E. Lawhorn has just received a new Hudson Motor
Hearse and it is a beauty.  It was specially made and designed for his use. 
Mr. Lawhorn has one of the most up-to-date establishments in this part of the

To New Mexico.  Mr. Jahue Halcomb and family left last week for New Mexico
where they will make their future home.  Mr. Halcomb has purchased a farm of
640 acres and said to be very find farming land.


Mrs. Teresa Austin, who lived on High Street, died last Friday after a short
illness.  She was buried on Saturday in the City Cemetery after services at
the Baptist Church conducted by Rev. T.C. Duke.  Mrs. Austin was 69 years of
age and a splendid Christian woman.  She leaves a son, Clarence, and one

Sweeney.  Mr. George W. Sweeny, one of the best citizens of the county and a
progressive farmer, died at his home just east of Somerset last Saturday.  He
was 74 years old.  Funeral services were conducted by Dr. Scott, of the First
Christian Church, at Sweeny Chapel and burial followed at Union Cemetery. 
Mr. Sweeny was an old soldier and a man who stood very in the community. 

Wyatt.  Mr. John Wyatt, of Bronston, Ky., an old citizen and farmer of the
county died Tuesday and was buried Wednesday.  He was 70 years of age.

Palmer Resigns.  Mr. Palmer who has been instructor in Printing at the High
School has resigned and left Sunday for the west where he has secured a
position.  His place has not been filled yet.

Bad Crop.  The buckwheat crop in Pulaski county is said to be the poorest in
years.  There will be a very short yield.  The extreme dry weather in the
early season is the cause.

The following men have enlisted at the local Station here during the past

Everett M. Waddle, Pointer, Ky., for Infantry
George D. Carter, Pointer, Ky., for Infantry
Fred Cornes, Pointer, Ky., for Infantry
William O. Neal, Burnside, Ky., for Infantry
General W. Stigall, Burnside, Ky., for Infantry
William R. Adams, Luretha, Ky., for School at Camp Upton, N.Y.
Wesley Troxal, Luretha, Ky., for Infantry

Navy Recruiting Station.  Chief Petty Officer Edward Patton of the Lexington
Recruiting Station was in the city Tuesday to see about opening a permanent
recruiting station here. 

Virgil Haynes of Somerset who has been in the Navy for a short time has been
promoted from Apprentice Seaman to Fireman Third Class.

Sells Farm.  Mr. W.F. Daffron has sold the Caney Fork Stock Farm to Dr. W. F.
McCoy of Matewan, W.Va.  He also sold to Dr. McCoy all his fine black cattle
and Poland China hogs.  The farm contained 149 acres and is one of the best
in the county.  Mr. Daffron has not decided just what he will do.

Personal Mention.

W.S. Phillipi of Burnside was in Somerset Tuesday on business.

Hon. V.P. Smith was in Oneida, Tenn., this week on a business trip.

Mr. W.M. Flippin has rented the Acton property on Main St. and will move in
just as soon as Mr. Newton moves to the hotel.

Attorney William Waddle was in Cincinnati Tuesday on legal business.

Editor Roy Eads of the Crab Orchard Sun was in the city Tuesday on business.

Miss Mary Goggin who has been at Ashville, N.C., for the past several months
arrived this week for a visit with relatives.

Miss Stella Bryant spent last weekend in Stanford with friends.

Mr. R.G. Richardson has returned from Cincinnati and Chicago.

Mrs. Hershul Humble is visiting her parents at Paris, Ky., this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Al Sears of Mattoon, Ill., are on a visit with homefolks.

Mr. J.W. Heath, Road Foreman of Engines, was in the city Monday on business.

Mr. Morris Harkins was in Lexington Tuesday for a few hours on business.

Victor Stone spent the first of the week in Cincinnati where he witnessed the
world series.

Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Williams Jr. are spending the week in Louisville and Mt.
Vernon, Ky.

Mr. J.N. Mayfield of Acorn, one of our best merchants, is on a business trip
to Knoxville, Tenn.

Attorney B.L. Waddle was in Cincinnati on business this week and incidentally
took in the ball game.

Mr. John Cox, the popular Councilman, has been sick for the past week, but is
able to be out.

Mrs. George Reed and son, Edwin Madison, of New Orleans, La., are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Tustison.

Judge B.J. Bethurum and Attorney W.N. Flippin are in Monticello this week
holding court.

Judge B.J. Bethurum will speak at Irvine, Ky., on the 13th in the interest of
the Republican ticket.

Cashier E.M. Waddle of the First National Bank was in Cincinnati last week to
witness the world series.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Yates of Bowling Green, Ky., are visiting in the city.  Mr.
Yates is in the hotel business.

Mrs. Beatty Boehler and daughter Miss Curtis of Lexington, Ky., were the
guests of Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow last week.

Mr. Henry Inman, Superintendent of the American Express Co., was in the city
with his mother for a few days.

D.S. Gooch will stop over at Louisville to attend a meeting of the stock
holders of the Ohio Valley Tie Co.

Mr. W.B. Morrow and family came down from Louisville to spend a few days. 
Mr. Morrow is staying in Republican headquarters.

Mr. Stanley Waddle who has been in Republican headquarters is now making a
tour of the state assisting in organizing for the Republicans.

S.H. Gooch and son, D.S. Gooch, will leave today for Columbus, Ohio, to
purchase concrete block maceinery for their new plant here.

Manager Chas. Moore was one of the lucky ones to take in the world series in
Cincinnati.  He saw the Reds win their first game.

The Somerset Chautauqua will meet with Miss Martha Campbell Saturday
afternoon at 2:30.  If the books have not arrived by that time the discussion
will be current events.

Mr. Sam Owens of Lincoln county was in the city last Saturday on business. 
Mr. Owens says that the Democrats will sweep his part of the state at the
coming election.

General Superintendent W.T. Caldwell and Superintendent C.M. Mitchell were in
the city Tuesday on a business trip.  These gentlemen are frequent visitors
to the city and always receive a warm welcome.  Somerset people hope it won't
be long before they are both permanent residents of the city.

The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Porter Bolin sympathize with them in the
loss of their infant daughter.  The little one was born last Tuesday week and
only lived a few hours.

Judge R.G. Williams of Covington, Ky., was in Somerset with his brother Mr.
M.C. Williams.  He was en route home from Tennessee where he had been on

Miss Edwina Morrow and attractive guests Misses Lillian Cecil Taylor, of
Carlisle, and Mary Barkley Phillips of Flemingsburg came down from school at
Danville to be the guests of Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow.

Mrs. Edwin P. Morrow entertained with a dance last Saturday night in honor of
her daughter  Miss Edwina Morrow and guest Misses Lillian Cecil Taylor,
Curtis Buehler and Mary Barkley Phillips.

The Murfeesboro, Tenn., Times, in speaking of the big cattle sale held at the
Kirkwood Farms had the following to say about one of our fine young men Mr.
Joseph Claunch, who has been managing the Kirkwood Farm.  This sale amounting
to over $20,000 will bring considerable amount of foreign money into
Rutherford county, and it is only hoped that the breeders of this section
will cooperate to the extent that one or two such sales can be pulled off in
this section annually.  Joe Claunch, of Somerset, Ky., who was formerly with
Allen Dale Farms near Shelbyville, Ky., one of the best cattle men in the
far-famed bluegrass state, fitted these cattle of Messrs King and Calhoun for
this sale and "fit" they were for a royal show of unsurpassed queenliness in
the Jersey cattle kingdom.


Miss Armellia Kidd of Kings Mountain has been visiting her sister Mrs. Neil

Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Shadoan of Somerset visited Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Hood

Mrs. Ida Bowman has returned to her home in Tenn., after a pleasant visit
with Mrs. Frank Phelps.

Miss Pearl Hood is on the sick list.

Mrs. Bert Crockett is visiting her mother Mrs. G.P. Sweeney.

Several from here attended the pie supper at Camp Ground.

The Science Hill boys are going to play basketball here Thursday.  Everybody

Mrs. Sam Mayfield spent Sunday with her mother Mrs. G.P. Sweeney.

Miss Lean Kieth returned to her school Sunday.

Miss Jessie Kieth has returned to her home here after a visit in Cincinnati.

Mrs. A.J. May and children have returned to their home at Waynesburg.


Rev. C.C. Burton preached his last sermon at the Nazarine Church Sunday.

M.G. Baker who has been very sick, is improving.

Thatcher Floyd and family were guests at O.R. Fitzgerald's Sunday.

Mrs. Lucy Burton is slowly improving at this writing.

Rev. F.V. Taylor, Luther Muse, Rev. Eltie Muse and Miss Gertrude Floyd
motored to Science Hill Sunday night and attended church there.

Pearlie Floyd was a guest at Caddie Fitzgerald's Sunday.


Rev. J. Scott Greer is holding a meeting at the Christian Church here.

Mrs. J.A. Lee and daughter Eugene have returned from Chattanooga, Tenn.,
where they have been visiting her daughter Mrs. Ira Gray.

Wallace Wesley and Lawrence Lee have returned from Detroit, Mich.

Walter McKenzie is improving slowly.

T.W. McLaughlin has returned home.

Mrs. J.R. Nelson and Maud McClure and daughter returned from Cincinnati,

Mrs. Paradine Spears has returned from Indiana.

Miss Marana Leight has returned from Indiana where she has been working.

Lou Tilford has returned from Indiana.

Mrs. Decker and son Osker who have been visiting friends here, returned to
their home in Hamilton, Ohio, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Gooch and family motored to Crab Orchard and spent Saturday
night and Sunday with her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Payne and family have returned from a visit in Louisville.

Mrs. Green McMullin is visiting her son Virgil in Cincinnati.

Mrs. Hayden of Cincinnati is visiting friends here.

Miss Grace Henderson is visiting her father and grandparents in Lexington.

Mr. Rigney of Kings Mountain, spent Saturday and Sunday with his son, E.D.

Mrs. Julia Richards is improving fast and will leave soon for her home in


Wedding of Interest.  Miss Leona Davis Marries Mr. Edwin Bates of Monticello.

Mr. T. Edwin Bates, of Monticello, and Miss Leona Davis of this city, were
married in Cincinnati, Saturday, Sept. 20th.

Miss Davis had a splendid position at Irvine, Ky., where she met Mr. Bates. 
She is the daughter of Mrs. John Davis and is loved and admired by her many
friends.  Mr. Bates is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Bates, of Steubenville,
he is a civil engineer and is employed by the Wood Oil Company.

The happy couple are at present with his parents at Steubenville.  Their many
friends wish them much happiness.

Willis Tandy of Carrolton the ass't Principal of the High School arrived
Sunday to take up on duties.

Noel Pickett of Columbia, Ky., was the guest of Miss Pearl Bradshaw last

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Loyd left Sunday for Cincinnati.

The many friends of Miss Francis Rankin of Washington, D.C., are glad to know
she is much better from a recent illness.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Vanhook, Ollie Crow and Mrs. Mollie Dick, are visiting Mr.
and Mrs. J. Thomas Cherry at Crab Orchard.

Lieut. C.B. Chitwood, who has just returned from overseas, was in town this

The Woman's Reading Circle had their first meeting for the coming year Friday
afternoon.  The new President, Mrs. W.J. Davidson, presiding.  Mrs. Frank
Sloan gave an interesting message.  The new book for study, "Making America
Safe" was introduced in a very splendid way by Mrs. A.J. Jones.  Refreshments
were served and a good time spent.

Frank Sloan, N.I. Taylor, W.W. Rew and J.W. Burgess were in Cincinnati
Tuesday to see the 5th game of the World Series.

Miss Maud Smith is home from Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Emma Rankin, entertained with a dinner party Sunday.  Those present
were: Rev. and Mrs. J.M. Dick, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Phillippi, Mrs. M.J. Dick,
and Mrs. Wm. Heap, a splendid time was spent.

Mrs. G.W. Nunn returned home Sunday after a visit in Carthage, Ohio.

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Davidson have returned from Montreal, N.C.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Hewlett have moved into their new home on French Ave.

Dr. T.C. Girdler of Belle Plain, Kansas, is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Louis

Mesdames John Sloan, Howard Selvidge, Normal Taylor, Frank Sloan, Crit Nunn
and Misses Ruth Kelsay and Ethel Tuttle attended the District Missionary
Conference in Somerset last Wednesday and Thursday.

Rev. and Mrs. T.W. Barker were in Somerset Wednesday and Thursday attending a
missionary conference.

Mrs. E.V. Nash and family left Thursday for their new home in Sulligent, Ala.


Claude Gover and family have returned from a six weeks visit to relatives in

Walter Stigall is very sick with typhoid fever at this writing.

Mrs. J.L. Gangh and daughter Elizabeth of Wilmore were visiting her brother
S.G. Dills last week.

Miss Gussie Silvers was visiting Miss Ella Hodges Monday night.

Mrs. Lena Baily of Cincinnati is visiting her mother Mrs. Neil Scott.

Clarence Ford has purchased him a new automobile.

Dave Haynes of Cincinnati is visiting relatives here this week.

Misses Lora and Mary Brandon of Cincinnati are visiting their mother Mrs.
Mary Brandon.

Mrs. Sue Butler of McKinney and daughter, Mrs. John Dayton, of Somerset, were
callers at Mrs. P.L. Fords Sunday.

Geo. A. Wynn has sold his dwelling house and store on Jacksboro St. and will
move to his farm near Cedar Grove soon.

The Missionary Society will meet with Mrs. Grant Sandusky this week.

Pleasant Hill.

Harry Girdler returned home from France last Thursday.

Miss Mabel Hopper spent Sunday with Miss Clara Girdler.

Mrs. E.M. Bishop of Ludlow spent the weekend with her cousin Mrs. Kathryn

Miss Emma Vaught of Somerset spent Sunday with homefolks here.

Mrs. A.B. Shadoan of Somerset spent Friday with her daughter Mrs. Pearl
Fitzpatrick, who is sick.

Several of the young folks from here attended the pie supper at Camp Ground
Saturday night.

Mrs. Florence Miller and children of Somerset visited here last week.

Willie Fisher has accepted a position with the Cumberland Grocery Co., at


Farmers are busy plowing and sowing wheat.

Luke Burton has purchased Dan Tartar's farm near Faubush from Ouzlie Vaugh
for $4,000.

John Jones bought a farm from S.M. Durham for $1,800.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore Floyd are all smiles over the arrival of a fine boy,

Floyd Wilson's son and son-in-law have purchased Bud Logan's farm at Nancy
for $6,500.

Mr. and Mrs. Galen Weddle are the happy parents of a fine boy.

Mr. and Mrs. Eck Foster and family were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Foster
Saturday and Sunday.

Dr. Weddle and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Huge Pierce Sunday.

Earl Tartar and family visited Thomas Tartar at Oil Center.

Miss Merlie Richardson visited at Jessie Norfleet's Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Henderson have moved to their new residence.

Several attended Sunday school at Norfleet Sunday.

C. Cundiff has purchased the Norfleet farm from E. Pierce for $3,000.


Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Warren left last Thursday for Marshall, Ind., to make
their future home.

Aunt Lizzie Abbott is the guest of Maud Gibson this week.

Ben Cecil of Science Hill was here last week.

Aunt Jane Williams of Good Hope is visiting Milford Williams this week.

M. H. Pitman was in Science Hill this week.

Grandpa Jenkins of Floyd is visiting his son Oscar this week.

J.B. Vaught was in Somerset last week.

Pleasant Hill.

"Aunt" Polly Ann Mercer of Camp Ground visited here last week.

There was a very large crowd attended the singing at Sam Barnes Tuesday evening.

John Hines and family spent last week with relatives at Buck Creek.

Tom Cain has the misfortune of losing a pocket book contained $60.00 while on
his way to Somerset a few days ago, any one finding it please return to name
as stated above.

Miss Bessie Robinson left a few days ago for Ind., where she met Mr. Noble
Leigh and were united in marriage.

Misses Flonnie and Rutha Girdler were the attractive guest of their cousins
Misses Dora and Katherine Shadoan at Somerset last weekend.

Those on the sick list now are:  M.F. Ashley, "Aunt" Cynthia Ashley, and
"Aunt" Lucy Girdler.

William Carter came up from Chattanooga, Tenn., to attend the funeral of his
mother Mrs. Nannie Carter.

Several from here attended the pie supper at Cliffdale Saturday night.


Mr. C.C. Cooper of McCreary Co., was here last Monday on business.

Mr. Rutherford Adams and son Ollis of Mangum visited his father A.J. Adams

A few from here attended the sale of Kin Haste at Beach Grove last Friday.

Quincy Hardwick and family of Cains Store spent from Friday until Sunday at
his father's G. Hardwick.

W.J. Gaddis has gone to Cincinnati to work.

Silas Meece's singing school at Bethlehem closed Sunday.

Miss Rhetta Adams is very ill at this writing.

Miss Nellie Jasper spent Sunday with Malinda Adams.

Mrs. Ester Hendricks and children spent Sunday with her sister Mrs. James

S. Shadoan of Mintonville visited his nephew Lewis Adams Sunday.

Misses Cora, Wilmirth and Emma Roy were guests of the Jasper girls Sunday.

Miss Emma Randolph was a guest of her cousin Miss Roxie Dicks Sunday.


The following items are taken from the Somerset Journal of January, 1902.

The marriage of Mrs. Eva Owens Hays to Mr. O.B. Vaughn was a pleasant event
to the numerous friends of the contracting parties.  The ceremony was
performed by Dr. Harvey Glass at the residence of Dr. Tibbals at 11 o'clock

H.C. McQueary of Plato left this week for Kirkville, Mo., to attend Normal

Mr. Gilbert Glass left last week for his pastoral charge at Cyhnthiana.

The "Big Game Club" are off on their annual deer hunt in the South, among
those who left yesterday are Messrs J.M. Richardson, Chas. Sussner, O.H.
Waddle and Robert Bartells.

Some promotions have recently been made in the Superintendents office, among
them Ernest Parsons to a higher position.

Mr. McGarvey Tate is attending Dental College at Louisville, Ky.

Wheat is selling at 82 cents a bushel.  Cattle at 2 to 5 cents.

Judge Denton has been engaged to deliver lectures to law students at Central

Monticello Notes.  George Thomas of Somerset, the popular shoe drummer was
here the first of the week selling goods and talking to the girls.


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