Pulaski County Marriages

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NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Pulaski County, KY.

SADDLER, Green to Neoma Davis on 27 Jan 1859 (he was widowed).

SADLER, Harvy to Polly Purtete on 8 Jan 1859.

SANDIFER, Geo. W. to Kizziah Dutton in Nov 1856.

SAUNDERS, Creed to Polly Allen on 2 Mar 1852 (he was widowed).

SAUNDERS, George W. to Permelia ALlen on 15 Apr 1852.

SAWYER, Boyd to Bonnie Stringer; notice in 5 Feb 1919 newspaper that license was issued.

SAYERS, Hiram to Sarah E. Fisher on 8 Aug 1852.

SAYERS, Micajah to Charlotte Humphries on 1 Aug 1852.

SAYERS, Thos. L.W. to Amanda J. Nunnelley on 29 Dec 1859 (he was widowed).

SCALES, Benjamine to Susan Walden on 21 Dec 1858 (both were widowed).

SCHOOLCRAFT, S.S. to Margaret Tarter on 13 Mar 1854.

SCOTT, Wm. F. to M.E. Bradley in Dec 1858.

SCRUTCHFIELD, Ceburn to Hulda Taylor on 16 Mar 1858 (he was widowed).

SEARS, Bennett to Sarah F. Hunt on 20 Sep 1854.

SEARS, Elias to Elizabeth Edwards on 10 Nov 1853.

SEARS, Pleasant to Mary A. Arnold on 1 May 1856.

SELLERS, John R. to Rebicca F. Sandifer on 9 Aug 1858.

SEVERS, Christian to Lucy Barker on 22 Oct 1856.

SHADOWAN, William to Margaret Lewis on 1 Oct 1855.

SHADOWEN, Samuel to Rachael Maitin in Oct 1856.

SHARP, William B> to Lucinda Roy on 27 Feb 1859.

SHELBY, John L. to Margret E. Kelly on 6 Aug 1855.

SIDEBOTTOM, Milton to Mahala Whitaker in 1855.

SILVERS, Hiram to Nancy A. Roy on 15 Oct 1855.

SILVERS, Stephen to Polly Vanhook on 18 Aug 1853.

SILVERS, WIlliam to Nancy J. James on 3 Dec 1857 (he was widowed).

SIMPSON, Wyatt to Josaphine Neel in Oct 1857.

SINGLETON, Granville to Sarah J. Hendricks on 8 Oct 1857.

SINGLETON, Nathan to Julia E. Gooch on 14 Jun 1858.

SIPPLE, Joseph A. to Elizabeth Anderson on 4 (or 10) May 1854.

SLOAN, Benjamin Watson to Margaret Owens Tate on 4 Nov 1852.

SLOAN, William to Nancy F. Stinger on 4 Dec 1855.

SMILEY, James A. to Sarah E. Langdon on 5 Apr 1859.

SMILEY, John to Eleander Glover on 26 Feb 1857.

SMITH, Charles T. to Jane Curtis on 9 Aug 1853.

SMITH, Edmond to Margaret Hendrix on 11 Mar 1852.

SMITH, Emerson to Louisa Sloan on 15 Feb 1854.

SMITH, John to Sarah Elis on 15 Dec 1853.

SMITH, Jos. to Elizabeth Brazure on 18 Apr 1854 (he was married).

SMITH, Martin to Lucy An Roberts on 12 Feb 1852.

SMITH, Stephen to Martha J. Baston on 21 Oct 1858.

SMITH, W.R. to Amanda J. Decker on 11 Jan 1854.

SMITH, William S. to Amanda Evans on 30 Aug 1852.

SMITH, Wm. to Emeline Dowell on 10 Oct 1854.

SMOTHERMAN, Wm. to Elizabeth Raney on 15 Aug 1854.

SNEED, Henry W. to Nancy J. Dikes on 27 Jul 1859.

SOUDER, Danl. F. to Nancy Doolin on 13 Jul 1856.

SOUTHERLAND< Henry to Sciota Emerson on 1 Sep 1859.

SOWDER, Martin to Malvina Hall on 15 Nov 1858.

SOWDER, Michael to Elizabeth Arnold on 1 Sep 1855.

SOWDER, William G. to Elizabeth Hays on 16 Nov 1855.

SPAW, William to Sarah G. Irvine on 15 Oct 1854.

SPENCER, Jas. to Lucinda Saddler on 14 Oct 1852.

STEPHEN, William to Mary J. Meece in May 1855.

STEPHENS, Elis to Emily M. Bruce on 13 Apr 1856.

STEPHENS, James to Mary King on 28 Oct 1858.

STEPHENS, Marion to Miram Eastham on 25 Mar 1858.

STEWART, Harry V. to Ollie Hail; notice in 5 Feb 1919 newspaper that license was issued.

STEWART, James to Rachel Dick on 21 Feb 1855.

STOCKTON, Thomas T. to Elvira E. Woods on 14 Feb 1854.

STONE, Wilson to Nancy Elliot on 7 Oct 1858.

STRINGER, C.W. to Nancy Surber on 24 May 1853.

STRINGER, Thomas to Harriet McDowell on 11 Oct 1853 (she was widowed).

STRUNKS, Emerson to Nancy J. Tucker on 7 Jul 1859.

SURBER, Alfred to Clarrinda Bryant on 19 Dec 1854.

SURBER, Epham to Jerminy I. (or J.) Reynolds in Oct 1855.

SURBER, Franklin to Sarah Baston on 24 Dec 1855.

SURBER, Harrison to Mary A. Surber on 7 Nov 1859.

SURBER, Isaac S. to Nancy Reed on 11 Sep 1854.

SURBER, Jeffison to Mary/Polly Edwards on 4 (or 13) Aug 1853 (he was widowed).

SURBER, Lonzo to Minnie Bishop; notice in 5 Feb 1919 newspaper that license was issued.

SURBER, Singleton to Francis C. Baston on 5 Jul 1858.

SURBER, Squire to Rebecca Bryant on 3 Mar 1852.

SUTTON, Andrew J. to Martha A. Gastineau on 16 Oct 1855 (they were divorced before 27 Sep 1859).

SUTTON, Henry G. to Fanny Pew on 20 May 1852.

SWEENEY, Uriah to Mary E. Vanhook on 16 Dec 1856.

SWEET, James to Margaret Smith on 17 Nov 1852.

SWINK, John L. to Levina Ford on 26 Dec 1859 (she was widowed).

SWINNEY, Martin to Elizabeth Dowell on 2a6 Aug 1855.


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