Pulaski County Marriages

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NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Pulaski County, KY.

EADS, Charles H. to Ailey Ann Tuttle on 26 Feb 1857.

EARP, James A. to Martha Claunch in Sep 1853.

EASTES, Solomon to Sarah Ann mcClure on 27 Mar 1859.

EASTES, Willis to Sarah Surber on 10 Apr 1856 (he was widowed).

EASTHAM, Galen N. to Setha F. Denham on 17 Nov 1859.

EASTHAM, Milton to Mary Reed on 24 Jan 1856.

EASTHAM, T.Q. to Amadina Elliott on 12 Feb 1857.

EASTHAM, Thos. J. to Martha M. Wilson on 24 Jan 1856.

EATON, Prior to Milcha Boyd on 30 Mar 1857 (he was widowed).

EDWARDS, Larken to Permelia Hale on 21 Jan 1855.

EDWARDS, Linvill to Nancy F. Gregory on 12 Apr 1855.

EDWARDS, William M. to Margaret E. Surber on 5 Sep 1865.

ELDER, John to Sciota Rainwaters on 24 Feb 1859.

EMBERSON, Isaac W. to Sally M. Parker on 25 Apr 1853.

ESTES, Elisha to Sarah Gooch on 20 Apr 1840.

ESTES, Elisha to Angelina Price on 12 Jun 1853.

ESTES, Logan to Nancy Jane Floyd on 5 Jan 1863.

ESTES, Pleasant G. to Sarah A. Gooch on 19 Dec 1867.

ESTES, Robert to Amanda Hays on 24 Feb 1859.

ESTES, Willis G. to Martha S. Floyd on 4 Apr 1878.

ESTES, Wilson to Eliza Floyd on 8 Feb 1866.

ESTHAM, Charles to Nancy J. (or I.) Taylor on 15 Aug 1853.

ESTIS, Shipton to Mary Pumphrey on 29 May 1853 (both were widowed).

ESTIS, Willis to Elizabeth Todd on 13 Jul 1853.

EUBANK, Gineral to Elizabeth Griffon on 12 Aug 1858 (he was widowed).

EUBANKS, Benjamin to Perneta "Nettie" Hubble on 24 Oct 1854.

EUBANKS, Benjamin F. to Sarah Elizabeth Surber on 11 Dec 1855.

EUBANKS, Davidson to Mary Jane McClure on 18 Jan 1854.

EUBANKS, General to Aderline Mayfield in Sep 1855.

EUBANKS, James Harvey to Mary Elizabeth McClure on 23 Feb 1865.

EVANS, Green B. to Sarah E. Yarberry on 11 Oct 1859.


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