Pulaski County Marriages

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NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, the county of record for the marriages listed below is Pulaski County, KY.

BACHELOR, C.B. to Ally P. Bradley on 5 Oct 1852.

BAKER, Ebenson to Martha Burton on 15 Dec 1853.

BAKER, George to Elizabeth Quinton on 13 Apr 1852 (he was widowed).

BAKER, James to Mary Meece on 30 Dec 1852.

BAKER, James to Sarah H. (or F.) Owens on 1 Aug 1854.

BAKER, John to Matilda Cox on 4 Feb 1855.

BAKER, John to Sarah Davis in 1857 (no date given; he was 2x widowed).

BAKER, Larkin to Mary A. Bloomer on 27 Jan 1856.

BALLEW, Joseph to Phoebe C. Smith in Oct 1856.

BALLOU, Lenard to Elizabeth Godby in Dec 1855.

BALLOW, Allen to Nannie Lewis on 16 Nov 1858.

BALLOW, James M., to Sarah J. White on 27 Apr 1857.

BALLOW, Simpson to Francis Logan on 8 Sep 1853.

BALLOW, Watson to Martha J. (or I.) Fry on 20 Dec 1853.

BARBER, John to Melvina Ralldall (?) on 14 Aug 1855 (she was widowed).

BARCKLEY, Hugh to Matilda Helton on 1 Nov 1854.

BARKER, Ambrose W. to Permelia Jane Burton on 15 Sep 1855.

BARKER, Volney Y. to Sarah Surber on 26 Jun 1855.

BARNES, James M. to Elizabeth Mounce on 11 Mar 1854 (she was widowed).

BARNES, Joel to Mary Ann Dyke on 17 Jan 1857.

BARNETT, Allen to Elizabeth Neely on 16 Jul 1854.

BARNETT, Dillard to Polly Ann Fry on 15 Oct 1853.

BARNETT, Henry to Charlotte White on 26 Feb 1857.

BARNETT, Samuel C. to C.I. (or C.J.) Lewis in 1853.

BARNS, Thos. to Pauline Whitaker on 3 Nov 1854.

BARR, John to Manerva Alen on 14 Dec 1853.

BARRER (Baner?), Galen to Emeline Eastham on 21 Aug 1855.

BARRON, David W. to elizabeth B. Garner on 1 Feb 1859.

BARRON, Mathias J. to Didama Phelps on 29 Oct 1854.

BARRON, William F. to Mary E. Gray on 15 Jul 1857.

BARTLETT, Hugh to Matilda Holton on 20 Dec 1854.

BATES, James to Elizabeth Osborn on 11 Aug 1858 (he was widowed).

BATES, Mitchell to Sciota Cox on 4 Feb 1855.

BAUGH, Adam to Jenny Young on 16 Nov 1812.

BAUGH, Harrison to Eleanor Newell on 13 Jul 1843.

BAUGH, Milam to Ann Vanhook on 1 Oct 1856.

BAUGH, Perry to Levana Gaston on 23 Sep 1857.

BAUGH, Silas Green to Lydia Emmaline Blevins on 16 Oct 1871.

BAUGH, Squire F. to Prissilla Cormany on 3 Oct 1858 (she was widowed).

BAUGH, Timothy Perkins to Susan Elizabeth Owens on 9 Oct 1898.

BAUGH, Thomas to Harriet Burket on 29 Nov 1859.

BEADLES, R.C. to Catharine Barker on 30 Oct 1855 (both were widowed).

BEASLEY, Joseph to Martha Angelina Floyd on 18 Feb 1900.

BEATY, R.F. to Hettie E. Newell on 28 Oct 1853.

BERTHURAM, F.F. to Lucy F. Saunders on 20 Sep 1853.

BERTHRUAM, James M. to Emeline Saunders on 31 Oct 1853.

BISHOP, Adam Newell to Sarah Martha Surber on 2 Mar 1876.

BISHOP, Cyrenius W. to Elizabeth Hendrix on 26 Feb 1852.

BISHOP, Jonathan to Fanny D. Carter on 29 Jun 1854.

BISHOP, Samuel B. tp Martha Jane Surber on 11 Jan 1853.

BISHOP, William to Permelia Surber on 18 Feb 1830.

BLACK, Jno. W. to Elizabeth Fry in Oct 1856.

BLACK, Marion to Lucinda Surber on 6 Apr 1852.

BLACK, Shadrick Marion to Lucinda T. Surber on 5 Apr 1852.

BLACK, William Dye to Naomi Surber on 1 Jan 1844.

BLAND, William to Eliza Dagley on 17 Dec 1876.

BLANKENSHIP, John to Oliva Gilliland on 1 Apr 1852.

BLANKENSHIP, Maldin to Margaret Hasty on 20 Se 1853 (he was widowed).

BLEVINS, A.P. to Mary D. Spears on 19 Dec 1856.

BLEVINS, Milan to Sarah A. Floyd on 26 Apr 1891.

BLEVINS, Newton J., to Clarinda Surber on 22 Dec 1878.

BOBBITT, Jno. W. to Sarah J. Barron on 24 Oct 1852.

BOBBITT, Wm. M. to Lucy J. Starnes on 1 Apr 1858.

BOKINS, M.M. to Elizabeth Gastineau on 2 Mar 1854.

BOWMAN, J.C. to Nancy Swink on 28 Feb 1855.

BOWMAN, Sherrod W. to Martha McFall on 6 Aug 1857.

BRADLEY, Squire to Mary A. Woodall on 23 Jul 1856.

BRANSCOM, William James to Rhoda S. Floyd on 22 Nov 1865.

BRAY, John to Phoeba Hawk on 24 Aug 1854.

BROWN, Daniel to Ruth A. Watson on 31 Aug 1856.

BROWN, Silas Green to Margaret Higgins on 2 Dec 1883.

BROWN, Stephen to Milly J. Bagly on 15 Oct 1855 (he was widowed).

BROWN, Walter Lee to George Ann Hardwick - license issued notice in 5 Feb 1919 newspaper.

BRYANT, Adam to Ann Surber on 11 Nov 1834.

BRYANT, Cronelius S. to Polly Taylor Silvers on 8 Jul 1852.

BRYANT, Henry to Louisa Higgins on 13 Feb 1839.

BRYANT, James M. to Eliza J. Roberts on 3 Dec 1864.

BRYANT, John F. to Mary E. Thompson on 17 Nov 1859.

BRYANT, M. Green to Savannah Adams on 22 Dec 1857.

BRYANT, Morgan to Amanda Hall on 3 Mar 1853.

BRYANT, Samuel to Mary E. Seares on 8 Aug 1858.

BRYANT, Silas G. to Louisa M. Floyd on 5 Jan 1890.

BRYANT, William to Sally McClure on 5 Oct 1830.

BRYANT, William R. to Elizabeth Ann Surber on 19 Feb 1874.

BUCKHANNON, E.J. to Rachel Yates on 5 Dec 1855 (both were widowed).

BULLOCK, George to Elizabeth L. McKinzie on 22 Jan 1858.

BULLOCK, Henry to Nancy Alexander on 6 (and 8) Oct 1852.

BULLOCK, John to Elvira E. Carroll on 1 Sep 1854.

BULLOCK, John P. to Catharine Chaney in Dec 1855.

BULLOCK, William N. to Nancy Chaney in Mar 1858.

BURDINE, William to Elizabeth Knox on 27 dec 1857.BURKART, George J. to Elizabeth Osbourn on 7 Apr 1852.

BURKHART, Jno. to Nancy J. Sipple on 18 Dec 1856.

BURNS, Jeremiah to Mary Surber on 27 Aug 1838.

BURNS, John to Sally Young in Aug 1859.

BURTON, Cyrus to Sabra Baker on 16 Aug 1856.

BURTON, Daisey c. to Cintha Burton on 15 Jul 1856.

BURTON, Ellis to Elizabeth Walden on 10 Mar 1853.

BURTON, General to Eliza J. Hasty on 18 dec 1856.

BURTON, Henry J. to Nancy Burton on 11 Nov 1857 (he was widowed).

BURTON, John Andrew to Sarah Jane Floyd on 31 Dec 1901.

BURTON, John R. to Mary Scriminger on 11 Nov 1857.

BURTON, Milford E. to Keziah Baugh on 21 Nov 1869.

BURTON, Nathaniel to Sarah "Sally" Floyd on 29 Oct 1829.

BURTON, William H. to Henrietta Jones on 29 Dec 1996.

BURTON, William K. to Betty Ann Burton on 20 Oct 1892.

BURTON, William S. to Lucy Ann Floyd on 11 Aug 1859.

BURTON, William Samuel to Mary Ellen Floyd on 15 Jan 1895.

BURTON, William Sherman to Hester Catherine Floyd on 25 Mar 1885.

BUTT, William Clay to Susannah Wood on 5 Jan 1893.

BUTT, Addison to Harriet Vaught on 10 Dec 1854.

BUTT, Eli to Lucinda Wheeler on 25 Mar 1852 (she was widowed).

BUTT, Harvy to Elizabeth Moore on 10 Mar 1859 (he was widowed, she was widowed x2).

BUTT, Addison to Harriet Vaught on 10 Dec 1854.

BUTT, Eli to Lucinda Wheeler on 25 Mar 1852 (she was widowed).

BUTT, Harvy to Elizabeth Moore on 10 Mar 1859 (he was widowed, she was widowed x2).

BUTT, Henry to Malinda Tubbs in Jul 1855.

BUTT, Henry to Malinda Tubbs in Jul 1855.

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