1845 Letter from Mexico City
Submitted by Steve Hunt

Silas Hunt was the son of John Hunt Jr. When the war with Mexico began, a company of men was organized in Somerset KY in Sep 1847. This company marched to Louisville, arriving there on 3 Oct 1847 (Company H, 4th Regiment). This letter to John Hunt was found in an old trunk belonging to Marion Hunt, also a son of John Hunt Jr. Marion died in 1922, and this is when the letter was discovered. It explains wht happened to Silas Hunt.

City of Mexico
Feb. 5, 1848

Dear Sir,

It has become my unpleasant duty to inform you of the death of your son. Silas who died on the 2nd and was buried on the 3rd in the honor of War. He took sick some time after he got here and took medicine from the United States Surgeon. He lingered some ten days in the COmpany and getting no better, the doctor had him taken to the hospital where they had beds to lay on and he was very well attended to by two of our Company, who was appointed to wait on all the sick of our Company. But all efforts to save were unsucessful. He got weaker all the time and when he died he was very poor.

He told me three or four days before his death that he was going to die and he requested me to write you after his death. He was not willing to die, he said, if he was at home. He would have me to let you know he was well attended to but he said there were not enough waiters to attend all as they ought be.

He willed what money he had to James Evans and H.J. Meece. Meece is unwell and is in the hospital. Evans is well. Silas also requested me to write his Uncle Owen with you and give him his last repects although he is no more.

You have the consolation to know from me that his conduct while alive was gentlemanly, manly, and soldier like. He was sober and civil and always willing to do his duty. So I wish his bereaved friends to console themselves when they reflect that he died in the service of his country. While we lament his loss to the Company, I deeply sympathize with his friends at home. I am yours with much respect.

To John,
W.H. Hammon

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