Abraham and Anna Rainwater
Submitted by:  Susan Rainwater

Husband: Abraham Rainwater
Birth: 3 Apr 1808178 Place: North Carolina 17 6
Death: Circa 1875194 Place: Brown Co., IN. 194
Occupation: Farmer6
Religion: Baptist 194
Father: William Rainwater (1765‐1825)
Mother: Martha "Patsy" Hodges587 (1785‐1841)
Marriage: 16 Apr 1829147 Place: Russell Co., KY by Rev. John Antle 321
Wife: Anna McLaughlin26
Birth: Circa 18106 Place: North Carolina6
Death: Circa 1875194 Place: Brown Co., IN. 194
Religion: Baptist 194
Father: Daniel McLaughlin17 (1775‐1825)
Mother: Jane321 (1775‐1828)
1. M Child: Jeremiah Stanton Rainwater108
Birth: Circa 18316 Place: GA 31 KY8 Russell Co., KY 320
Death: Between 1901/190612 Place: prob. Kentucky or Virginia
Occupation: Farmer8
Spouse: Eve Tarter
Marriage: 10 May 1852 Place: Wayne Co., KY 320
Spouse: Martha J. "Mattie" Barnes
Marriage: Before 189015
2. F Child: Joycia Rainwater
Birth: Circa 18326 Place: Kentucky6
Spouse: Louis R. Lemon435
Marriage: 8 Aug 1867 Place: Lawrence Co., IN 435
3. M Child: Ephraim R. Rainwater
Birth: Circa 18356 Place: Kentucky 6
Death: 26 Dec 189915 Place: prob. Indiana
Burial: Place: Fairview Cm., Stockton section, Greene Co., IN ®2312
Occupation: Carpenter 7
Spouse: Melissa Roy158
Marriage: 15 Feb 1857 Place: Lawrence Co., IN 435
Divorced: Before 18809
4. M Child: Ira Hardin Rainwater
Birth: Mar 183511 Place: Kentucky6
Death: Circa 1902401 Place: prob. Missouri
Occupation: Farmer 9 Capitalist 11
Education: Literate 11
Spouse: Caroline Raisor435
Research by Susan Rainwater, 23 Jul 2011
Marriage: 9 Sep 1869 Place: Lawrence Co., IN 435
5. F Child: Sarah Ann Rainwater
Birth: Circa 18416 Place: Kentucky6
Occupation: Keeps house 9
Spouse: Moses S. Cunningham435
Marriage: 25 Mar 1860 Place: Lawrence Co., IN 435
6. M Child: Abram Rainwater
Birth: Circa 18456 Place: Kentucky6
Death: After Jun 1865374
7. F Child: Nancy Elizabeth Rainwater
Birth: Circa 18476 Place: Kentucky6
8. F Child: Susan Rainwater (Died in childhd)
Birth: Jan 18506 Place: Kentucky 6
Death: Before 18607
Husband’s Notes...
Found in own 1830C HH, Pulaski Co., KY, pg 22. 4
Found in own 1840C HH, Pulaski Co., KY, pg 332. 5
Found in own 1850C HH, Pulaski Co, KY, pg 246. Owned $200 worth of property. 6
Found in own 1860C HH, Fayetteville, Lawrence Co., IN, pg 812. 7
Not found in 1870C Brown Co., IN.
Witnessed father's will, 1825. 304
With his mother, consented to the marriages of his sisters Elizabeth and Patsy in 1841 & 1843.49
Brown Co., IN White River Association of the Primitive Baptist Church which kept its own death records and Abraham & Anna
Rainwater are listed as members who died in 1875‐1876. 194
If Jeremiah is correct that he was born in Georgia, the family would have had to have left KY in 1830 after the census, gone to
Georgia, but returned to KY in time for Joicia to be born in KY.
Wife’s Notes...
Found in husband's 1850C HH, Pulaski Co., KY, pg 246.
Found in husband's 1860C HH, Lawrence Co., IN, pg 812, but age is wrong.
Abraham Rainwater & Ann McLaughlin (married 1829); loose Russell Co. marriage records (bond, most likely; not specified in
printed source) says Ann was daughter of J. McLaughlin. If her father Daniel died 1827, this would be her mother? Bondsman
was David Blankenship. A/I Book 1 Page 2. 321
Reference Note 4
1830 census
Research by Susan Rainwater, 23 Jul 2011
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Reference Note 15
Tombstone transcription. This reference number is only used when the actual source exceeds 999. Cross‐reference with place
of burial.
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Roscoe Rainwater, "Here's the Plan of the Rainwater Clan", genealogical document, 1972, original
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Reference Note 587
Tradition. This reference indicates that an item that cannot be satisfactorily proven or documented, is never‐the‐less
traditionally sited in this way.
Research by Susan Rainwater, 23 Jul 2011


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