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AKER - Johannes Aker |
ALCORN - William H Alcorn
Moses Anderson |
Benjamin Anderson
ASHBROOK - James L. Ashbrook|


BAKER: Baker,Moses |
BARNETT: Barnett, John |
Barnett, Francis Jackson |
Bartholomaeus Bach/Baugh |
BAUGH - Henry Baugh Sr. | Henry Baugh Jr.
BRYANT- William Abner Bryant |

unknown Burton
wife Nancy | unknown Burton 2 wife Rachel |


CANADA/CASADA, Benjamin at bottom of page below Wm.Perry Martin
CHUMBLEY, Alexander & Sarelda|
COLYER, John 5 generation chart |
COOK- Cook, John W. |


DYKES - Eli Thomas Jefferson Dykes




FOSTER- Charlie Foster | Charles P. B. Foster |

William Foster | Sampson P. Foster
Fowler, John Henry |


GARLAND - Robert

GATLIFF - Nathan W. Gatliff


HEAD - Thomas Head
HINES - Ephraim Robison Hines





LANE- Oriel Lane



MARTIN: Martin, William Perry | Martin, Hiram K. |
McCLURE McClure, William |
McGahan, Berry Hale |
Jacob Miller | James Miller |





RAINWATER - Abraham & Anna
RAINWATER - Bartholomew & Nancy
RAINWATER - Daniel & Ann
RAINWATER - James and Mary
RAINWATER - John and Elizabeth
RAINWATER - Josiah & Elizabeth
RAINWATER - Miles & Cornelia
RAINWATER - Miles & Frances
RAINWATER - William & Martha

RAINWATER - William H.

ROUTH- Arthur Lee Routh
ROY- William
  & Nancy


SURBER- Michael Surber


Tate- This listing is far more than a single family group sheet, but in the interest of the many Pulaski County names, I decided to add it in a collective group with references. Names are: Allison, Baker, Boyd, Buster, Fugate, Haddock, Hail, Kelly, Lee, Owen/Owens, Shaddown. Short, Sloan, Smith,



VANHOOSIER- Delmar D. Vanhoosier | Zelmar C.Vanhoosier |
VANN-James Vann |


WEDDLE - Daniel & Elizabeth
WEDDLE - Galen & Sarah
WELLS - Jesse O. Wells|Jesse N. Wells| Jesse Oliver Wells|
James M. Wells|William Harrison Wells | William Harrison WellsII

WHITIS- Hiram Whitis | Evan Whitis | Romeo Whitis |
Daniel A.Williams | SilasWilliams |
Woods, John |



YOUNG- | Michael Young | Solomon Young | John Young | Nelson Green Young | 5 generations here > General Grant Young starting with Michael |




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