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"Those of us with roots in Pulaski County, Ky, and have Van Hooks in their ancestry, probably can be traced back to this man:"

I Aren't Isaackson VAN HOECK b. abt 1623 in Hooksiel, Oldenburg, Germany, d. abt 1697 in NY, NY
md (1) 30 March 1652 in Amsterdam, Holland to Sara VAN DE CLIET  b. abt 1629
md (2) 29 Jan 1654/55  in Amsterdam, Holland to Geertje EVERTS, b. abt 1631
Their children:
    i. Vrowte b. May 1657    d. before 1672
    ii. Evert Arentszen b. abt 1661    d. abt May 1711     md. (1) Johanna VAN SPYCK    (2) Neeltje JACOBS
    iii. Isaac    b. ?    d before June 1694    md (1) Anna POPELAER    (2) Harmtje GERRITTS
    iv. Bennony     b. ? d. 9 Feb. 1690   md Jacomyntie SWART

Arent Isaackson VAN HOECKK
md (3) 9 August 1665 in New Amsterdam, NY to Styntie Christiana LAURENS b. abt 1648 d. before Aug. 1685. They resided in NY, NY
Their children:
    v. Catherina b. Sept. 1666
 **vi. Lawrence b. 1670 d. Aug. 1725 md Johanna "HanNa" Hendricks SMITH
    vii. Vrouwtie b. Nov. 1672 md George WALKER
    viii Maria b. July 1675
    ix  Roelof   b. Sept. 1677

Aren't Isaackson VAN HOECK
md (4) 16 August 1685 in New York, NY to Lysbeth STEVENS.
Arent Issackson VAN HOECK
md (5) 12 January 1695/96 in New York, NY to Maria VAN HOBECKEN

**II (vi) Lawrence VAN HOOK, Esq. b. 1670 in New York, NY d. Aug. 1725 in Freehold, Monmouth, NJ
md 2 July 1692 in New York, NY to Johanna "Hanna" Hendricks SMITH B. 1673 D. 2 JUNE 1747, d/o Hendrick Barents SMITH
and Geertije WILLEMS; they resided in Freehold, Monmouth, NJ  (Geertije born in Nierwkeerke, Holland)
Their Children:

    i. Johanna "Hanna" b. June 1693  md Frederick DEBOOGH
    ii. Gerritje b. Sept. 1695
    iii Geritje  b. Dec. 1696
    iv. Arent  "Aaron" b. Oct 1698  d. 1760 md to Catherne BALCK
 **v. Hendrick "Henry", b. Feb. 1700/01   d. 1750 md to Deborah PARENT..(Dutch Reformed Church 1720--New York) 15 July 1721
    vi Isaac b. August 1703
    vii. Gerritje b. October 1704
    ix. Maria "Mary" b. April 1710   d. 1746  md Robert CUMMING
    z. Francinke "Frances"  b.  October 1714   d. 14 Feb. 1786  md Rev. Samuel BLAIR

Lawrence Esquire was a judge for Monmouth Co., NJ.

**III (v) Henry (Hendrick) VAN HOOK
md Deborah PARENT  d/o William and Mercy Parent
Their Children:
**i. Samuel  b. 15 November 1733  in Freehold, NJ  d. 13 November 1804  in Harrison Co., Ky (a descendant says he died after 1817 in Pulaski Co., KY)
    md Hannah Higgins
    ii. Lawrence   md Mary Ann  HARRIS
    iii. Isaac
    iv. William

Kentucky Records, Volume II, Harrison County, Order Book A. page 143

Pages 26, 27, 28, May, 1806......Disposition of Samuel Van Hook to established land of Thos. Moore and Benj. Johnson on Mill Creek, entered 1780,
conflicting with McFall's claim, deposeth: Cam back from being a prisoner in Spring of '79 settled at Ruddle's Station, and in year '80 after Christmas,
moved to Martin's Station and was taken prisoner in June following, and returned in four or five years.  Wm. McCune deposeth: Saw land in question,
in company with John Hinkson while living at Ruddle's Station in year 1780. Wm. Anderson became familiar with lace in year 1785. Thos.. Ravencroft
saw same in year 1785.

Samuel Van Hook was 17 at the time of his father's death and received only a small inheritance. After the death of his father, he migrated to Persons County, NC, with his uncle and several brothers. (which uncle?) He owned land here briefly before moving on to Washington Co., Va and later Russell co., KY?  This is supported by land deeds and patents. he signed a petition to create the county of Russell. The first court was held in his cabin. He also petitioned to have a road built  from Russell County to the Salt well at Saltville Va. Kiester says that He came to Kentucky with Boone on his second trip. We do know he came to Kentucky some time around or before March 1780 when he was shown along with Samuel Van Hook, Jr. the roster of Captain Gatliff at Martins Station. His wife Hannah Higgins was killed by indians at Martins probably in March 1780, when she and her 12 year old son, Benjamin went out to get the cow. Benjamin was taken captive, but later escaped. In a disposition, Samuel said he was a tailor by trade, but had only made a few britches while at the station. He mostly hunted for the forts.

Samuel Van Hook was captured at the fall of Martins. He was held captive for 4 years and 2 months. After he returned, he married Hannah Wilson Williams, Higgins Blockhouse, near the mouth of Indian Creek. She was the widow of Zadock Williams, who had been killed by indians while hunting in Fleming County. Samuel lived at Bryan's station and later on Beaver and Indian Creeks in Harrison County. Both he and his son, Benjamin were listed on Beaver Creek in 1816.

This information came from e mail correspondence between a Don Lee, and Jim Sellars in August of 1999.

IV  (1) Samuel Van Hook and Hannah Higgins Van Hook
Their Children:
i. Winnifred        md Thomas Whiteley
 ii. Abner            md Freelove Hall
**iii. Benjamin Jr. b. Feb. 1771  md (1) Frances Higgins d/o Jonathan Stout and Susie Lewis Higgins
    Their Children:
    i. Were b. 1788 d. 1789 or 1878
    ii Samuel   23 Feb. 1792 md Ibby Cox
  **  iii. Hannah 16 January 1785 md  John HIGGINS  31 Aug. 1810 buried in Eubank Cem.. Buncome Road, Pulaski Co., Ky
    iv. Elizabeth  2 Oct. ober 1796  md Joseph Clem
    v. Margaret   14 July 1798
    vi Mary  22 may 1800
    vii Benjamin  25 December 1801   md Esther Gaston 22 Dec 1822  (2) Orpha Ely
    viii. Frances  16 October 1803  md Rice Ware
      ix. Nancy 1805  md J.H. Albright
      x. Thomas  17 April 1806 md Matilda
                                                    md (2) Susannah Higgins b. 7 March 1785  d. 1832-1880    d/o
    Their Children:
    i. Martin    8 Aug. 1809 md Eleanor Thompson (Their oldest child was Benjamin Franklin Van Hook--who married Lydia Jane Reynolds, She was placed in a "home" in Mt. Vernon, Ky suffering from mental health p. After her death, the closed coffin was sent from the "home " with instructions not to open it. (this according to Charles Fred Van Hook--a grandson)  Benjamin lived with HIS son, Benjamin  in 1900 census.  He lived to be 80 and in later years had a long white beard.  He is buried in Rock Castle Co., Ky in the Friendship Church Cemetery on Highway 461.
    ii Sarah     9 January 1811
    iii Lydia    11 January 1813
    iv Rebecca 29 May 1815
    v. Harriet   26 july 1817
    vi Eliza Jane 3 Sept. 1819
    vii James Harvey 5 March 1822
    viii Susan  24 April 1824
    ix Nancy 1828/30
    x John Lewis 26 October 1829

   The names of Benjamin and Frances and Susannah's children were written in his own hand in his Bible.
in 1999 it was in he possession of Dr. Samuel Munson, Springfield, IL.

    V iii) John Higgins and Hannah Van Hook Higgins
    Their Children:
   ** i. Louisa Jane  15 March 1821    27 April  1862  md Henry BRYANT---see Bryant Family group Sheet
       ii. Montgomery  1827
    (any other children unknown)
    Any corrections or changes welcome.  Most of this info came from public records, family documents.

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