Thomas Glenn

Born May 25, 17941 Botetourt County Va., Died after 18642 in Lincoln County, Missouri

Younger brother of Elinor {Nellie}3 Glenn Butt{e} of Pulaski County, Kentucky

Pioneer Families of Missouri 1874 by Bryan and Rose- Montgomery County, MO.

GLENN: James Glenn and his wife, SARAH GRIGG, with their two children, James and Nellie, came from Ireland to America, and settled in Virginia. After their settlement there the following children were born... Polly, William, Thomas, and Whitehill. Mr. Glenn and his three sons, William, Thomas1 and Whitehill4, moved to Ohio; the rest of the children married and settled in KY. James, William and Thomas were in the War of 1812, and the former was killed at the battle of New Orleans. The other two were with the armies that operated in Canada and the northern part of the United States. After the war, Thomas married LUCINDA T. KENDALL, of KY., and came to MO in 1815. He came in a wagon, which contained, in addition to his family and furniture, a set of wheel-wright's tools, a gun and a dog. Mr. Glenn settled first on Cuivre River, but made about twenty settlements in all before he could find a location to suit him. These were all within the present limits of Montgomery County. He was a great hunter, and during the first year of his residence in MO., killed fifty-six deer, one elk, and one bear. The names of his children were Julia A., Emily H., Sarah E., James m. and William I.

1. Family Bible 2. Property and census records 3.Tom Butts records of Va, Ohio & Ky. 4. Married in MontgomeryCo, Ky to Sally Cox

Searching for descendents of James, William and Whitehill Glenn.
Whitehill is known to have had a family.
Married in MontgomeryCo, Ky to Sally Cox
He was in Pulaski County 1820 census,
[ Series: M33  Roll: 27   Page: 86 ]  Somerset, listed as "Whitehead" Glenn.



The names Glynn and MacGlynn in Ireland are derived from the native Gaelic Mag Fhloinn Sept, taken from a Gaelic word meaning 'ruddy'. Descendants bearing this name can still be mostly found in the ancestral homeland Counties of Westmeath and Clare. The name was also brought to the country by settlers from Wales named 'de Glin'

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