Hail Family Affidavit of Descent

This is an unusual document in that it is notarized and attested to be true by John Pleasant Hail,
( the youngest and only surviving child of John M. and  Charity Heath Hail of Pulaski county, KY.)
 in 1929, 64 years after the death of John M. Hail.
Contributed by William Hale





     John P Hail say that he is a resident of  the State of Kentucky and that he is an heir in law of John M Hail who died intestate on or about the 17th day of June 1865 a resident of  Pulaski county in the State of Kentucky and at the time of his death he was married and left the following surviving persons as his widow and only heirs at law  having an state of  inheritance in his land, to wit:


Names Ages Addresses Relationship Int. Inherited  
Charity Hail 56 Thomsonville, KY (d.1880's) wife Yes 1/10 int
Billy Hail Dead "      " child "  " "
Isaac Hail Dead "      " child "  " "
Permealia Hail    " "      " child "  " "
Elizabeth Hail     " "      " child "  " "
Minerva Hail     "  "     " child " " "
Austin Hail     " "      " child "   " "
James M Hail     " "      " child "   " "
Berry Hail     " "      " child "   " "
John P  Hail 73 Bird, KY child "   " "
John P Hail       "   " "
In testimony whereof   I   hereunto subscribe  my name this 6th   of  August  1929
                                                                                John P. Hail

I, C M  Langder,  county court  clerk,  a Notary Public   in and for the
State and  County above shown here by certify that the foregoing affidavit was
subscribed  and  sworn to in front of me by          John P Hail      this  6th day
of August 1929.

                                        ATT: C M Langder county court clerk
                                                                             Notary Public

State of  Kentucky
Pulaski County
}   SCT

                I, Onie P Hamilton   Clerk of the Pulaski County Court.
do certify that the foregoing Affidavit of Descent was this 27 day of  April 1949 .
 lodged in my office for record, and  I have recorded it, the foregoing and this certificate in  my said office,
 in DB 165 , p. 445.  

                                                                                     Given under my hand, this 27th day of April 1949
                                                                                                    Onie P Hamilton      



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