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This is about all I can find for Henry Sr. & Hannah Gose, their children, and grandchildren. Fairly extensive searches in the SSDI (Social Security Death Index, web) and KY Vital Records (death, web) have yielded no confirmed information beyond that shown below. Most likely, additional information appears in the Pulaski County cemetery volumes and in court documents, to which I currently don't have access. I did omit detailed information (birth/death/etc.) for the eleven children of L.B. & Julia Ann (Warner) Weddle for space considerations.

Comments and corrections are welcome.Jim Garner


Parents of Henry Gose, Sr. and Hannah (Timme) Gose: unknown

Various documents give the birthplaces of Henry and Hannah as Germany, Prussia, and Brunswick (German "Braunschweig"), formerly a duchy, now a part of unified Germany. Portions of the former duchy were incorporated into (then) East Berlin after WW II, but most of the duchy was placed in (then) Lower Saxony. The capitol city of the duchy was also named Brunswick.

No documentation of Henry & Hannah's marriage is known to exist. In Pulaski County records, the name Gose is spelled several ways, including Gose, Goas, Goes, Ghose, and Ghost.

The 1900 Pulaski County census indicates that Henry, Jr. immigrated to the United States in 1859. This is an error by the census taker, since documents appear in Pulaski County for the family during the years prior to 1859, including the 1850 Pulaski County census (Family 843).

My grandmother Jennetta (Weddle) Garner (1891-1987), Henretta's granddaughter, said Henretta told her the family came to the US when Henretta was twelve years old; i.e., c. 1850. (I can't help but wonder if perhaps 1849 were the actual year of immigration and the Gose family arrived in Pulaski County in 1850. Pure speculation, open to argument.)

Henry Gose, Sr. was born 3 October 1809 and died 31 March 1859 (grave marker). His death, recorded in the Pulaski County KY vital statistics (page 2, 1859 deaths), indicates his birth year as 1806-07 (age: 52) and gives his death date as 29 March 1859. His will (PC Will Book 5, pp. 393-394) was written 29 March 1859; witnessed by C.J. Sievers and Solomon Weddle; proven in August term of Pulaski Co. court by oath of C.J. Sievers; and recorded 13 October 1859. In the will, he leaves all property to "my wife" (not named), and, upon her death, the property goes to "my children" (not named). His occupations: farmer & tailor.

Hannah Timme/Timmy/Timmen, was born 10 March 1813 and died 23 November 1897 (grave marker). Documentation of her maiden name comes from at least three sources: the respective death certificates of her children, Henretta Gose Weddle and Henry Gose, Jr., and the smallpox vaccination certificate of daughter Henretta. The latter document is written in German and is dated 6 June 1838. Hannah's maiden name on this document appears to be Timmen.

A rather puzzling anomaly occurs in the Pulaksi County records. A marriage entry (bond and minister's return) (Bk. 6, pp. 236-237) states that Heneretta [sic] Gose, age "about 57 years", born Jermany [sic], her second marriage, on 9 December 1869 married Frederick D. Seivers,

Sr, 67, his second marriage, also born Jermany. In December 1869, Hannah, not her daughter Henretta, would have been nearly 57 years old. Neither Hannah nor Frederick show up on the 1870 Pulaski Co. census or in the 1870 statewide KY census index under any surname(s) resembling Sievers or Gose. In 1880, however, Hannah Gose is living with her son, Henry Gose, Jr., in Pulaski County KY. I've found no records in Pulaski County which indicate the presence of another Gose family or any members of Henry, Senior's family beyond those noted herein.

In the 1850 Pulaski census (family # 219), Franklin [sic] D. Seaven [sic], 50, born Germany, appears with his family; he appears with some of the children in the 1860 Pulaski census (family

# 1313) as Frederic D. Seafers [sic], age 60, born Brunswick.

Five possible members of Hannah's family appear in Pulaski County in the 1850s. Their relationship to Hannah, if any, is unknown. They are:

Christian Timmey (male), 70, born Germany (1850 census, fam. # 960)

Henrietta Timma, 20, born Europe, m. Jno. Davis, 1856

John Timme born 25 August 1854 to Christian & Henrietta (Jerkee) Timme

Christian Timme, 21, single, born Europe, m. Rachel E. Minks, 1859

(Note that, assuming the ages/dates given are correct, the Christian Timme who married Rachel Minks and the Christian Timme, father of John, are two disticnt individuals.)

Both Henry, Sr. and Hannah are buried in the Weddle family cemetery near Faubush, Pulaski County, KY. They had two known children: Henretta Gose and Henry Gose, Jr.

I. Henretta (many variations in spelling) Gose was born 12 March 1838, most likely in the duchy of Brunswick, and died 20 April 1914. Date of birth is documented both by the above mentioned smallpox vaccination certificate and by her death certificate. Information for the latter was

given by Brent Weddle, one of Henretta's grandsons. Her residence at time of death was given as Cains Store, Pulaski Co. KY. She and her husband are buried in the Weddle family cemetery, Faubush.

Henretta married James S. Weddle on 27 June 1855 in Pulaski County KY. (The marriage documents give her name as Henry Etta Ghost.) Henretta and James S. "Jim" Weddle had three known children:

(1) Laton Brent "Late" Weddle 26 November 1856 - 10 August 1936. Occupations: farmer, school teacher, & government still watch. He married first Julia Warner, dau. of Jacob and Jenetta (Weddle) Warner on 2 June 1878, Pulaski Co; he married second Louisa Tarter (nee Taylor), age 76, on 8 November 1931, Pulaski Co. Laton and Julia are buried in the Weddle family cemetery, Faubush. Children of Laton and Julia were (birth order): Edward Elwood, Bannie Lee, Ida Clay, Henry Elmer, Minnie Oswald, Henretta D., Jennetta (my grandmother), John Crit, Lucy Jane, Bazil/Basel Dewey, and Charlie Virl.

(2) John Crittendon Weddle 4 July 1859* or 10 September 1859* - before mid-1860. The Pulaski Co. vital statistic records show that John C. was born alive & that his parents were James S. Weddle and Heneretta Goes. He doesn't appear on the 1860 census. [*There apparently is an error in the online Pulaski Co. KY vital statistic birth records for 1859.]

(3) Henry Lafayette "Fate" Weddle 30 April 1861 - 19 July 1941. He married Sarah M. Cain, dau. of Smith W. and Emily (Nelson) Cain 19 October 1882, Pulaski Co. KY. Henry and Sarah are buried in the Weddle family cemetery, Faubush. Their children were: Brent (a physician, 12 September 1884 - 22 March 1965; married first Lucy Pierce 1 September 1907, Pulaski Co.; married 2nd Rena B. Stephens -- widow?); Lola (November,1886 - ?; married _______ Tarter);

Emma (February 1890 - ?; married C.B. Hall 5 October 1913, Pulaski Co.); Achilles (September 1892; married 1st Margaret Molen 16 February 1908, Pulaski Co. -- groom age 15; married 2nd Sophia Alice Wilson 24 December 1933 -- groom widowed); Roscoe C. (December 1894 - 25 January 1957; married Bertie Tarter, dau. of Russell and Mary [Garner] Tarter, 28 May 1917, Pulaski Co.); and Mollie Lee (October 1897 - 30 September 1984; married Humboldt Tarter 8 March 1919, Pulaski County).

Henry Lafayette's will (written 14 February 1932, recorded PC Will Book 9, pg. 389) names these five children. There also was an unnamed infant, born & died 8 June 1889; buried in the Weddle Cemetery with Henry and Sarah.

II. Henry Gose, Jr. was born 18 June 1842, most likely in the duchy of Brunswick, and died 7 April 1918 in Pulaski County KY (grave marker and death certificate). Information for the death certificate was given by his daughter, Hannah Gose [Delk]. He and both wives are buried in the Weddle family cemetery, Faubush. [Or are they? The markers for both wives are there, but the death certificate of his second wife, Emeline Simpson Russell Gose, says she was buried at the Caintown Cemetery.]

Henry, Jr. married first Minerva Jane Eads (spelled Edes on marriage license) on 8 December 1864 in Pulaski Co. His occupation is given as "farmer and soldier"; at the time, he was serving in Company F, First Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry, Union army. He was enlisted on 27 August 1861 at Camp Dick Robinson (KY) as a private and was honorably discharged on 31 December 1864 at Camp Nelson (KY) as a corporal. In his Civil War pension record (file # 443,345), Henry is described at time of enlistment as six feet, one and a half inches tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, and "light" hair.

His pension record (May, 1898 document) makes no mention of any living children by Minerva Jane; she died 1 January 1875 (pension record). However, census, cemetery, and other records indicate Henry and Minerva Jane had at least four children.

(1) H.E. (female) 24 November 1865 - 8 September 1868; buried Weddle family cemetery.

(2) John Christian born 18 September 1867 - died 4 February 1945. Indicated on 1880 Pulaski census as son of Henry. Marriage record gives father's birthplace as Berlin. Buried Columbia city cemetery, Adair County, KY. Obit mentions one sister, Mrs. Mary Minton, of Caintown, Pulaski Co. John C. married Rosa Ella Ingram (23 March 1873 - 11 January 1929; buried Columbia city cemetery) on 10 July 1895 in Adair County KY. Three children: Bessie Lee (14 April 1896 -

5 August 1944; married Mont J. Williams 30 August 1915 Adair Co. KY); Nellie A. (c. 1903; married William Kelly King 21 May 1922 Adair Co. KY;, and Ollie Jane (24 September 1912, Adair Co., surname Goss in birth record abstracts; married 1st Stonewall Dohoney Jr. 9 November 1935 Adair Co KY; married 2nd Sam Barbee; married 3rd _______Ford. The Social Security Death Index indicates an Ollie Ford born 24 September 1912 - died 11 August 1997 in Campbellsville, Taylor Co. KY. In 1995, Lorine Bernard said Ollie was in a nursing home in neighboring Marion Co. KY. (Info re Ollie's last two marriages per Lorine Bernard.)

John Christian's obituary ("The Adair County News", 7 February 1945, Vol. XLIX No. 15, page one) says he was born in Pulaski County near Somerset; attended the Medical School of the Univ. of Louisville and was graduated in 1892 at age 25; interned for two years, then moved practice to Knifley [Adair Co. KY] where he practiced medicine for 34 years. Moved practice to Columbia [Adair County KY] in 1927; was a member of the Christian Church "from an early age".

(3) Mary C. born January 1871 (1900 Pulaski Co. census) - died ? (after her brother John Christian.) She's indicated on 1880 Pulaski Co. census as a daughter of Henry. She married William Tolbert Minton 1 March 1899 in Pulaski Co. KY. Known child: Eura T. (son, 1900 - 1956; grave marker, Caintown, Pulaski Co., gives name as Ezra T.); possibly other children.

(4) James F. born c. 1872-73 - died ?. Indicated on 1880 Pulaski census as son of Henry. In an interview with Lorine Williams Bernard (gr-dau. of John Christian, above) in July, 1995, she said that "Jim" died in San Francisco "a few years ago". She also stated that no one in the family had heard from him in 35 years until he made contact not long before his death. No other information. Addendum 6/2/00 (from the California on-line death records): James F. Gose, born 03/26/1872 Kentucky, mother's maiden name Eads, died 09/02/1965 Napa Co. CA, residence Cuba, age 93.

After Minerva Jane's death in early 1875, Henry Jr. apparently moved to Illinois, length of time unknown. When he declared for his invalid pension on 17 July 1876, his address was Rantoul Township, Champaign County, Illinois. Curiously though, the only place of residence shown on this specific document is Pulaski Co. KY. By mid-1880 (census record), he and the three children once again lived in Pulaski County.

Henry Gose, Jr. married second Mrs. Emeline Russell (nee Simpson) on 25 October 1885 in Pulaski Co. A Susan E. Simpson, 20, married Robert Russell on 14 February 1869 in Pulaski Co. Name/initial and age fit but no proof it's the same person. However, the death certificate for Emeline Gose (certificate # 30572, year 1913, KY) gives her father as John Simpson. (There's no information given about her mother.) Her birth date & place are given as 29 July 1849 Pulaski County KY and her death date & place as 11 November 1913, Cains Store KY. The informant for the 'personal and statistical particulars' of the death certificate was 'H. Gose'. Henry and Emaline had four known children (birth dates from pension record of Henry, Jr.).

(5) Dalton born 31 July 1886 - died ?. (Name in pension record, above, appears as O.H. or D.H.). No other information.

(6) Hannah F. born 3 February 1888 - died 21 May 1985, buried Jennys Chapel Methodist Church cemetery, near Windsor, Casey County, KY. Married Cornelius P. "Neal" Delk 15 June 1916 in Pulaski County KY. Known children, all born Casey County, KY: Jean R. (born 12 March 1917); Henry L. (born 22 Oct. 1918); Mary M. (born 27 February 1920; Ezra (born 3 Dec. 1921); Willie M (born 24 April 1924); Helen E. (born 27 March 1926); & Cornelius P. (born 24 April 1928). According to Lorine Bernard, some of Hannah's kinfolk who lived in Indianapolis died in an accident near Campbellsville (Taylor Co.) KY; date unknown to her. My parents also recalled the incident. The KY death certificate abstracts indicate that Lois A. Delk, age 41, and Kimberly D. Delk, age 18, residents of Indiana, both died in Taylor County KY on 3 July 1985. They are buried in the Wolford (aka Liberty) cemetery, Hwy 92, west of Hwy 379, Russell County KY. [See addendum dated 12/30/99.]

(7) Henry O./D. born 21 December 1890 - died ?. (Name in pension record, above, appears as H.O. or H.D.) No other information.

(8) William Silas born 4 July 1894 - died 30 August 1960. Lived in Florida, per Lorine Bernard. Served in WW I; buried in National Cemetery at Nancy, Pulaski Co., KY, Section G, marker

# 108-A. Grave marker inscription reads "PFC CAC / World War I". No other information.

Abstract of obituary for Bessie Lee Gose Williams (dau. of John C. Gose & Rosa Ingram)

Bessie Lee Gose Williams born 14 April 1896 Knifley [Adair Co. KY] and died 5 August 1944. Married Mont J. Williams 5 Sept. 1915; two children: Lorine Williams Bernard & J.C. Williams. Survivors: husband; children; one grandchild, Donald William Bernard [25 Jun 1934 - 20 Mar 2001]; father Dr. J.C. Gose; sisters Nellie King of Louisville KY & Ollie Gose of Columbia [KY].

-- Russell County News, Jamestown KY, 10 August 1944, page 1

Addendum (12/30/99): Abstract of obituary of Henry Delk (son of Cornealus & Hannah Gose Delk) from The Times-Journal, Russell Springs KY, Thursday, December 23, 1999, Section A, page 5.

Henry L. Delk, 81, died Friday, Dec. 17, 1999. Preceded in death by his wife, Lois Ann Blair, and one daughter, Kimberly Dawn Delk. Survivors: two sons, David Delk and his fiance Carol Meece of Russell Springs, and Michael Delk and his wife Jean of Merritt Island, Fla; one brother, Junior Delk of Windsor; two sisters, Betty Helen San-C-Neeto of Parkersburg, W. Va. and Maxine Delk of Anderson, Ind; and four grandchildren. Funeral services were held at 1 p.m. Monday, Dec 20 in the chapel of Rippetoe Funeral Home. Interment and military rites were in Wolford Cemetery. [Gravemarker gives his name as Henry Levi Delk..]

Addendum (7/8/2000): Abstract of obituary of J.C. Williams from The Russell Register, Jamestown KY, Thursday, 22 June 2000 on-line edition.

J.C. Williams, 76, died Thursday, June 15, 2000, at UK Medical Center in Lexington. Born in Casey County August 1, 1923 to the late Mont J. and Bessie Gose Williams. Preceded in death by one son, Jerold Craig Williams and one sister, Lorene Bernard. Survived by his wife, Mary Frances Wilson Williams of Russell Springs; one son, Robert L. Williams and his wife Susan of Russell Springs; one daughter, Melinda Conover and her husband Brad of Somerset; one granddaughter; three grandsons; one great-grandson and one step grandchild. Funeral services held Sunday, June 18, 2000 at 1:30 p.m. at Bernard Funeral Home Chapel with Brother Carroll Egnew officiating. Burial in Columbia City Cemetery. Bernard Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

1900 Pulaski Co. Census, Hickorynut Vtr. Pct., ED 107, Sh. 8, Line 82, 3 July 1900

surname given brt mo./yr. age misc.

Ghose, Henry head June 1842 57 immigration year given is 1859

Emaline wife July 1850 49 m. 15 yr; 4 children, all living

Dalton son July 1886 13

Hannah dau. Feb. 1888 12

Henry son Dec. 1890 9

Willie son July 1896 5 [or 3?]



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