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John Tinne Brock was the son of Meshack Brock, Sr., and Martha Tinny Brock of Halifax County, Virginia, and its environs. Fortunately for us, his obituary was passed down through the family to the present generation, and provides much information:

Died, at his residence, near the Kentucky River, in Clark county, on the 29th day of April, 1870, John Tinne Brock, in the 95th year of his age.

The subject of the above notice was born in Campbell county, Va., on the 8th day of April 1776, three months before the Declaration of Independence. He was married on the 2d day of December 1798, to the widow Francis Shackleford,daughter of Rev. William Wright of Virginia. She died Aug. 13, 1863, 90 years 10 months and 2 days old, after having been married to the subject of this notice 64 years. Both husband and wife joined the Methodist E. Church at an early day in Virginia, and lived pious Christian lives until their death. He died in full fellowship with the M.E. Church South. John Tinne Brock was a devoted member of the church, always glad to talk on the subject of religion, and ever ready to go where his Savior called. He was a kind parent, a good neighbor and a true friend. From he foundation of the Government to the day of his death he adhered zealously and steadfastly to Democratic principles. He enjoyed good health and never took a dose of medicine from a doctor during his whole life. He raised seven children, of whom five are still living. The oldest surviving child is 71 years of age and the youngest 55.

He lived to see his grandson Simpson W. Brock have grand children, making the fifth generation from himself. His grand parents emigrated from Ireland to Virginia, and he himself moved from Virginia to Clark County, Ky., in 1802. To show the independence of his character, he, Dr. George Roberts, and Solomon Dumford were the only Jackson Democrats in their neighborhood. The last two survive him and still hold to the ancient faith.

The characteristics of John Brock were prominent and imposing. Sterling integrity, fixed adherence to principle, an individual independence made him a man of mark. His friendships were of slow and cautious growth, but when formed were as fixed in evil as well as good report as the adamantine qualities of his nature. He was all and in all a man in the highest sense of that regard. Peace to his honored ashes.

According to the above obituary, John Tinne Brock was born on April 8, 1776, in Campbell County, Virginia. This is consistent with what was reported in the 1850 Clark County Census. Also, John was actually born in Bedford County, a part which became Campbell County in 1781-1782.

On December 24, 1798, John T. Brock and Frances “Franky” Shackleford, “widow,” were married in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. The marriage bond indicates that Rev. William Wright officiated, and Henry T. Wright signed the surety bond. Frances signed her own consent, since she was of age. This was the second marriage for Frances, for on December 9, 1795, the Pittsylvania court records show that Frances Wright and Abner Shackleford married. John Bennett signed the surety bond. This information is fairly consistent with what is included in John Brock’s obituary. According to the family records of William Shackleford of Columbus, Ohio, Abner Shackleford was a Methodist minister. Frances had one child by him, Abner Shackleford, Jr.

Frances Wright was the daughter of Rev. WilliamWright, a Revolutionary War veteran, who settled in Clark County, Kentucky, in 1805. His pension application indicates that he lived in Culpeper County, Virginia, between 1776 and 1793. Then he moved to Pittsylvania County, where Frances married Abner Shackleford and later John Brock. The family records say that William Wright’s wife was a “Theracle,” which is a close approximation to the family name “Threlkeld.” The Clark County records give her name as Susanna, and indicate that one their sons was named Henry Threlkeld Wright. The D.A.R. Patriots Index says that she was Susanna Isabel Threlkeld. Probably this information came from a biographical sketch in Pioneer Families of Missouri, (page 300) by William S. Bryan which said that “William (Wright) married Isabella Thrailkill of Virginia, and settled in Clark county, Ky.” In short, Susanna was the daughter of Henry and Mary Henson Threlkeld of Culpeper County, Virginia. William Wright died in Clark County on November 21, 1836, and his will was proved on January 23, 1837. Of some sixteen children, the will only mentioned Frances Brock, Nancy Cockeral, Lucy Spry, Keziah Owen and Asa S. Wright. (Will Book 9, page 69) For more on the Wrights, see this author’s treatise on the family.

On December 16, 1799, John Brock and Philip Cox were executors for the will of George Thomas of Pittsylvania County. The obituary of John indicates that he came to Clark County, Kentucky, in 1802, but this is probably when he came to Pulaski County from Virginia. The son, William Brock, was born in Virginia in February 1802, and John T. Brock, Jr., was born in Pulaski County in 1804. John Sr. is first listed in the tax records of Pulaski County in 1807, on 100 acres, and continues there through 1815. In 1813 John and Frances bought 200 acres from Isaac Muse for $400. Then, in 1821, they sold their land in Pulaski County to Reuben Gossett, a brother-in-law, and to Meshack Brock, a brother.

Clark County, Kentucky, must have held an attraction for John and Frances Brock for some time before their move there. Frances’ grandfather, Joseph Wright, had received a land patent from the Commonwealth of Virginia for 562 1/2 acres on Four Mile Creek in 1783. Frances was named for her grandmother, Frances Wright. As seen above, her parents, William and Susanna Threlkeld Wright, had moved to Clark County in 1805. Visits to Clark County must have been fairly common. When Joseph Wright died in 1804, an estate sale was held on October 15, and one of the purchasers of items was John Brock. (Will Book 2, page 21) When another sale was held on September 26, 1806, again John Brock bought some items. (Will Book 2, page 219) The move to Clark County probably took place about 1816, when John first appears on the tax list there. On January 24,1817, John T. Brock bought 61 acres off the 1000 acre estate of Aaron Lewis at the intersection of the Red River and the Kentucky River. (Deed Book 12, page 536) Through the succeeding years other land was purchased. On August 4, 1821, John T. Brock bought 90 acres on Bull Run from his brother-in-law William Wright, Jr., and his wife, Nancy. The price was $500. (Deed Book 12, page 44) On January 20, 1829, John T. Brock bought 20 acres on the Kentucky River from William Stone and his wife Nancy. This land adjoined the 90 acres mentioned above. (Deed Book 23, page 503) On July 26, 1830, John Brock, Sr., bought 50 acres near a branch of the Kentucky River from Richard Oliver for $100. (Deed Book 24, page 222) Then, on March 25, 1833, John Brock, Sr., and Franky, his wife, bought 25 acres adjoining John Brock, Jr., from Charles Goldman. (Deed Book 26, page 139)

John T. Brock. Sr., was listed in the Clark County Tax List for many years, beginning in 1819. A typical notation was, “Brock, John, 90 acres Bull Run; 61 acres Ky. River; 1 white male over 21, 3 horses.”

The 1820 Clark County Census, page 73, provides the following information on John Brock’s household:

1 male 0-10   1 female 0-10
  1 “ 10-16   1 “   10-16
  1 “ 16-18   1 “   16-26
  1 “ 19-26  
  1 “ 26-45   1 “   26-45
  1 “ 45 or older 1 “   45 or older

The 1830 census, page 83, gives this information:

1 male 50-60   1 female 50-60
  1 “ 15-20   1 “   20-30
  1 “ 5-10   2 “   15-20

The 1840 census, page 268, adds this:

1 male 60-70   1 female 60-70
        1 “   15-20

The 1850 census is the first to use family names. Page 507 provides this data:

John Brock, Sr. 74 Male Farmer Va.
  Frances “ 76 Female   Va.
  Rebecca “ 25 “   Ky

The 1860 census, page 503, is the final listing:

John D. Brock 84 Male Farmer Va.
  Frances “ 86 Female   Va.
  Robert “ 38 Male   Ky.

The identity of Robert is not known at this time. We suspect he was a nephew.

In 1939, Harvey Henry Brock wrote Genealogies of our Boggs, Cornelius, Ellison and Brock Kin. Born in 1870, the year John T. Brock, Sr., died, he had important family memories to draw on. This is his description:

My great-grandfather, John T. Brock, was a large, muscular man as described by my mother, who admired him very much; and she often said he was a man of splendid sense. Evidently he could not be moved easily, for when every voter in his Goode precinct voted the “Know Nothing” ticket about 1852, he was the only Democrat who kept voting the straight Democratic ticket. We had for years at home hanging on the wall a certificate given him by the members of the old Methodist Dunaways Church for his fifty years of splendid membership and cooperation in church work. He was very fond of my father (John William Brock) who was named for him. I have a two volume set, calf bound, of Wesley’s Sermons given to my father by him when Pa started preaching.

The Dunaway Methodist Church was near to where they lived. It was built of logs in 1837, and John T. Brock was a founding member and board member. Several members of the family are recorded as members of the church.

On June 21, 1861, John T. Brock and his wife, Frances, signed an agreement to turn over 115 acres on Bull Run Creek to Martin Brock. Martin Brock, the youngest son, later became the administrator of the estate of John Brock, Sr. Here was the agreement:

  The said Martin Brock is now to have possession of said tract of land and the improvements thereon situated. And the consideration for which said John Brock and wife have and hereby sell and convey said tract of land to said Martin Brock is this - the said Martin Brock is to furnish to me said John Brock & my wife Francis Brock - all the necessaries of life for the maintenance comfort and support of ourselves during our natural lives clothes excepted, and we are to have a home upon said tract of land so long as we or either of us live, and at our death the said Martin Brock is to pay our son John Brock the sum of two hundred dollars twelve months after our death as an additional consideration of said tract of land. The said Martin Brock has taken care of us and cared for us during our infirm old age and is still doing so...         John T. x Brock
                Frances x Brock

The deed for the above transaction, Deed Book 40, page 114, notes that this property adjoins John Conkwright’s inn and line, John Brock, Jrs.’ line, and Simpson William Brock’s line.

Frances Wright Shackleford Brock died on August 13, 1863, according to the obituary of John. She was ninety years old, and had been married to John for sixty four years. John died on April 29, 1870, in his ninety-fifth year. Thus far their graves have not been found. Quite likely they were buried in the Brock cemetery off Red River Road, with field stones to mark the site.

The following is a copy of the estate settlement, as found in the court house records, Will Book 20, page 437:

  I, W.M. Beckner, presiding judge of Clark Co., Court do hereby state and settle the account of Martin Brock, Administrator of John T. Brock, dec’d, as follows:

        Martin Brock, Adm. & Dr. to said decendent’s estate

  To am’t of sale bill of said decendent         $ 78.70
  “ this sum being am’t rec’d on note of John Brock Jr.   330.80
  “ this sum being due on note of S.W. Brock       396.41
  “ “ “ being am’t of Martin Brock note       42.00
  To this sum cash on hand          

         “ “ “ being am’t of note on Martin Brock with interest for

    23 years and 8 months         36.18
                Total debts $923.19


  By voucher--#1. F.S. Allen           20.42
  “ “ --#2. J.T. Tucker           10.00
  “ “ --#3. W.E. Curry           8.25
  “ “ --#4. Rodney Haggard         6.00
  Allowance to administrator           40.00
  Judges fee for making the settlement         3.00

        Am’t of debits brought forward---$923.19

  “ “ credits   87.75
  By Clerk’s fee for recording this settlement       2.75

        Martin Brock now resigns as Administrator because he is about to move to Texas.
        He files receipt of S.W. Brock who succeeds him as Administrator for-- $833.17

    Given under my hand and seal this Sept. 28th, 1871
                W.M. Beckner, P.J. C.C.C.

Will Book 21, page 104, contains this entry for the September Term of the Clark County Court:

  Brock, John T. I, Wm. Beckner, presiding Judge of the Clark Co. Court
  Adm. Sett. do state & settle the accounts of S.W. Brock Administrator

        De bonis nom. de bonis non John T. Brock, dec’d as follows to wit:
         Sept. 28 S.W. Brock, Adm. To said decedents estate

        To this sum rec’d of Martin Brock, Adm. of John T. Brock
        $113.70 by voucher credit to Susan Stone

  113.70 “ “ “ “ Cynthia Conner

         113.70 “ “ “ “ Elizabeth Hall

  114.23 “ “ “ “ Martin Brock
  56.85 “ “ “ “ Josephine Rainwater
  56.85 “ “ “ “ Frances C. Owens
  56.85 “ “ “ “ Emily P. Norris
  56.85 “ “ “ “ S.W. Brock
  3.35 “ “ “ “ Jno. Catherwood, fee-bill

         114.28 This sum paid to Martin Brock being interest of Jno. Brock
         5.00 Allowance to Administrator
         6.00 Judges’ fees (2 days for this settlement)
         2.00 Clerk’s fees for recording same

    Am’t over paid by Adm.

        Given under my hand this August 6, 1872

              W.M. Beckner, P.J. C.C.C.

The obituary of John T. Brock, Sr., indicates that he raised seven children. This did not include Abner, a step-son. Here are the children so far as we can tell:

A. Abner Terry Shackleford, Jr., was born on October 29, 1796, in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He married Nancy Gossett in Pulaski County on March 15, 1818; and according to William Shackleford, a descendant, Abner later married twice more. He died in Breathitt County in 1857.

B. Elizabeth W. Brock was born in 1800 according to the 1850 census. This was probably in Virginia even though the census says “Ky.” On November 11, 1826, she married Martin Hall in Clark County. Her father, John Brock, gave consent, and Thomas Baber signed the surety. She was listed in the estate settlement of John Brock. The 1850 Estill County Census, page 241, gives this data on her family:

  Hall, Martin   51 Ky.
  Elizabeth 50
  John P.   22
  Evaline   21
  Thomas F. 20
  Martin   17
  Frances 15
  William 14
  James   11

C. James William Brock was born in Virginia on February 27, 1802. On October 6, 1825, William married Jane Brooks in Madison County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Jonathan and Margaret “Peggy” Raeburn Brooks, and born on December 7, 1799. They had three children: Silas Jonathan, Simpson William and Emily. William died on August 9, 1843; and Jane died a month later, on September 3, 1843, both in Clark County.

D. John Tinne Brock, Jr., or “Jack,” was born on November 8, 1804, in Pulaski County. On December 27, 1824, he married Polly Goldman in Clark County. She was the daughter of Charles and Sarah “Sally” Oliver Goldman, and born on October 27, 1807. Their children were James S.M., Henry Nelson, John William, Mary Jane, Julia Ann, Charles Washington, Allen H., Elizabeth Frances, Thompson C., and Asa H. Brock. Polly Goldman Brock died on August 3, 1882, and John T. Brock, Jr. died on March 15, 1889. Both are buried in the Brock Cemetery off Red River Road.

E. Susannah “Susan” Brock was born in 1810 according to the 1850 census. She married James Stone on October 5, 1832, in Clark County. John Brock posted the surety bond. Susan was mentioned in the estate settlement of her father years later. The 1850 Estill County Census give this data, page 340:

  Stone, James   53 Ky.
  Susan   40
  Synthia   15
  James   13
  John   12

F. Cynthia Brock, mentioned in the estate settlement of John, was born in 1812, according to the 1850 census. She married James Conner in Clark County on December 14, 1837. John Brock signed consent for his daughter. Witness were J. Nelson and John Brock, Jr.; and the surety was posted by J. Stone. The 1850 Estill County Census lists them as follows:

  Conner, James 50 Ky.
  Synthia 38
  James 19
  Polly Jane 17
  George 9
  Susan 7
  John   6
  Sarah 5
  William T. 4
  Cassius 10/12

G. Nancy Jane Brock was born on October 12, 1813, according to Oliver family records. She is listed twice in the marriage records. On November 26, 1835, Nancy Brock, daughter of John Brock who gave consent, got a license to marry John K. Powers. Martin Brock posted the surety. Apparently this marriage was cancelled or annulled, for John K. Powers is listed in the 1850 Estill County Census as being married to “Emily,” 30. On August 31, 1836, Nancy Jane Brock married Benjamin A. Oliver, son of Isaac Oliver, Sr. John Brock provided the surety, and John Brock, Jr., gave assurance of her age. Benjamin had first married Elizabeth Goldman on November 29, 1930; and they had two children. Elizabeth apparently died. Benjamin and his second wife, Nancy Jane, settled in Callaway County, Missouri, and had 10 more children. Nancy died on October 17, 1859, prior to her parents’ deaths. Benjamin died on November 5, 1880.

H. Martin Brock, heir to John, was born in 1815 in Pulaski County. He married (1) Charlotte Oliver on March 22, 1837, in Madison County. She was the daughter of Isaac and Polly Brooks Oliver. Their children were Francis, Mary Elizabeth, William I., John M. and Silas M. Brock. After Charlotte’s death, Martin married (2) Rebecca Scudder Parks on August 3, 1857, in Madison County. She was the daughter of William Scudder, and the widow of Rufus Parks. Their children were Anne E., Martin Richard, Lucy E., and Davis or David C. Brock. About 1872 Martin and Rebecca and family moved to Collin County, Texas.

          * * *

For more information on the Brock family, see my published work, John Tinne Brock of Clark County, Kentucky, Ancestors and Descendants. This is to thank Hellen H. Harvey, Geneva Riggs, Joanne M. Oliver, William Shackleford and Tim Pelfrey for providing information on the John T. Brock family. Compiled by James G. Faulconer, 5200 Oakbrooke Drive, Kettering, OH 45440. (

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