Pulaski County Fact Book II

The original volume of Local Historical Research Book II was a result of a class in local history conducted by Woodrow Allen at Somerset Community College.  The members of the class recorded portions of local history in an effort to document and preserve the history of this area.

The class included:  Verna H. Allen, Jerry T. Booher, Maye Parmley Carter, Margaret Lynn Claunch, Elizabeth Cooper, Sophia Elizabeth Evins, Jennie Hail, Maxine Trimble Hollis, Jane K. Jones, Mocella Kennedy, William Jasper Moore, Hazel Ledford, Margaret Curry Patton, Allene Shearer Ramsey, Lois G. Reid, May Thurman Roberts, Viola Lee Roy, Gloria Spitzke, and Mary Stigall.

This reprint includes some revision  and an added index.  The work was undertaken as an exercise by the beginning printing class at Somerset Area Vocational-Technical School.

Involved in this effort from the Vocational-Technical School were:

Instructor: Stephen Phillippi
Camera Work: Mildred Wiggington
Printing: Edwin Sears and Ernest Gibson
Collating: Mary Weddle Kaurish and Mabel Pitts

Also assisting were the following members of the Pulaski County Historical Society:  Sally Cain, Gladys Dutton, and Hazel Holladay.

Somerset Community College personnel involved in the reprinting were:

Layout:  Ronnie Jamison
Composing:  Pauline Schlappi
Original Photography:  Edgar Spitzki and Lynn Shadoan
Original Printing:  John Fritts

Chapter One
Introduction to Pulaski County history and the first officials and families

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