COMPTON, Ruby J. male, white, single
Certificate #26??
Date & place of birth: August 20, 1902 Burnetta, Kentucky
Date & place of death: January 24, 1933 Harrison, Pulaski County, Kentucky
Age: 30 years, 5 months, 4 days
Occupation: Street car conductor
Father's name: S. M. Compton (Silas M.)
Birthplace of father:  Fairbush, Kentucky
Mother's maiden name: Rosa Warner Compton
Birthplace of Mother:  Burnetta, Kentucky
Informant: M. E. Compton
Address:  Nancy, Kentucky
Cause of death: Diabetis insi_riders (?)
Attending physician: Leonidas Hughes, MD, Fairbush, Kentucky
Date & place of burial: January 26, 1933, White Oak Cemetery
Undertaker: Somerset Undertaking, Somerset Kentucky
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