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"Church of Christ called Freedom"
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Constitution 45 members Kentucky, Pulaski County

We a Church of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ called Freedom met at Isaac Surbers on the 14 day of March AD 1841 and after prayer to the great Head of the Church we gave ourselves to each other in Christian fellowship in order to keep The Gospel Ordinances delivered  once to the Saints

Enos Bishop (u)
Isaac Surber  (u)  EldersWilliam BryantDeacons
William Black/James L. Dye (u)

(u) Adam Surber, Clerk  *
(u) Abner Bryant  *
?   John S. McClure
?   Henry Bryant *
James Higgins
Jacob Surber

NOTE: Those people with stars by their names are direct ancestors.  Since there were no dates, there could have been more.  I am related to the Higgins family too.  I have no clue as to what the (u) meant by some names.

Would love more history about this church, and why they began it.  Had family living on old Tank Pond road in late 1800's. Went down there but thought we might be shot by someone as it looked like we were going onto someone's property, so we turned around and left. My family are the Baughs, Bryants, Surbers, Cline/Klines, Youngs and Aldridges. Marlene

If anyone has more information or pictures of this church they would like to share, please [an error occurred while processing this directive] or Marlene. Was this an off shoot of another church or a "break away" from another church?

Amos Bishop
Elizabeth Gaston
Jane Bishop
Ruth Lewis
Isaac Surber, Jr
Orpha Surber (Bishop)
Naoma Surber
Matilda Surber
Sidney S. Mayfield
Elizabeth Bryant
Eliza Young
James L. Dye
Wm. D. Black
Cintha Black
Mahala Cloyd
Mary Mayfield (dec.12/16/1848)
Mary Lewis
America Lewis
John Higgins
James Higgins
Jacob Baugh
Sarah Bryant
Manerva Higgins
Wm. Bryant
Henry Bryant *
Abner Bryant *
Mason French
Louisa Bryant
Christinah Higgins
Martha Higgins
America French
John French
Sarah Bryant  (dec 12/12/1850)
John Kelly
John H.? McClure
Hannah Higgins
Joseph Bryant
Margaret Bryant
Rachel Dye
David McClure (dis-letter 1845)
Lavina McClure
Amanda Lewis
Adam Surber
Levisa Surber (McClure d 11/1/1846)

Note:  Items in parentheses were added by someone later : Including this Church of Christ, Freedom  met at Isaac Surbers 14 Day March 1841

From: Mrs. Taylor Files, Pulaski Co., Historical Society
Copied Feb. 1985

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