1930 Census Foreign Born

Contributed by Ron Holt

Surname Given Country legend: * Indicates my best guess

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Jarmer Emil Austria

Jarmer Johanna Austria

Super John Austria

Super Dewey Austria

Cameron Arthur Canada

Samoggi Emma Czech

Yahnig Jenny England

Roseberry Elma S. England

Stanfeld W.J. England

Stanfeld Mary England

Rowbottom George England

Moore Jane England

Haire William England

Fred Burns * England

Annie Eldridge England

Sayers Caroline France

Yahnig Paul O Germany

Lowenthal Lewis B Germany

Golden Berg. Abe. Germany

Lerner * Hatty Germany

Petersen Rosina Germany

Glonere * Chester Germany

Harrison Bertha Germany

Synder A.C. Germany

Mayer Lanstein * Germany

Krueger Frank F. Germany

Schneider Charles Germany

Shoopman Rosie L. Germany

Link William Germany

Barklage John Germany

Weber Henry Germany

Placke Henry Germany

Placke Frida Germany

Samoggi Louis Hungry

Connelly Barbara Ireland

Buchannan E.P. Ireland

Balwin * John Italy

Benelli Ambrogin * Italy

Benelli Abel Italy

Benelli G.B. Italy

Goldenberg Sam Russian Hebrew

Tohill John S. Ireland

Beattie Charlie Scotland

Gregory Elizabeth Scotland

Glasgow Andy Scotland

Birt Sarrah Scotland

Ruden John Swedish

Mieir Jake Switzerland

Starkey John Switzerland

Link Constance Switzerland

Bartley Tomas Wales

Davis David Wales


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