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James P. White Headstone
Pulaski County, KY
Location: on Hall Ridge Road, on a small embankment on the right side of the road,
if going from Beech Grove Church, located right in front of James Godsey home.

Contributed by Sandy M.o.o.r.e C.o.l.b.e.r.t,, Aug 2000

The headstone reads as follows:

Father               Mother

James P. White   &  Sarah Herrington

James P. White         Was Married

Nov. 17, 1824         Mar. 24, 1858

July  3, 1900         Dec.  2, 1911

Sandy reports a rumor of 2 headstones from this cemetery, housed in someone's garage for the last 40 years.
Although she has tried to locate this fellow, Sandy has had no success. Here is the information she has:

2 young Hall children, a boy & a girl, that died at approximate ages of 7 & 12 years old.

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