Randall Chapel Cemetery

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Photos courtesy of Denise M.o.o.r.e & her husband, Stan
..."who made a very special stop for me during their trip to Pulaski County" Valerie's comments
Read what Denise wrote about their visit to this cemetery!

Headstone Sources:
dm - photos from Stan & Denise M.o.o.r.e, 1998
pchs - Pulaski Co Historical Society Cemetery Book Vol 1:376-377 (survey c1976)

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Last Name First Name Birth Death Information src
Bray Glen 09 Feb 1925 14 Jul 1949   pchs
Gire Golda Phelps 07 Apr 1892 02 Sep 1950 [dau of John & Nancy Phelps, below]
stone is in background
of several other photos
Hail Robert L. &
Amanda E.
20 Sep 1886
13 Aug 1891
11 Oct 1982
05 Aug 1972
photo, see Millard Parkey stone dm
Stephen born & died 24 Jun 1952   pchs
Hargis Janetta 05 Mar 1943 07 Mar 1943   pchs
Parkey George 06 Mar 1884 02 Oct 1887   pchs
James H. 24 Dec 1842 01 May 1929 Co Ky 3rd Reg. Infantry Volunteers pchs
Johnie 07 Apr 1879 08 Mar 1881   pchs
J.P. 1878 1920   pchs
Matilda Nov 1852 27 Sep 1911 w/o J.H. pchs
Millard H. &
Lillie Mae
07 Jan 1902
27 Jun 1907
24 Jan 1986
photo dm
Phelps John K. 10 Feb 1874 06 Aug 1956   pchs
John M. &
Nancy Randall
07 Sep 1841
15 May 1845
18 May 1914
23 Aug 1936
his photo
her photo
Josephine 30 Mar 1880 21 May 1949   pchs
Kenneth Lee 02 Dec 1913 10 May 1953   pchs
Laury Fountain 15 Nov 1877 24 May 1953   pchs
Lizzie M. 16 Aug 1882 05 Jan 1901   pchs
Mary Paralee 08 Sep 1877 22 Nov 1950   pchs
F.K. 11 Apr 1843 05 Mar 1926   pchs
Rachel 02 Jan 1824 25 Jan 1891   pchs
Sarah A. 08 May 1847 25 Feb 1921   pchs
W.L. 28 Jan 1826 21 Jul 1908   pchs
Poynter Isabell 03 Mar 1889 16 Aug 1891   pchs
Randall Robert &
Eleanor S.
08 Apr 1816
07 Dec 1817
30 May 1898
25 Sep 1902
his photo
her photo
Rash Thomas L. 27 Jan 1884 03 May 1913   pchs
Sears Earl 20 May 1907 14 Aug 1907   pchs
Elbert E. 28 Dec 1880 22 Oct 1881   pchs
James A. &
Lona B.
13 Jun 1894
24 Sep 1895?
24 Feb 1980
15 Oct 1981
photo, see Millard Parkey Stone dm
John W. 17 Jun 1855 22 Oct 1916   pchs
Martha A. 04 Feb 1855 16 Jan 1890   pchs
Peter W. Sep 1814 Sep 1875 "Dedicated member of the
Methodist Church"
Polly 06 Aug 1817 09 Feb 1905   pchs
Saby 29 Sep 1860 08 Jan 1925   pchs
Snell Lizzie M. Phelps 16 Aug 1882 05 Jan 1901   pchs

Denise wrote:

..."Valerie, the farm is about 5 or 6 miles south of the main highway (on State Route 1003) about 6 miles east of Somerset. The road is a gorgeous, narrow country lane winding and rolling through the hilly countryside. It was a dirt lane until fairly recently, perhaps the last 4 years or so. Coming around a sharp right hand bend up up a steep hill from a major creek (name unknown ... our "guiding angel" [loose translation] said "Buck" creek), the Randall Chapel is on the right. It is a white frame building, about 30' x 40' with a steeple. My guess is that this is/was the family chapel where a minister would come for services for the family and other local residents. About a half a mile past the Chapel around a sharp left hand bend is the cemetery. The location is on a small hillock surrounded by rolling land. Perhaps 150 yards from the road, there is a large oak tree, surrounded by a fading metal fence and some 20 to 30 stones. It is the classic family cemetary, on the family farm, cared for and remembered by family.

We parked the bike at the gate, and walked across the pasture to open the second gate to the cemetary. Within seconds we found the stones that mean so much to you. All four, Randels and Phelps, and they're side by side. Nancy and Eleanore are beside each other, one facing East and the other West. The husbands flank the women.

One of the markers was Millard Parkey's, deceased relatively recently, so the Parkey name is prominent, and tied now to the Randall Chapel and Phelps names. His wife hasn't joined him just yet. We took a picture of that stone for you too and of the views around the cemetery.

It was very exciting and we really had fun finding your people for you. The day was warm and heavy gray with a low cloud cover that threatened rain. But as we boarded the bike and began to ride back to the main highway, the clouds broke for a moment and sun shone on that little valley in the hills and it was so pretty." --Denise M.o.o.r.e, 26 Sep 1998


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