Garrison Cemetery

Location: Hwy 192 past Mt. Victory

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"I am searching for Photo's of my Great Grandparents Robert L Bolton & Durlie Garrison Bolton also anything on ther children and also any information on Tandy James Bolton & Amanda Poynter Bolton Morgan and her 2nd husband Garrett Morgan."
Tomi is the great granddaughter of Durlie Garrison and Robert Bolton. Please contact her though the above site

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Surname Given and/or maiden birth and death To view Photo-click on Photo below Notes & Credits
Bolton Durlie Garrison July 31, 1890 Leslie,County, Ky Died-August 10, 1984 in Pulaski Co.Ky- age 94 Years


see "Sunday Tragedy" article -She was the Daughter of John Ballinger Garrison and Eliza Ann Browning Garrison.
Bolton Earl b. Sept 15 1915 d. Aug 12 1981 Photo Son of Robert L. and Durlie Bolton
Bolton Baby Gerald Bolton b. Sept 3, 1927 d. Dec 24 1929 Photo Son of Robert L. and Durlie Bolton
Bolton Jerry Wayne b & d. Aug 2 1956 Photo  
Bolton Baby Kermit Blane  


Baby Kermit Possible Son Of Kermit Lonnie and Lula Sears Bolton
Bolton Kermit Lonnie b. Nov 6 1912-d. Mar 13 1992 Photo son of Robert L. and Durlie Bolton
Bolton Lula Sears b. Jan 20 1910, d. Jan 12 199__ double stone with Kermit Lonnie wife of Kermit Lonnie
Bolton 3 children all three died June 1 1924 see "Sunday Tragedy"
children of Robert L. and Durlie Garrison Bolton.
Bolton Pansie b. Feb 12 1923 d. Mar 24 1995 Photo Wife of Clemont Oakley Bolton, Daughter-in-law of Robert L. and Durlie Garrison Bolton.
Bolton Treva   footstone  
Calhoun Christian Ashe b.May 20 2000, d. Aug 8 2000 Photo "Christian,
Mommy and Daddy love you".
Calico Wesley Wayne b.Jan 15 1936 d. Nov 4 1983 Photo  
Driver Treva Jean b. 1938 d. 1958 Photo  
Farmer Malcolm b.July 28 1908 d. Feb 22 1909 Photo  
Flanigan Althene B. b Feb 29 1921, d. Nov 2_, 1994 Photo Althlene B. Flanigan One of the Twin Daughters of Robert L. and Durlie Bolton ( She did not Die at Birth ) IF ANY ONE HAS INFO ON HER TWIN SISTER LET ME KNOW. Tomi
Garrison Irma b.Mar 14 1922-d. Aug 16 1937 Photo  
Garrison Letha b. Oct 19 1917 d. Aug 7 1918 Photo  
Garrison John Bollinger b. Dec 27 1853-d.Aug 2 1942- husband of Eliza Ann Browning

double stone with Eliza Ann,

Bolton Family Site Tomi
Garrison Eliza Ann Browning b.Oct 24 1854 d.Feb 21 1929 wife of John Bollinger Garrison from the Bolton Family Site Tomi They Had 17 Children.
Garrison Granville b. Mar 11 1843 d.July 20 1931

shared stone with Nancy

Garrison Nancy b. Mar 31 1878 d. July 25 1951 shared with Granville  
Garrison Mary Maude Wells b. Ded 23 1903 d. Aug 17 1970 Photo shared stone with Wm. O'Conal below  
Garrison William O'Conal Bradley b. Nov 7 1895 d. Jan 14 1965 Photo shared stone with Mary Maude  
Garrison William O. B. d.___14 1965 military stone Photo WW One soldier-Cpl Co. C. 3, Army Comp Regt appears to be the same as shared stone by death date
Garrison Delores b.July 2 1935 d. July 18 1995 Photo  
Garrison James A. b.June 8 1875 d. Oct 5 1925 Photo  
Garrison John H. b. Jan 3 1907 d. April 13 1908 Photo  
Goodin Clement  


can't read dates,
Morgan Rufus b.Feb 6 1926-d. Dec 18 1987 Photo  
Poynter Charles D. b.Nov 29 1910, d. ___29, 1987 Photo-double stone with Nora could not read month of death, behind flowers
Poynter Nora b.Aug 12 1916, d. July 2 198_0?? Photo with Charles D.  
Ratliff infant b.Feb 22 1910 d. Feb 23 1910


infant son of Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Ratliff
Ratliff DR. J. M. b. Aug 3 1868 d. Nov 3 1926


Ratliff Pentie b.July 5 1900 d. April 3 1918


Sears Myrtle   shared stone with Sill  
Sears Sill   Photo  
Sears Earl b & died Dec 17 1922 Photo  
Sears Ada and Edith (twins) b & d. Nov 11 1925 Photo  
Sears infant J. B. b and d. April 10, 1936 Photo  
Smith Neil Curry II b.May 24 1970-d. June 2 1994 Photo inscription, beloved son, brother and grandson
Unknown (C or G) J. B.   Photo stone not readable
Well J. B. b & d. July 1 19__ Photo  


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