Freedom Cemetery
Pulaski County, KY
Location: North Hwy 1247

Photo of Freedom Cemetery, courtesy of Debbi P.u.r.k.e.r.s.o.n

Partial listing,{ Bryant} contributed by Debbi P.u.r.k.e.r.s.o.n, Jun 2001
Debbi's Website - contains photos & family trees

Other listings contributed by Nancy Cox and Linda Thompson December 2002
who also contributed listings and photos to other Pulaski County Cemeteries.

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nc/lt = Nancy Cox and Linda Thompson

dp = Debbi Purkerson

Black, Shadrick Marion- b. Jan 1 1833 Pulski County-d. April 9 1918 Pulaski County- husband of Lucinda Surber
Black, {Surber} Lucinda b. Oct 26 1831 Pulaski County -d. Dec 4 1901 Pulaski County, daughter of Hiram Adam Surber and Denzia Burton, wife of Shadrick Black

Bryant, Abner b.Aug 31 1777 d. May 03 1872 PHOTO 4 read from stone July 1 2001 dp
Bryant, Sarah b. July 24 1788 d. Dec 11 1850

Bryant, Joseph b. Feb 14 1814 d. Aug 17 1870, son of Abner Bryant, husband of Margaret Griffin 003 photo taken in 1978 dp
Bryant, Margaret b. Feb 1816- d. ____ daughter of Solomon Griffin, 003a photo 1978 dp

Bryant, Joseph H. b. Mar 14 1857 d. Sep 4 1909- shares stone with wife, one stone, two sides PHOTO 001 his side dp
Bryant, Permelia E. b. April 25 1850, d. Nov. ___? , wife of J. H. Bryant- shares stone with Joseph H. her side 002

Floyd, William Prentice b. May 1 1882 Pulaski County-d. July 1 1917 Pulaski County, son of Mathew Floyd and Sophia M. Thompson, husband of Ada

Floyd, Sylvanus Birt- b. June 7 1914 Kentucky - d. July 28 1916 Pulaski County- son of Hiram Luther Floyd and Margaret Birt. nc/lt

Surber, Alfred - b. Sept 5 1829 Pulaski County - d. Mar 30 1905 Pulaski County--son of Hiram Adam Surber and Denzia Burton, husband of

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