Weddle birth/death information
provided by Jim Garner


Written on 8.5" x 14" paper. All births written in pencil; about half the deaths written in pencil and half in pen. All the births are in Grandpa (James Madison) Garner's handwriting; the death dates through 1936 are also in his writing. The remaining deaths are in Granny (Jennetta Weddle) Garner's handwriting.

Two attached sheets of paper; all information on top sheet except as noted below.

Each birth and death is recorded on a separate line; the information below has been consolidated into one line for each person. Notes and additional information are in [ ]s.

Births and Deaths of L.B. Weddle's Family



L.B. Weddle born Nov 26, 1856; died Aug 10, 1936.

Julia A. Weddle born Feb 27, 1860; died Sept 16, 1929


On back of second sheet:

L.B. Weddle and Julia A. Warner was married June 2nd, 1878



Edward E. Weddle born Apr 5, 1879; died Apr 5, 1921 [birth & death month/day same]

Bannie L. Weddle born Nov 1, 1880; died Dec 29, 1895

Ida C[lay] Weddle [Wilson] Marsee born Dec 12, 1882; died Oct 11, 1964

Henry E[lmer] Weddle born Jan 31, 1885; died June 11, 1954 [Granny wrote name as Elmer H.]

Minnie Oswald Weddle born Apr 3, 1887; died Aug 6, 1889

Henretta Weddle Cundiff born Jan 13, 1889; died Nov 28, 1974

Jennetta Weddle Garner Oct 3, 1891; [died June 29, 1987]

John C(rittendon) Weddle born Jan 1, 1894; died Feb 19, 1979

Lucy J. Weddle born Dec 13, 1895; died Oct 1, 1897

B[asil] Dewey Weddle born June 2, 1898; died June 2, 1977 [birth & death month/day same]

Charlie Virl Weddle born Nov 5, 1900; died 6 Aug 1967


L.B. Weddle and Julia A. Warner were second cousins through their grandfathers, brothers John Milton Weddle, Junior and Solomon Weddle. Julia was a "cousin" to herself through her ancestors, brothers John Milton Weddle, Senior and Daniel Weddle.


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