ZACHARY, no name, male, b. 4 Dec 1854, father Bourne G. Zachary, mother Nancy Paschal.

ZACHARY, Charles, male, b. 10 AUg 1853, father Willis Zachary, mother Mary. (Possible slave birth.)

ZACHARY, Elizabeth, female, b. 13 Oct 1856, father John V. Zachary, mother Permelia Porter.

ZACHARY, James B., male, b. 27 Mar 1853, father John V. Zachary, mother Permelia Porter.

ZACHARY, John T., male, b. 15 Aug 1874.

ZACHARY, Martha Ann, female, b. 11 Mar 1856, father John V. Zachary, mother Permelia Porter.

ZACHARY, Mary E., female, b. 25 Oct 1852, father Henry P. Zachary, mother Hannah V. Folia.

ZACHARY, Milton Brent, b. 20 Mar 1861, male, alive, father B.G. Zachary, mother Nancy Paschal.

ZACHARY, Pleasant G., male, b. 16 Oct 1856, father B.G. Zachary, mother Nancy Paschal.

ZACHARY, Williard A., b. 18 Mar 1916, mother Dicey Colyar.

ZACHARY, Wm. C., male, b. 3 Apr 1858, father Henry Zachary, mother Hannah Foley.

ZACHERY, Eldridge E., b. 27 Oct 1913, mother Etta Flowers.

ZACHERY, Henry Jackson, male, b. 24 Feb 1858, father William L. Zackery, mother Martha M. Edrington, born Henry Co., KY.

ZACHERY, Vern O., b. 12 Feb 1912, mother Elizabeth Colyer.

ZEGLAR, male child of Julius, b. 18 Aug 1911, mother Katherine Watson.

ZEGLER, Roxie A., b. 3 Jun 1914, father Matilda Watson.

ZELLER, Charles M., b. 18 May 1912, mother Fannie Sutton.

ZELLER, Curtis, b. 26 Oct 1915, mother Jettie Childress.

ZELLER, Doval F., b. 28 May 1918, mother Fannie Sutton.

ZELLER, Fay, b. 7 Jan 1915, tather Ida Baugh.

ZELLER, Hazel, b. 18 Oct 1917, mother Oda Baugh.

ZELLER, Isa, b. 18 Jun 1912, mother Ida Baugh.

ZELLER, Louis H., b. 6 Mar 1914, mother Faney Sutton.

ZELLER, Opal, b. 5 Oct 1916, mother Jettie Zeller.

ZIGLAR, Lester J., b. 26 Nov 1916, mother Matilda Watson.

ZIMMANAN, female child of Sterkin, b. 2 May 1916, mother Ollie Parten.

ZIMMARMEN, Ruby E., b. 28 Jan 1917, mother Nannie Gasset.

ZIMMERMAN, Erdean, b. 11 Dec 1912, mother Viletha Tartor.

ZIMMERMAN, Eva, b. 7 Oct 1913, mother Ottie Larten.

ZIMMERMAN, Ewell, b. 16 Sep 1919, mother Ottie Tarter.

ZIMMERMAN, Mary C., b. 15 Nov 1918, mother Nannie Gasset.

ZIMMERMAN, Udell, b. 27 Oct 1915, mother uiletha Tarter.

ZINNAMEN, May, b. 25 May 1920, mother Nannie Gosset.

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