ILSEP, Hetty Jane, female, b. 2 Apr 1853, father Thomas Islep, mother Juda Buchanon.

INABINET, Elvira, female, b. 26 Apr 1874.

INABINET, William C., male, b. 11 Feb 1874.

INABINET, Willie C., male, b. 25 Mar 1874.

INABINT, Thelma, b. 9 Jul 1916, mother Dena Harper.

INABINTT, Ara A., b. 9 May 1919, mother Diana Harper.

INABINTT, Joseph, b. 28 Oct 1912, mother Josie Bullock.

INABINTT, Lorene, b. 11 Jun 1915, mother Lola Whitaker.

INABINTT, Pretsel, b. 13 Mar 1919, motehr Tilda Simpson.

INABINTT, Sophia M., b. 11 May 1911, mother TIdah Simpson.

INABINTT, Zona Ll, b. 6 Sep 1913, mother Lola Whitaker.

INABINTT, Zula, b. 11 Oct 1912, mother Nannie Harris.

INABNIT, Beulah M., b. 7 May 1916, mother Nannie Harris.

INABNIT, Dilard, b. 7 Aug 1917, mother Julia Price.

INABNIT, Henry G., male, b. 7 Dec 1854, father Wm. M. Inabnit, mother Mary A. Hargis.

INABNIT, Lellie, b. 27 Aug 1917, mother Josiephine Bullock.

INABNIT, Nancy J., female, b. 30 Aug 1856, father Wm. M. Inabnit, mother Mary Ann Hargis.

INABNIT, Robt. W., male, b. 25 Apr 1856, father Josephus Inabnit, mother Matilda Randolph.

INABNIT, Sarah E., female, b. 17 Dec 1854, father Cyrenius Inabnit, mother Marth A. Bullock.

INABNIT, Sarah E., female, b. 17 Oct 1858, father William M. Inabnit, mother Mary A. Hargis.

INABNIT, Stella E., b. 3 Aug 1915, mother Josie Bullock.

INABNIT, Stella M., b. 4 Aug 1917, mother Addie Harper.

INABNIT, Wm. Logan, male, b. 22 Dec 1853, father Josephus Inatnip, mother Matilda Randolph.

INABNITT, Della B., b. 22 Nov 1914, mother Deomil Harper.

INABNITT, James P., b. 8 Feb 1919, mother Hattie McCallister.

INABNITT, Olga E., b. 13 OCt 1917, mother Lola Whitaker.

INABOUT, Mathew, b. 14 Apr 1916, mother Babra Hargis.

INABRITT, Stella D., b. 11 Mar 1916, mother Tilda Simpson.

INADINIP, Zena B., b. 28 Jun 1917, mother Hattie Inadinip.

INGRAM, Arther, b. 27 Nov 1913, mother Tilda Simpson.

INGRAM, Atha, b. 27 Apr 1913, mother Mattie Colyer.

INGRAM, B.Z., male, b. 1 Oct 1858, father M.E. Ingram, mother Adaliza Zackery.

INGRAM, Charles Morehead, male, b. 27 Aug 1855, father M.E. Ingram, mother Adeline Zacharry.

INGRAM, Chester A., b. 6 Oct 1915, mother Mattie Colyer.

INGRAM, Elizabeth H., female, b. 12 Aug 1857, father A.J. Ingram, mother Sophia F. James.

INGRAM, Ernist, b. 24 Dec 1920, mother Essie Ingram.

INGRAM, James B., b. 23 Apr 1918, mother Mattie Ingram.

INGRAM, John B., b. 3 Mar 1861, male, alive, father M.E. Inbram, mother Adaliza Zachary; both parents b. KY.

INGRAM, John C., male, b. 10 Sep 1858, father W.P. Ingram, mother Sultania Farris.

INGRAM, John C., b. 20 Jul 1911, mother Mattie Colyne.

INGRAM, Lola T., b. 23 Jan 1913, mother Lila Todd.

INGRAM, Mabel, b. 4 Jan 1920, mother Eva Singleton.

INGRAM, Sam P., b. 19 May 1914, mother Sadie Marion.

INGRAM, Stanley A., b. 23 Feb 1917, mother Lela Todd.

INGRAM, Walter E., male, b. 30 May 1843, father A.J. (or I.J.), mother Sophia F. James.

INGRAM, William Walter, male, b. 10 Dec 1856, father M.E. Ingram, mother Adaliza Zachary.

INGRAM, Willie, b. 6 Feb 1918, mother Maud Hayden.

INMAN, female child of John, b. 14 Feb 1912, mother Rachel Bryant, twin of male child.

INMAN, male child of John, b. 14 Feb 1912, mother Rachel Bryant, twin of female child.

INOBINT, Melvin E., b. 23 Nov 1914, mother Deonnie Harper.

INOBINT, Ray E., b. 7 Jul 1913, mother Addie Hayser.

INOLMIT, Nimie B., b. 29 Apr 1914, mother Aggie Simpson.

INOLNITT, Evert L., b. 6 Sep 1919, mother Josie Bullock.

INSBUITT, Mottie, b. 2 Jun 1912, mother Minnie Barnitt.

IRVIN, Franklin Pierce, male, b. 10 Dec 1853, father A.S. Irvin, mother Jane Dye.

IRVINE, Alfred, b. 13 Aug 1912, mother Vada Shadow.

IRVINE, Charles S., b. 16 Jul 1920, mother Tueo Taylor.

IRVINE, Eua T., b. 5 Mar 1915, mother Lauvada Shadoan.

IRVINE, Eula E., b. 16 Feb 1914, mother Odella Eastham.

IRVIN, Franklin Pierce, male, b. 10 Dec 1853, father A.S. Irvin, mother Jane Dye.

IRVINE, Mathel E., b. 19 Aug 1920, mother lou Shadoan.

IRVINE, Orves C., b. 2 Dec 1917, mother Odella Eastham.

IRVINE, Reuben J., b. 14 Feb 1912, mother Odella Eartham.

ISAAC, Edges, b. 30 Aug 1918, mother Mallie Owens.

ISAAC, Ernie, b. 18 May 1913, mother Mollie Ethel Owens, father Elbert F. Isaac.

ISAAC, James E., b. 1 Apr 1915, mother Mallie Owens.

ISAACS, Alpha, b. 19 Oct 1916, mother Bertha Abbott.

ISAACS, Ceny, female, b. 1 Jan 1858, father Josiah Isaacs, mother Anna Pinter.

ISAACS, Edna J., b. 18 Aug 1911, mother Stella Poynter.

ISAACS, Eva, b. 12 Sep 1913, mother Fannie Debard.

ISAACS, Evaline, female, b. 12 Jul 1855, father Adrion Isaacs, mother Mary A. Sweny.

ISAACS, George W., male, b. 20 Apr 1858, father Adrine H. Isaacs, mother Mary A. Sweeney.

ISAACS, Harold C., b. 29 Sep 1917, mother Dannie Debord.

ISAACS, Henry, male, b. 12 Mar 1853, father Adrie Isaacs, mother Mary A. Swinny.

ISAACS, William R., b. 21 Apr 1915, mother Fanny Debord.

ISBELL, Hyatt, b. 22 Mar 1912, mother Dora Bryant.

ISON, Carlos M., b. 24 Apr 1919, mother Bessie Osborne.


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