Biography of Michael Young
Contributed by Marlene Creech

Born about 1755 in Roanoke Va. (one source indicated, no proof)
Died 24 August 1833 in Pulaski Co., Ky
Married to: Margaret Aldridge d/o Frances and Henrietta Prince Aldridge. (B 1758) about 1803.

According to sworn testimony in court, Michael says he and his wife had
five sons and four daughters. Here are the two found for sure:

1. Godfrey: 3 September 1794  Died 21 January 1854 in Highland, Lincoln, Ky, Godfrey married Tabitha Bastin about 1817.
2. Solomon: 20 Feb. 1799  Died before 1850, in Pulaski Co., Ky?
He married Margaret Baugh d/o Henry and Maria Margaretta Phillippi Baugh, 22 Nov. 1813.

Michael served in the Rev. War.  From March or April 1782, he enlisted  with Col. John Armstrong in the Rev. War for a term of 18 months upon the Continental Establishment. Was first stationed at Salisbury, for four weeks, and Capt. Langham and Capt. Yarberry were in charge. Ordered from Salisbury to Ashley Hill and joined main army commanded by General Green, in the company of capt. Richard Raford in what was called the North Carolina Regiment, and commaned at that time by Col. Archibald Little and stayed in the service for 12 months. Honorable discharged or furloughed and sent home.  He had misplaced his papers by the time of his sworn testimony in 1830.

On 20 December 1830, he testified to his service for the United States. He was about 75 years old.  His wife, was about 72 and considered infirm. Until he became unable to labor at work or scarcely able to get about, he was a farmer. He testified as having no property except wearing apparel. He said he was not a pensioner nor had he been. Two witnesses established his proof of service: Frances Aldridge and Adam Baugh.

In June 1831. declared that ten or eleven years ago, Michael and his wife went to live with their son, Solomon and his family.  They were unable to support themselves. At the time they moved in with Solomon they took a gray horse worth about $50.00. The horse had been given to him by Solomon, and with the exception of the wearing apparel of he and his wife, and a bed, was all the property of which he had possession. The horse was returned to Solomon to help with the expense of supporting Michael and his wife.  A Certificate of Pension was issued the 16th day of September 1831 and sent to him at Somerset, Ky.  He received $8.00 per month to begin 26 August 1831.

It is hurtful to know that a once strong, healthy couple, worked hard, raised children, and in their declining years,  they were no longer physically able to care for themselves and were destitute.  Thankfully, Solomon took them in and cared for them the rest of their lives.

Haven’t found where Michael and his wife owned land in Pulaski Co., Ky

There is a dispute that this Michael Young was the son of John and Ann Young (Jung) of North Carolina. There was another Michael Young who lived in Shelby Co., Ky and then moved to Mo. This Michael is the supposed son of John and Ann.

The children of  Solomon, Michael’s son, stayed in Pulaski Co., and married and had children of their own.


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