Pulaski County Dollarhides
by LaVelda Faull,

Cornelius Dollarhide is not in my line, but while trying to find out about my ancestor Francis Dollarhide IV, I researched Cornelius and Thomas Dollarhide who lived in Pulaski Co., KY. Pulaski County is not far from where I live, so I went there to see what I could find. I thought I would post some of my findings to this forum to help others. --LaVelda

Cornelius Dollarhide Sr. settled in Pulaski Co., KY in 1804 (obtained from tax lists) and would have been born ca 1762. He appears on the 1804 Tax List as "Cornelius Dolehead". Cornelius is recorded in tax lists until 1809 when he died. His will is recorded in Book 1 p 60-61. His wife, Jane, died in 1810(?) as her inventory and assessment is recorded (Bk 1 p 61). Cornelius mentions wife Jane, son Larkin and three "youngest daughters", Nancy, Jane and Feby. So he obviously had more children than those mentioned. Executor was Thomas Dollarhide and William Owens(?). It mentions the "hole of my estate during her (Jane's) life or widowhood and at her death or marriage the land I now live on I gove to my son Larkin Dollarhide and all other property to be equally divided between my three youngest daughters.." Witnesses were John B. Lea and Thomas (his mark) Roy. The will was dated 19 Feb 1809. It was probated 22 Jan 1810 and proved by the oath of Thomas Roy a subscribing witness thereto.

I have assumed that Jane, his wife, died in 1810, but the more I look at the record, I almost believe that the record that I found pertains to the estate of her husband and not to her. It was found on the following page (from her husband's will) and was dated 10 March 1810;

"Mr. Edward Prather, Andrew ___(cut off), William Bustor (Burton?), and Thomas Paschal hath met at the house of Jane Dollarhide to order to appraise her estate & C (to wit) (cut off)....1 mare and colt...6 head of cattle..17 head of hogs...8 head of sheep;...4 geese...(the rest of the inventory was cut off at the bottom of the age. There may have been further inventory on the next page which I did not get copied).

From what I could ascertain from the records, Cornelius Sr. had at least:

  1. Cornelius Dollarhide Jr.
  2. Thomas Dollarhide
  3. James Dollarhide
  4. John(?) Dollarhide
  5. Larkin Dollarhide
  6. Nancy Dollarhide
  7. Jane Dollarhide
  8. Feby Dollarhide

Briefly, here is how the Pulaski Co., Ky tax lists were recorded:

1804 Cornelius Dolehead
1805-1806 John Dolarhide; Cornelius Dollarhide
1807 Thomas Dollarhide; Cornelius Dollarhide; John Dollarhide
1808 Cornelius Dollarhide; Thomas Dollarhide; John Dollarhide; Cornelius Dollarhide; John Dollarhide
1809 Thomas Dollarhide; Cornelius Dollarhide; John Dollarhide
1810 James Dollarhide; Jane Dollarhide; John Dollarhide; Thomas Dollarhide
1812 Jane Dollarhide; Thomas Dollarhide
1813 Thomas Dollarhide; James Dollarhide
1814-1817 Thomas Dollarhide
1818 James Dollarhide; Thomas Dollarhide
1819-1823 Larkin Dollarhide; Thomas Dollarhide
1824 Thomas Dollarhide heirs
1827 Rebecca Dollarhide
1828-29 No Dollarhides

Cornelius Dollarhide Jr. appears to have been in Pulaski Co., KY by 1806 when a survey of land was recorded on Pitmans Creek. His name was recorded as Cornelius Jr. He appears to have left the area by 1809. I have wondered if the Cornelius who died in 1809 was actually Jr. and not Sr. However, in 1808, there were two Cornelius on the tax list which leads me to believe otherwise.

Thomas Dollarhide was born ca 1775-80. He settled in Pulaski Co., Ky by 1807. He married Rebecca ___. He was a Senator from Pulaski Co., to the Kentucky legislature and died in 1821 in Frankfurt, KY while at the assembly. His inventory and account was recorded in 1822 and in 1829 (Bk 2 p 117 and 393) in Pulaski County. A settlement 2was made in 1829 (Bk 3 p 182-85). His wife, Rebecca, died in 1828. An inventory was made in Pulaski Co (Bk 2 p 364).

Frances "Frankey" Dollarhide was born in 1782 in NC and married John Bratcher Lea in Caswell County, NC on 24 Nov 1802; She died 17 Feb 1852 in Pulaski Co., KY, age 70. Ezekiel Dollarhide was listed as her father according to her death record.

As I mentioned in my posting above, I am not certain that the Cornelius Dollarhide who died in 1809 was Sr. or Jr. However a deed mentions Cornelius Dollarhide and wife NANCY, indicating that there were two Cornelius' there. I also do not know if John was a son as he was listed as "John Jr" in one of the land surveys below.

Surveys, Pulaski Co., KY

Bk 1 p 76, 15 March 1806 Survey for CORNELIUS DOLLARHIDE, JUNIOR. 162 acres of land by virtue of Cert. No. 962...Pulaski Co., KY, Pitmans Creek at the mouth of Rush Branch...B. Michael Kinney's corner... Surveyed by PA sublet. Chaincarriers: George Daugherty and Richard Beeson.

Bk 1 p 103 22 July 1807 Survey for William Dewes (Owens?), 70 acres, Pitman's Creek, Chaincarriers: William Dewes and JOHN DOLERHIDE

Bk 1 p 103 22 July 1807 Survey for JOHN DOLLERHIDE, JUNIOR assignee of Benjamin Hansford, 81 acres, Cert #734, PItman's Creek...William Dewe's lower corner...a conditional line between George Williams' and said Dollerhide. cc: William Dewes, Benj Hansford. Surveyor: James Hardgrove

Bk I p 214 21 May 1816 Survey for JANE DOLLARHIDE, assignee of THOMAS DOLLARHIDE, 50 acres by virtue of a Kentucky Land Office Warrant on actual settlement, No. 524, PItman's Creek...Mimses' line. Surveyor: James Hargrove. Chaincarriers: William Dewes (Devins?), Lovel H. Cloghan(?), Jesse Kuney, Alexander Herrin.

It would appear that these Dollarhides came from Caswell Co., NC. The following marriages may apply:
  1. Cornelius Dollerhide married Nancy Malone on 30 July 1796 in Person Co., NC.
  2. Frankey Dollarhide married John Bratcher Lea on 24 Nov 1802 in Caswell co., NC
  3. John Dollerhide married Nancy Chittington 3 Nov 1784 in Caswell co., NC.

Here are some Pulaski Co., KY Dollarhide marriages that I was not able to fit into the family. They may have been children of Cornelius or John Jr.??
  1. Betsy Dollerhide married ___Cox in 1811.
  2. Rachel Dollarhide married Jonathan Smith 4 Jan 1809
  3. Sally Dollarhide married David Smith on 22 July 1810 or 1811(?)
  4. Nancy Dollarhide married Archer Nevil on 22 Aug 1821.
  5. Rebecca Dollarhide married Christopher C. Hancock on 17 Dec 1839.

The following are some deeds that I found in Pulaski Co., Kentucky (silly me did not write down the references (deed books and pages - I don't know why):

30 Jan 1812 Robert Mims of Goochland Co., VA to Thomas Dollerhide of Pulaski Co., KY, $300, 90 acres on Pitman's Creek (waters of Cumberland River), part of a military survey of 1000 acres granted to Rawleigh Colston by patent in 1786, on Rocky Branch...line between Mim's and Dollarhide.. The next month on 7 Feb 1812, Thomas Dollarhide sold 162 acres to Andrew Campbell on Pitman's Creek for $450, this was the same land he had received above. This deed was witnessed by Henry L. Mills and Will. Levine Junior.

On 13 Jan 1812 Cornelius Dollerhide of Pulaski and NANCY his wife sold 190 acres to Jonathan Bishop for $800. This land was on Sinking Creek. The deed mentions John Caldwell's east line and Aaron Dosses(?) corner.
The same John Caldwell mentioned above, later of Wayne Co., KY, appointed Thomas Dollerhide power of attorney to assign Banks and Snyder a certificate of Survey No. 323 for 200 acres. This document was witnessed by John David(?) and Mary Caldwell and was made in 1815.

Polly Dunn of Pulaski Co., KY, widow of Ezekiel L. Dunn, also appointed Thomas Dollerhide as her attorney to collect and receive all monies due her and her children from the U.S. for services rendered in the War of 1812 by said Ezekiel L. Dunnm who died in said service in 1814. This was dated 1816.

On 2 Dec 1818, Thomas Dollerhide of Pulaski Co., KY bound himself unto John B. Lea in the amount of $2000 which payment was to be made himself or his heirs. The condition of this obligation was such that if the above Thomas Dollarhide made a good and lawful title to a certain tract or parcel of land on Pitman's Creek containing 150 acres on which both Dollarhide and Lea "now live" entered and surveyed in the name of Michael Kuney, the obligation was to be made void. This was made in the presence of Thomas Paschal.

After Thomas Dollarhide's death, his heirs deeded the above land to John B. Lea for $1.00 on 17 Nov 1832. This deed supposedly lists all of Thomas' heirs.

In 1814, James Dollerhide was mentioned in the Pulaski Co. Election Returns as was Thomas Dollerhide in 1816 and 1819. Thomas Dollarhide was elected Senator to the Kentucky Legislature.

Thomas Dollerhide enlisted in the 95th Regiment formed Feb 1815. He was Major of the Second Battalion. Captain Thomas Dollerhide of Dollerhide's Kentucky Battalion of Mounted Volunteers enlisted Sept. 1812. His Sergent was Samuel Hays.

According to the 1820 Pulaski Co., KY Census, Thomas Dollerhide had three male slaves (1 under 14, 1 age 14-26, and one age 26-45). From his estate inventory in 1822, he had a female slave named Vilet and three male slaves named David, Hector, Caroline and Floyd.

Col. Thomas Dollerhide, senator from Pulaski Co., KY died at Frankfort, Kentucky in November 1821 according to a newspaper article in the Kentucky Gazette.

A settlement for Thomas Dollarhide was made in 1829 (Bk 3 p 182-85), and inventory and account was recorded in 1822 and in 1829 (Bk 2 p 117 and p 393) and an Inventory and Assessment for Rebecca Dollerhide was recorded in 1828 (Bk 2 p 364).

I have a copy of these. The Appraisal of the Estate dated 15 Feb 1822 is quite long. Some of the things mentioned are: woman's sadle and bridle; one rifle gun and shot bag; Five Journals and Four Acts of the Legislature of Kentucky; three beds; one side arms and sheath; pair saddle bags; one chest; one table; One family Bible; one Dictionary; three Hymn Books; Browns Concordance "The McHoobie Association"; one slate; one pair sheep shears; candle molds; pair of fire irons; one loom; three "slays"; two "pare harnesses"; one washing tub; churn; two puter dishes; seven plates; lantern; coffee mill; one man's saddle and bridle; three shovel plows; four hors one pare doubltrees; four flour(?) waggons; one truck wagon; one kettle; two ovens; one large pot; six hundred weight of tobacco; one bay mare; one sorrel mare blazeface; one dark sorrel mare; one old sorrel mare; three horse colts; 14 head of sheep; many cows listed; one steer; one bull; two work steers; two small work steers; one heiffer; at least 11 cows and calves mentioned; two yearling steers; three yearling heiffers and bull; five spaid sows and barrows; thirteen sows and barrows; seventeen geese; eleven small shoats; one negro woman named Vilet; one negro boy named Floyd; one boy called David; one boy called Hector one boy(?) called Carroline; a note due from Peter Clark; a note on Samuel Cowan; a note on Gideon Prather; a note on Bratcher Lee; a note on Daniel C. Black; seven small barrels, etc. etc. All of this was appraised by: John Jasper, Isaac Hays and Samuel Hays.

It would appear from this inventory that Thomas was well to do and lived well. This inventory was returned 4th March 1822 in Somerset, Pulaski Co., Ky County Court.

In 1828, John Cowan, Samuel Hays and Charles Hays again appraised Thomas Dollerhide's inventory and estate (WB 2 p 393-5). The inventory this time was not as long.

A settlement was made (WB 3 p 183-5) agreeable to an order at the November Term 1833 County Court. It showed amount from sales to be: $1005.81. The amount collected by them of "Decedent's debts was "$801.66". The rent of land and hire of negroes from the year 1829 to 1832 was $1314.31. The sum received from the SALE OF LAND IN NORTH CAROLIAN with interest after expenses was $129.30. Sum received from E. B. Paris for land sold was $12.00. Sum for Prather's part of rent corn was $18.53. All of this totalled $3281.61. There follows a list of credits: names mentioned are: Frederic Williams; Samuel Hays; Chas Hays; Simmerman; A list of debits and credits included the following names: Paschall's Acct; Wm Mill's Acct; Archibald Lockets acct; cost of Bryant's suit; Cunningham's acct; Clare's acct; Tarter's Rec'd pd; John Zachary's recd; Waits acct; Gragg's recd; Hardgroves acct pd; Michl Buster's acct pd; Simmerman's acct pd; Bonner's Medical Acct pd; S. Clark's acct pd; Patterson's recd; Wilson acct pd; Hays' acct pd; Cox's acct pd; Mills' acct pd; Stepps acct pd; Attorney's fee pd; Elliotts Medical Acct pd; Sneeds acct pd; Brigg's Note pd; Baylis Williams Acct pd; Patterson's note pd; Hays' Blacksmith Acct pd; Attorneys fees pd; Cowan's Acct for whiskey pd; part of Fee bill pd; Bealy's acct pd; Burch's acct pd; Tomlinson's acct pd; Fitzpatrick's act pd; Doss's receipts; Cheyn's acct pd; Prather's acct pd; Daughtery's acct pd; Peter W. Clark's debt in ventory cancelled and settled in a saddle; Sundry fee bills pd; S. Clark's acct; Prather's acct pd; Paid John Cowan for Crying sale.

Total amount for which admr's are chargeable: $3281.61; Sum allowed administrator for their services of $85 each...$170.00. Sum paid for selling land and negroes under Decree of Court...$10.00. ....Leaving as above for distribution by the Administrators the sum of $1603.10 - all of which submitted to the said court. This settlement was signed 27th Juen 1834 by Bourne Goggin, Charles Hays, and George W. Saunders, Commisioners.

Thomas Dollarhide's wife, Rebecca Dollarhide's will is recorded in WB 2 p 364-5, Pulaski Co., KY, dated 28 July 1828:
"We the undersigned do testify that we were at Rebecca Dollarhides on the 10th of this month and she being on her death bed and at that time in a sound mind she being asked by John B. Lee (Lea) is she thought she would recover or not she said she thought she would not then she was sked that in case she did not recover what appropriation she wnated made of 192 dollars which she had in the hands of John B. Lee for collection to which she replied that she wanted her son William to have this benefit of that money because he was a criple. This she repeated to us that she wanted to be understood that in case she did not recover that she wanted her son to have that money. Wit: Samuel Dogan, Nancy Dogan, Katherine Prather.
This was recorded 18th August 1828 by the oaths of the wintesses.

Thomas Dollarhide and Rebecca(___) Dollarhide's heirs were (according to deeds):
  1. Parthenia Dollerhide - Born __; married Peter W. Clark on 26 March 1818 in PUlaski Co., KY.
  2. Elizabeth Dollerhide - Born ___; married Philip Prather on 30 Sept 1824 in Pulaski Co., KY. Her mother was listed as Rebecca Dollerhide.
    [from Mary Kerchal, hstbuff@aol.com 02 Apr 2001: "Elizabeth Dollarhide DOB 23 Dec 1803 married 30 Sept 1824 Philip Prather DOB 27 Feb 1799. They both are buried in TX. These are my fourth great grandparents."]
  3. Nancy (Nisey) Dollerhide - Born ___; married Anderson Fitzpatrick on 21 March 1931 in Pulaski Co., KY.
  4. Pamelia Dollerhide - Born ___; married Creed Saunders on 20 Oct 1830 in Pulaski Co., KY.
  5. Polly Dollarhide - Born ___; Not married in April of 1822.
  6. William Dollarhide - Born ___; Did he marry Eliza Ann Cooper on 15 Oct 1840 in Pulaski Co., KY (listed as William H. Dollarhide); Died by 1850. He was crippled. Children were: Parthenia; Lucy and James Dollarhide.
  7. Galen Dollarhide
  8. Jesse Dollarhide - Born ___; married Rebecca Jasper (dua of Elizabeth) on 16 Nov 1840 in Pulaski co., KY; Bond between Jesse and Philip Prather for 50 lbs. Elizabeth Jasper gave consent and Perry Jasper was a witness as was John Campbell.
  9. Thomas Dollarhide - Born __; married Elizabeth Cowan on 29 Aug 1838 (dau of Samuel Cowen); Bond between Thomas Dollarhide and John Buster(?) for 50 lbs.

I do not know whether the grantors in the following deed were heirs or not: They included Frederick and Cassandra Williams, Samuel and Jerusha Hays.

Deeds that prove the above:

30 April 1822 Frederick Williams and Cassandra his wife of Pulaski Co., KY to Peter W. Clark and Parthenia his wife (formerly Dollerhide), Elizabeth, Polly, Pamelia, William, Galen, Jesse, Thomas, Nisy, heirs and representatives of law of Thomas Dollarhide, dec'd, $1290.00, waters of cumberland, 200 acres, Isaac Hay's line. William Hartgrove's corner... John Prather's line...said tract of land patented by the Commonwealth of KY to John Hartgrove, Sr. by patent bearing date 27 Nov 1807, the other cont by survey 30 acres of land being same tract of land patented to John Hargrove Sr by Comm. of KY 2 Aug 1819.

8 Aug 1823 Samuel Hays and Jerusha his wife of Pulaski Co., KY to Peter W. Clark and Parthenia; Elizabeth; Polly; Pamelia; William; Galen; Jesse; Thomas and Nancy; heirs of the deceased....$969...Pitman's Creek, 155 acres... John Wilson's corner...part of 200 acres survey to a certain William Hartgrove and the same tract of land whereon the widow and heirs aforesaid of Thomas Dollarhide now reside.

17 Nov 1832. Peter W. Clark and Partha his wife; Philip Prather and Elizabeth his wife; Anderson Fitzpatrick and Nicy his wife; Creed Saunders and Pemlia his wife; heirs of Thomas Dollarhide deceased, and Bowing Coggin, John Tomlinson and John B. Curd, Commisisoners of Pulaski Co., KY to John B. Lea....Thomas Dollarhide consented to bond to the said John B. Lea in sum of $2000....coney to said John B. Lea, 150 acres on Pitman Creek for $1.00, tract of land granted to said Thomas Dollarhide by patent dated 15 Dec 1819.

Well....as I have said I am not descended from these Dollarhides, but I am sure they are related back in North Carolina to my Francis Dollarhide IV. I have not yet tried to figure out their relationship. Possibly Cornelius and Francis IV were brothers???? --LaVelda

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