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ARMSTRONG, Abner (b. 1828)
SURNAMES: Armstrong, Boone, Rhodes
ARMSTRONG, Ari (b. 1814)
SURNAMES: Armstrong, Dye, Pitman, Short
BRADLEY, Rev. Jerome B. (b. 1846) off site
SURNAMES: Bradley, Galbraith, Insko, McDowell, Maston, Owens
COOMER, John C. (b. 1861), by James Edward Fitzgerald
SURNAMES: Brown, Coomer, Evans, Fitzgerald, Hamm, Mitchell, Purdue, Ramsey, Satterfield, Smith, Stigall, Tarter
CRABTREE, Isaac (1757-1849), by LaVelda Faull
SURNAMES: Adams, Beaty, Boone, Crabtree, Doolin, Duland, Forbise, Huffaker, Hurt, Jones, Lacy, Lawson, Lewis, McKee, McKelson, McKilwin, Moor, Moore, More, Pike, Rodgers, Smith, Thompson, Waddle, Whitaker, Williams, Woddle
DOLLARHIDE, Cornelius and Thomas Pulaski County Dollarhides, by LaVelda Faull
SURNAMES: Bryan, Buster, Caldwell, Campbell, Chittington, Clark, Coggin, Colston, Cooper, Cowan, Cox, Curd, Dewes, Dogan, Dollarhide, Dollerhide, Dugan, Dunn, Elliot, Fitzpatrick, Hancock, Hansford, Hargrove, Hays, Herrin, Jasper, Kinney, Kuney, Lea, Lee, Levine, Malone, Mills, Mims, Nevil, Owens, Prather, Roy Saunders, Smith, Tomlinson, Williams
DOLLARHIDE, C. Francis (1750-1837) C. Frances Dollarhide, by LaVelda Faull
Adamson, Barnett, Berry, Burgess, Burrell, Chadic, Chaddis, Clark, Collins, Dellertine, Dillertine, Ditterline, Ditto, Dobbins, Dodson, Dollahite, Dollarhide, Dozier, Dugan, Elliott, Gouterman, Graham, Hadden, Hay, Hether, Hornback, Hubble, Hubele, Kindall, Loveall, Lytle, Matthews, May, Moore, Morrow, Nalls, Norcutt, Null, Parks, Pennington, Rigney, Roberson, Samples, Shadduck, Small, Sexton, Stone, Taylor, Warren, Wilson, Yates, Young
GRUBB, Joseph Porter (b. 1833)
SURNAMES: Cowan, Grubb, Hughes, Keedy, McDonnell, Porter, Sherman, Taney
HARDWICK, Thomas S. (b. abt 1849)
SURNAMES: Ellison, Hardwick, Harnocker, Short, Turpin, Whitted
HODGE, John (m. 1822), by Jeannine Hodge
SURNAMES: Ables, Barbarz, Bastin, Cundiff, Haggard, Hall, Hodge 
LUKENBILL, Absalom (b. 1812)
SURNAMES: Lukenbill, Thomas, Vail
McDANIEL, Franklin (b. 1846), The Life of Franklin McDaniel, by Robert McDaniel
SURNAMES: Burleigh, Deroset, Dorrel, Emerson, Jefferson, Johnson, Kennedy, Littlejohn, Luford, Martin, Maxwell, McDaniel, Neal, Randall, Sawyer, Scales, Stephens, Tomey, Weaver, Weddle
McDANIEL, Harvey (b. 1825)
SURNAMES: Beattie, Darrell, Derosset, McDaniel, Owens
McDANIEL, John (b. 1834)
SURNAMES: Littlejohn, McDaniel, Martin
SURNAMES: Adams, Merchant, Patton, Richardson, Stephanson
SINCLAIR, Nelson (marr 1848)
SURNAMES: Lawrence, Shelton, Sinclair, Tarter
YOUNG, Michael (b.about 1755)  
SURNAMES: Aldridge, Bastin, Baugh, Phillippi, Prince, Young,

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