Letter to Joseph S. Roy from Levi and Jane Bledso

submitted by Jim {Jim Garner}

An 1880 letter to Joseph S. & Martha Roy

written in ink

No return address

Addressed to Joseph S. Roy, Esq.

Cains Store

Pulaski Co. Ky

Postmarked Aug 16 1880

K____, OREG. (very faint)

A. Knapp, Jr. P.M.

Note: I've added all the punctuation to this letter. Otherwise, the transcription is as close to verbatim as I can make it (including highly imaginative spelling) with one exception: the lines on the original are very short, so in the interest of space, I've collapsed two lines into one. The original line breaks are indicated by "/ ".

Septtember [sic]

Dier Brothers and Sisters / and all inqrien friends if any:

theis lines lieves us all well / at presante and I hope when

theis lines comes to hand tha / may find you all well and

ding well. tha con necttion in / heair is all well as fair as I

know. tha helth of our cuntrey / is good. tha roy children is all

doing well at this time. I / have gote them good hoames if

tha will Stay at them and / if tha woanite Stay I will bind

them oute to tha hairdis tas- / master that I can. tha 2 leaste

ones Lieu Cindy and Sarey is / at hoames that tha will Stay

ate untel deth parts us. I / will in forme you that

Zachiriah Roy and marein Roy

[page 2 -- on back of page 1]

is boathe oute heair and has gaun / to worke. Zach is boarding with

us. marien at wirk a boute / 9 miles off. my little girl

Sarey has taken up with him / varey much that is Zach Roy.

Now Joseph I wante you to / rite when you can. I wnte you

to vote for grate [sic] and not / for a rebbel. I was at a gran-

te meeting laste fri day / whair tha was about from

20 to 25 thousan repulick- / ans to about 50 dimocrats.

I wante you to tel Lemuel Roy / and Wiliam Roy and Jack

hammons to rite to me and / in ifact all of our connecttion

to write to me and rite yourself. this from Levi and Jane Bleso.

Joseph and Marthey / Plecs let Roy / Zachariah Roy rede this.


Notes: Joseph S. and "Marthey" Roy were our the parents of Tabitha Emiline

Roy Garner. Jane Bledos(e) possibly was a sister of Joseph S. Roy.


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