Meadows Cemetery Powell County, KY 
Date done: Aug 1999, Regina Abrams

Larrison, Levi b. October 02, 1910 d. Aug. 12, 1981 
Larrison, James Robert b. 1905 d. 1983 
Townsend, Mary Bell b. Aug 04, 1891 d. Mar 24, 1962 
Townsend, Millard F. b. Apr 10, 1886 d. Jan 11, 1948 
Townsend, Ila M. b. Dec 17, 1908 d. Mar 17, 1934 
Meadows, Melinda b. 1861 d. 1951 
Meadows, Elcanie b. 1850 d. 194? 
Rogers, Betty Jane b. 1901 d. 1971 
Rogers, Simon H. b. 1891 d. 1945 
Simon H. Rogers PVT 322 Field Arty 83 DIV KY 
Stewart, Pernedia b. March 2, ???? d. May 31, 1931 
Stewart, Pearl NO DATES only dates on stone not sure if date born or date died. 
Stewart, Louise 6/24/1938 
Stewart, Ronald 6/24/1945 
Stewart, Hubert N. b. 1933 d. 1962 
Stewart, Tad b. 1905 d. 1969 
Stewart, Francis Hall b. Dec 05, 1908 d. Oct 01, 1995 
Stewart, Walter Lee b. Jun 20, 1911 d. Jan 09, 1999 
Stewart, George NO DATES 
Curtis, Lela W. b. Oct 09, 1905 d. Oct 08, 1978 
Ratliff, Courtney Oliver b. 1910 d. 1992 
Rogers, Ronnie Dale b. Aug 12, 1959 d. Jun 02, 1991 
Rogers, Mary F b. Feb 18, 1930 d. NO DEATH DATE 
MARRIED Buford Rogers Aug. 12, 1950 
Rogers, Buford b. Dec 15, 1929 d. Mar 15, 1990 
Rogers, Verlene b. Jan 03, 1955 d. Apr 08, 1962 
Rogers, Canie Newton b. 1922 d. 1983 
Rogers, Johnathan Trey (Bubby Johnny) b. May 05, 1990 d. Jan 09, 1991 
Rogers, Hazel M. b. Jan 31, 1915 d. Jun 13, 1975 
Howard, Ida May b. 1919 d. 1988 
Howard, Robert Lee b. 1913 d. 1992 
This is everything on the Bellamy Stone 
Bellamy, Franklin Delno Roosevelt b. Jan 01, 1933 d. Dec 17, 1990 
Bellamy, Vieda Kathryne Rogers b. Feb 07, 1934 d. NO DEATH DATE 
Franklin D. Bellamy and Vileda K. Rogers were united in Holy Wedlock on Nov. 25, 1952 
Our Children: Donald Ray Sterlin Glen Mary Sue Paul Franklin 

There are more that I did not get that day. I will get them when I go back down. Hopefully 
this spring or summer. I hope to take rubbings on the stones that I could not read. I know 
there are more their that I did not get. If any one knows of any one buried their that does not 
have a stone, Please let me know. Or if for some reason I have any dates that are wrong. 
Please let me know that too. Thanks, 

Regina Abrams

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