Metcalfe County Genealogy

Metcalfe County Genealogy

Oaks/Oakes Cemetery in Metcalfe County

This information was submitted by Lillie Rackley. If you have any questions on this information or the cemetery, please contact Lillie.

Oakes Cemetery in "the Pocket", near Edmonton, Metcalfe Co.,Ky. My Uncle Belvidere Hubbard took me to this cemetery. Copied by Lillie Rackley, May 3, 1990.

This cemetery is located between the Sulphur Springs Baptist Church and Pink Ridge Baptist Church. Going from Sulphur Springs Church, the road is on the left, in front of Wade Cassady's barn. It is on the old Marion Oakes farm, now owned by Carl Jeffries (May 3, 1990). After turning left in front of Wade Cassady's barn, go into "the pocket" about 3 miles. On the way in, about 1 mile from beginning of this road, there are two graves up on a hill under a big tree, on the right side of the road. They are:

J. M. Oakes (Note: James Marion, son of Hyram and Chloe Oakes)
Oct. 11, 1851
Feb. 8, 1940

Wife of J. M. Oakes (Note: this is Chloe, daughter of Jacob Roman and Martha J. "Patsy" Oakes.)
April 15, 1845
Nov. 2, 1925

At the Oakes Cemetery in "the Pocket", there were 41 graves, 24 with names on stones. Sorry, I didn't copy all of them, wish now that I had!

Son of Belle Oakes
Born Feb 5, 1903
Died Sept 30, 1903

Ned Son of Belle Oakes
Jan 20, 1905
Jan 3, 1909

Mary A. Oakes
May 18, 1879
Aug 3, 1880

Hyram Oakes
Born Feb. 5, 1806
Died Jan. 19, 1878

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