Metcalfe County Genealogy

Metcalfe County - Miscellaneous History

All of this information comes from Sandi Gorin's South-Central-Kentucky list.

Early town names:

Glover's Creek is now Summer Shade. In 1871 KY Legislature incorporated the Summer Shade Institute which was the first institution of higher learning in Metcalfe Co.

Fredricksburg was changed to LaFayette, is now Center.

(Center was named Frederick by the first settler, David Philpot, who came here from Fredrick, MD. When General LaFayette came to KY in 1825 the name was changed to honor him; later changed to Center as the town is halfway between Edmonton, Glasgow, Greensburg and Munfordville.)

Ray's Cross Roads was later Sweeze, now is named Beaumont.

Little Barren is now Good Luck.

Cleveland was later Curtis.

Antioch is now Knob Lick.

Bridgeport was later called East Fork.

Savoyard, before was Cross Plains, also known as "Chicken Bristle."

Closed Post offices:

Waussseon, Vivian, Curtis, Cofer, Red Lick, Sun, Gascon, Estes, Wisdom, Cork, Emmitt, Glover, Pace's, Alone, Hendersonville, Echo.

Old school districts:

Possom Scratch - also called Lee School.

Pleasant Gtove, former Greer School and before that Thunder Thicket.

Little Barren, later Good Luck.

Estes School, later Beaumont.


Penick, Cedar Flat, Moccasin, Evansville, Peafowl, Cave Hill, Angelly, Mosby's Ridge, Hickory Ridge, Hickory College, Vanzant, Clark's Corner, Liberty, Dripping Spring, West Point (also called Terry), Huffman, Willow Shade, Walnut Grove, Moore Spring, Mann, Lone Star, White Oak, Salmon, Oakland, Cherry Ridge, Craig, Ebenezer, Stony Point, Beechville, Cedar Top, Blue Spring, Randolph, Sunbeam, Bellview, Sugar Plant, Savoyard, Frog College, Sulpher Well, Nobob, Center, Beech Hill, Kessler.

Justices of the Peace pre 1900:

James Anderson, J T Hestand, Lucien Knight, H B James, J B Terry, John Pennington, S R Edwards, H A Morgan, John G Edwards, J H Hubbard, S R Veluzat, P S Rush, Willis Atwell, A T Rock, J M Salmon, P H Gassaway, David C Smith, J M Read, F M Grinstead, J L Yates, J A Coleman, G W Shive, W H Dooley, W R Terry, R L Browning, P J Snider, S C Noble, Reuben Boston, Turner Bartley, W J Whitlock, J B Lane, J L Yates, J P Grinstead, J J Walkup, W B Skaggs, J H Holland, J A Owens, J R Nichols, M F Sparks, E H Alexander, Alexander Edwards, B H Harvey, W H Miller, J H McMurtrey.

Assessors/Tax Commissioners:

W H C Pedigo, J L Renick, J R Nichols, James W Jameson, A D Allbright, D C Gill, H L Jones, S H Hill, J S Ferguson, S W Free, Ben Harper, Wister Wallace, Robert L Dowell and John Martin.


First in the 1890's by Henry S Vanzant. About 1903 an Edmonton paper was started called "Big Trend News", editor and publisher was N J Lombard, name changed to Edmonton News. He left and a paper was published by Dennie Beasley for awhile; later by Col. Carl Haskell Miller, until 1921, when Miss Blanche Mackey took over the paper until it was consolidated with the present Edmonton Herald news, published by Ruth Van Zant and Albert Van Zant.

Union Soldiers in the Civil War:

James A Coleman
Anguish E Hurt
Lafayette Hurt
T N Reed
James Thomas
S R Edwards
Charles A Edwards
J H McMurtrey
Benjamin Martin
Thomas Romines
J C Gibson
W D Allbright
J B Morris
Peter S Rush
Marshall Bragg
Dr James B Coleman
N F Whitlow
James M Frogge
David Smith
George W London
A T Rock
Matthew Wade
William Jessee
Amos England
George W Smith of Good Luck, KY
George W Smith, of Edmonton
George W Smith of Cave Ridge
George W Smith of Cedar Flat
Mack Yates
Adam Hurt
Fountain Hurt
Willis Pool (black)
Thomas Norman
Elihu McFarland
Mark Lloyd
J C Garrett
W H (Dink) Perkins
Joe H Ball
Benjamin Jessee
Benjamin P Estes
William P Oldham
James A Rousseau
James D Salmon
W B Skaggs
L W Gee
L W Gee (shown twice)
J H Carter
Chris T Grinstead
William Page (shown twice)
E C Gooden

Teachers in 1875:

R W Slemmons
R W Love
Annie O Ray
Jas H Turner
W T Anderson
Jno Word
R L Harbinson
Bill Grinstead
Robt Hensley
M W Wade
T J Hensley
Ellen Nunn
Jimmie Jennings
J R Beck
A C Pedigo
Jas H Stephens
Nannie Scott
S W Marrs
Wm M England
Cinnie B Newberry
Mrs E J Bell
S H Wisdom
M E Walker
Nellie Hodges
R Davis
Jas A Clark
F D Hodges
W G Hardy
J T Myers
J A Hunter
Wm Williams
David Faulkner
U G Taylor
H R VanZant
Jno Scott
Chin Edards
Edna A Yates
N H C Sandidge
Ettie Compton
Ed Martin (black)
J H Brown (b)
Wm H Dickinson (b)
Virgil Riggs (b)
Samuel H Marrs, Commissioner

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