Metcalfe County Genealogy

Metcalfe County Officials

All of this information comes from Sandi Gorin's South-Central-Kentucky list. She has graciously allowed us to repost it here.


1860-66 John Y Wallace
1866-74 Samuel Shannon
1874-77 R B Dohoney
1877-78 S R Veluzat
1878-86 David Faulkner
1886-90 George R Price
1890-94 J H Pendleton
1894-98 James A Coleman
1898-1902 J W Kinnaird
1902-06 W E Young
1906-10 M O Scott
1910-14 Joel R Depp
1914-18 Clarence H Forrest
1918-22 John Martin
1922-26 H R Price
1926-30 Avery Sartin
1930-34 M O Scott
12934-38 Joseph Martin
1938-42 W S Kelly
1942-46 Albert Van Zant
1946-50 S W Free
1950-52 Gilbert Vance
1952 E B Hatcher
1953 H C Vanzant
1954-58 Roger Glass
1958-60 Wister Wallace
1960 Gilbert Wallace


1860-62 James F Keel
1862-66 Thos E Young
1866-74 E R Beauchamp
1874-82 C W Thompson
1882 R W Slemmons
1883 Mary C Slemmons
1883-86 Albert W Scott
1886-90 J F Bell
1890-93 J S Kinnaird
1893-94 J W Kinnaird
1894-98 P W Depp
1898-02 R C Galloway
1902-06 Mc D Bybee
1906-10 J R Sandusky
1910-14 J A Hamilton, Jr.
1918-22 J W Galloway
1922-30 E D Isenberg
1930-34 L H Yates
1934-54 Andy A Crews
1954 Earl Shives


1860 - Robinson P Beauchamp
1866-67 John W Compton
1870-74 George R Price
1874-78 Owens Miller
1878-90 J C Muncie
1890-94 Henry N Beauchamp
1894-02 M O Scott
1902-06 G B Stone
1906-18 J W Kinnaird
1918-30 James Tudor
1930-34 E C Terry
1934-38 Elmore Romines
1938-54 Joseph Martin
1954-58 Chas. W Huddlestons
1958 Joseph Martin


Joseph Witty, J H Read, James A Thompson, J G Scott, R C Galloway, James M Read, W B Skaggs, F D Anderson, J D Kinnaird, John H Previette, John B Denham, B F Myers, P D Depp - all of these served 2 year terms.

1894-98 G B Taylor
1898-02 W E Young
1902-06 J B Morris
1910-14 C S Harbison
1914-18 W E Young
1918-22 J F Fancher
1922-26 P L Harvey
1926-30 Joel R Depp
1930-34 E C Pulliam
1934-38 J G Sawyer
1938-42 E C Pulliam
1942-46 J F Polson
1946-50 Gilbert Walalce
1950-54 E C Pulliam
1954-58 William Forbes
1958- Bob Shirley

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