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Sandi Gorin has graciously allowed us to include her research into the deaths of Metcalfe County that were recorded in 1861, 1874-78, or 1906-07. For a complete, printed copy of her book, Metcalfe County Vital Statistics, or any of her other excellent genealogy resources, contact Sandi.

IRVIN, Joel, 54, farmer, no status shown, Green-Met-Met, s/o William & Martha (JACKSON) IRVIN (Green-Green), suicide, 30 Sep 1877.

JACKSON, Elizabeth, 16, single, Monroe-Met-Met, d/o Wm & Elizabeth JACKSON (KY- KY), uterine inflammation, 24 Dec 1861.
JAMES, Infant, 14 days, Met-Met-Met, s/o James T & S M JAMES (Green-Bar), influenza, Aug 1874.
JEFFREYS, Patterson, 60, md, farmer, Green-Met-Met, s/o "Jeffrey & Nancy Jeffreys" (sic) (VA-VA), heart dropsy, 16 Apr 1874.
JENNINGS, John C, 20, single, TN-Met, died Campbellsville KY, s/o W M & Ruth JENNINGS (NC-TN), measles, Dec 1861.
JESSIE, Benjamin, 70, md, farmer, no locations shown, s/o William & Judy JESSIE (VA-VA), heart trouble, 1 Jul 1907.
JESSIE, John W, 15 mos, Met-Met-Met, s/o C W & Parthenia JESSIE (Adair-Boyle), dyptheria, Sept 1887.
JEWEL, Mary C, 16, single, Bar-Met-Met, d/o J J & Margaret JEWEL (VA-VA), smallpox, 26 Dec 1861.
JEWELL, Robt W, 36, md, farmer, Bar-Met-Met, s/o Robt & Emily JEWELL (Bar-TN), consumption, 19 Jun 1876.
JOB, Ann, 29, md, housekeeper, Met-blank-Met, d/o Ben JOB & an OLIVER, (TN-TN), no cause listed, 7 Aug 1876.
JOB, J J, 2, Monroe-Met-Met, s/o Andrew & Rhoda JOB (TN-TN), flux, 6 Aug 1861.
JOHNSON, R M, 23, single, Adair-Allen-Met, s/o Wm P & Jane R (VA-KY), measles, 17 Dec 1861
JOHNSON, Wm P, 56 yrs, 9 ms, md, farmer, VA-Met-Met, s/o Israel & Anna (VA- VA), 23 Dec 1861
JOLLEY, G W, 11 mos, male, Met-Met-Met, s/o W C & Angeline (VA-VA),31 Jul 1861
JONES, Infant, 7 days, Met-Met-Met, s/o James T & S M Green-Barren), influenza, Aug 1874

KING or KNIPP, Mary C, 34, widow, Bar-Met-Met, d/o W C & Russell GREER (VA-VA), consumption, 16 Mar 1877. Does anyone now which name this is?
KNIPP, Winchester, 8 mos, Met-Met-Met, s/o H E & E B (KY-KY), fever, 28 Feb 1907

LAMBERT, Joseph, 65, single, farmer, VA-Met-Met, lived Hancock Co IL, s/o Thomas & Fanny (VA-VA), consumption, 18 Feb 1861
LEAMONS, Lucetta, 33, md, housekeeper, Cumb-Met-Met, d/o L H & Mary B MEYUIX? (VA-Cumb), consumption, 1 Mar 1877.
LETCHER, Orlena B, 4 mos, Met-Met-Met, d/o Thomas C & Luliza M Letcher (Hardin-Adair), fever, 7 Jun 1874.
LOCK, Henry B, 10 mos, Met-Met-Met, s/o Robert & Nannie C (Bar-Bar), fever, 23 Oct 1874.
LOCK, Nancy C, 26, md, housekeeper, Bar-Met-Met, d/o John & Sarah BOSTON (Bar-Bar), consumption, 18 Jan 1876
LOCKETT, Thomas H, 2, Met-Met-Met), s/o James T & C A (Wayne-Bar), brain congestion, 22 Sep 1875.
LOLLER, Viola, 8, Cumb-Met-Met, d/o Felix G & Martha (Cumb-Bar), diphtheria, 8 Nov 1874.
LUNDON?, Frances, 38, widow, Bar-Met-Met, d/o David & Jane PHILPOTT (Bar-Green), fever, 4 May 1874.

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